Sir Clement Freud Was A Paedophile

At one point we were looking at Clement Freud but the allegation alluded to a Liberal MP and boys, not girls. The allegation was made by Des Wilson in The Mail (below). Freud was checked in connection but we felt that the  Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire, was not far enough north of Watford given the 3 hour train journey from London mentioned in the article..

Then there was the local party leader from well to the north of  Watford who had to be woken from his bed on many a Friday and Saturday night to attend a local police station and rescue his MP from trouble after he had been picked up in one dubious circumstance or another. This MP once asked me to travel for three hours to speak to his local party one Friday evening. When I arrived at his house he was just welcoming two attractive ‘boys’ who had also travelled from London on the same train. I was put in a taxi and sent to the meeting without even the offer of dinner while the MP headed to some dodgy backstreet club with his much younger friends.

Daily Mail

Ladie's Day At Royal Ascot - Day 3...ASCOT, UNITED KINGDOM - JUNE 22: Writer Sit Clement Freud attends Ladies Day on the third day of Royal Ascot at the Ascot Racecourse on June 22, 2006 in Berkshire, England. The event has been one of the highlights of the racing and social calendar since 1711, and the royal patronage continues today with a Royal Procession taking place in front of the grandstands daily. (Photo by Anwar Hussein/Getty Images)

Sir Clement Freud, the former broadcaster and politician, was exposed last night as a paedophile who sexually abused girls as young as 10 for decades.

Freud, who died in 2009, spent years abusing a girl who he brought up as a daughter, and violently raped a teenager while he was an MP.

His widow, Lady Freud, has apologised to his victims, saying she is “shocked, deeply saddened and profoundly sorry” for what her husband of 58 years did to them.

Detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann have been alerted to the fact that Freud had a villa in Praia da Luz, Portugal, the resort where the three-year-old went missing in 2007.

He befriended the McCanns in the weeks after their daughter went missing, entertaining them at his house on two occasions and keeping in contact by phone and email.

The McCanns are said to be “horrified” by the discovery that Freud was a paedophile.

The Telegraph


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  1. dpack

    it has often amazed me how much information can be obtained by letting folk chat about themselves and occasionally barely nudging them in very interesting directions.
    relaxed social settings lend themselves well to such a technique.
    a pub/club with many interesting folk has the added advantage of being party to/directing conversations between the “targets” which can lead to revelations they would not necessarily share with an “outsider”.

    stoneham would have been of interest to oira/pira (possible the uda and various political factions as well )as a ni minister but as a long term politician,lord and member of the privy council his brief was far wider and might well have made him of interest to the russians,the usa,”us” “them” and probably uncle tom cobley n all.
    i found his exchange with boothby interesting as it is more evidence that boothby knew a kray and this seemed to be known among the hol.

    regarding savile, this crew of jounos
    seem to have found a lot of info regarding his north yorkshire connections.

    there is far more that has been published in various ways and some i suspect remains unpublished as much of it could lead to further complex and expensive legal actions,retributions etc etc .
    scarbourough and north yorkshire are a pretty small pond as far as vip’s and ” local worthies” goes, there would be a good chance of any persons of interest knowing each other.
    a small but potentially relevant aside is the rather strong orange presence in scarborough as seen by the lodge marches,at least one of the pubs(you dont often get a juke box like that of the golden last or a red hand flag/memorabilia on pub walls on the mainland) and the “ex” paramilitary influence on the local drugs trade which has led to convictions.

    savile was a very busy chap and appears to have been far more than a “private” but prolific offender in a variety of ways and settings for his own ends.

    an almost certain savile /suffolk link is the one via broadmoor (iirc henniker was on the board at a relevant time)

    hervey seems like a nasty sort of chap and well placed to have been of importance and of interest to a range of security organisations.
    i had come across mention of him but not in any ways that seemed very relevant. his son had many lurid stories attached to him including that of “satanist” activity ( which does seem to be a very plausible means of blackmail and has been used as such for a very long time)

    • card2

      Thanks dpack I am in touch with the North Yorks people. I messaged them Hervey Monarchist League Biggs Davison Radio 270 Roger Gale MP Don Robinson Jaconelli Savile

      And they are aware of the Gale backed private military cadet group Kent Adventure Training Corps, KCC youth group inquiries late 90s. their alleged involvement in holocaust denial lectures at 99 War and Peace Show to pan European private cadet groups and the nil action decision by chair of relevant parliamentary ctte Greville Janner.

      For 2002 Jubilee celebrations there was a plan for HMQ to meet Gale’s KATC. I sent in a warning to Sir John Stevens and MI5 that one of their leaders used a false REME Record to work on Reliance security Deal Barracks 89 the year a terrorist bomb ;later killed 11 royal marines

      Another leader was arrested in TA 1987 for paramilitary activity forged UDR ID cards possession of explosives and unlawful weapons. Kent Plod took a nil action decision with Ashford HQ Army Intelligence. Did not involve Attorney General or CPS.

      One implication is that Sir John Stevens if he did not know before would have became aware he misled MacPherson Inquiry 98 and that his Ulster Inquiries had also been misled. He kept schtum.

      You probably know the Belgian Gladio connections with the odd International Bodyguards Assn set up using Deal Barracks 1976 to 83 ? Jean Bultot etc Brabant killings Belgian pink ballets paedo ring.

  2. card2

    John the rugby club president was an ex SAS man Borneo and then a selection NCO. Font of stories.

    Roger The farmer who was a Sizewell protestor.

    A lad who quit paras after too many Ireland tours

    An ex army medic Ulster who was a bit mentally damaged but chose to describe the injury events he dealt with in graphic detail.

  3. card2

    I am on a roll. There was “Bill” an ex lecturer at Shrivenham RMCS who had been involved in WW2 putting together German radar stuff nicked on a raid by paras. He had a story about the paras having to come in to help them do the jigsaw. One of them had used a “Yoyo” as his silent kill weapon. I wonder if it was a Sikh weapon.

    Bill went on postwar to design nuclear bombs. And he also designed the air purifying system for that East Grinstead burns unit IIRC. He always carried a camera. His mum was a long term patient at Stow Lodge Stowmarket. He was there every weekend. I think he lived near London in Essex.

    Just mind boggling to realise how much could be learned by one man in one pub and in one rugby club.

  4. card2

    If it helps with your research DPack I recall my RAF officer brother gave trouble to an RAF other rank from Wattisham about 67 Israeli war. In Queens Head Stowmarket he said about aerial photos of the conflict in analysis at Wattisham. Whether my brother reported again in 73 when he got his security warning on the Stowmarket IRA asset I doubt. But when I reflect back on just what that man could pick up I am amazed.

    There was a sailor from Chatham dockyard who came home to Stowmarket at weekends who was helping an RN Officer build his own yacht (with some help of 100% discount components from dockyard ?) There was a nuclear submariner who became available to play rugby when his submarine was in dock. My brother availability to play rugby he was Victor tankers … so status of the tankers.

    The Freud scene. etc etc.

  5. dpack

    there were quite a few arms supplies to the uda over the years the one i refer to was one of the early ones.
    my understanding is that around 1967 mckeague (uda and the various cover names to stay ahead of “banning orders”) requested arms from tara/mcgrath who supplied a few quite old arms that were poorly supplied with ammunition from tara resources.
    as these were inadequate for arming a significant paramilitary campaign an arrangement to obtain weapons was created.
    armscorp had legitimately bought a great amount of mixed stuff that the israelis had captured in the ’67 war some of which was diverted from official manifests and parcelled into units suitable for insurgents,terrorists and so on.
    although intended to be untraceable by following serial numbers back to the factory and finding out who bought them originally many arms that have turned up with terrorists and “freedom fighters” from that period, in theatres such as africa,south and central america and elsewhere including the uda groups and gladio b europe, have been shown to have been egyptian( and iirc syrian)stuff captured by the idf.
    im not sure how they were diverted from the official armscorp manifest but “broken and scrapped” or “used for spare parts” seems an easy and plausible means.
    the hypothesis of henniker’s direct involvement is based on him being head anglo irish mason and knowing mcgrath/mckeague and being in a position ,BC south africa mission at the appropriate time, to facilitate “blind eyes” etc.very few clandestine arms deals can be conducted without some help from highly placed friends.i give his involvement a 80%+ probability.

    this narrative is created from a variety of apparently reliable sources which each hold a part of the story.

    there were later supplies to the unionist paramilitaries ,some of which also passed through armscorp perhaps due in part to the chap i mentioned from ni who had a long career with them.
    the details of the ni situation begin to fall outside my field once mcgrath was convicted and mckeague killed (probably to keep him quiet) although events and data relating to both the republicans and to assorted british mainland and international ” players ” up to that time and later have provided further data and context which are relevant to my field of study.

    i will have a think about (2)

    • card2

      dpack that is so helpful thank you

      Baron Stonham of Earl Stonham. Stowmarket

      What do you reckon to the other Suffolk estate Ickworth. Arms dealer Marquess of Bristol (Real Pink Panther etc) He funded Monarchist League. Their spokesman biiggs-davison used Radio 270 Scarborough. DJ and company co director for Radio 270 was Roger Gale (Now thanet north tory mp) whose co director was Don Robinson a Scarborough wrestling promoter suspected to have been associate with Jaconelli and Savile ?

      Something propelled Gale to his BBC career where he became head of childrens TV. Perhaps an early days Jim’ll fix it being cynical.

      Gale became a Thanet MP 1983 which is about when the paramilitary collusion activity kicked off in Kent TA. When the 6th Thanet Gun Range in his constituency got into paramilitary live fire training and Gale refused to help neighbouring landowners complaining about things like Saudis with uzis.

      This is the range Gen de Chasterlain was thwarted IIRC from his intention to deploy arms decommissioners into Kent to investigate 2003.

      In 71 and 72 my short but eventful time in plod I formed the suspicion it was Vestey money causing sgt macnair of the 110 square mile Clare rural beat to watch for any mention of a Patrick Carroll. I wonder if it was the Aussie trades unionist giving Vestey a hard time over exploiting aborigine labour on Aussie Vestey ranches. A heap of trade union trouble rode in with the London overspill into Haverhill and got active at the giant Vestey Sainsbury meat processing factory near Stradishall. (Lt Wratting) But now I wonder whether to give a couple of percent likelihood to it being retired Gardaí Commissioner Pat Carroll who was commissioner when Baron Stonham was NI minister 68 69. Low probability but I’ll bear it in mind.

  6. dpack

    most of my worm cans seem interlinked to other ones, all should be opened so that the entire worm can industry exposed.

    i can see an arguments that there are secrets that should remain secret to prevent harm from our enemies but if our “friends and protectors” act as though they are our enemies their secrets should be exposed and they should be replaced with real friends and protectors .

    • card2

      I agree dpack. How absurd that OSA and public interest custodianship should protect a secret like our civil nuke being vulnerable or our weapons manufacture churning out crap or our child care system rancid or our benefits system generously funding IRA.

    • card2

      (1) I thought the Armscor weapons supply to UDA was late 80s not late 60s ?


      Having said that late 60s was another rich pickings for an OIRA asset at Stowmarket. Minister of State responsible for Northern Ireland. ??

  7. dpack

    i was fairly convinced that goddard was not intended to open any worm cans that are full of any sort of state secrets and is intended to “keep a lid on this”by letting a little of the toxic gasses out of some of the worm cans by fitting safety valves in the form of the terms of inquiry.
    excluding kincora definately fits that model.

    if she looks at the henniker estate it could be limited to righton renting a cottage,the smoke and mirrors op that led to a wild goose chase body search and perhaps the islington connection in relation to one or two dodgy staff employed by the holiday /outdoor activities project.
    a proper job would be strait into many very dangerous worm cans that the state apparatus and establishment could probably survive but not without huge disruption and public wrath.
    a look at the beeches could also be framed so as to provide a safety valve rather than a proper exploration where follow the evidence leads to a variety of dangerous conclusions.

    i dont think you are paranoid that seems highly plausible.

    gaining the questionnaire from either the asset or by constructing the whole from asking those who were asked what they were asked (or using other means to discover that ) is indeed a valuable data set .
    as it can not only identify the interests of a known foe but can also identify a foe (or foes) who created it and/or confirm that one has control over whoever wrote it if ones own questions are included.
    it can even provide useful information from the answers given to it one might find hard to acquire by other means.

    among henniker’s chums from his soe days i mentioned courtney who has a bunch of interesting stories surrounding him but the one that follows might be relevant to the activities of an id fraud unit as well as potentially indicating much darker activities.
    when he was an mp his hansard record shows he almost completely confined his interests to matters of nuclear weapons and the navy with two notable exceptions.
    the first was a series of exchanges about a constituents false teeth and false teeth in general but the other may be relevant .
    in the early 1960’s (4 iirc) he inquired whether there was a central record of children in care and a few weeks later received a reply that there was not and such records were kept by local authorities for those under their care and institutions kept records for the ones they had.
    iirc courtney was central to encouraging thatcher into politics and her rise to the top and once rumbled in a moscow honey trap seems to have moved from the sphere of the russian desk to domestic affairs including london clubland (krays) and westminster politics among his various activities.the way he got his seat is a fun story and possibly involved some rather dark arts

    another of henniker’s chums from soe eastern med days, julian amery (who iirc gave a eulogy at henniker’s funeral), was a monday club mp but his interests seems to have been more focussed on the spooky world of le circle than domestic matters.

    a proper look at the henniker estate and his chums and rellies seems to lead to many worm cans.
    for instance his son in law,spring, is an interesting chap with some interesting chums.
    they include (via the bss and said foundation ) wafic said,david steel and young mr pendry which i spose brings us back via “nick” to the wild goose chase for a body in suffolk.

    • card2

      Thanks dpack. Exaro I think backed “Nick’s” story. But like their source, East Anglian Daily Times crime journo, they won’t really push the history of The Beeches.

      Lord Clinton Davies was the Hackney MP in 1972 when he raised Commons question about the six years of Beeches deaths. He spoke with me on phone a few years ago and said of the question also asked by Islington MP Michael O Halloran “He wouldn’t ask unless put up to it if you know what I mean” I don’t know what he means.

      But if the person putting O’Halloran up to it was Barbara Castle shadow minister (Islington labour mafia) then it was while she asked in the Commons about Sue Ryder care standards and the death of volunteer Matron McGill.

      Sir Keith Joseph fobbed off both requests for public care inquiries. Beeches and Sue Ryder.

      When Mrs Castle became minister (1974?) she did not raise the inquiries. I gather (from her when she was an MEP) that she had already lost her records. I think that it was then between 74 and 76 that the friend of late Matron McGill (whose husband had actually called at Keith Joseph house or office trying to get inquiry 1972 before they involved Mrs Castle) was document burgled.

      The press seem more willing to feature a single source story (Nick) than to pursue the down to earth Beeches question. Hansard, contact Lord Clinton Davies and report on the request (mine) that an Article 2 retrospective inquest be held. Then let inquiry and inquest deliver the truth.

      As for Matron McGill Decd the only thing between the suicide verdict quashing case and High Court is the block of Attorney General secret public interest custodianship. In my covering affidavit I only touch on Neave and Ryder and the 1971 German postwar internment release scheme as a question for HIgh Court whether it should appoint itself HM Coroner for a new inquest. The rest of the affidavit and sworn report is about evidence in the case.

      We speculate about the nature of the secret public interest attorneys general protect. Your can of worms. If that can of worms is opened then the reasons to deny justice should evaporate ?

  8. card2

    dpack you do know that Judge Goddard Inquiry seems unable to look at Kincora but no such restriction on looking at Henniker Estate or The Beeches Ixworth six years of child deaths in Hackney and Islington care.

  9. dpack

    it seems very probable that if at least part of the oira asset’s question list came from moscow that henniker would have a few queries against his name.
    it is plausible that oira had got wind of henniker’s likely involvement in arming the unionist paramilitaries at the start of the troubles around 1968/9,the arms from armscorp(one container with a fair bit of mixed small arms with ammo and a small selection of bangy stuff and iirc a few mortars and rpg type things) ,south africa, were dispatched in late 68 while he was heading the british council mission with the help of a unionist armscorp employee who had a family connection to ,sorry memory failure ,either mcgrath or mckeague and arrived in very late68 or very early 69.

    henniker knew both mcgrath and mckeague via his very senior position in the anglo irish lodge.

    if the original purpose of tara was as a front organisation to create a gladio a unit which seems plausible it also seems possible that henniker was involved at that stage(mid to late 1950’s) which would give an earlier opportunity for oira to become aware of henniker .

    this time period 1955 may have also provided a direct link between gladio a and oira ,blaire mayne was up to something secretive in the months before his “accident” which included making contact with oira as well as his being deeply troubled by something happening or somebodies behaviour (mcgrath?) in the unionist community that seems connected to tara and perhaps compromised the stay behind secretive aspect of gladio a.
    whether either of these things are directly related to his death is undetermined so far but the circumstances and reports of his last few days and “accident” have several troubling inconsistencies with the official coroners verdict of accidental death while drunk driving,i would not rule out foul play (id give it a 70%+ probability) rather than a simple drunken rta, his family think there are unanswered questions about how he died.

    as the anglo irish lodge is non denominational it has members from protestant,catholic,anglican and secular/other backgrounds from both sides of the border and the mainland and politically has republicans,orangemen,left and right,united irishmen most of whom who are masons first and whatever mix of other things second.
    another opportunity for henniker to get noticed by oira.

    being chums with dickie and phil would be enough to put henniker on a moscow or oira questionaire and moscow might have been especially interested in his relationship with philby as they dont seem to have ever been certain if philby was truly one of theirs.(im not either).

    henniker’s old soe buddies would have made him of interest to moscow,folk such as fitxroy maclean,julian amery, anthony courtney rn (who seems to have been involved in drafting what is known as the dickens dossier ) and neave and ryder and probably quite a few others.
    hennikers fo/bc work would also make him of interest to the soviets

    those are just a few of the reasons henniker is of interest there are plenty more,i spose he would have been of interest to a huge number of organisations if they noticed him in the course of their activities.

    something that might be relevant regarding oira is that they did have a working relationship with and/or were of interest to various spooky folk,cia,sis and probably others as well as moscow.

    for instance according to howard marks by the late 1960’s/early 70’s an oira chap was helping him import hash to eire from the subcontinent for subsequent distribution to the uk etc.
    this op was in part facilitated/infiltrated by sis agents at the eastern end,marks and the oira fella got money, there were multiple deliveries,what did sis get?
    the way marks describes the episode he did not seem to think the money was going to a credible underground republican army but that the oira chap and his chums were more interested in making money than uniting ireland or toppling the evil capitalists and were happy to leave the gung ho stuff to pira.
    he may have been too stoned to work out their real motives but what he describes is pretty shambolic apart from the sis element who seem very professional and made a point ,rather humorously, of letting the oira chap know that they knew.

    i would not discount the possibility than any oira questionaire for an asset did not include enquiries originated by other than themselves alone or moscow.

    • card2

      Thanks that is excellent. The OIRA asset worked as an area sales rep for a forklift company IIRC called Rolatruc late 60s early 70s.

      Would you recall the IRA kidnap of an Army Air Corps pilot called Captain John Cornwell early 70s ? Sunday paper headlines when he was returned unharmed as more use to IRA left in situ. The old lions led by donkeys jibe ?

      The OIRA asset I was told was an international clay pigeon shot.

      What I infer was happening was that MI5 were gaining the questionnaire by snooping on him and his questions were more informative than answers.

      I also suspect that my unique posting in police and the selection of my RAF brother as Oman ops controller were set ups to provide him targets to question. I also think when I left army 1970 and RCA at Cobra Mist said they would employ me residential there may have been another attempt to set up a target for questions. Or am I paranoid ?

  10. dpack

    interesting re the torpedoes ,unreliable safety critical stuff etc,it puts a bigger question mark next to milligan’s death and perhaps also that of rusbridger.

    i agree neave was almost certainly aware of and involved in gladio a from a very early stage and probably in gladio b and it’s political goals however at what point did he realise,if he did, that the successful results of gladio b at the governmental level had allowed for a change from MAD to first strike and the usa winning the cold war by losing the uk and europe?

    a question regarding the date of the change of direction in gladio from a very secretive “stay behind” soe in waiting role to the more active politically motivated disruption phase.
    i put the change as around the 1963 ottowa nato conference building up over the next few years to being widespread by 1968/9 and being most active in the 70’s and early 80’s both in the uk and europe.
    what do you recon to my time outline?

    similar trends and activities can be seen elsewhere sometimes with a slightly earlier start point for instance in se asia things started a little earlier in fact when angelton arrived there although that got rather out of hand when the russians and chinese joined in.
    there are similar trends in south america and africa but often a more direct strategy was used there.
    in the usa the emphasis seems to have been less on terrorism and more on disruption of opposition in political life and of grass roots political/social progressives in the liberal/hippy/civil rights movements.

    a couple of relevant asides regarding terrorism:
    many of gadaffi’s trainers were “ex” usa/uk special forces and his strategic/political trainers were “ex” usa/uk spooks (and spook contractors).terpil is one name well up on those lists but quite a few others are in the semi public domain.
    it would be a good means of command and control to have insiders who could provide pre knowledge of and to direction to his training school alumni.

    regarding gladio a and b, i have no definitive proof but there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that henniker was involved at least in the irish context via mcgrath (tara for a and in aiding mcgrath arming mckeague’s thugs for b)
    if that is the case it seems likely that dickie was at least in part behind it as henniker was dickie’s protégée and henchman in far more than distracting phil’s girlfreind.

    if neave had realised the spooky focus on the minutiae of ni and the domestic issues with red revolutionary unions etc and the efforts to counter and exploit such things were an irrelevant distraction compared to arms that didn’t work,nuke power stations that could be destroyed with a few button presses and a spanner etc etc (and having been around many soe types he should have been aware how easy it could be to cause asymmetrical damage ) were being created by incompetence/greed, overlooked by the security services ,overenthusiastic gladio b units and planned by the “bad guys” as well it would provide strong motives to stop him “rocking the boat” to various interested parties.
    among these would be the americans,perhaps the russians and those running their own fiefdoms in a ni context ,although the troubles were useful politically if he perceived that a clear and present danger required attention elsewhere and that it would be best to shut down much of the ni based activities (which could probably have been done fairly swiftly by stopping assorted collusion with both sides and arresting/killing any “terrorists” who carried on which was his among his stated aims when he got responsibility in government) those involved in running their own fiefdoms ( mil , mil intel,spooky types both domestic and international and assorted terrorists etc etc ) would have had good motive to protect their worlds.

    with regard to activities by neave and ryder i have got the impression that part of their role was identity fraud to rebrand agents,provide cover to those being protected etc etc perhaps as a ” service industry” to a variety of sub departments and operations.
    their backgrounds,the photo lab/newport bmd records etc etc seem to point to that.
    that does put them (and perhaps sporberg who seems to have been very loyal to angelton as well as or perhaps in precedence to the uk and hambro interests ) in a position to have a better than usual “overview” of what was happening in spookdom .
    it also means that any threat to the continued secrecy of the id operation, which could have had the most serious and widespread consequences domestically and abroad, would be taken most seriously, prevented by any means necessary and possibly even dealt with in a bit of a panic.
    this is however is almost certainly more relevant to deaths other than neave’s own.
    imho many folk could have had enough motive to dispatch neave.

    • card2

      The first I knew about Gladio was Plessey 1989.

      The arrests of 21 men in HSF TA Kent 1987 (forged UDR ID cards and unlawful missions to Ulster and Ireland) The name Colonel Robert Butler lurked in questions Army Intelligence at Ashford gave to Kent Police to put to me. I got the impression Ashford wanted to know why questions in TA about Butler (Neaves paramilitary recruiter at one time ?) had arisen.

      Neave with IS9 had lectured TA SAS on asymmetric warfare threat I think.

      As Chair Science and Technology Select he had been aware for years of the threat.

      Ryder gave an as yet unpublished statement to Observer about her time with other ex SOE girls under postwar Europe charity cover and how they invented a song “How many Nazis have we sent to England today”

      The Welsh RCS inquiry into identity theft via Ryder and Cheshire Homes GP deaths cert frauds was 1971 and 1972. The Det sgt defied Special Branch threats and copped a suicide verdict. When Sir John Stradling Thomas MP in 1991 wrote to attorney general and police minister about the combined Matron McGill Decd (my rural beat Suffolk Jan 72 at Sue Ryder HQ) and what I had just found out about WElsh RCS inquiry and death 1972. That was when Sir John died at his Dolphin Square Home.

      At the time it was either a new war crimes unit or MI5 that came to Gwent with chief constable (Tony Burden at this time) consent to trawl RCS records. It was also the time (about 93 I think) that a break in stole all Newport Gwent births marriages deaths records.

      Neave with Ryder ran the 1971 postwar German internment release scheme of men whose internment was verified annually by official ?? Sue Ryder. So had they all been locked up ? Hence at the time volunteer matron McGill at Cavendish hq and a RCS det sgt in wales formed suspicions independently both getting suicide verdicts. 1200 unknowns seem to have entered UK and commonwealth under Cheshire Ryder auspices.

      Your information is useful re Henniker as I now think it is compelling to suspect that OIRA asset from Freuds social scene would have been aimed at Henniker. So on this thread there is movement towards linking OIRA asset to not only the scent trail of Neave and Ryder (and Sporborg founder of Gladio) but also to Henniker and Dickie.

  11. card2

    If Neave got wind re GLADIO ? He was an associate of the founder of GLADIO Harry Sporborg for years. They were both founding trustees of Sue RYder Homes. Whose HQ was on my old rural beat and being observed by the OIRA asset who socialised in the Freud Walberswick scene.

    Incidentally Leonard Cheshires aide there at a suitably obscure part of his CV was Richard D North now of INstitute of Economic Affairs. Who says he has no recall of four deaths there in six months including volunteer matron in home lake Jan and an inmate facedown in her bath July. Midsomer murders would think this far fetched but it is the history.

  12. dpack

    very interesting perhaps some missed the biggest mischiefs not just in the irish staffroom but also in their own.

    it could be that neave was waking up.
    there is an account from paddy ashdown’s researcher of meeting neave who was somewhat drunk at a westminster paddy’s day shindig (17th mar ’79) where neave told him something along the lines of ;
    there has been corruption in the service…about 30 officers…there are going to be big changes …

    there was another report made in a needle thread by somebody who had dinner with him “a couple of weeks before he died” and during that dinner he told her something along the lines of;
    i am about to reorganise things in the service … wrong things have been done…we need a combined sis/ss…

    if both of those are true it seems that he might have realised the woolly blanket had been pulled over his eyes while he was working in his sleep and that he was trying to do something about the situation.

    neave died30th march’79
    dickie died aug79

    dickie was a deep dark plotter and probably had a hand in many of the topics in maurice’s report (mentioned below)but he would have refused to let the usa use europe as a nuclear battlefield to destroy the ussr in a first strike scenario intended to minimise american losses to 50 to 100 million citizens and some us cities.
    he had no love for the soviets who shot his teenage “crush” but he was trying to ensure the mountbatten line “ruled” throughout europe and a smoking radioactive wasteland did not fit with that plan.
    dickie and henniker were close and many worm cans lead directly to henniker, although he seems a firewall in many ways the link between them makes it unlikely that dickie was not behind some if not all of his dark activities although dickie may also have been working in his sleep with a woolly blanket pulled over his eyes for at least some of the time.
    maybe he was waking up as well.

    much like the old saying that all roads lead to rome many of the roads in these themes seem to lead ,often by somewhat twisty tracks, to langley and end on angelton’s desk during his rise and tenure at the top and after that to the feet of his heirs.

    in early 80 maurice probably took the hess papers for “insurance” and then reported to thatcher* (see footnote) on both deaths and the real security situation in ni and probably on the clockwork orange westminster op (norman john worthington and all that) on gladio b, on the american connection and their nuclear war strategy, on the rise of the monday club and her being propelled into the pm’s job, on corruption in the service ,perhaps on blunt’s “exciting new project”, which blunt mentioned in 1966 and i have come to believe was the replacement of useful easily blackmailed gay’s and adulterers with easily blackmailed csa offenders due to the changing social attitudes and law in the 1960’s rendering the former less susceptible to leverage (perhaps relating this to members of her cabinet and others who she knew politically and personally) and concluding with how those all fit together.

    maurice was almost immediately ( less than 24hrs to my understanding) removed from post and had his security clearance withdrawn allegedly on grounds that do not tally with his colleagues knowing about and tolerating his discrete and rarely active homosexuality for decades,perhaps the hess papers prevented anything worse happening to him ,i wonder if he briefed the palace as well as thatcher?

    i suspect the small bundle of documents with registry markings referred to as hess papers that recently failed to reach their reserve price at auction and were subsequently sold to a secret private buyer for around $80000 were a relatively harmless sample to demonstrate that the rest (which perhaps contain some very salacious and politically sensitive data regarding david,the aristocracy and his gay nazi chums) are still in existence and are in safe keeping and still acting as insurance for somebody or somebodies that know what was what regarding these and perhaps other matters .

    *(footnote)one account has maurice delivering his report as 1 and a 1/2 hand written pages on a single sheet of foolscap paper (which has the ring of truth for an old style spook with a glass topped desk) which he hand delivered to her in a private downing street meeting that lasted about 45mins and shocked her to the core.
    at a couple of crisp sentences per topic as mentioned above i recon that would give a report of around 1 and a 1/2 sides of foolscap.

    i recon the tape of that meeting sent a few shivers through parts of the spook community,i wonder if it still exists?

    • card2

      Interesting. But I reckon if Neave was sussing anything it may have been that the service was not up to the job. He had been concerned I think since the 50s at being told the reason UK would lose cold war was we train too few engineers.

      To place together what was happening then with RN ? 100% failure of Plessey torpedoes on Bahamas sea trials. Factory inquiry shew they all had wrong Fairchild chips in. Could never have worked. But all had been signed off as passing factory end of manufacture testing. The management orchestrated falsification of RN test data was thus known some years before Thatchers torp at the Belgrano avoided using the unreliable modern torps ?

      If Neave knew about this did he reflect upon the sabotage plans of Garland Plan OIRA the avowedly Marxist soviet backed mob ?

      Beating at the corners and now we are in Hilda Murrell territory the other thread …..

      • dpack

        regarding the dodgy torpedoes and the falsified quality control data their seem to be several possibilities,those i can think of include:

        A the management decided to try to cover up a cock up and get the company paid so keeping their jobs,that was eventually doomed to be discovered but it might not have mattered if it was discovered during ww3.

        B a member or members of management might have been following the garland plan(or was/were on direct orders from moscow?) again this would be discovered at some point but might give an advantage if it was discovered too late.

        C a member or members of management might have been following a gladio b line of sabotage in order that somebody else was blamed (oira for instance) and “security” got a big boost ostensibly to prevent this scenario the problem was supposed to be discovered.

        D a member or members of management might have been working to undermine uk sea power for any one of a number of masters or motives,again doomed to discovery but perhaps giving a temporary advantage in a military context or long term one in a business context.

        there may be other scenarios but out of those i would favour the A as most likely at maybe a 50% probability and give B and C a bit lower in % probability with C slightly ahead of B on the grounds that reporting related matters was apparently obstructed.
        D variations seem fairly implausible but the business motive seems the least implausible version ,i would give that one a 20% probability.
        the lone loon or disgruntled employee option seems unlikely if i am correct in assuming there are multiple layers of checking such things as has it got the right parts,does it work etc .one person alone in the right(or wrong depending on one’s perspective) can cause a lot of damage and cover their tracks to some extent but holidays,a bout of flu or whatever usually puts an early end to such things as their locum spots a problem with either the goods or the paperwork.

        if neave had got wind that gladio b type operations and “corrupt ” officers were not only causing the ni and mainland political situation that had brought thatcher to power but were actually damaging the uk’s military capability ,infrastructure, economic security and safety as well as fanning the flames of the troubles etc etc he might have woken up to the reasons why a gov who would (could be made to ) allow the uk to be a first strike forward missile base/target in a cold war context was helped into power and the risk that posed to the existence of the uk and it’s population.
        that would be a strong motive for a high level approved drastic solution to the problems he could cause directly or by going public and by misdirecting attention to blame a republican unit would be a double win.

        it could be that his death is as simple as he got careless and a stand alone republican active service unit considered him a high value target and got bold and lucky but he does not strike me as a careless or unlucky sort of chap and the “corruption”, “changes” stuff is coincidence or fabrication or needs interpretation of the most simple kind such as rogue agents getting rich running heroin out of afganistan or inventing paid assets and keeping the cash and the changes were simply for operational efficiency with sis and ss working together more closely in a globalised situation and as such were not directly the cause of his demise.
        i recon i would give a scenario of that nature around a 35% probability as i am suspicious of coincidence and his end seems unusually professional compared to most republican operations .
        that the bomb went of as he drove out of the hoc car park means either it was laid in the car park or the time activation had been set when it was placed near his home during the night or in the early morning,why not just pop him when he opened the door or turned on the engine,to have him drive to work,park and the timer not activate the device until before home time seems a ridiculous complication that would have added greatly to the chance of the yet to become live device being discovered by him or hoc security.
        without very good intel and perhaps assistance laying the device in the hoc car park again seems a high risk tactic even with a short time delay before activation of the tilt switch.
        it is possible that the timer was mis set or faulty and the short time for the bomb layer to escape actually became several hours so instead of him being killed when he got in and started to drive to the hoc it didnt become active until later and it was luck neither he or hoc security noticed it.

        as various variations of many interlinking themes are playing at the same time trying to decide which is which and what is noise and what is fugue is a complex job,some notes are in multiple tunes and some tunes do not necessarily fit in to the fugue although they can be heard along with it.

        throughout this performance the tune suffolk is one that seems to be providing a complex musical background to the tunes neave,gladio b,the cold war march with assorted phrases of freud, oira pira,inla,uda and various other ditties,sea shanties and birdsongs twisted and woven throughout with the odd click of scintillation counter,gunfire,explosions and tragic gurgles adding to the soundscape.

      • card2

        After quitting police 1972 I worked as a civil service clerk for a few years then had an encounter with OSA. I then worked and paid for my own study to qualify as an electrical and electronics control engineer.

        In 1989 I contracted, with unaccompanied access all site, as an electrician in Plessey Torpedoes.

        There was a Gwent Special Branch inquiry into suspected saboteurs at the factory. One line of suspicion was rogue Gladio.

        I condemned the Plessey factory wiring for corrupting static handling assembly and test. There was a flawed flow solder process. There was falsification of sonar buoy tests. A sabotuer would have been superfluous to requirement. Management were only concerned with “Getting production out the door”.

        My findings were then agreed by two MOD experts. After the Marconi buy out the factory closed.

        Because of the history of product return from RN we can infer that RN knew or at least its reliability analysts in RN Intelligence knew. A role for which Hilda Murrell’s nephew had been trained.

        Because Gwent Special Branch had an inquiry we can infer that the failures were officially known. Management cover up may have involved giving Gwent SB some wire tampering sabotage to investigate as a red herring.

        I now know that when Plessey relocated to Gwent in 76 a qualified English engineer found that the Welsh retraining courses (skillcentre type things I imagine) had falsified their passes to help ex Welsh heavy industry worklers into the new world of electronics. And he found that the Welsh “Test technicians” could not do the ohms law basic sums of week one of a basic course. And after the Bahamas sea trials and finding the factory had put wrong ICs on the PCBs he got his arse out of there with a different employer.

        In the early 90s the USA Qui Tam actions against UK firms probably caused a stir in HMG I imagine this is why Ian Taylor at DTI and an MOD minister may have caused the Gwent SB case file to be transferred to MOD Plod for cover up. The file ended up with the head of MOD PLod MOD procurement liaison a Mr Hartley to gather dust. I imagine he was always busy fly fishing

        Stephen Dorril author of a history of MI6 spoke to me on phone about this history. And at the point I told him SB had suspected GLADIO he felt unwell I think. The fact I thought SB had indulged a bit of conspiracy theory and the fact my prosaic technical explanation had ruled out sabotage seemed to offer him no comfort. So maybe his history of MI6 version of reality had just taken a nasty dent ?

        Peter Herbert of West Mercia police accepted that the press had led the conspiracy line that Hilda Murrell was murdered EITHER over Belgrano OR over Sizewell. He accepted that Commander Green’s knowledge about reliability analysis and his knowledge that even MOD Procurement monitored manufacture could produce unreliable systems, was a threat to exposure of Belgrano sinking AND a threat by association to nuclear engineering assurances at Sizewell Inquiry.

        So I think the Neave death 1979 should be evaluated against what is a now known fact ….. the 100% failure of torps on sea trial. Then associate that with sonar unreliability and the consequent greater threat at the nuclear level. And all the worries about sorting out a few frankly irrelevant, in the greater scheme of things, spooks in their own fiefdom ??

        And you see all the handwringing about FRU and Nelson and Steak knife and blah blah blah. Put that against the threat of one man who can deliver multiple Chernobyl against UK ? And what happened is the spooks all wanted to be looking at the Ulster playground and none wanted to look at the much greater threat of industrial sabotage. Preferred toddler terrorism to big boys terrorism.

  13. card2

    I have still had no reply from Suffolk PCC and Chief constable re lying to the complainant 2014 that there are no other lines of inquiry re Freud in Suffolk.

    I have emailed again suggesting that the police should have shown complainant a photo of the “IRA asset acquiring information of use to the Soviet” to see if she recognised him from the Walberswick scene.

    Since this same IRA asset was friends with a Sizewell objector a farmer of Old Newton and since that farmer had discussed giving any Sizewell build long term “Concrete cancer” This also relates to the murder of Hilda Murrell. Because if the farmer did not have the deviants of Zeus or Sapphire on his case then something was holding them off. Could it be that the real MI5 were already watching Mr IRA of the Freud walberswick scene ? And didn’t want idiot sub contractors queering the pitch ?

    He who keeps the dogs off is he who puts the dogs in.

    I think we should stop calling Hilda Murrell a Sizewell protestor. The above farmer was a protestor. Hilda was a listed witness to a QC led properly constituted inquiry and as such entitled to the protection of the Crown.

    IMO the Murrell case has a huge police constitutional issue comparable to the Matron McGill Decd case of 1972. And as far as Mr IRA is concerned the cases would involve the same argument.

    • dpack

      there are some very interesting points in your post especially the bit about dog handling ,it could be that 5 held the leash on the likes of zeus and sapphire but if the oira asset was reporting back to the man south of the border it may have been 6 called them off especially if they owned (or had a working relationship with ) the oira asset’s commander and were playing a moscow game rather than a domestic one.
      up to the troubles kicking off in ni 6 had had a fairly relaxed relationship with oira in the south and during the early stages of the troubles there were conflicts of “jurisdiction” and purpose between them and 5 and army intel, by ’72 i would suspect 5 or army intel of being on the case of a pira operative on the mainland but with an oira one 6 is a serious possibility particularly if there was a moscow aspect to their activities.

      regarding the hilda situation i agree that it is a corner off a very big can of worms rather than the economy sized one it has been presented as,much like the death of willie macrae it seems that the “truths” that have emerged so far are perhaps both hinting at and hiding part of a much bigger picture.

      sorry to have taken so long to get this bit of info but it took me a while to ask the right folk.
      j allen was an ipswich lad and grew up there,i dont know when he left for pastures new but it was definitely as an adult.
      after his first conviction he briefly returned to east anglia for a few months before relocating to gloucestershire.
      his chum m j carroll (lambeth and islington) also had (has?) strong east anglian connections (and perhaps still lives there?).
      j allen presented 2 different biographies at his two trials neither of which seems to be fully convincing or complete.
      a very strange nugget regarding j allen is that he part owned a building in brighton with van hoogstraten which is very odd as van hoogstraten tended to have property solely in his own right (tis the only example of v’h’s shared ownership of such a property in the uk my educator knew of) although he has transferred assets to children and trusts and he has had some rather complex financial arrangements.
      to put those two in the same context is seriously disturbing on several levels.
      hope that helps.

      • card2

        Yes it does help. It is much in line with my own thinking.

        My explanation for my history is that in 1962 the spooks took the IRA Garland Plan so seriously they decided that maybe in time the poison chalice of sabotage etc should be headed up by a woman officer (Rimmington eventually ?) And the old hands would dodge it.

        But luckily until there was a token binty to load up luckily there was Airey Neave (and William MacPherson TA SAS etc) of Intelligence School 9 etc.

        The weakness with Neave was that he believed the very fellow to address the threat was Neave. Naturally it took a couple of years for Neave to be persuaded that to address a technical threat with soldiers it might be helpful to use technical soldiers. I will call for fiction purposes the idea that he came up with “Hail Force”. Give a chap a couple of weeks in a nuclear power station learn the wrinkles and he can run it if the lefties strike or if the bad guys nobble it he can fix it. Many a true word is spoken in jest.

        I then reason that after Ballymurphy and Bloody Sunday the cold war warriors thought the sabotage threat headed off by breaking Garland PLan into a decay from the planned class struggle into the sectarian strige Garland needed to avoid. If there was a Hail Force then I think it was abandoned. Possibly across UK ex technie soldiers wondering if they had misunderstood and waiting for phone calls that never came.

        From jackanory to fact. What I do know is that in 1987 I put a crime complaint and a prima facie case to Kent Police for prolific sabotage of backup generators (By a GMBU shop steward who had a degree in applied maths but worked as an electrical fitter) Kent Police refused to record. And yes the GMBU man’s mate was the Reliance Guard with the forged REME Record guarding Deal Barracks (bombed 22 9 89) Kent Plod had refused in 88 to record crime complaint of obtaining employ by deception and false instrument.

        It was years later our daughter was at a law school seminar in which a professor wanted to deal with disruptive mature students. Retired senior plod. A young female lecturer (The butt of their humour) asked questions re Versions of Reality. She asked “Does Sean Garland appear in anyone’s version of reality ?” Silence. So she prompted the ex senior plods. They were not lying They had never heard of him. So the lecturer asked if the Garland plan was in their version of reality and they were bewildered.

        These men had served as police for 30 years. And never knew about the OIRA plan to take on UK.

        The upshot in 96 was that when the IRA mains power distribution attack team, deployed UK was four hours from Chernobyl. If they had caused the blackout and this provoked emergency shut down at nuke plant then for example I now know Dungeness had a backup power problem and the result among traffic chaos etc would have been criticality. I do not think the IRA knew this. I do think that we have a vulnerability at the level of threat to national survival. I also think that to address this requires a change in industry such as a change to philosophy of maintenance and technical authorship etc. And a change to industry in which 93% of managers are unqualified and only 3.5% tech or science qualified. The expertise is subordinated and disaffected and suffocated from any pursuit of excellence. The triumph of emphasising know yer place over knowing yer job.

        The way I see the Irish security situation is that the security services concerned themselves with what went on in the playground and failed to see the mischief afoot in the staff room.

        It would make sense to me that a motive for killing Neave was fear one day he would wake up and suss he was stupid.

  14. dpack

    the substandard equipment things are a motive for assorted unpleasant actions considering the amount of money involved in keeping reputations intact.
    all manner of secrets can be motive to permanently silence those who by design or accident stumble upon them.

    as far as i am aware there are semi official (as well as totally private arrangements by individuals and groups) means to authorise and conduct such things.
    within the 5 eye and perhaps a wider nato and friends set of countries if an “official” wet job is deemed to be required it is approved or not by a small group of highly placed individuals from various backgrounds (spookery,legal and political life,establishment elders etc) in the country of origin of the request with close allies supplying assistance if needs be and is usually executed by well briefed, plausibly deniable, very professional contractors drawn from the darker corners of the international security ,criminal ,terrorist worlds with operatives from different places forming a team for a single job which sometimes is carried out as an unsolvable(or patsy) murder,sometimes as accident,suicide ,natural causes or misadventure.
    the less formal silencings are conducted by a variety of persons and groups in a variety of ways ranging from the crude and obvious through the more subtle and ambiguous and sometimes by the simple expedient of removing protection and/or assisting other enemies of the target and finally to the completely unnoticed as anything more than a natural tragedy or seen as a coincidental convenience but not for what they are.

    among the accidental murders when some no lethal intent operation goes wrong the cover up if spotted is often the weak link but does not always reveal motive and/or mechanism and some are put down to patsy or remain unsolved if the cleaners do a good job.

    in the course of this fugue i recon we have mentioned or alluded to most of those types although we have covered only a small section of ,probable/plausible unnatural deaths that are relevant to context and a few that are relevant to detail.

    it is important to not see a convenient demise as necessarily sinister although a great and obvious convenience in what seems innocent circumstances deserves a closer look but a series of related convenient demises is worth noting even if it is not immediately obvious to whom or why they are convenient.
    such a series can be seen to be plausible linked by either establishing the connectedness of the fallen or the means by or timing of the events .the marconi series seems to fit this category on all three grounds.

    to be quite honest poking about in dubious deaths has worried me quite a few times so far but from a few things i have learned from those wiser than me is a reasonable amount of worry and caution is a valid attitude and that not keeping the wrong sort of secret to oneself or within a small group is also a self preservation tactic that has considerable merit.

    ps on a wierder note tredegar was the sort of chap who would have relished odd phenomena happening to his clocks,he was a pupil of crowley and had his own “magick” room at tredegar house as well as using the local ecclesiastical ruins for such things.he also had his own torture chamber,he enjoyed gay and csa sadomasochistic activities and had a lot of very well connected chums from various backgrounds who would at times join in with his “hobbies”. add to that an interest in photography and blackmail (he was a blackmail victim as well which might account for some part of his bankrupting the seriously megabucks estate by the time he died ). he was very close to david until mary had him banned from court after he had invited her round to dinner and ensured she saw some of his collection of photographs which he had displayed especially for the occasion. iirc her reported comment was something along the lines of ” i recognised many of the men but not like that “. making the reasonable assumption david was starring among the pictures it does beg the questions are the wallis or even the too close to the nazis explanations for the palace coup to replace him smoke and mirrors to deflect from the truth and secondly is this something to do with why the hess papers seem far more important than the interrogation notes of high ranking nazi on a peace mission. considering evan’s closeness with francis rose who was ernst rohm’s lover and that hess’s time in south wales could have provided opportunity for evan to renew old friendship during hess’s interrogation period does add to the complexity.
    another of evan’s companions was brendan bracken who made the likes of maxwell and murdoch seem tame.
    anyone interested in context in the middle of the 20th c will find much to consider in not behind lace curtains by william cross and the autobiographical works of robin bryans. the former is very straightforward and quite academic the latter takes work to make any sense of it as bryans seems to have done a cut ,mix and stick job with almost every sentence in the hope that his books would not be completely suppressed.if only a small part of what he says is true(and quite a bit seems to be) he has told some very damaging truths about a variety of topics spanning most of the 20th c.

    ps if anyone comes across the fourth volume of bryans’s quartet could they please share it with us as although the other three were harder to obtain than a copy of Solzhenitsyn in soviet russia that last one is proving very elusive .

    • Thanks dpack. There was a fella at Llanwern who was ribbed as a prewar Tredegar bum boy BTW. Not an entirely wise mickey take as in the 1930s he was a waif but after 1939 to 45 as a commando type he emerged as a real toughie.

      I look at things as an engineer. The security services and police got the company fraud and sabotage matter with backup generators so wrong they sustained a threat at the level of national survival.

      I can only conclude MI5 Special Branch and their private contractors are deluded.

      Hence why I asked what do these spooks think they achieved Undermine law and justice, sustain risk at national survival level sustain sub standard equipment supplied to Royal Navy.

      • dpack

        one of my conclusions has been that no matter how important or urgent an operation seems at the time performing it with decency as well as clever ( perhaps even funny ) expediency is best.
        even if the intended effect on the target is ruthless it is more likely to succeed in the short term and is much more likely to remain in the shadows in the long term, the latter should be a major consideration for those who wish to walk in soft shoes and not have ghosts return later to expose that or other operations.
        to use evil means to achieve what may ( or may not ) be good ends devalues those ends and the authors of the means as well as reducing the chances of achieving the desired results and adds to the chances of the operation itself failing and adds a huge potential for undesirable unforeseen consequences .

        as to those conducting evil deeds in evil ways they may gain short term in ways that could not be achieved by decent methods but long term they lose far more than they gain.
        psychopaths and cowboys should be identified and shunned asap .

        as to cock ups and poor strategy i spose it comes down to the right sort of people being in charge,the right sort of people doing things in the right ways and not using the cheapest (or the only folk available when it needs doing) options and never letting the wrong folk make the decisions or conduct ops and aborting/postponing or replanning an op if those conditions cannot be met.
        mistakes and accidents are inevitable but can be minimised by good practice and sometimes it can be best to publicly admit them and take the necessary actions to mitigate the damage and prevent any repeat in the future,it is always best to admit them”in house” and take the required steps .

  15. dpack

    fascinating.tis indeed a small world.
    that zeus were observing nuclear matters is an interesting detail although as you mention is does not rule out a multiple reason motive to have a look at hilda’s papers.
    as a slight aside i know for definite that contractors in such roles are not always as good at it as their sales pitch might have suggested .
    in the example im thinking of it was the operative who ended up hurt , he was rumbled early in his observation ,tracked to his “lay up” and counter observed 24/7.
    it ended up after several weeks with him in a dangerous situation where he was isolated between a huge drop into a quarry and a short drop onto sharp rocks having failed to extract himself before sunrise and lots of folk pottering about unaware of the situation but who might have been very hostile to him.
    if he had allowed his safe extraction which was offered by the folk watching him he would have gone with nowt worse than a very harsh teasing for being crap at his job, rather than trying to escape and falling the shorter drop and subsequently being cas. evaced by given to his targets to tease and sent off in an ambulance with a fractured skull and his eyebrow at lip level(as well as a double telling off for getting himself hurt as well as being rumbled and rubbish at covert surveillance).
    to make it funnier he refused to identify or explain himself during his several weeks in hospital to the coppers who asked him what happened, they were later told who he was, what he was doing and who he was employed by (a quick look in his wallet supplied some of that info( duh) .they also saw the funny side of it and were just pleased nobody died.
    he cropped up in a different situation a couple of years later and got a fairly public repeat teasing from some of the cas evac party.i dont know if he is still in the job but i would hope he chose to do something he was better at.

    some contractors are very good at the job but they are a mixed bunch so a privatised covert op gone horribly wrong does seem quite plausible in quite a few cases.hilda,willie and bulic immediately spring to mind as tragic and relevant examples but there are others.

    a small detail re the lynette white case ,many years ago i met an ex cardiff copper and the final straw that made him resign was the way that case was handled ,iirc he got involved as a panda car pc and arrived early on the scene of the murder.
    i worked with him around 1991 or 2, he seemed to be a decent bloke and he was still bitter about that case .
    it cropped up in the news which prompted him to mention his involvement as well as various other issues within the force in south wales .
    he was not overly specific about who perverted the course of justice or why regarding ms white,perhaps he did not know, but he was sure that there had been both a deliberate miscarriage of justice and some very dark deeds relating to the case.

    thinking of south wales there does seem to be a bunch of interlinking threads throughout the 20th c that have strong vale of glamorgan connections including;
    those of lloyd george and maundy gregory.
    evan tredegar who appears in a huge set of subjects that range from royalty, crowley,the vatican, blackmail and spooking among others .
    the barri school of evangelism (it also has strong links to treadegar) which can boast paisley senior,robin bryans and a variety of unusual and spooky alumni among it’s graduates as well as some interesting characters among it’s staff and supporters.
    the city of the dark knights has been the backdrop to a variety of odd and unpleasant stories.
    one route that seemed to take me round in a collection of circles is the tredegar,david, gay nazis, hess, the hess papers and their use as insurance by maurice, this path has many side crescents and quite a few twisty lanes that disappear into the distance as well as a variety of one way streets and b roads that lead to it from elsewhere.
    i wandered into that from kincora while trying to follow the rather strange and confusing directions that robin bryans suggested and after a very tangled journey ended up back in ni with a slightly better map and understanding of map-making than before .

    the route from ni to eye and out again connects to an even more complex set of byways and motorways and assorted dark deeds both large and small local and international.

    freud is connected to some of the people and events that are also connected to eye by direct or one degree of separation and he was central in the parliamentary liberals during a very interesting period of political history.
    due to what appears to be a pattern of serial offending it seems unlikely that he was not rumbled/protected and therefore owned at some point over many decades and several terms as an mp.
    an interesting footnote to this ramble in the dark is that references to his employment as adc to monty and as a liaison officer at nuremberg seem to have disappeared from his wiki page at some point .

    • Lynette White had bravely been giving information to BBC about grooming of girls in care into prostitution.

      I have long wondered what these document burglars and covert observers achieve. In McGill Decd there was me dead half hour 1972. There was the Welsh RCS Det sgt dead suicide, There was Stefania Bronk dead suicide.

      After 1989 when I met the ex Welsh RCS Dc. When I put the Welsh RCS and the Suffolk McGill cases into one report. Sir John Stradling Thomas MP died 1991 Dolphin Square. It was Commander Rob Green (Hilda Murrell nephew) who got me a free second opinion from Professor Bernard Knight on the original McGill Decd autopsy report. Within a week of Knight’s opinion the original pathologist died suddenly in retirement. I contacted my 1972 Suffolk solicitor. He posted me some copies from the 1972 files. But next time I phoned he was dead. The company winding up his firm found no record of me ever being a client.

      In 1992 after a period of Special Branch threats the ex RCS Dc was document burgled, A dog excrement smeared threat was on his lounge wall.

      Let’s look at what the efforts were about, To undermine justice and to protect a secret that our vital point supply side and our defence supply side manufacturers were churning out unreliable products.

      When you look at that fact churning out unreliable products. It pertains to both Sizewell assurances and to the Belgrano sinking. West Mercia murder inquiry in the 90s accepted that. The spookie and media generated theory was based on Belgrano and Sizewell being mutually exclusive motives. That is an irrational assumption.

      But from my point of view why Hilda ? There was this OIRA asset in Suffolk at one stage suggesting forming a concrete laying enterprise with a green anti Sizewell man. That man who only a few years later was talking about sabotaging Sizewell construction with “Concrete cancer”. Where was MI5 priority ? Reports about sabotage of backup generators started in 1981.

      The Police had never heard of the Garland Plan of IRA with its infiltration of unions and sabotage plans. Police thought complaints of company fraud and sabotage of vital point and defence equipment was a matter for Trading Standards !

      Yet apparently threat was personified in the possibility this elderly Shropshire rose grower Hilda Murrell might blurt out the wrong thing at Sizewell Inquiry.

      • Tredegar stately place BTW was an unusual site. When it was guarded by Security Wales they used the old clock and key system. But on that site the clocks went backwards and all sorts of strange things. So the security patrol record would not flow in a chronology. A modern building Newport Crown Court was also a spooky building. Lifts operating themselves and electrical wound components burning out. If you believe in plotting leylines on a large scale map it links to the Tredegar site and eventually a leyline hub is at Tre Bel.

  16. Only one uzi and only 380 rounds of ammo ? Pretty tame by 6th Thanet Gun Range standards BTW

    Re Palmer Brinks Matt Noye and the masons. The man convicted of gun supply for killing of Brinks Matt money launderer Donald Urquhart was a member of James Shortt’s International Bodyguards Assn. There is information that Shortt had a client Charlie Kray at Croydon who was an associate of Noyes man Clifford Norris. So no small question who was source of moonlight bodyguard work to Det sgt Davidson. for which he and four other SERCS officers were disciplined 1995. And no small question how former IBA man Mark Yates was investigated in the post 9 11 inquiry Frank Etim case yet no investigation re squads of Saudis training with uzis at 6th Thanet Gun Range in early to mid 1990s IE Up to 95 when funnily enough Davidson got his disciplinary. Shortt survives all this without being exposed as a bogus ex SAS con man and is thus able 97 98 to source his Dr Basson BS to Dr Kelly’s mate Tom Mangold for his WMD book.

  17. dpack Zeus hired to spy on anti Sizewell activists. Such an activist was Green Party Roger Stearn farmer of Old Newton. Long befriended by Mr OIRA Asset BTW. Small world. Hope this is being helpful. Roger courted press attention IIRC. Trying to get insurance on his farm in event of a Sizewell catastrophe etc

    I know the late Mr Mullin osier weaver at Great Finborough was visited by positive vetting officers re David’s pre Oman tour pos vet 1972. I infer that two other of his previous RAF V bomber refs would have been visited in 1972 the late Tom Harwood Boys Brigade leader Stowmarket and Roger Stearn …… small world. Hope this is being informative.

    Between 1972 and 1975 the great political diarist Barbara Castle lost her Sue Ryder care standards and Matron McGill Decd records. I think Straw would have been in toe and both scared off. Cross Neave and Sporborg at your peril. Plus Straw tea leafed Norman Scott’s DHSS records etc.


      This would have been the fella DCI Peter Herbert and our correspondence was at about that time 93 94 about the time Tam Dalyell phoned me up.

      I think it was 95 Ian Taylor MP DTI replied to Roger Evans MP about Plessey and Petbow. I will try to check at what stage the Gwent special branch Plessey file went to MOD Plod. And when the Gwent Special Branch DI career hit the buffers in neighbouring force area at Bute town allegedly kerb crawling. Something kept out of the Lynette White murder case BTW.

  18. dpack

    umm ,you have provided a lot to consider but for a start i will try to add a few details to the hilda story.
    she had a rather broad and complex set of interests which added to the young relly on the belgrano would have made her of interest to maybe half a dozen uk security departments and possibly got attention from assorted foreign powers.
    iirc robin bryans wrote the word zeus on a piece of paper during a discussion of her demise on “after dark” and although the discussion was rather abruptly cut to the break and not restarted he managed to show said paper to the camera rather slyly as the program went back on air live.
    at the relevant time zeus security was a “private detective agency” who were often contracted to various uk gov spooks for high deniability ops such as document burglaries ,unauthorised bug plants etc etc
    the young chap convicted of her murder seems likely to have been a patsy for a botched document burglary leading to a fatal struggle when she came home unexpectedly,followed by a cleaner op.
    which of her interests was being targeted is difficult to decide upon but my money would be on the belgrano issue as the cnd/nuke stuff seems as though it should have been easy to acquire knowledge of by humint from within those circles and the belgrano thing might well have been between just her and her sailor relly and perhaps noticed, without details, via a phone tap or even via a room mike.
    thinking of connections iirc ted moult and hilda were quite close ( via liking roses and iirc they were related in some way) which poses a few questions, regarding his death, that i have not been able to answer or dismiss as daft and therefore have been left in the pending further data heap of unanswered questions.

    straw is a bit of an odd one iirc his brother could have been an embarrassment and his son was a less than perfect but fairly normal teenager .
    i dont think either would necessarily provide enough leverage for control of a home secretary so he was probably onside/creatively briefed or there is something i haven’t become aware of about the man himself or perhaps about some of his close associates.

    • If it helps IIRC it was Det Supt Herbert who replied from West Mercia. He accepted that the Sizewell Inquiry and the Belgrano incident were NOT mutually exclusive. Common to both was Rob Greens reliability of systems expertise. Having said that even from that early on Herbert was confident he had evidence ruling out both Belgrano and Sizewell Inquiry. Rob Green was thinking of an appeal for the convicted lad which would be first challenge to a DNA conviction I think.

      After phoning me Tam Dalyell put my Plessey torpedoes unreliability findings to MI5 and he did phone back saying his contacts had said good argument but ruling it out. I still think Mrs Thatcher was briefed on unreliability state of RN systems (Including Sea Wolf BAe having similar covert product returns to Plessey torps and sonar) and I think sub standard sub refits (something called acoustic pathways not my subject) And I think the decision to use obsolete but more reliable torps was a decision taken before the fleet sailed.

      But IF there is any substance in either Belgrano motive or Sizewell then it amounts to a motive pertaining to BOTH and West Mercia murder team accepted that. Hope that is helpful.

      .I was surprised Tam Dalyell seemed to be directed by his MI5 contact.

      It was incidentally Rob Green who told me about a then forthcoming BBC expose# of GLADIO which is why in 91 I wrote to Kent Chief constable asking about what his force did re our security warnings on Deal Barracks security prior to the 22 9 89 terrorist bombing. When Chief elected silence that is what determined me when we moved back to Kent 1995 to start asking questions.

    • Did you find out anything on Hilda finding housing for WW2 refugees ? Rob could only find a record of this being child refugees. It was a small query in my mind whether Hilda had been part of the receiving end of useful Nazis guised as refugees and despatched to UK by ex SOE gals under charity cover in postwar Europe including Sue Ryder.

      • dpack

        very interesting ,thanks, re hilda i have not come across any proof of her housing adult “refugees” but such persons were housed under their new legends by a variety of trusted housekeepers who could both keep an eye on them and divert and report any awkward questions regarding their background.

        when i saw this
        on the bbc website this morning ( it is good day to slip some “difficult” themes into the msm ) it seemed appropriate to mention the case as it does have relevance to context ,especially if one expands one’s knowledge with paul flynn’s statement to the hoc regarding operation tiberius and the implications of the thread of the furball provided by examination of the “M word”.
        specifically it appears to deal with the relationship between crime,press and police but the masonic mechanism seems to be a common theme to aspects of many of the things we have covered in these recent posts and in many of the things the needle has tried to expose.
        personally i do not believe that all evil is a masonic conspiracy but many evil conspiracies both large and small have been facilitated and concealed, at least in part, through the more corrupt aspects of the masonic network.

      • thanks dpack

        I will read the linkie I assume it is Paul Flynn MP Newport ? Wrote to me saying what a good job “Whistleblowers” do meaning me at Plessey. In the commons he was saying what devastating blow for Newport the loss of the Plessey factory was. I don’t much like being called a whistleblower. I reported on what I found. It was agreed by two MOD experts. I tried to make a crime complaint to Gwent Plod.

        Daniel Morgan I take it you know how this connects with arrest of UDA Margate in 1992 and Alex Leighton Mayfayre Associates and Lawrence Inquiry. I will have a read of the linkie thanks.

        I put a comment on Needleblog Murrell thread this morning.

  19. dpack I don’t know if this is within your research interest but at the time of the USA attorney general qui tam actions against UK defence manufacturers early 90s including Lucas Aerospace. This was also the time of Chief constable visit to Henniker. And death of Sir John Stradling Thomas MP at his Dolphin Square Home.

    Since Roger Evans won Monmouth seat 1992 IIRC it would be after that Tam Dalyell MP phoned me re his interest in Belgrano “Thatchers torpedo”

    As you now know Gwent Special Branch line of inquiry for suspected production sabotage at Plessey Torpedoes Newport was GLADIO. I found the suspicion more interesting than the validity of the suspicion. I found the factory was wrongly wired and corrupting static handling test and assembly and various other electrical reasons any product made there would fail to meet MOD quality control and reliability standards.

    If you go back to late 70s before Falklands Plessey had a 100% return of torpedoes RN sea trialled in Bahamas. The control PCBs were ALL found to have the wrong Fairchild chip on. But ALL of them had been signed off as passing factory test. A 100% impossibility. In 89 I found management orchestrated falsifications of RN test records there for the dipping sonar buoys.

    Roger Evans MP reported to MOD and DTI. Now James Arbuthnot has clarified he had no knowledge at DTI in his time and indeed I see that it was an Ian Taylor MP who replied to Roger. Plessey closed and Gwent Special Branch file was transferred to MOD Plod for nil action under a civil servant Mr Hartley (perhaps he spent too much time fly fishing) who was Head of MOD Procurement MOD Plod liaison.

    With regard to Hilda Murrell her RN Intelligence nephew Rob Green was trained in systems reliability analysis for his RN Intelligence role but he has never denied or confirmed that was his role re unreliability issues around sonar and torpedoes.

    Roger connected the Plessey and Petbow reports in the hope that having two MOD experts agree my Plessey findings would add weight to my Petbow concerns where I do firmly suspect (unlike PLessey) long term and highly dangerous sophisticated lurking sabotage. One of the matters featuring in Gen de Chasterlains report of concern to NI Office 2003 that NI Office have now lost.

  20. dpack You understand that an associate of the Kent Adventure Training Corps adult leader with false REME Record (Reliance Security guard Deal Barracks 1989) and associate of fellow Kent Adventure Training Corps leader vice chair north thanet tories pal of Roger Gale (the pal who was arrested for paramilitary collusion in TA and not charged 1987) was the alleged prolific saboteur of backup generators ?

    And the threat to Realm picture is vastly vastly greater than all the FRU and Stakeknife type shenanigans. Hence I imagine why I was invited to report to Scottish energy minister a couple of years after the serious nuke incident at Dounreay 1998. Due to back up power failure. And I imagine why I was invited to report to Chris Huhnes post Jap tsunami review of UK nuke resilience and security.

    I can tell you with probability that if the IRA “Sugar bomb hoax” had succeeded in 1996 Dungeness (A) had emergency shut down back ups that were aberrant. To probability there would have been Chernobyl on Kent Coast. I doubt the IRA team who got 35 years per man had any clue about the consequential catastrophe of their attack plan.

    With the 1998 Dounreay and Hunterston B incidents Blair sailed on regardless. Straw suppressed the KPA call for inquiry which included sabotage and company fraud in supply chain for backup gennies.

    Welcome to big boys terrorism.

    The CSA in Lawrence case corruption inquiry I know seem concerned they cannot take a look at the 1995 tragic child death in post op ICU at Guys. Rogue failure of the hospital Petbow (Kent) mains monitor and back up genny system cut power to life support. One of the inquiries called for by KPA 1997 suppressed by Jack Straw.

    I hope this is helping your research.

  21. Kind of interesting that you guys dwell so much on Jewish paedophiles but not Christian ones like the one who was branded the world’s most prolific paedo recently.

    • Sorry we give that impression becky. The McGill Decd case was submitted to the catholic authorities to oppose any future attempt to raise Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder to catholic sainthood. Ryder was from a middle class Leeds family where as a child she did charitable work with her mum. I do not know if they knew Savile’s impoversiehd family but his recovery from childhood illness was a miracle used in catholic saint making. One of the points in pursuing the protection by MI5 via Special Branch of Sue Ryder charity is that protection was in place at the time Savile abused at Sue RYder child hospice at Leeds in 1970s. I think today there is news of him abusing an 11 year old terminally ill girl in a London hospital.

      The thread is about Freud who was of the Christian religion.

    • dpack

      i hadn’t actually considered freud’s jewish background as relevant ,thanks for reminding folk to remember to be aware for any plausible hint of a mossad link.
      that crew are very good at staying in the shadows unless they want to make a point and therefore are usually rather hard to spot.

      not having a breakdown of my subjects of interest by class,ethnicity or religion it would be difficult to say with numbers which gets most attention but as a “seat of the pants” type of assessment i recon it would go from the top something along the lines of secular or irrelevant nominal religious affiliation of some “christian” sort, active member of coe/anglican, active militant protestant non conformist, active catholic(with a few major players but low numbers), other (jewish being a subset of other and a smaller subset of other that could be described as “satanist”,a few of those have duel membership of active mainstream religious groups) on religion and predominately white caucasian with a small subset of assorted others by what some folk refer to as “race” or ethnicity.
      by class what could be broadly described as the middle class would form the bulk with over representation of public school alumni among the major players and a disproportionally small number of “useful” and “high achieving” working class also within my field of study.

      if you thought i was very focussed on caucasian ,grammar and public school educated men with a few women(mostly upper and upper middle class ones) and some men from various other backgrounds you would probably be correct cos they form the majority of the people who have got noticed whilst attempting to unravel a part of context.

      unless it has a direct bearing on my interest in their operational methods,”contact list” or activities race ,religion or class never comes into it .

      i suspect that examination of the needle archive would show a similar pattern of interest broken down by religion,class and “race”,we seem to follow the data where it leads and it usually leads to “white” men in some sort of position of power or influence or from them to a greater position of power.

      if you want us to concentrate on “jewish” matters for a bit providing more good data would be a start but i for one would possibly find it too scarey as poking about in ,even historic, mossad business is probably more dangerous than most of the issues i have looked into and i don’t feel particularly comfortable about some of those.

    • Aardvark

      Becky, after reading dpack’s and card2’s very informative analysis of the historical and political context of post war Britain in relation to CSA allegations, your comment appears to come from left-field. It is difficult to understand how you concluded that they were focusing on just ‘Jewish paedophiles’.

      The issue is about how well connected paedophiles, in positions of power, have evaded justice and are only discussed in the press after their deaths. This obviously suggests they were protected and even placed in those positions of power, for a certain political end. It is really important that these issues are discussed, regardless of the creed or ethnicity of the individuals concerned.

      If there were a number of Jewish paedophiles in these positions of power, they should receive the same level of scrutiny as any other abuser of another religion. It is important that accusations of anti semitism in this context, are not used to muddy the water and to stop the truth of what has been going on in British and global politics in the context of CSA abuse. Survivors of CSA deserve the truth and we all need to know we are not governed by those who would use CSA for Machiavellian, political ends!

  22. By the look of it dpack Righton moved to Henniker Estate 1992. The Suffolk Chief constable visited Henniker ?

    This was then circa Roger Evans MP a barrister winning the Monmouth seat and submitting a Matron McGill Decd quashing case to Nicholas Lyell AG (Stowe old boy) And circa HM Coroner Bury St Edmunds talking to Chief constable about McGill Decd. Circa HM Coroner Bury St Edmunds checking his records for me and saying he could not find records re all child deaths at Beeches Ixworth 1966 to 1972. Circa the ex RCS Dc in Wales being intimidated by Special Branch and document burgled. One year after Dolphin Square death of Sir John Stradling Thomas MP. And circa the mail intercept suffered by Roger Evans MP. IIRC the bizarre theft of all Newport Gwent Births Marriages Deaths Records was 93. Leonard Cheshire at Cavendish was almost certainly euthanised in 92.

    The East Anglian Daily Times journo Tim Wisdom was told to drop ideas of reporting about McGill Decd in 92 and told Sue Ryder had asked for obits to be prepared for Cheshire. He found out from medical people at Cavendish that the idea Cheshire was terminal was entirely in Ryder’s head. His prognosis was for at least four more years. In fact he had notified organisers of 1993 Dambuster memorial he wished to attend and would need no special medical measures at that stage. Phil Wisdom was recruited into Home Office and Cheshire died of a heart attack (not motor neurone) on Ryder’s schedule.

    I think you may be a bit too charitable about Chiefie as he knew full well McGill Decd was subject of application to quash suicide verdict. He knew Ryder was shroud waving three months before Cheshire died. He knew the ex RCS Dc in Wales had been threatened and burgled. He knew HM Coroner was finding death reg anomalies for the six years of child deaths at Beeches. And he knew his predecessor Arthur Burns lied to New Zealand Govt 1972 who wanted to re-open inquest for their citizen Matron McGill. He knew his predecessor had lied to me in 1982 when I attended Suffolk Police HQ and he knew in 92 I had finally nailed the lies of his predecessors 1972 and 1982. He knew Ken Pandolfi of Interpol liaison Scotland Yard had tried to stop NZ Police helping my McGill Decd inquiries 1991 and NZ Police had bubbled him up to me.

    And I can tell you for a fact Suffolk PCC Tim Passmore knows this history. So he knew in 2014 Suffolk Plod lied to the Freud abuse complainant that there were no other lines of inquiry.

    I wait to see if the ITV programme team contact me.

    • dpack

      righton was found in suffolk may 93 by the evening standard iirc they had been looking for him for several he was rumbled about a year earlier i assume he moved some time in the latter half of not sure if the chief constable visit was prior or post the evening standard item.the info about other aspects of the cc is interesting and would be consistent with him being briefed to “protect the national interest ” or whatever in relation to any such matters.that begs the questions was his meeting about righton as reported?was he at least to some extent briefed re righton issues and came up with the story to cover himself in case of “unpleasantness”?was he sent packing and outranked with no idea why ?did he tip off the standard?or was that story his excuse for nothing about righton in proximity to vulnerable kids?and probably a few more.

      the above has some interesting data but is not a complete time line for righton (i will see if it can be improved upon)

      a small but slightly relevant aside righton’s “protection” does somewhat remind me of the protection that was afforded to “steaknife” when n i got too hot for him and his handler and they both lay low ( in the home counties)for a does not seem appropriate to use their names as their are ongoing legal matters relating to both of them . his fru handler went on to have a very glittering career and is probably untouchable as well as un nameable and not just for ongoing legal reasons,one of the more polite ways his colleague in the fru described him was as the sort of chap who ” used a pat on the back as a recce “.

      • Dear Tim (Suffolk PCC re response to Freud complaint 2014 copy)

        Your force is reported as saying there were no other lines of inquiry.

        Would you care to review with your chief constable that given the Matron McGill Decd case ? Given the six years of child deaths at Beeches Ixworth matter ? Given you know David Card and you know the content of his security warning in RAF 1973.

        Be clear that in 1992 when Peter RIGHTON moved on to Henniker Estate Chief constable went out to advise Henniker about Righton. But this wasn’t all that was known to Chiefie was it ? In 1991 Sir John Stradling Thomas MP died at his DOLPHIN SQUARE home. At a time he had been corresponding with Home Office and Attorney General about McGill Decd. Having as I understand it plans to raise parliamentary ombudsman inquiry, In 92 when barrister Roger Evans won Monmouth back for tory he picked up Sir John’s casework and made the first Section 13 application seeking to quash the 1972 suicide verdict in McGill decd. And in 1992 Hennikers contemporary at Stowe Leonard Cheshire was almost certainly euthanized on Sue Ryder schedule to Chiefie knowledge ?

        Henniker was known to Ryder since WW2 SOE days.

        Your position is that your force should ignore the significance of ileac crest bruising on Matron McGill and that checking Stefania Bronks autopsy report would be a waste of resources.

        Would you now review your position ?

        And would you ask Chief constable to check whether Henniker, Morris Fraser and Righton knew each other from pre 68 in connection with Ipswich Civic College ? I know no more than that I am afraid. It is pure guess work this may be to do with the cybernetics research movement abundantly represented in Suffolk NHS unethical research (which I have reported to the child abuse inquiry) but also represented in arts and entertainments aspects with the work of (Professor) Roy Ascott with students like Brian Eno at Ipswich arts school 1960s.

        I look forward to your reply

        Kind regards Richard

        Bear in mind Passmore has a lot of files to refer to.

        I think this year the Belgian statute of limitations kicks in for the Brabant killings so maybe Jean Bultot will return from South America. He was involved as an instructor for the ubiquitous James Shortt at Deal Royal Marines Barracks. We now know Shortt was bogus SAS and we now know his various missions to Belgium etc had no Crown authority (MOD Defence Secretary reply to MP) so we know that at Deal and at gun ranges etc he must have been offending against UNlawful Drilling Act 1819. The law repealed by Justice Secretary Jack Straw 2008 just before press exposed Shortt as a bogus ex SAS conman.

        Bultot is reported as saying to investigating Belgian magistrate that the Brabant killngs were connected to a Belgian military gladio and intelligence pink ballets paedo ring. Bultot has also been reported as a suspect child procurer for those paedos.

        So that is a context for interest in KCC Youth group affiliation youth protection inquiries into the private military cadet group Kent Adventure Training Corps late 1990s as Shortt was an associate of the private cadet group leadership. A prominent backer of KATC was Roger Gale MP former head of BBC childrens TV.

        In 1999 at the War and Peace Show complaints arose of holocaust denial lectures to pan European private military cadets. Maybe Wiking Jugend.

        The chair of the relevant parliamentary cttee nil actioned complaint. This was a certain Lord Greville Janner.

        With regard to FRU and Kent based collusion Michael Mansfield’s British Irish Rights Watch concealed facts known to them in their submission to Rosemary Nelson Inquiry.

        Mansfield clearly knew about Kent based paramilitary collusion through his role as Doreen Lawrence brief. IE The 1997 call for inquiry from Kent Police Authority and the concerns of Sir Ronnie Flanagan that Jack Straw suppressed the inquiry called for by KPA.

        I am an officially called witness to the National Crime Agency Lawrence case corruption inquiry. And though I get on fine with them I do not like their terms of reference. My point being how can they investigate events of 92 93 (such as arrests of UDA Margate 92) without investigating Straw suppressing those same inquiries after KPA called for them in 97 ?

        The Head of Organised Crime at CPS acting on my concerns wrote about 2 months ago to NCA and to current Lawrence murder inquiry. This issue there is prosecution duties to disclose to defence … the Lawrence private prosecution by Mansfield 1996 and the CPS prosecution 2012.

        The same issue on some of the same facts IMO arises in Rettendon 3 murder convictions. But CPS have not written to any authority in that case.

  23. dpack Thanks for telling me about McCrae. I reported by invitation to Scottish energy minister re the serious nuke incident at Dounreay 1998. And again by invitation to the post Japanese tsunami review of UK civil nuke security ordered by Chris Huhne.

    I mentioned above Gen de Chasterlains report of concern 2003 to NI Office. re if he had authority to deploy to Kent to check gun ranges and Kent Police firearms cert issues. But his concerns were also that Blair left out sabotage and poisons from the 98 GFA. A report the NI Office now can’t find.

    of course this asymmetric warfare capability was/is also an aspiration of Scottish independence terrorists ?

    Thanks again for your interesting information.

  24. The Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre is in my submission to the Child Abuse Inquiry. The paedo erotic positions guised as yoga in their “Play therapy” which was in fact a red herring as their interest was to “Counsel parents”. and use a pseudo therapy to separate the child. And secondly the influence this centre had on sociology and social work practice. The prophylactic separation etc.

    That research links to Emma Freud research on blitz kids separation anxiety and attachment theory etc

    Thor Chemicals Margate has an ongoing remediation project kept secret for years till my FOI. The project has still not started to deal with mercury ground contamination. In 2000 Roger Gale MP concealed the Thor facts in his address to Commons re Foreland outfall

    I take it you know the odd James Shortt (Deal Barracks security see above) was a source to Dr Kelly’s mate Tom Mangold for his book Plague Wars. on Shortt’s new specialist subject 1997 Dr Wouter Basson and WMD ? Shortt story was he worked for Special Training Services Ltd (Sir Peter Austin) when he met Basson in 80s and was encouraged by MI6 to maintain contact.

    It was not until 2009 press exposed Shortt as a bogus ex SAS con man. Then media pilloried him as the ultimate Walter Mitty (who Chilcott could ignore)

  25. Thanks dpack. I wonder if you mean Ipswich Civil College ? Where Roy Ascott was teaching at that time (Students include Brian Eno) now Professor Roy Ascott. Cybernetics theory applied to arts and entertainment. A whole new can of worms. As Ipswich was also a medical research area in cybernetics theory the decidedly odd Ipswich Family psychiatric centre. My view is that the “Psychopathology” and “Salutiferous society” research backed by Cambridge Uni was linked to the research of the “Ipswich Mengele” J W Paulley and I am pretty confident that Paulley’s feeder group of GPs included the late Dr Alan Lower Suffolk County Cllr liberal. Paulley was backed by Institute of Economic Affairs 1968 to kick off independent uni of Buckingham.

    Thanks for so much helpful information.

  26. On the (O)IRA asset

    (1) Born 1941 Blythe District Suffolk

    (2) Married 1966 Hants

    (3) Known to be trying to find out about Army Air Corps defence cuts 1968

    (4) Bankrupt date not known but information is the turkey millionaire Ray Legrys may have sent an enforcer to make him pay up.

    (5) Legrys enforcer or his enforcers brother was a pimp in Ipswich with the fore runners of the yardies called in Ipswich Jeetermen. The jeeters called grooming “Capturing” using older prostitutes to befriend and get girls in care (underaged) to run away and go on child prostitution game. A neglected part of police inquiry is that these sort of pimps know which homes the girls wanted to run from because of abuse. Something to bear in mind re Cardiff murder of Lynette White who had given information to a prospective BBC documentary about underaged girls groomed into child prostitution.

    (6) Young prostitutes in Ipswich were from time to time snatched re-appearing some days later dazed and with little or no memory. To bear in mind here that back then pimps recorded the vehicle registration numbers of cars the girls got in. Hence when this sort of thing happened what happened to the police check of the registrations ??

    (7) 1969/70 Polish warrant officer RAF Wattisham seconded to Cyprus (listening station ?? dunno) gets warning in Cyprus re (O)IRA asset targeting his 19 year old daughter in Suffolk.

    (8) The daughter married a REME sgt in 1971 In 1972 accompanied tour Northern Ireland but sent home to married quarter Tidworth alone. At Tidworth assaulted by intruders said to be IRA never caught. Army advise her to return to Suffolk until her husbands Ulster tour is over. Her brother in law provides a cottage and she moved to Suffolk. REME sgt clerk BTW ends up as a Lt Colonel. ???? Loose lips no pips …….

    (9) Asset had latched on to David Card RAF officer at least by 1968. Walberswick weekends followed. How often I dunno. So at least five years in which the spooks had asset tagged but say nothing.

    (10) Given the profile it would seem likely that in addition to interest in Sue Ryder at Cavendish (Neave and Sporborg and Berthoud backed charity) and interest in the Walberswick scene and interest in RN submariners and interest in Polish RAF Warrant officer and interest in Cobra Mist and interest in Oman deployment and in V bomber status That asset would have been directed at Henniker estate ?

    The only political thing that asset said to me was he was an anarchist.

    (11) So we seem to have pointed to Suffolk Police fibbing in 2014. And to PCC Tim Passmore having knowledge of the history of his rival for PCC tory nomination David Card. But naughty Tim keeping schtum ?

    (12) Other than the memory gap of the 3rd Freud victim to come forward (same story as underaged prostitutes Ipswich drugged) nothing that puts Freud beyond his own seedy isolated activity and being of interest to Soviet.

  27. Do you mean Henniker knew the psychiatrist Morris Fraser from 1966 ??

    • dpack

      henniker was a trustee of the azimuth trust which fraser was attached to and offended at,i will check on the dates.
      iirc henniker had definitely met righton (who knew fraser from pie)by 1968 and we suspect they already knew each other at least a little before then perhaps via the college that became the university in ipswich .

      iirc phil was godfather to the first one who would have become henniker 9 ,i have not followed up on his kids as they seemed irrelevant.

      another nugget about henniker he was a trustee of broadmoor and probably knew savile (the timelines coincide)as well as being on a parole board for a while which would have provided access to a variety of info and persons.

      im not sure about john allen,i will find out and let you know.

      after righton’s conviction (which barely exposed the tip of the iceberg) he was living in suffolk with his partner in a cottage owned by, and i think on, henniker’s estate. when the local chief constable was told that there was a csa offender of the worst sort living there he was very concerned as there was a facility on the estate used by various groups of children for holidays ,outdoor activities etc. islington social services was one of several who used the site(iirc jersey was another).
      the cc went to visit and having expressed his concerns was told to “fuck off and mind your own business” by henniker.this displeased him but it seems he was seriously outranked and could take the matter no further.

      with ref to the 68/9 shipment from sa to tara/mckeague iirc i found the parts of the links via several books on the troubles ,some info from a murder trial in ni which i think related to the 70’s,some info from the cory report ,some info from hansard ,the henniker detail from histories of overseas gov staff and ,some from an aside in the bloody sunday report ,assorted stuff in the cain archive and various other sources.the bits added up to the tale i mentioned above.

      Click to access eirv21n31-19940805_044-international_intelligence.pdf

      i was unfamiliar with kidger,so i had a quick look i find the adjacent article.

      there are some rather interesting observations about irangate and related matters from the same period and origins in this.
      the pegasus files is a place to start.

      bull is another aspect i have only seen in passing and left for others who may be inclined to dig.

      the other sa links are also outside my small knowledge of african matters

      as far as sudden deaths that may be relevant to my field of study the prime american one is colby as he was privy to a great deal of agency business that it seems he wished to reveal . his very partial “house cleaning” at various hearings only scratched the surface and the explanation of his death as an “accident” is at best full of inconsistencies and at worst a pack of lies.
      a possible relevant detail is that colby and angelton(his senior) worked out of the same office on various occasions ,vietnam in the late 50’s early 60’s is one and i get the impression they had very different approaches to a problem,angleton acted like a ruthless psychopath and colby was more subtle in attempting to achieve a goal.both became director but colby’s tenure was far shorter .

      thinking of sudden deaths a bit closer to home willie macrae is rather unusual especially if one considers he had a set of papers which he referred to in terms of “got the bastards now” and he had a meeting planned with dickens the next week.
      the papers were with him when he set off but not among his effects after he came off the road in (apparently)two separate places, one where the witnesses found him and one where the police photos are, having at some point shot himself in the head possibly twice with a pistol that needed manual turning to place the next round under the hammer at the first place and putting the pistol in a third location.
      tis all rather confusing but my instinct is a follow turned into a chase which went wrong and was compounded by a panic murder and a rather messy attempt at a cover up.

      other sudden deaths that are “unsolved murders” include:
      mckeague who was boasting he was untouchable for his crimes as he knew too much when he got popped in very dubious circumstances ,considering his nature ,security links and location it seems unlikely that the hit team did not have some help and certain that they had no active obstruction.
      the second is bulic forsythe who seems to have been killed during a botched document burglary relating to misdeeds with kids in lambeth.
      there are many more with links to the whole situation such as the p2 /vatican/gladio banker dangling from blackfriars bridge

      there is a long list of kids and some unlisted ones who could well have been witnesses to and victims of a variety of horrible misdeeds who have less than complete explanations for their subsequent “accidents”, “suicides” and unsolved murders .
      perhaps the best way to address that is to try to make sense of context and detail where we can.

      and there is your unfortunate nurse who’s end appears to have been very horrible and probably related to her knowing too much about dark deeds in the shadowy world of spookery.

      the way this relates to freud is that it does begin to place a context around a chap who was known to relevant spookery for decades and seems passed repeated vettings and to have been immune from the consequences of his behaviour if the accounts of his offending are true as they appear to be.

      ps i will remember to ask about allen’s suffolk links.he had some very well placed links in north wales which we should not discuss at the mo.

      • dpack

        Firstly a possible CORRECTION ,tonybee hall might well be first point of contact between righton(fraser) henniker .there are quite a few names of historical interest associated with that project profumo being a rather well known one

        the albany trust is another henniker had links with

        henniker’s membership of boodles also adds a number of potential links as does iirc his short tenure as a pps to ernest bevan.

        henniker really got around in a variety of circles from the top sideways and down which can make his contacts list a tad difficult to track by time or place especially from my overfilled and swiss cheese like memory however im fairly sure we came up with a date of at least as early as 1968 with a maybe of a bit earlier (the reasoning and data might even be on the needle somewhere).
        i will enquire about how we came up with the date when i ask about allen’s suffolk connections and a few other matters of relevance.
        among hennikers significant activities the british council almost certainly provides a link to napier.

        henniker is a huge subject and i have barely scratched the surface in this thread.a rather odd thing about him is although he had a lot of very dodgy characters among his many contacts and he was most certainly a major player of dark politics using some of them i have not come across any evidence that he was a csa offender.
        if i was to make a guess at his motivations i would say he seems to have enjoyed wielding secret power and playing the “great game” more than normal or abnormal pleasures ,perhaps the game was even more important to him than the object of the game or a successful outcome .a very odd chap.he is often described as having links to 6 which he undoubtedly did but i suspect he may have been closer to the greyhounds in terms of who he might have been tasked by or who he answered to or perhaps even ran than any of the government paid secret services.he does fit the profile of the little i know of the greyhounds.

        then an interesting false start regarding righton that seems to show how important he was.

        “After Peter Righton’s home was raided in 1992, the then Health Secretary Virginia Bottomley was reported to be “shocked” and demanded a full report. But this was last time Virginia Bottomley spoke about the matter and no report was ever published. In fact the only time Peter Righton’s name was ever mentioned in Parliament was in October 2012 when Tom Watson asked his PMQ about “a powerful political paedophile ring.”
        (thanks to a pal for that nugget)

        thinking of connections suffolk seems to have quite a few persons of interest that might link to freud ,for instance did he mix with the benjamin britten crowd?,they were both anglicans but i dont think freud was very into music (or boys) but britten’s social circle was quite broad (and in part of potential interest with regard to the spookier/political side of things) to say the least,for instance the queen sent a personal letter of condolence to peter when bb died and quite a few of britten’s pals have cropped up in less than nice contexts.

      • Thanks dpack

        Suffolk was a place with so many odd birds it is difficult to imagine they did not flock together.

        (1) If it helps with your research there was an ex Black Watch sergeant in Margate 1987 period. He was an associate feared by one of the Scotsmen arrested for paramilitary collusion activity in Broadstairs TA 1987. I wondered if he was connected with that Scottish TA man being approached by three Thanet single mother benefits claimants asking if he could help extricate them from a benefits fraud.

        My reason was that Thanet had been the area a single mother claimant had been recruited before. We caught her in 1976 when she had 48 addresses across England each with a live claim for single mother and 3 kids. Her Wimbledon address was apparently already flagged at Scotland Yard as a suspect IRA active unit house.

        There was/is a loophole in the benefits system that makes that multiple address single mother fraud undetectable by admin. In 1976 detection flowed from fortuitous information received.

        At DHSS ministerial office was minister Barbara Castle and civil servants Jack (and Mrs?) Straw and (Lord) Warner (Later of KCC Childrens services etc) I still wonder why the ministerial team did not seal up the loophole.

        In 1975 Panorama had broadcast about poor care standards in Section 37 private care homes (Homes registered for accommodation only with no requirement to employ qualified staff. Receiving benefits to pay inmate boarding fees. The category of Sue Ryder HQ Cavendish) at Margate re former seaside boarding houses cashing in on the care business and benefits income. As part of this programme Panorama exposed Labour for discharging mental patients homeless initially to Margate. After a period of homelessness they filtered into a Section 37 .and would be kicked out after breakfast to return at supper. No qualified care.

        There was then the matter of the MIND dog that did not bark at Barbara Castle and Co. MIND where Righton was an executive ?

        (2) When 1987 to 89 the matter of security warnings against Deal Royal Marines Barracks arose. Kent Plod nil actioned the lot and failed to even record the crime complaints in those warnings. The first six of the 41 lines of inquiry in warnings were DHSS fraud of the known MO of IRA in area. I think the 22.9.89 bombing that killed 11 Royal Marines was preventable if standard warning response measures and tightening of security had occurred.

        In 1997 among the many subjects Kent Police Authority called for inquiry into and report were these warnings.

        Hence when Straw took a decision to suppress inquiry, with his advisor Lord Warner, he was acting unlawfully as Judge in His own cause ? He didn’t want his role in nil remedying the 1976 fraud to be resurrected ? With that suppression Shortt was able to give his WMD BS to Dr Kelly’s mate Tom Mangold. And Shortt’s group escaped inquiry as possible source of moonlight work to Det sgt John Davidson. If we add to that failed drugs warrant raids in Thanet during MacPherson Inquiry. A police leak caused the raids to fail. They were targeting back street labs making ecstacy. How prolific were these labs and were they connected with the UDA drugs criminals arrested by SERCS at Margate 1992 ? The case which ended up sharing case officers with Stephen Lawrence killing.

  28. Yes that is helpful. Bryn Allen John Allen moved to Needham Market Suffolk.

    Would you know if it is correct that he originated in Suffolk ?

    I assume with your reference to Kincora, loyalists and Armscor you may be alluding to the arrests of UDA based at Margate Kent 1992 ? Do you know that in 2003 General de Chasterlain sent a report of concern to NI Office querying whether he had authority to deploy arms decommissioners to Kent ? To investigate paramilitary training at Kent gun ranges and to check 30 years of Kent Police issued firearms certs.

    I also assume you may be bearing in mind the 1991 Alan Kidger murder.

    And possibly thinking about Tyrone Chadwick and the vile Parker child rapist twins mercenaries who attacked transitional Mandela Regime (Tutu Commission of Inquiry 1994)

    Let me get this right if I can. Phil was godfather to the Henniker son whose wife became Lib Dem County Cllr leader of Suffolk Council ?

  29. dpack

    perhaps adding another variation to the tune and adding to the fugue will help.
    when i started to look into context to assist my chum, who is a bryn estyn survivor,i suggested a look at kincora and the dickens papers might be
    useful ,having found an original newspaper article regarding dickens “disappeared” within days of me finding it i decided that was out of my grade on that and passed it up the food chain which seems to have eventually led to john mann securing a copy of at least part of it.
    my chum mentioned a very nasty story about dickie in burma which i have not been able to corroborate although several of his subordinate officers have popped up in various interesting contexts.

    anyway as dickie had been mentioned in relation to kincora it seemed sensible to start there which in terms of the most lurid rumours seemed to be a dead end however it became apparent dickie was a major composer and player of many tunes.more of dickie later.

    two things seemed apparent, the first being mcgrath was not only central to events at kincora but had been part of what i have come to see as gladio a ,an anti soviet soe in waiting ,probably from the mid to late 1950’s.his organisation ,tara,was both cover and recruiting ground for this.the history of this aspect is both thin and somewhat dubious in places although two things seem apparent ,the first is that they were not heavily armed(possibly because mcgath was seen as more of a liability than an asset to an effective gladio a unit) and that if there was semi official backing in the form of expert assistance by blaire maine (ex sas and orange lodge member)it might have gone horribly wrong.blaire’s “accident “has many ambiguities and contradictions .personally i suspect he might have rumbled mcgrath’s nature and objected to it on both moral and tactical grounds.
    by the mid 60’s the role of tara/mcgrath changed and via his pal john mckeague a variety of unionist paramilitary organisations were formed and armed.being short of arms was an issue but in late 1968 early 69 a significant amount of small arms ,ammo,support weapons and bangy things was being distributed.i decided to try to follow the guns back to source.from a variety of accounts and various inquiry/trial documents it became apparent that at least one container load of arms had been procured from armscorp south africa and that these arms were a small part of an armscorp purchase from the israelis of weapons captured in the 1967 war which were parcelled into mixed loads many of which ended up in the hands of assorted terrorists globally.
    being a bit stuck at that stage and wondering where to look next trying to find who might have expedited such a shipment seemed sensible ,one chap was a staunch unionist working for arms corp but it seemed there would need to be at least some level of assistance at diplomatic/spooky level to ensure safe arrival.that is where i found henniker,sipping tea in a garden a few miles from where the guns were loaded onto a boat.he was heading the british council s a and the closest thing britain had to an ambassador in south africa at the time .
    further investigations by myself and various other folk have uncovered quite a lot about henniker,a few choice nuggets include:

    his first wife,osla , a rich canadian heiress and working at bletchley was dating phil the greek when dickie made sure phil went overseas for a while and that she and henniker(one of dickies protoge’s) met leaving phil available for dickie’s plan to create the house of mountbatten windsor in due course.phil seems to have been happy with this arrangement as he is godfather to henniker’s son ,they were all good pals and top level masons with dickie being head until his demise ,phil being his second until he replaced him and henniker being most senior anglo irish master.regarding the anglo irish masons they seem to be an inclusive organisation with everything from posh anglo irish catholics and protestants to firey orange types to republican sympathisers etc etc ,basically anyone with irish connections who is a mason.
    another interesting document that disappeared from the web within 24 hrs of me first finding it was an online book of the history of the anglo irish masons,i was rather taken by the account of an anniversary celebration which put dickie,henniker,blunt,mcgrath,mckeague and several others including a few well known republicans in the same room.

    there is much more on these matters some of which is in the needle arcives under kincora,royal sailor,neave etc etc .the above is an outline of one chain of command that is relevant to context runs via the masonic link from dickie (nato commander and royal schemer) ,through henniker down to mckeaugue’s shankhill butchers and plenty of places sideways to that.

    a small but important aside regarding dickie is imho he would have been in favour of gladio b/clockwork type activities to ensure “order” and establishment interests prevailed but he would have been very much against europe being expendable in a nuclear ww3 and as most explanations of his demise lack internal logic or reliable evidence in their favour the hypothesis that it was an attack on him, rather than on ” a royal brit” for straightforward republican motives, seems plausible and fits some of the apparent facts and the mo of archer team operations.

    as henniker knew both blunt and the rest of the irish crew from before and righton,fraser et al from around or soon after the time of blunt’s mention of an”exciting new project” to robin bryans in 1966 it seems plausible that he was running that project as well as running or overseeing various others that could be considered parts of an overall plan to ensure the “correct”outcome in uk politics and it’s role in geopolitics.

    as i have mentioned before few of the “cogs” (and probably none of the minor, one purpose, “cogs”understand the true nature of things and trying to understand the purposes and mechanics of the whole series of “machines” in the factory from an incomplete and broken set of parts is a complex business.however if one finds a drive shaft with several cogs attached to it,like henniker,it does help quite a bit.
    imho the main controls for many of the “machines” were attached to angleton.

    ramble over for the mo ,hope some of it helps.

  30. Yes. You have told me that Ryder and Henniker probably knew each other from her SOE days.

    The “Old Commander” muslim Georgian prince inmate. He was 85 the first week of Dec 1971. Matron McGill had found out he had a Swedish wife living in USA and told Ryder. That was shortly before the bizarre catholic service converting the tranquillised old commander to Catholicism. Dec 1971

    I suppose to bring back to thread we have established that Suffolk POlice fibbed in 2014 when they said there were no other lines of inquiry re Freud so they dropped inquiry into the historical child abuse complaints.

    Tim Passmore PCC was very well aware that his tory rival for the PCC nomination David Card had socialised in the Walberswick scene in the early 70s and had been given the security warning re (O) IRA asset in 1973.

    Finding out that an IRA asset acquiring information of use to Soviet may have had a blackmail angle on Freud, later Liberal Ireland spokesman, sounds like a line of inquiry to me ?

    To lapse to detail. The OIRA asset had phoned my parents each Wednesday to ask if David would be home from RAF at the weekend available to play rugby. Hence gaining advance knowledge of stand down status of victor tankers at Marham. This was the warning to David to pass to family 1973

    Davids Oman tour was Sept 72 to March 73.

    To know about phone calls weekly about rugger availability the calls must have been earlier seasons than 72 73 ?

    IE MI5 knew at the time David was pos vetted 1972 for the Oman tour and a deliberate decision was taken not to tell him or the family until post tour 1973

    AND the information about the OIRA asset phoning habits was clearly from phone tap which would be at the time 1971 1972 I was rural beat Pc covering Cavendish where Sue Ryder HQ was.

    Devil in detail. I think David was chosen for Oman because MI5 were already clocking the OIRA asset who socialised with David in the Freud scene. I also think my unique posting in police from training college direct to an unsupervised 110 square mile rural beat was similar bait to attract questions from OIRA man.

    In July 1971 I received a letter inviting me to report direct to Home Office without Chief constable knowledge on “Anything that might not otherwise come to light” on that rural beat. I applied for posting to conventional duties and was refused. I ignored the invitation.

    Out of curiousity I kept my ears open and began to wonder wtf home office wanted to know. Difficult because they did not tell me. I picked up Essex over the border Reg Maudling name who had introduced Ireland internment and a mystery name “Pat Carroll” that a sergeant appeared to be on wages to find out anything about

    The only Pat Carroll of interest I can think of was an Australian trades unionist giving Vestey Estates a hard time over exploitation of aborigine ranch hands. Unlikely he would turn up in chilly Suffolk to stir the trades union troubles at the Great Wratting meat factory Sainsbury Vestey.

    I resigned police april 1972. 3 months after refusing to destroy forensics in the Matron McGill death Jan 1972 at Sue Ryder HQ.

    You seem to be a font of useful historical context dpack. I just want to quash the McGill suicide verdict before I tumble off the twig. I took an oath as a constable. Binding unto death. Either it means something or it don’t.

  31. dpack

    the history is indeed interesting ,thinking of history in relation to berthoud,he was in romania just prior to ww2 which means if he was in or at times working with soe in his pursuit of oil for the allies it seems likely he would have had contact with the eastern med group of the earlier part of ww2 which became known as so(m) by 44, and included the balkans and middle east and had a cairo office.
    ryder was soe liason to popski based from cairo.
    in a wider context others of interest in so(m) include henniker , various monday club members (imho the political wing of gladio b uk ) including maclean, amery courtney,(seraph was a means of insertion/extraction for so(m))
    6 were also involved in some joint ops with so(m) and there was also crossover with sas, sbs, lrdg, sig, oss as well as various locals and assorted displaced persons.
    there were quite a few “old friends” with associations to soe eastern med who seem to have run operations, ask or grant favours etc etc , during the cold war, gladio a and b, blunt’s “interesting new project” and a variety of dark deeds to ensure political control in the uk as part of a nato wide strategy of political control to ensure that the nato governments would comply with us policy ( ie the usa winning the cold war by, mostly, confining a ” quick hot war” to europe/ussr ).
    much of the political control aspect of the cold war in western europe post the cuban missile crisis seems to have been instigated by angleton and (at least in part) us/uk liason organised by sporberg although that is only one of several command chains.which brings us back to political life 63 to 90 and adds a bit of more context to freud and various others .

    • Thank you very interesting. There were joint SBS/GLADIO exercises in 1989 and 1990 scorched earth rehearsals to deny channel ports etc to a Soviet bridgehead grab (Exercises Waterland and Margerita)

      On 22.9.89 Mrs Thatcher was in Moscow discussing German re-unification when the Deal Royal Marines Barracks was blown up allegedly by IRA. Killing 11 Royal Marines bandsmen. A surviving band sergeant recalls that there were Special Forces housed in barracks and bands and civilian security (Reliance) had been briefed to leave them alone.

      One of the many unpursued lines of inquiry in the security history of the barracks concerns alleged abuse of 16 year old bands recruits in the 1970s. Two Earls Court pubs (Coleherne and Boltons) and an address in Deal were allegedly involved. This alleged abuse would have been at the time the odd ubiquitous James Shortt gained weekend use of the barracks and became a weekend keyholder.

      The security warnings in 1988 and 1989, ignored by Kent Police, arose from arrests by Kent Police of 21 members of Broadstairs TA for paramilitary collusion. In spite of possession of explosives and unlawful missions to Ulster and Ireland and forged UDR ID cards Kent Plod brought no charges. I now know neither CPS not Attorney General took the decision. THis seemed to be hatched up between Kent Plod and HQ Army Intelligence then at Ashford. Kent Plod conducted inquiry requested by Army Intelligence and one line of that was about Colonel Robert Butler (Airey Neaves former paramilitary recruiter). Why had some members of TA not involved in the paramilitary stuff asked about Butler.

      In 1997 Kent Police Authority called for inquiry and report. Initially this was conducted by ACC Tim O Connor but he was soon stopped. At the time Kent Plod were conducting Lawrence Inquiry. One aspect of the inquiry called by KPA being essentially was did Shortt have a client Charlie Kray at Croydon associate of Clifford Norris and was Shortt’s company the source of moonlight bodyguard work to Det sgt John Davidson. Inquiry suppressed with the Lawrence team knowledge BTW.

      You probably already know about the arrests in Margate 1992 by SERCS of UDA hit men and drugs criminals based in the resort ? The UDA were on trial 1993 for the murder of London supergrass David Norris when Stephen Lawrence was killed. The senior Met UDA trial witnesses became concurrently the Lawrence case murder team. In 1999 Jack Straw took the final decision to suppress the inquiry called in 97n by KPA. Sir Ronnie Flanagan expressed concern to Straw about suppressing paramilitary collusion inquiry in Kent at a time Kent Chief constable was on the Rosemary Nelson case in Ulster. Straw suppressed and Kent Chief constable David Phillips had to pack his bags and be replaced on the Rosemary Nelson case.

      Tentacles ……..


    • Incredibly dpack the history you set out has begun to gel with the little I know of my late father’s wartime in RN in Mediterranean. He was a CPO motor mechanic on minesweepers. But the little he let slip (after questions about his first aid techniques and silent rowing skill) was they landed “Agents” (In occupied ports) and got involved in fire fights against Germans and worked with Italian partisans. I know the one time my brother and I got at his little case we saw a photo of him meeting the pope. He had flashbacks our mum would say were about “Folding bodies to make back packs of them as they couldn’t be left behind”

      Never got any more than that outa him. He was 5 foot six and 15 stones, strong as an ox and looked Italian. Swam like a fish. He had done Commando training in Scotland. mmmmm

      I remember him when headmaster at Royal Hospital School sneered at him “But you were only wartime service RN and you are a factory worker”. And dad said “I like to think I was there when they needed me now step to one side with me” Dad spoke quietly and the head teacher became very humble in an instant.

      • dpack

        your history report also gels with some of my studies,it seems we have taken different paths but have passed through some of the same places.i find that quite significant.

  32. Today I received an email from Attorney General office and I share part of my reply

    Dear Sayma Khatun

    It would be helpful to go through this.

    You should have a case file beginning with correspondence between Sir John Stradling Thomas MP circa 1991 and Patrick Mayhew

    Sir John wrote to Earl Ferrers Police Minister and to AG Patrick Mayhew,

    There may be further correspondence from Sir John prior to his death at his Dolphin Square Home.

    My understanding is that Sir John was planning to ask for parliamentary ombudsman inquiry re handling of his letters to Attorney General and/or to Earl Ferrers.

    Then you should have correspondence, treated as a Section 13 application, from Roger Evans MP Monmouth a barrister.

    As I understand it Rogers secretary at Monmouth became aware of a mail intercept. For example Dictaphone tapes Roger sent from Westminster for typing at the Monmouth office would arrive with the McGill Decd case correspondence selectively wiped off.

    Roger never told me this. His secretary did.

    You should then have my 1995 affidavit and sworn exhibit report and subsequent correspondence.

    If you could confirm what file you have that would be much appreciated

  33. Sabre

    …. and the music played on.

    • dpack

      the rather interesting fugue developing in this thread is perhaps an arrangement of the simple tune that the msm is playing regarding freud.

      • In the fugue I hope the history is informative. There was a flagged IRA asset in the Freud scene at Walberswick. I doubt Freud ever got a security warning.

        My guess is that MI5 worked to the idea “Questions are more informative than answers” and fed various dupe baits into the circles of the spy. Thus providing him folks he would ask questions.

        I am confident the spooks had the IRA asset phone tapped.

        Whereas I am happy to say I think I was such dupe bait my older brother (who unwittingly socialised with the IRA man in the Walberswick scene where there were apparently neglected but needy older women to romance) would be very angry at the suggestion his advancement was other than on merit. Operations controller RAF Oman war 1972 1973. A duty for which he was positive vetted a second time in 1972 … a pos vet that never gave him the IRA asset warning. He only got the warning after his Oman tour was over in 73 when he was second on Iraqi death list. (He was disappointed he wasn’t first) He had some ex RN or ex SBS armed guard who was something of an alcie and the rugger lads would take his gun off him to prevent accidents. I suspect they didn’t tell this chap about the IRA asset as in the drunken fervour of alcohol and patriotism he may have shot the said asset and really p-ssed off MI5.

  34. BarrieJ

    If these appalling allegations are true, then I’d expect there to be other victims. I can all to readily understand the reluctance of individuals to come forward and accuse high profile politicians or public figures.
    Easy to throw a few aging DJs and pop celebrities to the media wolves and it proves a useful distraction.
    I was interested to read Freud’s widow immediately offer her sympathy to those he’s alleged to have abused and did not take the opportunity to rebut any accusations as we might have expected and have seen all too often before. Without wishing to accuse anybody in the family I’d be surprised if no one had any inking of his behaviour.
    Paranoia of the ‘enemy within’ during the Thatcher years meant that even middle managers in the BBC underwent security checks, it’s unthinkable that people closely linked with the Prime Minister and the royal family would have escaped scrutiny.
    The behaviour of these people was known, yet they were allowed to continue.
    Who knew and why did they do nothing?

  35. dpack

    his work as a liason officer at nuremberg might well have brought him into contact with a variety of persons of whom some are relevant to context.

    • North Down

      Hi dpack, can you elaborate on the Nuremburg reference?

      • I assume DPack means Airey Neave.

      • When you ask about Nuremberg you ask about a very sensitive period of history.

        In 1944 Harry Sporborg of SOE had created the plan for the postwar creation of GLADIO. He went on postwar to head Hambros Bank and found the Sue Ryder charity with ex MI9 Airey Neave.

        Sir Charles Hambro had been on the Tube Alloys project (Nuclear bomb development) and Leonard Cheshire, in spite of his betrayals of bombing streams by forbidden IFF radar transmissions over occupied Europe. was seconded to Manhattan project.

        After the war a penniless MI5 interpreter found himself the beneficiary of MI6 approved Hambros money to buy a publishing house. Pergamon. Then Pergamon bought out Butterworth Technical and acquired their contract to collate records of the Nazi nuclear development programme.

        Leonard Cheshire had been medically discharged the RAF as mad. But that was soon forgiven when USA Carnegie money funded the construction of a purpose built care home at Le Court. That and a drop of catholic input and the living saint was born. Just the very fellow to make the argument to the public that what postwar austerity UK needed was an independent nuclear deterrent.

        How many useful Nazis were brought in ? But before you could blink an eye Airey Neave became tory MP in Abingdon the constituency which was home to atomic research. And he became chair of science and technology select cttee. Intelligence School 9 reserve SAS etc and confident he was the very fellow to address (O)IRA and Soviet industrial sabotage capability and to defy the dastardly reds under beds infiltration of trades unions.

        The only case of suspected sabotage of which I am aware actually had a Special Branch suspect …. Plessey torpedoes … the suspect was GLADIO. not reds under beds but Nazis in a secret NATO funded militia.

        Although Enoch Powell had imaginative theories about the killing of Neave, I sort of suspect the main danger he represented was if he looked in the mirror one day and sussed how stupid he was. Then appointed someone competent. Which would not be William MacPherson former CO reserve SAS at the time Gardaí provided Whitehall a copy of avowedly Marxist IRA Garland terrorist plan 1962. Better known as the old duffer judge who ran the dogs dinner Stephen Lawrence Inquiry.

        Spare a thought for a double cunning sod Prince Anton Turkul who planted soviet assets in the Vatican ratlines and the descriptor “Cock up” is justified.

        As Monty’s aide in WW2 mayhap Freud was aware Monty did not trust various folks like the Dutch Royal Family and Ike’s 2 IC to become privy to the Operation Market Garden plan.

        Then as a Nuremberg team man what else did Freud know ?

        His old pals Sporborg and Neave up to their necks steering Thatcher to power and running the psyops unit (Colin Wallace and Fred Holroyd) enough to outrage a Liberal Northern Ireland spokesman. Who was that ? Clement Freud.

        I don’t know if that potted history is helpful ? But Freud was of interest to Soviet years before he became an MP.

      • dpack

        airey was one who sprang to mind but among the various staff groups at nuremberg,the other trials and in the wider scope of the general “tidy up” at the end of ww2 there were quite a few who had spooky pasts and/or went on to spooky futures among the british,american and i assume russians involved in every stage of the process from location/identification,interrogation/assessment,creating prosecution cases(and in some instances in arranging for useful axis evaders/prisoners to avoid prosecutions and their relocation west or east or their use in occupied territory ).
        some quite junior staff of that era went on to be very senior staff in spooking,politics,business,academia,law,media etc etc in later years.
        it seems safe to assume that any staff involved in such matters as nuremberg and the “tidy up” would have been vetted by their own (and perhaps other) security services to some extent at the time and it seems almost certain that there was opportunity for them to get to know other staff members either directly through their job or more informally in a social setting.
        both of those aspects provide ample opportunity to notice strengths and weaknesses of other staff members in what must have been a fairly small and intense community.

        there are multiple, often inter-related, aspects and personnel of ww2 and it’s immediate aftermath that are relevant to the context of and the details within the spookier side of political life as well as in relation to more general spookery and geopolitics during the cold war era .

  36. Aardvark

    Another protected and honoured, so called ‘National Treasure’, who was constantly in the public’s eyes and ears thanks to the paedophile promoting and protecting BBC, (it would seem that the powers at the BBC are having a laugh at the public’s expense, after all that dodgey, statue of the man and boy by the incestuous child abuser, Erik Gill, was commissioned by the powers at the BBC and still remains on the BBC building).

    A question for dpack, the Liberal Party have had many abusers in their midsts, including rumours about two of it’s former leaders, one of whom lived at Dolphin Square. If the Liberals were seen as unelectable, why were so many, protected, by those in power and allowed, like abusers from other parties to evade justice, is it about corrupting and swinging the voting system, within both the Houses?

    • dpack

      my instinct is that any party that has a disproportionate effect on legislation as it effectively has the casting vote when surrounded by two opposed but roughly matched parties will attract a disproportionate amount of interest from those who wish to ensure the “correct” vote therefore having the onside, insiders and assets in such a party is perhaps a priority.
      if either of the main parties has a clear majority more emphasis would be put on having onsiders, insiders and assets in the cabinet in order to ensure the correct legislation or vote is proposed and that the whips are requested to ask for the correct vote and the vote of a small party is irrelevant.

      in either situation the more onsiders,insiders and assets one has the more control one can exert therefore any who wish to influence policy would strive to have as much influence as possible in all parties but in a small party a disproportionate amount of control gives a distinct advantage

  37. dpack

    leaving aside the portugal issues and assuming that the allegations against him are correct when he became an mp in 1973 he will have been vetted by the security services and studied by the whip’s.
    this begs the question did they detect his inclinations and offending or not ?

    bearing in mind that the liberals and other “centre” parties sometimes hold the balance of power in westminster and that they do seem to have had a disproportionate number of spooky types and potential/probable assets among their parliamentary teams i wonder if his political record will, by a process of cui bono in context applied to his votes and speeches etc,etc indicate if he was rumbled during his political career?his associations within and outside the party may also be of interest.

    he will also have been vetted by the security services within the bbc and bbc human resources in regard to his regular slots on the radio/telly.did they spot his offending ?
    the bbc interest was more in scandal limitation ,excluding closet commies etc,etc rather than prevention of harm or lamplighting although any “interesting” information might well have been brought to the attention of the security services or other spooks with their own agenda.

    it may be the allegations are not true but what has been reported seems plausible.
    it may be he was not rumbled as a csa offender by the security services,bbc or whips which would raise issues of diligence but if he was rumbled that raises other issues.

    • Freud was almost certainly known to MI5 before he became an MP as there was a man who socialised in Freuds Walberswick scene who was flagged as an undischarged bankrupt asset of (O)IRA in Suffolk acquiring information of use to the Soviet. The earliest warning about this man I know of was about 1969/70 to an RAF Polish Warrant Officer seconded from Wattisham to Cyprus. Told that the asset was targeting his 19 year old daughter in Suffolk asking questions about the nature of the Cyprus secondment.

      • The “IRA asset” was also interested in Cobra Mist, RAF Wattisham, RAF Marham and RN nuclear submariners (when they would be available on leave to play rugby hence knowing when the submarines were docked)

        And interesting to me he was interested in the activity at the Sue Ryder HQ at Cavendish. This seems likely to be about the German release scheme 1971 run by Sue Ryder and her charity founding trustee Airey Neave. Releasing 1200 men from purported German postwar internment.

        After the Horst Kopkow PRO release “Impeccable Intelligence sources” were said to have briefed specialist journalists that the Sue Ryder administered German internment and the release schemes were part of the Vatican ratlines for escaping Nazi war criminals.

        The idea was floated of dropping Leonard Cheshire’s name from that charity title (Sue Ryder’s husband) and some suggestion existed of re examining Airey Neaves miracle escape from Colditz. My view is that Leonard Cheshire’s wartime career is still off limits for re-examination and it will not be critically examined until Bletchley Park traffic analysis methods is public domain.

        Sue Ryder allegedly made an as yet unpubllshed statement to Observer detailing her own postwar role under charity cover sending useful Nazis to UK guised as refugees.

        IF Neave (Like Leonard Cheshire part educated in 1930s Germany) was screening out useful Nazis to excuse them Nuremberg trial the picture would begin to gel. A picture which would also paint Clement Freud ?

        In 1972 Michael O’Halloran MP Islington was “Put up to” (IE By Shadow minister Barbara Castle) asking a Commons question about deaths of disabled children in care at the Beeches Ixworth Suffolk. A village adjoining the now notorious Henniker estate. These deaths occurred 1966 to 1972 and no one knows how many. The children were in Hackney and Islington care. Mrs Castle asked her own Commons question about poor care standards and deaths at Sue Ryder HQ Cavendish Suffolk. Minister Sir Keith Joseph refused care inquiries in both West Suffolk care matters. Beeches and Sue Ryder.

        When 3 years later Mrs Castle (Of the Islington labour mafia) became DHSS minister did she put this right ? No. She appointed Islington Labour Cllr Jack Straw as her ministerial advisor. He then nicked Norman Scott’s DHSS records to help Harold Wilson bring down Jeremy Thorpe the liberal leader. Freud who shared a Commons Office with Cyril Smith stayed loyal to Thorpe.

        Mrs Castle claimed that in spite of being the meticulous diarist she had “Lost” her Sue Ryder case file. Hence she lost the file at about the time we now know that Savile was abusing at Sue Ryder child hospice Leeds.

        There is reason to suspect a connection between the 1972 deaths at the Sue Ryder HQ (4 deaths) and the six year history of child deaths at the Beeches ten miles away. A former Bishop of Durham (wishing to remain anon) sent information via Christs Cambridge which advised that investigators should look at an alumnus bishop. Which can only be Mervyn Stockwood Bishop of Southwark.

        Dame Janet Smith, the lil rascal. learned the above facts during the stage of Shipman Inquiry which examined loopholes in death registration system. She learned about the Special Branch role protecting Airey Neave’s charity Sue Ryder Homes from proper police inquiry. But she did not declare this prior knowledge to the BBC when conducting their Savile review. IE That Savile had abused at a charity already subject of MI5.Special Branch liaison protection from inquiry.

        The BBC Trust seem to think that is OK.

      • dpack

        thanks for that mr card ,i wonder if freud was “known to” or “reporting to”?perhaps both.

        the second set of observations are also very interesting.
        the ryder/vatican ratlines thing would probably have put her into contact with jj angleton/oss as he was very active in italy at that time which is before her link to him via h n sporberg a little later.
        sporberg was financial trustee of the srt, senior in soe/mi6 scandinavia in ww2/early cold war period along with hambro [very powerful banker (including banker to srt and other spooky crew) and multifaceted spook] .
        sporberg was a very spooky chap who was working with angelton/cia during the gladio a and b period and the rise of the monday club/thatcher.

        the question of when and how does freud fit into the context is starting to seem quite relevant,it seems plausible that he was more than an easily controlled asset .i wonder if he appears in the courtney>dickens>mann papers?

        ps regarding the second set of observations henniker got a mention do you have any idea if philby’s visit to jordan just before he left for moscow was a. to see henniker?(which seems plausible) and b. to plead for a return to the fold in some way or for a final briefing as a triple?
        i spose there are several other possible reasons for that meeting(which i cant prove happened but it seems very likely it did) but they seem too wild to deserve much thought unless further data suggests they should get more attention.
        afaik philby and courtney(hms seraph) were involved with some of ryder’s work during and post ww2.

      • Thank you dpack.

        I will try to set out some of my concerns. On Dec 9th 1971 volunteer Matron Mary McGill, a New Zealand quaker retired nurse, wrote to a friend at Croydon. She described the bizarre activity of Ryder and Cheshire in arranging a catholic service over an inmate. An 85 year old Georgian prince muslim who had served WW1 era in Russian Navy. Known as the “Old Commander”. While tranquillised the old commander was converted to Catholicism. Ryder issued a memo that the old commander was to be buried as a catholic when he died.

        On Dec 10th 1971 Mary McGill sent a postcard home to New Zealand to expect her home sooner than planned. She wanted out of the Sue Ryder HQ. In early January 1972 a Polish Navy Commander was registered dead at the Sue Ryder HQ in a Polish name. On 22nd Jan 1972 Matron McGill was reported drown in the Sue Ryder HQ lake.

        In 1971 1972 I now know Welsh Regional Crime Squad initiated inquiry into the registration into UK of an influx of Polish careworkers RCS started inquiry at Llanhennock Cheshire Home. The det sgt in charge extended inquiry to look at GP death registrations and possible identity thefts of UK identities. That was when Special Branch threatened RCS to drop inquiry.

        The det sgt defied them and copped a suicide verdict. His Dc colleague quit police a few years later to join security at Plessey naval systems Newport. That is where I met him in 1989 and thus put the Gwent information into the Matron McGill case information. Sir John Stradling Thomas MP wrote to Patrick Mayhew attorney general and Earl Ferrers (whose ancestral seat was a Cheshire Home !) police minister. 19991 IIRC Their replies made Sir John suspicious that his letters had been edited before the law officer and home office minister got them. But before he could raise parliamentary ombudsman inquiry he died at his Dolphin Square Home.

        In 1992 the ex RCS Dc suffered threats to his job, threats to his sons position as a probationary constable South Wales Police, threats to his wife and a document burglary. The Gwent Special Branch DI associated with the threats would come to a sticky and sudden career end when stopped for kerb crawling in neighbouring police area South Wales at Bute Town Cardiff. A matter Gwent then South Wales Chief constable Anthony Burden seems to have kept out of the Lynette White murder inquiry as questions arose after conviction quash of the Cardiff 3.

        I will have to google your information. Sounds interesting.

      • I should add that during a suitably obscure part of his CV Leonard Cheshires aide at the Sue Ryder HQ early 70s was Richard D North later known for his Institute of Economic Affairs activity

      • dpack

        The head of Sue Ryder Support Group took over the Matron McGill Decd cover up in 1972. Ex SOE MI6 Anglo Iranian Oil/BP Foreign office Sir Eric Berthoud.

        As you will know he worked with another Suffolk extremist catholic. The anti semite Hitler admiring Ipswich millionaire Labour MP Richard Rapier Stokes. He who settled the whole Galician SS div in UK postwar. As Lord Privy Seal he worked with Berthoud and CIA to overthrow Mossadeq in

    • The information re Beeches child deaths and Sue Ryder deaths from a former Bishop of Durham. Pointed to possible common lines of inquiry Mervyn Stockwood and Katherine Low Settlement.

      I wonder if he meant Saint Katherines which I think might tie to Stockwoods biographer and a youth club at a different settlement movement charity. I don’t know which of the settlement movement charities Ryder got involved with when she was a pupil pre war at Benenden.

  38. Peter B

    Perhaps now the Police will investigate if Gordan Browns brother and Clement Freud had anything to do with the disappearance/ murder of Madeline McCann?

  39. OMG how devastating for the McCann Family no smoke with out fire do these people think they are untouchable because they have a title or high up in Goverment these scums destroy life’s.

  40. Anon

    When are they going to a catch a live one ?

  41. chrisb

    When was the journey mentioned by Des Wilson? Journeys to Cambridgeshire took a lot longer before electrification of the railway line.

  42. chrisb

    The first question to ask is ‘who knew about Freud’? His son Matthew is a close friend of Cameron.

    As the Telegraph points out, Freud had a villa close to where Madeleine McCann went missing. Does this explain why there has been so much political support for the search for Madeleine and so much taxpayers’ money spent? Perhaps we should even be asking whether there are people in authority, who know what happened to Madeleine and who have allowed the search to continue knowing that it would be fruitless.

  43. Old news that I published on Twitter before I was removed lately. Can we now explore Freud’s connection to Maddie McCann?

  44. I have lived in Praia da Luz for 20 years and I never knew that Clement Freud had a home here! I am a very social person and dine out with friends regularly but have never spotted him.

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