Press Release From Colin Wallace Regarding Abuse Inquiries And Kincora


Richard Kerr and Colin Wallace

The press release states that Colin will not be participating in the HIA (Hart Abuse Inquiry for Northern Ireland)
Talking to Richard Kerr this morning, he informed me that he also would not participate in the HIA. “I feel that the Hart Inquiry could only get to part of the  truth about Kincora and the security services, just like every Kincora inquiry over the last 30 years… I want the whole truth to come out, not just part of the truth – anything less would be a betrayal of those boys that lost their lives and the Goddard Inquiry is the only way to get to that truth… There are other witnesses who live in Northern Ireland who don’t feel they can talk to Hart but would talk to Goddard and others with information related to Kincora who live in England which the Northern Ireland Inquiry wouldn’t listen to.”
I’m told by other informed sources that Colin Wallace and Richard Kerr are not the only ‘key figures’ with evidence relating to the Kincora abuse scandal who will not now participate in the HIA.
The Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry – Statement by Colin Wallace
9 April 2016
“The High Court Judgement will have come as a bitter blow to a great many people, not least of all to the victims of abuse at Kincora and at other homes in Northern  Ireland.
The harsh reality is that the Government has seen fit to provide the HIA with significantly less powers than the Goddard Inquiry, yet it has provided no cogent reason for why this difference is necessary. That appears to me to me to be manifestly unfair. This discrepancy is all the more significant bearing in mind the total failure of previous Inquiries to uncover the full facts.
I have no doubt whatsoever that the members of the HIA are totally committed to establishing the truth about what occurred in Kincora, but I do not believe that this can be achieved without the same legal powers as the Goddard Inquiry. Commitment by itself does not provide answers.
I fully accept that most of the really sensitive Intelligence information about Kincora and related matters will have been destroyed years ago, but that should not preclude the HIA from having the powers to compel disclosure, or the attendance of witnesses. As I know from bitter personal experience, expecting Whitehall simply to volunteer ‘sensitive’ information is totally pointless. Also, having been involved in the Saville Inquiry into ‘Bloody Sunday’ I am very conscious that the Government’s approach to that Inquiry was strikingly different – even the former Prime Minister, Edward Heath, was required to attend, give evidence and be cross examined.
In addition, the growing amount of evidence – including new revelations about Dr Morris Fraser – which shows strong links between child abuse in Ireland and England, makes the current separation of the two Inquiries a bureaucratic nonsense. Is the sexual abuse of children in London really more significant than the sexual abuse of children in Northern Ireland?
Sadly, in the current circumstances, I feel that no useful purpose would be served by my participation in the HIA. However, I am sure that other members of the Security Forces, including the Intelligence Services, who have knowledge of child abuse in Northern Ireland during the relevant period will make up their own minds about whether or not they should participate in the Inquiry.”


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13 responses to “Press Release From Colin Wallace Regarding Abuse Inquiries And Kincora

  1. James richard miller

    After having given my evidence to the HIA enquiry i was struck by the fact that only 9 witness statements are available. Really? 534 boys resided at the infamous Kincora. Why was there only 9 contacted. . .? Surely there must be a lot more. Or perhaps they are too embarrassing for the establishment? Perhaps many predators are still around and in positions of highoffice? For the record my evidence enabled William Mcgrath to receive 2 of his 4 year custodialsentence/ holiday. So i do know what i am talking about. Jr miller.

  2. James Miller.

    The difference here is that I DO intend to give evidence. Provided of course that I am permitted to. It might be 38 years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. Truth needs to be revealed finally.

  3. James Miller.

    All the truth needs to come out. I know. I was there. Think of your worst nightmare then think kincora was worse.

  4. dpack

    “But don’t hold your breath. Peace in the Middle East might be a better bet.”

  5. dpack

    perhaps it would be a good strategy to encourage the goddard inquiry to look at these issues earlier rather than later in the course of its work.

    the worm cans of related matters are even to my limited knowledge numerous and often interlinked and are perhaps too rotten to be allowed to be examined in parts or as a whole by tptb.
    if goddard is reluctant to open and disinfect them it might be best to make as much knowledge of them as possible as public as possible by other means.

    that the hart inquiry has been constituted in a way to limit its brief to the less toxic although deeply nasty aspects of the failings in institutional childcare rather than to, even in passing, uncover some of the deeper and even darker issues is not really a great surprise.

    time will tell as to whether goddard is willing and able to tackle such issues individually and to join the dots between those that are interlinked.

  6. Sabre

    Wake up everyone it’s bloody obvious why the Government sees a difference as Wallace himself no doubt appreciates.

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  8. Maria sookias

    If civilians were hurt by the state at Kincora this would this constitute a war crime. If so would the International Criminal Court be an option?

  9. ciaranmacairt

    Reblogged this on Paper Trail and commented:
    “Is the sexual abuse of children in London really more significant than the sexual abuse of children in Northern Ireland?”
    Britain’s cover-up continues.

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  11. There are some very uncomfortable truths I imagine and I doubt we will hear or read about any of them in my lifetime. Perhaps some of these uncomfortable truths might be associated with terms such as ‘the dark arts’, ‘tools’, ‘methods of persuasion’, ‘leverage’ and elsewhere ‘corruption and indoctrination’, ‘rights of passage’, ‘coercive enforced group trust’ amongst other terms indicative of such uncomfortable truths.

    I hear that uncomfortable truths run amok over at GCHQ too with respects to the ‘cultural scope’ of sexualities in the UK and of the type discussed in this blog and elsewhere too. Interdisciplinarians of the human sciences have their fears, just that now there are databases that can be queried to ascertain whether such fears are well founded or not.

    Cases such as Kincora relate because if the truth is allowed to emerge there and with respects to ‘other groups’, it is but a few steps to a ‘cultural survey’. Indeed, the ‘snoopers charter’ has already begun to open that box because the tools of the NSA and GCHQ are soon to be used as some tentative first steps in a number of cases. April spring greetings Gojam!

  12. joekano76

    Reblogged this on TheFlippinTruth.

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