Operation Midland: Did Nick Identify Edward Heath’s Home ?


Several months ago I heard a very interesting rumour. It was that Nick had been taken around London by Operation Midland and had identified a house that had once been occupied by Leon Brittan for only a very short period; the rumour went on to suggest that the police felt that this was not easy information to find and that it was one of the reasons why Operation Midland were taking Nick’s allegations so seriously.

We were naturally very curious about this and set about investigating ourselves. Nick had blogged about this on 28th July 2014, just a couple of weeks after the first stories about him on Exaro News

” When I got to the meeting, I was asked if I would be prepared to look at several possible addresses of where I might have been taken as a child to be hurt. I agreed, and I was not told the actual address, we just went for a walk. As we turned into one street, I saw the name of the road and found it quite ironic because it bore the same name as the town where the abuse first started. Apart from that the name meant nothing to me, but as we walked into the street, my anxiety hit so unexpectedly, I had been here before and such vivid pictures started coming into my head, the flashbacks were starting again. My breathing increased dramatically, and I found myself gripping my hands so hard it was starting to take the skin off. I was fighting the flashbacks, but not to stop them from happening, but to work with them and try to remember my feelings and reactions. The tears were starting, but I had someone with me so was trying desperately to hold them back. We stopped the walk and headed to a coffee shop and gradually my anxiety reduced. After a break we headed for the second address”

If we strip away all the narrative there is one interesting clue and that is that the road had “the same name as the town where the abuse first started.”

We’ve made no secret of the fact that we’ve known Nick’s real identity for quite some time. Nobody leaked it to us we were able to discover it ourselves. Once we had Nick’s name we were able to unearth other information, this included the fact that Nick’s step father lived in the town of Wilton, near Salisbury, Wiltshire at the time his mother married him, which is also around the time that Nick first claims he was abused, and so it was extremely likely that Nick was referring to this address.

There are quite a few Wiltons in London, Wilton Street, Wilton Road, Wilton Close;  we began trying to match one of these with Leon Brittan but without success. Perhaps we’d been wrong, perhaps Nick did possess knowledge that was difficult to easily explain away…

Then last Friday,  Martin Walkerdine posted something on twitter that gave  The Needle team a bit of a start;


Was the rumour inaccurate ? Certainly, if we strip away the rumour that set us investigating and look only at the facts, the fact of Nick’s own account, the fact of his step father living in Wilton, and the fact that Edward Heath lived in Wilton Street, Belgravia, it looks likes it.

Unlike the rumour suggested, it looks extremely likely that the property that Nick identified to police, on or around the 28th July 2014, belonged to Edward Heath and not Leon Brittan; unlike the rumour, suggested Edward Heath had lived there for a decade, and unlike the rumour suggested, far from being difficult to search for online it was very easy to find.

As Martin went on to explain to me, Edward Heath’s residence at 25 Wilton Street was book-ended by two quite newsworthy events. In 1974 the IRA attacked his home, and in 1984 there was a burglary there.

Now, I have no way of verifying this, as far as I understand it, Operation Midland has been a very tight ship and the only journalists they’ve talked to I’m aware of are from Exaro News, and perhaps some at the BBC. You can imagine also that supporters of Nick aren’t exactly climbing over themselves to pass information to me.

So, I’m honour bound to be straight with you; this is what I think to be true and not what I know to be true. Nevertheless, I thought I’d share this with you so that you can make your own judgement.

Correction: I’m going to leave the original text up but it has been pointed out to me that Edward Heath lived at 17 Wilton Street and not number 25.




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  1. tdf

    On Heath.

    This photo, or at least the caption, is a godamn fugazi, as Donnie Brasco would put it.

    There’s no way this photo was taken at Kincora. Someone’s been up to silly buggers.

  2. dpack

    in the pursuit of context:

    heath is dead and therefore expendable regardless of the truth or not of these allegations.

    heath does not seem to have been fully committed to the special relationship with the usa and considered a joint enterprise with the french to provide a nuclear umbrella for western europe based on the eu rather than an american led, nato run version.
    he does seem to have been persuaded not to follow this course

    when he was rising to power being gay was illegal and that provided a very big stick of control,after 1967 and the change in the law that stick was whittled to a thin rod of public opinion .

    heath was seen as weak on the unions and sought peace and a negotiated settlement in ni as even this brief biography shows

    this theme is expanded upon here
    sometimes a picture paints a thousand words:)

    further context might well be provided by the study of what could be loosely collected under the titles of clockwork orange/gladio b especially in light of “norman john worthington”/ the wilson plot, the thorpe trial,the aborted 74 coup plot ,the irish situation and a huge number of assorted related events including the rise of the monday club and thatcher and the sudden demise of dickie and airey (the latter especially so in the light of the source and nature of material in the dickens papers as mentioned by john mann ).
    the second part of further context was the development of the means and first strike strategy to win a nuclear war in europe by the usa which was eventually central to his successor thatcher’s tenure as pm.

    if heath was a beast too many folk would have known to keep it secret until recently (his being gay was an open secret and a public suspicion even though there were distractions arranged to make him seem strait and he almost completely avoided having a private life whilst in the public eye) and he could have been easily controlled into a thatcher style role for at least for another decade or so.

    it seems a bit odd to be defending any part of his posthumous reputation as im not keen on most politicians including him but as far as i can see logic and much data are on one side of the scales and a little (dubious imho) data is on the other side.
    imho this phase has been and still is a splendid distraction from a large number of very relevant issues, data and events.

  3. IM

    It was reported that Nick was abused/tortured at Imber Village, Salisbury. IIRC,Bramall stated in inteview he was asked about his offices. He said he didn’t have an office at Larkhill. I don’t recall his mentioning Erskine, but UK Land Forces HQ was based at Erskine Barracks, Wilton at that time and presumably Bramall did have an office there. I would deduce that Nick’s family was billeted in or around Erskine Barracks, Wilton. Nick’s stepfather may have worked at or close to UK Land Forces HQ (as did General Hugh Beach and FM Bramall).

  4. Andy Barnett.

    It is so easy to mistake coincidence for corroborating evidence. Assuming Nick blog post was true, the name if the road was one of possibly many different triggers that could have set him off on his walk with the Police. Dont prive nothing.

    Equally your connection between the Wilton of Nick’s step-father and the home of Ted Heath may just be coincidence. For all you know, the town where Nick was first abused might have been Wilton in North Yorkshire, a mile a two from Guisborough where (according to a tweet Martin sent some time ago IIRC) Leon Brittan moved to in 1974.

  5. dpack

    a bit more contextual background (the timing of this news report is a bit interesting but it seems plausible in the light of other data)


  6. dpack

    how much information is in the public domain and can be found with a little lateral thought as to where to dig is quite amazing .
    addresses and business info are fairly easy , weddings ,obituaries and funeral reports can lead to rich veins as can archives of papers ,academia etc,etc.
    searching in books can also be rather productive as can news archives.
    even tv programs ,internet broadcasts,profiles and blogs etc can provide useful stuff.

    even without access to the registry and limited direct information from those involved there is a lot of data available , working out what is true and relevant and how it connects with other true data is the difficult part of establishing context or specific narrative.

  7. joekano76

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  8. AlanB

    And Wilton was until quite recently, home to HQ United Kingdom Land Forces.

  9. All of the properties ‘Nick’ has mentioned have been in the public domain for a very long time.
    A quick internet search reveals many addresses high profile people have lived at.


  10. I believe the flats ‘Nick’ identified were the Albany Flats

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  12. The investigation into Heath goes on. Edward Heath child sex abuse probe gets more staff to aid investigation. Edward Heath child sex abuse probe gets more staff to aid investigation