My thoughts on Andrew Picard ( Boeckman ) & his father Phillip

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Imagine – if you can – a tiny girl of 3 being filmed & photographed whilst she is being raped. It’s unimaginable isn’t it? But it happened & it was captured in photos & film.

Now imagine that somewhere in the UK –  in a world far removed from her – an Etonian pupil looking, watching & sharing her trauma with his friends. To feed his fascination/addiction to viewing this detestable crime. Unimaginable too? No. It happened & Andrew got caught.

Now back to the little girl. Not only does she not understand what’s happening to her, she does not even have the language to be able to tell anyone.

And who is she? Where is she? Does she have a caring family? Has anyone rescued her? Are the police investigating? Somehow I doubt it.

Conversely, the Etonian Andrew Picard (or more correctly Boeckman ) not only knew his…

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9 responses to “My thoughts on Andrew Picard ( Boeckman ) & his father Phillip

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  2. Aardvark

    The petition to sign to fight this total and persistent injustice below, or write to the Attorney General personally.

    What about the fate of those poor Children in the vile images that privileged pervert, was sharing? A very different fate than that of an Eton educated, son of a Westminster Lawyer, who was allowed to change his name to cover up his crime to protect his family name, while our corrupt judicial system, once again hands out a lenient sentence to one of it’s own. The protection and welfare of Children should be fundamental, so why doesn’t the law reflect this?

    People in the UK rioted over the Poll Tax, why on earth aren’t they on the streets rioting over the systematic, institutionalised abuse of Children in the UK and it’s cover up by a corrupt and nepotistic establishment?

    • Emm Jay

      Aardvark, signed the petition … you ask why people aren’t on the streets over this. I ask that same question … every day.

  3. Gary

    I look forward to the day when cameron, osbourne, the elite and their fellow travelers frantically rush to airports and ferry terminals desperately tryng to escape the uk, knowing that we’re coming after them with piano wire. It’s going to happen……

  4. Peter Nowlan

    Hello Aardvark ,Its Peter here I am Cut for time But I will get back to you.

  5. Peter Nowlan

    As some one who was bought up in Hornchurch Cottage Homes ( read Puging the Demonds Via Google) I and every one else knew that four little boys never made it out of there.I aws bought up with two Afican Britons Peter and Paul Little when the eleder of the two tried to intervene when one of those were taken away only to dissappear,he was knocked flying. The problem with England is that you put yourself in a social class the minute you open your mouth. The so called upper class always protects its own.It won’t allways be.I qualified in criminal law late in my life.
    Your words have stirred the always latent anger in me.I had a judge removed once because I found out that he and the accused used to room together and shared the favours of a lady. If you had a written constitution in England perhaps judges would be appointed vis their record of cases and and objective tests of law .Thus breaking the “old boy” network. Australia has a written constitution but unlike England we do not have a Bill of Rights( 1689).
    Yours Peter Nowlan.

    • Aardvark

      Hi Peter, your experiences in the ‘care’ system, like others, were just appalling. How have so many children in care just gone missing? If you think how renown the English were for being meticulous and bureaucratic, through out their Empire, it is very hard to believe, Children could just have disappeared without record, but We now know, to the UK’s eternal shame, that is exactly what has happened.

      • Peter Nowlan

        Hello Aardvark,
        It’s Peter here .My Life long hobby has been Intelligence and counter intelligence( I have some 5000 books on the subject) I research I did in the Hospital ( which was called the infermary ) was bulldosed along with it’s records.The top 6% of society of any country are found in the mix of doctors lawyers ,scientists,heads of departments( public servants) surgeons ect ect.
        They simply protect themselves at all times.It is therefore not suprising that a CQ ( remember the top 6%) can get a top lawyers son off on charges; that would have the rest of the other 94% locked up with 6ft6ins hairy man with the tatoo “mother “on his chest in a portion of the jail where no one can hear any one screaming. I wonder who contacted the judge ? CQ’s frequenty become judges— they are appointed by the cabinet — which DOES NOT exist in law.
        Peter Nowlan Per Aurdua Surgo

  6. Peter Nowlan

    Hello Aardvark ,
    Beware you are beginning to sound as angry as I feel.Begin by getting in touch with every Female member of parliament and push them into embarrassing every male member of parliament .
    Then you will break the “old boy “net work.
    Yours Peter