Dr Morris Fraser: Abuse Cover-Up Study

A full copy of Dr Meehan’s study will be available from the Spinwatch website from 31 March 2016.  www.spinwatch.org


Dr Morris Fraser

Press Release


Police and GMC allowed convicted Paedophile access to vulnerable children

Dr Morris Fraser:

Child Abuse, Corruption and Collusion.

A study by

Dr Niall Meehan, Griffith College Dublin

Embargoed until 31 March 2016

A remarkable new study, with implications for the UK Goddard Inquiry, has shown that the General Medical Council in Britain, the RUC and  the Metropolitan Police withheld from the public important information about Morris Fraser, a doctor who was a serial paedophile. Fraser used his medical status to enable other paedophiles such as Peter Righton and Charles Napier to gain access to vulnerable children.

The comprehensive Spinwatch study by Dr Niall Meehan, Journalism & Media Faculty, Griffith College, Dublin, highlights a catalogue of bewildering failures and cover-ups by the authorities, which enabled Dr Morris Fraser to remain on the Medical Register despite being convicted twice (in 1972 in London and in 1974 in New York) for child abuse. As a result Fraser continued to have access to vulnerable children and to sexually abuse them for a period of some twenty years.

Fraser was a well-known and often-quoted Senior Psychiatric Registrar at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Child Guidance Clinic in Belfast. In 1973 Secker and Warburg published Fraser’s Children in conflict, about the Northern Ireland conflict. It was re-published by Penguin in 1974 and 1979, and in 1977 in the US by Basic Books.

In 1971 Fraser came to the attention of the RUC. He was arrested for sexually abusing a 13-year-old Belfast boy in London.

The Metropolitan Police and the Royal Ulster Constabulary failed to inform Fraser’s employer, the Belfast Hospitals’ Authority.

Fraser was convicted in London in May 1972 and was bound over not to reoffend for three years. This was not reported. After the conviction, his employers were still not told. As a result, Fraser’s professional standing, media celebrity, and access to children, remained unaffected.

Abuse Fraser perpetrated during this period was made possible by a deliberate police cover-up of Fraser’s arrest and conviction.

Between 1973 and 1975 the Disciplinary Committee of the General Medical Council considered Fraser’s fitness to practice medicine in the light of his 1972 conviction.

The GMC did so only because newspapers reported that Fraser was arrested in New York in May 1973 for new paedophile crimes. The GMC ignored Fraser’s February 1974 US guilty plea.

While bound over by a UK court Fraser went to New York and became part of a paedophile group who were sexually abusing children.

It is remarkable that the GMC colluded with police in preventing full knowledge of Fraser’s crimes from becoming public knowledge and that Fraser was merely asked to undergo psychiatric treatment. Fraser was accused by the GMC of engaging in a single sordid act of abuse in London. As exclusively revealed in Meehan’s study that was a lie. Fraser had a co-accused who abused another Belfast boy, a 10-year-old, at the same time and in the same place as Fraser. It is also exclusively revealed that Fraser’s crime was finally officially notified to the Belfast Hospitals’ Authority a year late, in May 1973, one week after his publicised US arrest and after he was already suspended.

Though Fraser was arrested in New York in May 1973 and pleaded guilty in February 1974, Fraser’s reoffending was not brought to the attention of the UK courts.

Despite the GMC being aware of this second, though ignored, US offence, the Disciplinary Committee determined in 1975 that the twice-convicted (on two continents) paedophile could continue practising medicine with no stated restrictions. As a result Fraser used his professional status to rebuild his profile in Britain and to gain access to children. In 1981 Fraser even provided fellow predatory paedophile Peter Righton with a character reference for another paedophile, Charles Napier, to successfully overturn a teaching ban on Napier.

Fraser was convicted in 1992, for a third time, of possessing and distributing over 1,000 images of child pornography on or before 13 May 1987, most of which were photographs Fraser took at home and abroad. Finally, Fraser was sent to jail for a year.

Despite this conviction, Fraser continued to operate a paedophile scheme he set up in Cornwall in 1988 called Azimuth. It was based on a French paedophile operation École en Bateau, with which Fraser was also associated. Fraser used his medical credentials to select vulnerable boys who were sent on sailing trips with a paedophile ‘skipper’, Michael Johnson. In 1994 the latter was convicted and jailed for four years on six specimen charges of assaulting two boys aged nine and eleven. Fraser escaped prosecution and later fled to Holland.

Despite Fraser’s known paedophile activities and convictions, his role, to 1973, in selecting and allocating children to homes, including Kincora, in Northern Ireland has never been examined.  Former Kincora inmate, Richard Kerr, has already stated publicly that he was abused by Fraser when he was in another home in Belfast.

Government Inquiries carried out by Sir George Terry and Judge William Hughes have studiously ignored Fraser.  Why were the authorities been so lenient with Fraser? Why was a Freedom of Information request regarding Fraser turned down in 2015 for reasons of national security?

Fraser’s victims need to be told.  One thing is certain, the full story has still not been unravelled, but it is hoped that his study will fill in some of the gaps.

A full copy of Dr Meehan’s study will be available from the Spinwatch website from 31 March 2016.  www.spinwatch.org


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7 responses to “Dr Morris Fraser: Abuse Cover-Up Study

  1. dpack

    among the possible reasons for the foi request being refused on grounds of national security are;

    that his link to kincora might help open the whole slab of worm tins regarding related matters.among those worm tins are the righton,henniker,clockwork plus type domestic politics and geopolitical ones.

    perhaps some of his american links might also highlight security related matters.

    righton and fraser added together do seem make a composite rather similar to the (quite possibly mythical) dr green [or greenbaum in a different version] who pops up in tales of the mkultra programs (some of which are probably true some are probably not true).iirc similar work was probably conducted in the uk in the late 50’s early 60’s, i dont know if such matters were still being studied during fraser’s career but the lessons learnt from such studies do seem to have been applied by him.

    that fraser was involved with righton ,azimuth and kincora (mcgrath) probably means he was well known to henniker 8 .

    there are many ways to look at fraser most of which lead to worm cans that might require “national security” protection from what should be a simple foi request .

  2. Justin Sanity

    That was an intriguing read – thanks for referencing it!
    Doc Fraser truly was a classic scumbag of his type, class and inclinations. You wouldn’t have to delve further than his professed interest in “scouting” as an alleged therapeutic activity for troubled boys, prior to his conviction, to understand just about everything that subsequently followed – including his campaigns to promote “giving conflict area children a break by removing them from that zone for awhile”…and into the temporary custody of Fraser himself, naturally.

    The Disciplinary Committee’s apparent sympathy for Fraser’s bullsh*t narrative and desire to in someway exonerate “one of their own” is appalling but not surprising given the times. Tragically, narratives of this nature: “…a fantastic account of the 13-year-old allegedly homosexual ‘underprivileged’
    drug addict arriving in Fraser’s bedroom and persuading the clinically
    trained child-psychiatrist to engage in illegal sexual activity” were frequently accepted at face value, then. We homosexually active youths were endowed with hypnotic powers of seduction by our master – Satan – don’t you know?

    The reference to boys from Kincora being trafficked to Elm Guest house appears to be gratutious, however. The citation is for Paul Foote’s “Who Framed Colin Wallace”. I’ll withdraw this statement if you can quote Colin Wallace IN THAT BOOK specifically stating that Kincora boys were trafficked to Elm Guest House in London.

  3. Anne Wade

    The GMC told Morris Fraser after the London episode, in 1971 I thunk, that he would not be struck off on condition he worked with the elderly and no longer with children.
    I’ll try and find the reference.
    Anne Wade

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