Little Swing

The Friday Night Song


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  1. dpack

    the belfast telegraph seem to be be reporting proceedings

    i found the mention of a police officer in uniform interesting considering semple was related a senior police officer.

  2. dpack

    this from the grauniad seems to set the scene and tone for the damage limitation operation at the hai ni and re-mentions that goddard does not have kincora and related matters within her brief.

  3. Peter Nowlan

    to TAZDEVIL Proof postive that the pedophilles are international. Read up on what was going on in the rock entertainment industry .raped by a well known star at the age of 11 a rising star suicided at the age of 20.Check in Google.
    Yours Peter

  4. dpack

    tucked away and afaik only the bbc ni have noted it among the msm

    unsurprisingly the appeal court decided that the hai should only look at what is within their (rather limiting) brief and should not/cannot not delve into even darker corners which leaves only the goddard group of inquiries as the “official” option to expose the picture formed by the joined up dots.
    if goddard will be following on the heels of the macur (and various other “official” inquiries it may be that those dark corners and the picture they form when seen together will require illumination by other means.

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