The Truth About #Brexit


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  1. artmanjosephgrech

    Nothing has changed my view that the decision of David Cameron to hold the referendum as a means of holding the Tory Party together and to keep his position as its leader and therefore the Prime Minister, will go down in political history as the biggest blunder since the decision of the then government to invade Egypt with France in 1956. The situation has not been helped by the equally bad decision of the Labour Party to support a referendum from fear of alienating the right wing racists and little Englanders that reflect a significant chunk if those voting for them in General and local elections as is the situation on the right of the Tory party. I say this because it will now not be possible for the Labour Party to challenge and mount if possible a legal to challenge the decision which I still predict will be a significant margin to leave by between 5% and 10%. The decision could have been different had Cameron agreed to include 16 and 17 year olds in the vote and if had not made staying in such a personal crusade which means a lot people will vote leave just to be rid of him.

  2. Tom Austin

    Woooh! Scary: All this insistence upon everybody else being scary.
    As if being stuck with the likes of Johnston, the Smith twins;Ian & Duncan, Gove and Farage – not to mention Dave too, is not scary enough.
    A leaflet came through my door today, not addressed to me – they know better.
    It says across the front:
    And it states that we miss out on a brand new hospital (costing £350 mil) each and every week. I make that 52 hospitals every year – sooner or later we could have one apiece.
    And that the whole world is keen to join the EU.

    Then it repeats everything – with less detail and more ‘wooooh!’ scary stuff.
    Lastly, it says – and I quote; There are risks in voting either way….People have to weigh up the risks…

    No mention is actually made of any of the (real) risks of voting Leave.

    And yet, this leaflet speaks volumes about those very real risks and the disastrous consequences for us all should the voters of the UK vote to leave. And those real risks are that we will be left in the hands of, and at the mercy of, liars like those named above and those behind the scenes that publish half a story only – the half that says nothing about themselves.
    -The leaflet came from; ‘VOTE LEAVE’

    P.S. My use of CRAYON reflects, entirely, the use made of it by this bunch of liars.

    • Sabre

      The point is that the money wasted is equivalent to the cost of providing a new hospital a week, no one has suggested providing a hospital a week we don’t need a hospital a week.

      You assert that they are liars, the implication therefore is that you are cognizant of the ‘truth’, pray enlighten us.

      • Tom Austin

        The truth is that we do not waste money by paying our dues to the EU.
        Like any club, the money accumulated is spent for the benefit of all members. If your local (this or that) club bought new chairs for the lounge would you tearfully complain that you could not sit on them all at the same time?
        Or perhaps you may feel a little miffed that members you don’t particularly like have the same right as you to sit on these same chairs?
        Do you intend to offer anything: Pray?

      • Sabre

        A club of 28 to with 2 net contributors.
        A club that the Government joins on our behalf before asking us if we agree.
        The initial referendum seeking our agreement to the fait accompli later turns out to have been subject to a propaganda campaign by a government agency in the shadows.

        A club that humiliates and beggars our poor Greek brothers, constant austerity and anti democratic interference in their affairs before granting yet another interest bearing loan in order to pay off the last loan. The result the banks in turn clear their liabilities while Greece suffers a yet larger loan to service.

        A club that understandably permits free movement of member nationals, but then includes non member nationals. Only the mentally deficient fail to see that the whole point is to flood supplies of labour thereby driving its price down. The global corporations win the workers lose. A trade agreement between members? Asian countries allowed to ‘dump’ textiles on our markets. Asians used to come to the UK to undercut northern textile workers, ironically they are now undercut by the children in their own countries working 16hrs a day in unsafe countries their product dumped on our markets.

        You carry on with your simplistic allusions to clubs and chairs if you must.

      • artmanjosephgrech

        Given that 99.9% of those saying they will vote leave but as yet an unpredictable number of those polling remain will vote leave in secret ballot only a dramatic decision by don’t knows to vote and to vote to remain can change the result now.

      • According to the ORB Poll for the Independent.

        “Differential turnout could prove crucial. ORB found that 78 per cent of Leave supporters say they will definitely vote – describing themselves as a “10” on a scale of 0-10, while only 66 per cent of Remain supporters say the same.”

      • Tom Austin

        Good morning – it’s nice out, as Eric and Ernie used to say.
        Two net contributors to the EU;the same two that brought economic disaster down upon us all.
        The UK with the US did most, the UK and Germany did for the Greeks.
        There is no ‘magic money’. Every accumulator of wealth gets their wealth from somewhere.
        If only it happened within our own UK economy. That those same accumulators paid something back to the general population – to keep the pot boiling, but no.
        This is why we elect Tories. So many people identify with their ethos:”What’s mine is mine, what’s yours will be mine soon enough.”
        This same ethos is now driving Brexit.
        “Our Greek brothers.” Writes ‘Sabre’. With brothers the likes of that…
        Yes. Yes. Yes. We (all) are in a bad place, and who could blame anybody for wishing the worst upon those who dragged us here, but it wasn’t the EU and it wasn’t our Greek brothers either.
        A vote for Brexit though, how can that be anything else but a confirmation that we are well and truly whipped – “Uncle”, the leavers cry. “We yield!”
        And, “Sorry my Greek brethren – an ‘international brigade’ is on it’s way to rescue…you from the Fascists/ you from the leftists. (nobody’s yet sure which)
        On the bright side – for a moment. Somebody will have something positive to say – soon. Perhaps when you all get your breath back, after all this running away.

        Yes – [I’m getting to like that word.] Yes, the Polls are ‘up’, some voters even go as far as to ‘predict’ that everybody shall ‘get it’ once they are in the booth.
        Again, yes. It is likely that people will get it – sooner rather than later, its to be hoped.
        People will realize that ‘negativity’ is for bairns;that there’s no way forward by always going back.
        The penny is sure to drop: Things will only get worse by voting to Leave the EU – the best the Brexiteers have to say is that its sure to improve somewhere along the line – the breadline.

        There will be a majority FOR Remain, few that make it so will do it wholeheartedly, begrudgingly even – but its the only positive thing to do.
        ‘could mark a renaissance’?
        Aye, when you by bacon because it has fewer air-miles on its clock.

        Och!! There I go again, being human. Sorry about that.

        I’m off later today to hear more from your ‘leaders’ – J Rees-Mogg and Peter Whittle.
        Until the next time…

      • The biggest difference between Brexiteers and Remainers are there definitions of Democracy.

        Remainers want leaders to tell them what to think, Brexiters only want to elect representatives.

      • Tom Austin

        Too little too late ‘gojam’.
        I’ve already spilled the beans on how this is bound to go.
        Those who have little now will have a lot less through Brexit.
        In terms of Democracy as well as cash.
        And by the way.
        Those who are ‘big’ on Representative Democracy. What business then do you have in deciding this through a referendum – that’s Direct Democracy, not representative democracy.
        Where are you leaders, your much vaunted ‘representatives’?

      • artmanjosephgrech

        The intervention overnight of three former Tory Chancellors of the Exchequer id a significant change in the ball game as they say and ends Cameron and George unless they can get a substantial win in the referendum which appears increasingly unlikely

  3. Let’s hope you are right on all counts. Brexit could mark the beginning of a UK renaissance and all those political trends, parties and sects that have so far set themselves against it will find they have condemned themselves to splendid isolation.

  4. joekano76

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