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  2. Aardvark

    Derek Slade is dead, another one who probably knew, rather a lot. There are also many questions about why Derek Slade was able to change his name and work overseas, as a known child abuser, working with vulnerable children, which of course he abused. These questions should be addressed to Derek Sawyer and others at the time, at Islington Council.

  3. dpack

    thinking of private eyes paul flynn noted a recent anniversary as well as mentioning this on twitter

    Paul Flynn ‏@PaulFlynnMP Mar 4

    Secret Tiberius Report, redacted, should be published to inform public of vast extent of London Police Corruption.

  4. dpack

    from the little i have managed to learn about tiberius and the node that linked the corrupted officers and the (fairly) organised criminals it mentions perhaps it is best to study the node rather than the details that highlight it .

    cosy cops n robbers is just one of the problems that seem to be facilitated via this node.
    unlike some i do not see this node as wholly corrupt and the command and control system for some sort of global puppet masters , it does provide some of the linkages in some parts of a contextual lattice ,therefore it is of significance.


    there are obligations to be decent in many of the degrees , those obligations should over rule any obligation to protect brothers in peril if that peril is of their own corrupt making and in conflict with their oaths.

    it seems a good time for decent brothers to stand up and stand together to expel and expose those who they know to have corrupted their fraternity and broken their oaths.

    if you feel you know far too much to be safe my advice is
    “shared is better than scared” (dpack 2012)
    secrets can be dangerous but shared knowledge protects.
    it is a tactic i have used a few times and so far it seems to work.

    i hope this is another paperclip moment ,it is the right thing to do for many reasons.

  5. paul

    gojam just listening to bbc radio ulster friday12.10 talkback a man who said he was lord jim molyneauxs gay lover for 30 years. molyneaux died last year.very right wing ,anti gay,leader of ulster unionist party.wonder if connected to kincora and blackmailed by security forces in 70s. wouldn’t want his gay secret coming out as leader of a right wing anti gay party.

    • dpack

      blackmailed for being gay at some point in his career = probable but it might not have been necessary with regard to his political role as an mp, he seems to have been very onside with the monday club agenda and the n i situation although his high anglican leanings and catholic sympathies might have needed curbing a bit for public consumption among his voters.

      iirc there have been mentions of him being gay over the years so i suspect it was an open secret among those who knew him quite well and post 67 it might have cost him his political career to be outed but it would not have got him jailed so it would have been a low level stick if he had really objected to the public political line he took.

      directly connected to mcgrath/mckeague/csa at kincora or elsewhere = possible(lodge etc etc ) but imho the kincora entrapment, reward and blackmail operation was more about paramilitary/lodge assets rather than mp level political ones although there may have been mission creep if opportunity arose .
      perhaps csa elsewhere might be plausible considering he replaced knox cunningham as mp for south antrim and i’m fairly sure cunninham was a proper wrongun in a variety of ways as were quite a few of his chums.

      anglo irish mason = very very very probable (with all that implies during the time he was politically active)

      monday club = very much so

      i get the impression he followed the party line rather than created and directed it.

      overall i dont like the chap or consider him a major player, i would give it a low chance that he was a csa offender but it is something that is worth investigating further by those who can do so, being protected from being outed as gay would probably have been enough to get a chap like him to stick with a plan he was,for the most part,inclined to favour .