Cardinal George Pell Testimony 29 Feb – 3 Mar 2016

3rd March 2016 Part 3 (40 mins – conclusion)

3rd March 2016 Part 2 (1hr 32min)

3rd March 2016 Part 1 (1hr 18min)

2nd March 2016 Part 3 (1hr 14min)

2nd March 2015 Part 2 (1hr 31min)

2nd March 2016 Part 1 (1hr 16min)

1st March 2016 Part 2 (2hr 3min)

1st March 2016 (4mins)

29th February 2016 (2hr 5min)

March 2019 : Cardinal George Pell has been jailed for six years after being convicted of sexually abusing two boys in Australia.


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4 responses to “Cardinal George Pell Testimony 29 Feb – 3 Mar 2016

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  2. Anne Wade

    Thank you for going to the trouble of posting this for us to watch. I have waded through it all with interest, assuming that our IICSA is headed in a similar direction.
    I knew little of the history, and listened with an open mind. Pell was allowed to keep his dignity, and may never be convicted, but as the forensic questioning accumulated, it showed how implausible his position is.
    I lived through these decades, fighting for children who disclosed intrafamilial abuse but had no evidence and did not want to lose their homes. I know how difficult it was to get authorities to take heed. But this man was not fighting for the children – he was one of authorities who clung to a veneer of wilful ignorance.
    I hope the Royal Commission finds some way of publicly shaming him, in a simpler follow-up, and not buried in a long report.

  3. bruce

    Witch hunt against the first person in the Church who actually did something to stop the abuse. Resolved. The victims have met Pell and are happy. Fuckwit Minchin, pommie grandstander, will of course continue to promote himself, as most travelling pommie grifters do. What’s Minchin hiding eh? Based in LA, we know what goes on over there. He doth protest too much.