Dr Morris Fraser: The Paedophile Doctor

Chris Moore investigates why child psychiatrist Dr Morris Fraser, a convicted paedophile, was not struck off by the General Medical Council.


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  2. martin

    Ian Bell the person that was co-accused with Dr Morris Fraser profile http://www.checkcompany.co.uk/director/4452532/IAN-BELL and http://www.aioa.org.uk/advisers/members/ianB.htm and http://www.freemasonrytoday.com/ugle-sgc/supreme-grand-chapter/speeches/a-talk-by-ian-bell-on-the-recent-refurbishment-of-the-grand-temple-s-organ Ian Bell and Geoffrey Roger Mitchell have lived together from 1965 to 2016 both in London ( The abuse took place ) and in Woodford in Essex from 1983 to 2016 approx

  3. martin

    In 1971 Dr Morris Fraser at Bow Street Mag Court plead guilty of abusing a boy from Northern Ireland at 6 Augustine Mansions on Bloomberg Street in London ( This address was owned by Geoffrey Roger Mitchell ) during the the 1971 court trial Dr Morris Fraser was given a conditional discharge with 3 years and 7 days not to repeat the same offence again at the hearing Dr Morris Fraser co-accused was a Mr Ian Bell who plead not guilty and his trial was sent to Crown Court ( not sure what happened concerning verdict ) but from 1983 Geoffrey Roger Mitchell as been living with Dr Morris Fraser co-accused Mr Ian Bell in Woodford , Essex.

    Mr Geoffrey Roger Mitchell also as done work with Alan John Doggett who was member of P.I.E likewise Dr Morris Fraser was and Alan John Doggett was linked to child abuse at St Paul’s School in Barnes, London.

    Mr Geoffrey Roger Mitchell also worked with the former British Prime Minister Edward Heath at The Royal Albert Hall.

    So we have Dr Morris Fraser – Mr Ian Bell both suspects in child abuse living with Geoffrey Roger Mitchell which suggests to me that Mitchell might have knowledge of child abuse or child abusers as this person is mixed up with known sex offenders back in the 70s and 80s

  4. dpack

    well done mr moore ,a well researched and well presented study of some detailed aspects of the fraser story.

    in isolation the fraser story is disturbing and at times seems rather odd particularly in relation to how he was protected from the consequences of his behaviour particularly in relation to his lenient treatment by the gmc and the courts in both the uk and usa and subsequent to his various convictions his continued involvement with children such as through the azimuth trust.

    if one places fraser in context by observing some of his connections and the context of those connections perhaps a reasonably hypothesis to explain the oddness of his story can be constructed .

    firstly within the northern irish context of the troubles some basic themes demonstrated by recent news reports seem appropriate to consider


    as do the various issues that have been discussed at the needleblog (see the kincora themes and related matters including fraser’s own entries) and much that has been reported elsewhere.

    next fraser’s connection to righton who appears in many micro contexts including pie,azimuth,residential child”care” and righton’s protection by henniker which seems very significant to overall context.
    it should be noted that among his many activities and links henniker was a trustee of the azimuth trust as well as becoming the senior anglo irish mason under dickie’s(and then phil’s) overall seniority which puts him in the context of mcgrath,mckeague,blunt and others in the irish context.(more of blunt later).
    henniker’s links to the monday club/soe crew, a variety of assorted spooks and many other powerful people both domestic and international help form part of a broader context.
    henniker is a huge subject and his place in overall context should be explored at length.

    fraser’s activities in the usa may be of more significance than the data that has so far emerged seems to indicate.

    the above is a very brief outline of part of fraser’s context and the broader context his fits within,it is difficult to demonstrate the multiple interlinked worm cans that fraser fits within in a few words but my conclusion about him is that he seems to have multiple functionary roles within the context of what blunt described as an “exciting new project” in 1966 (it should be noted blunt was officially rumbled as a kgb asset in 1963 but he was still actively spooking for uk masters in 66) as reported by robin bryans on after dark as being “something the public does not yet know about”.
    considering that 1966 was only a year before the change in the law that meant it would be difficult to control gay men as assets by blackmail/reward therefore it seems highly plausible that an operation was created to find suitable assets to replace them and that suitable assets could be found within and by creating a variety of csa offender groups as well as by identifying and protecting/running suitable individual targets as they emerged.
    these assets could then be used in a variety of ways by whichever factions/operations were given control of them including those concerned with local and national politics,media,subversion and counter-subversion etc etc .
    using this hypothisis i would put fraser’s primary roles as researcher/lamplighter but he seems to have had a variety of functionary roles ranging from media relations to charity trustee to useful doctor and possibly research psychiatrist to assist in targeting/bait preparation and those roles provide explanation of the leniency/protection/freedom to offend he seems to have been granted on many occasions that simple ones such as “times were different” ,”his brothers protected him in his distress” ,avoiding scandal etc etc do not seem to.