Shoebury Paedophile Scandal: Fourth Whistleblower Comes Forward

Commendable work by the Yellow Advertiser and investigate journalist Charles Thomson on the Shoebury paedophile ring which just goes to highlight the important work of local newspapers.


In 1990 two local charities – the Rainer Foundation and the Children’s Society – published a report based on assessments of 25 young boys known to have visited the flat of convicted paedophile Dennis King in Shoebury, Essex. Of those 25 boys referred to in the charity report, only a handful were interviewed by Essex Police.

The report suggested, however, that there could be up to 80 victims aged as young as 11 years old.

Of those boys interviewed by the police only two went to court, were formally case conferenced, and received appropriate after-care.

Only two men were convicted, Brian Tanner, then 57, was sentenced to 3 years and Denis King who received 4 years imprisonment.

Dennis King, 55 years old at the time of his 1990 conviction, had been convicted for sexual offences against boys at least twice before 1990 and has been convicted at least twice subsequent to the 1990 Shoebury conviction – More details HERE

Many of those that have disclosed are clear that more men were involved in the child abuse than just Dennis King and Brian Tanner.

Since then, multiple boys who disclosed abuse to the local charities have died of drug overdoses, committed suicide, or gone to prison.

So far, the Yellow Advertiser have been able to track down 4 whistleblowers who were professionals familiar with the case at the time.

Earlier this month, Essex Police announced a formal investigation into an alleged child abuse cover-up in Essex related to the Shoebury paedophile ring.

Anybody with information about the case can call Essex Police on 101.

A FOURTH whistleblower has agreed to cooperate with a police probe into an alleged paedophile ring ’cover-up’, after being tracked down by the Yellow Advertiser.

The source managed a charity project in Essex and worked with young boys who had been abused by men in Shoebury in the late 1980s.

The source said he and colleagues had felt ’deep regret’ for 25 years over the way the allegations were handled by authorities, and that he was ’delighted’ police were reinvestigating.

Asked whether he would cooperate with Essex Police’s review of the case, he said: “Yes. Anything I can do to try and get justice for those kids, count me in. A hundred per cent.”

Yellow Advertiser

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6 responses to “Shoebury Paedophile Scandal: Fourth Whistleblower Comes Forward

  1. I worked as a senior social worker in the child protection team in Chelmsford Essex in the late 1990s. This does not surprise me in the slightest. I was suspended and disciplined when I started to uncover a group of paedophiles in Southminster near Southend. I cannot prove this but I am convinced that powerful people were involved including senior people at Essex County council and social services. If I can help with your work in any way.please contact me

  2. I have advised the following many times. (1) compile an archive in a content analysis suite such as NUDIST of all local articles pertaining to paedophile rings and sexual grooming. (2) Use the functions there to extract names. (3) Set up a series of node trees for (a) article threads and (b) each named person including investigating officers and others and append article threads to each name. (4) Use the cross tabulation function to generate a case by affiliation matrix that can be read by social network analysis software or convert it to a nxn matrix first. The result will be a social network graphed that will show the scale and links on a national level.

    You could do it manually (too time intensive) or use something like PERL or a more modern derivative but that is also very time intensive, even for a coder, if you don’t have knowledge of the methods and analytical techniques I allude to above. It is far easier to use 3rd party software as you can explore other options with ease over having to go to source code and change it accordingly.

    I guess, Gojam, it is being able to do stuff like this as to why certain folk freak out and that I get the attention that I do. I held out my hand to offer to help but some just want to bite. Others, however, give an agreeing nod but remain covert given the ‘adversaries’, to engage in the language of the shill that is Snoweden.

    On an end note, if anyone wants to offer me a PhD scholarship to do what I suggest above, Gojam has my contact details.

    • Thank you for this link. I will be giving this one a lead. Just to add, it is material like this on top of media articles that can be collated and analysed as I suggest below. For someone like me it just seems natural to do what I suggest and I often feel bewildered that it has not been done already (Cassandra) and put in the public realm. Perhaps it is just fear of putting it all together in a methodical and coherent way and the reprisals or a lack of ‘talent’. I think it is the former and I say that from, perhaps, experience.

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