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News today that Dr Morris Fraser was allowed to continue to practice by the General Medical Council (GMC) despite a conviction for abusing a 13 year old boy in London in 1971.

Richard Kerr, who is identified in the Meehan Report as one of the children who Dr Fraser abused at the Royal Hospital, Belfast where he worked, told me, “I was at a special needs school for learning disabilities and I believe that many abusers like Fraser deliberately targeted vulnerable children who would not be believed even if they did speak up at the time. I can’t believe that the GMC would not strike off doctors who have been convicted of abuse. They seem to be more interested in protecting the institution and their own than protecting children.”

However, Dr Fraser was not the only child abuser who was allowed to continue to medically practice by the GMC. Below we can reveal two further cases and these are almost certainly just the tip of the iceberg.

It would seem only proper that the Independent Goddard Inquiry, which is looking into non-recent abuse involving institutions, should also look at the decisions made by the GMC.

4th Oct 1973   David John Girling
Dr David Girling, aged 36. of the Ridgeway, Acton, London, was given a six-month suspended jail sentence and fined a total of £500 by West London magistrates yesterday for indecently assaulting four boys.

30th Nov 1976   Nigel Couper

Nigel Couper doctor who indecently assaulted two boys and two girls was allowed to continue in practice after the Disciplinary Committee or the General Medical Council had been told yesterday that he was giving up children’s medicine. Dr Nigel Couper, aged 28, of Oakwood Drive, Leeds, was found guilty of serious professional misconduct at a meeting of the committee last November. Yesterday the committee decided to take no further action and discharged the case. The committee was told that Dr Couper had admitted at Plymouth Magistrates’ Court in June, 1975. four offences of indecent assault. He was fined £200. The offences were committed when he was a senior house officer in the paediatric department of Freedom Fields Hospital. He had also visited a girl, aged 10, in the children’s ward and at the earlier meeting he admitted- indecent assault. Mr Kenneth Widgery, for the council, said the assault dealt with by the magistrates occurred when two boys. and a girl aged eight doing odd jobs called at Dr Couper’s home. The fourth case involved an older boy. Mr Peter Bayliss, for Dr Couper told the committee that the doctor,- now a trainee radiology registrar, had kept an undertaking that he would quit paeditrics. A psychiatrist was confident that no such.behaviour would recur

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  3. Justin Sanity

    “Richard Kerr, who is identified in the Meehan Report as one of the children who Dr Fraser abused at the Royal Hospital, Belfast where he worked”…

    Identified as, but not documented to be, except by his own claim. That’s what it says in the Meehan Report: “One former Kincora victim, Richard Kerr, named Fraser as his abuser in 2015”.
    And I reiterate that when EGH opened, Kerr was 17 and in jail in Ireland. He could not have been trafficked to EGH when he was “…15, 16, 17…”
    Although I note that some of his apologists are now claiming that EGH was somehow in operation throughout the 1970’s. Kerr’s timeline doesn’t match up with that of EGH, so they are actively revising history to “correct” that problem.

  4. Oberon

    Was Dr Harold Shipman a supplier of bodies, ritual abuse and necrophilia?