Anyone wishing to make an informed choice when they walk into the ballot booth on the 23rd June should take the time to watch this film.


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  1. artmanjosephgrech

    David Cameron personally, followed by the Conservative party and later by the Labour party have made the greatest political blunder of the last 100 years by the decision to hold a referendum believing that public voting opinion could be controlled on the issue. The underlying belief is that facts about the balance between Europeans working here and UK nationals working, retiring or hiding themselves and their money overseas, or young people holidaying in Europe somehow changes the mentality of a people who are an Ireland and who ruled two thirds of the world until the second World War. It was only with the succession of Queen Liz 2 that Emperor was change to the Queen in the loyal toast at social functions.. I hope I am wrong but the more facts, political rationality, the more the focus of attention the Brexcit people will turn out in force while the rest will the majority will abstain to voter against the political establishment to give Dave a message. Jeremy Cobnyn has been wise to hold back and quietly prepared for an even more right wing government than we have now. Colin Smart

    • Tom Austin

      Ah Colin…
      Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely – and the determination to become thus corrupted knows no bounds, and hence we have this nonsense referendum.
      You do have a handle-on the character of ukippery though – one most often portrayed on the big-screen by Vincent Price. Completely deluded.
      No doubt; my mentioning that there were far more people alive when we joined the EEC, and voted in the previous referendum, that knew more keenly these imperial impulses, would simply lead many to proclaim that these people were lied to.
      Those presumed objectors would be wrong though, just the same. Those ‘dupes’ could “tow, row, row, row” gustily indeed, but alas they knew more keenly yet what horrors may bloom from the seeds of discord. How many are left to us that learned of the Atom Bomb by way of newspaper reports?
      Over and above this there are three more points for us all to consider:
      -The petty-patriots of today are but shadows of those who have ‘simply faded away’.
      -The Politicians of today are liars also, still and yet again.
      -Our population may be ageing, but the young cannot be ignored – nor should they. Their future lies broad-and-long before them, and their tomorrows are countless. We that have less of that burden of dawns to come should not wish them back into a fondly remembered, but beastly and squalid, past.
      Vote Remain.

  2. Tom Austin

    More ‘ill-inform’ than I’ll inform.
    And just to keep things ‘light’: I could quibble with the choice not to use the usual spelling of ‘fool’ too.
    At least this way you can tell which way I will be voting.