Exaro’s Watergate Complex


Looking at yesterday’s flurry of news stories, the announcement by Met Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe that complainants in child sex abuse cases will not automatically be believed, his view that suspects should not be named until charged without a court order and Parliament’s vote last night to end the automatic naming of MPs on arrest for any offence, it is not hard to see why some will ask how it is that a situation has emerged in which such regressive measures have found a fertile environment to germinate and grow. It is in human nature to note consequences and attribute them to design. Cause and effect, Cui Bono?

Since the moment it became apparent that Exaro were relying on obviously false witnesses making exaggerated and sensationalist allegations of VIP abuse, attention turned to the organisation itself and those involved in an attempt at trying to determine some motive for the flagrant disregard for journalistic codes and practices. The logic is that we can all see the cause, we can plainly see the negative effect, and so there must be a nefarious motive.

Ironically, those that leap to such a conclusion are making a similar mistake to Exaro News themselves; by looking for an extraordinary conspiracy based explanation, they miss the very simple truth and that is that Exaro News and their manic online supporters actually believe the incredible version of recent history that they are defending. They live in a looking-glass world in which every fact is grotesquely distorted. For those of us that have not allowed ourselves to be indoctrinated into this cult-like world view, this seems incomprehensible.

For Exaro News journalists this has become a binary issue. Either a) they have uncovered one of the greatest scandals in history involving a secret cabal of sadistic paedophiles  at the highest echelons of the UK establishment, or b) they are responsible for the greatest scandal in the history of UK journalism, one that has far reaching negative effects on the very people they claim to be supporting, the victims of child sexual abuse.

The stakes are high, the difference between the consequences of the only two outcomes is extreme. At the one end David Hencke, and Mark Conrad can take their places next to former Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, who uncovered Watergate, and Mark Watts next to Ben Bradlee. They will be lauded for their courage and determination, they will receive awards, they will be held up by future generations of journalists as exemplars of the profession; alternatively they face humiliation, career-ending ridicule and future generations of journalists will regard their tale as an abject lesson in shoddy investigative journalism.

There is no middle ground now. These are the binary realities. Reputations permanently gilded, or tarnished forever.

It is because the consequences of having got it so it wrong are so unthinkable that Exaro News continue to strike outward. They will tell themselves that they are in possession  of information that other commentators like myself do not have and that the very fact that respected journalists from a diverse number of media organisations are skeptical, to say the very least, and are increasingly prepared to publish that skepticism, is not an indication that they should objectively re-evaluate the situation but that everyone else, The Times, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Daily Mail – and yes, even this little blog – are part of a giant establishment conspiracy to cover-up the truth, as they see it, about sadistic establishment paedophilia. Disagreement becomes confirmation, the greater the disagreement the greater the confirmation. We’re all part of an establishment PR campaign, they’ll claim. We  all must be because the alternative… the alternative… the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.


This is what always happens with conspiracy theories – as uncomfortable truths are unearthed, as evidence mounts that it is flawed, as the overwhelming majority of objective observers conclude that it is without foundation – the conspiracy by necessity must expand to accommodate these developments and the cult-like believers become more entrenched.

This is the Watergate Complex, a consequence of the binary outcomes of career death or glory.

The sadness is that the reality of child sexual abuse over the last five decades is scandalous enough. Abuse can be found to have occurred on an horrific scale in care homes, schools, scouting groups, churches and almost every institution where children congregate and predatory paedophiles could gain access to children. VIPs, celebrities and politicians were involved in abusing children and there have been cover-ups. The Goddard Inquiry is welcome and necessary.

The last three years, since Savile’s exposure, have presented to campaigners an unprecedented opportunity to raise awareness of a previously taboo subject, to sweep away ignorance and ensure that practical measures can be put in place like mandatory reporting to help ensure that future generations are not exposed to the same dangers that adult survivors endured.

However, the positive environment has been contaminated, the golden opportunity is being squandered. Instead of positive changes to the law, regressive changes are being mooted.

It is not just a binary issue for Exaro and their supporters, it is sadly also a binary issue for survivors.




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  3. dpack

    the “watergate complex” and the binary outcomes of such strategies that leads to does perhaps explain the mechanisms for how this situation has developed at a tactical “another day in the office” level and the effects it has and is producing.
    it does not account for the data in basic public record background vetting of booth and pendry .
    it does not account for cui bono of the effects of the whole “campaign”.
    it does not account for seemingly ignoring and misdirecting from valid lines of inquiry , for examples the henniker ,righton,blunt ,mcgrath ,mckeague link or the implications of pie or misdirecting from a customs officer finding a vip with csa images to a customs officer finding csa images including a vip spring to mind , the cover ups that are becoming increasingly documented (smith and janner are but two of many) , the entire ” nick” episode which even the most basic checking could have avoided.etc etc etc .
    one could consider the “watergate complex” as an explanation but it does not seem to completely explain the observable data.
    perhaps the mixture of true and “mistaken” has been enough to pass this all off as over enthusiasm but i cannot avoid the possibility that such over enthusiasm has been used to obtain the sort of effects we are seeing in a macalpine defence writ large.

    sorry the above is a bit garbled and only scrapes the surface but i hope my hypothesis is visible in the tangle.

  4. gw

    Exaro have dug themselves a hole so deep they only keep on digging in the hope they will emerge on the other side of the world!

  5. jsc

    ”It is in human nature to note consequences and attribute them to design. ”

    Exactly. The nature of all-encompassing conspiracy theories is to assume design on the part of an omniscient and omnipotent elite, and there’s something quite oddly comforting for people I think about that, the idea that at least a few people know exactly what’s going on and are responsible for it. But they don’t, in reality. Not entirely. Political life is about trying to ride out events that were never predicted or foreseen. Life in general is, for that matter.

    What is certain is that Exaro pushing unproven stories of VIP CSA created an unforeseen wave of events and consequences and the politicians and police are now taking advantage of the ensuing anger by moving to keep MP arrests out of the public domain and adopting a new approach to allegations of CSA. But these actions , self-interested and cynical as they are, were unlikely to have be planned or foreseen consequences of Nick and Operation Midland collapsing, they are simply standard issue, reactive, political opportunism.

    • dpack

      ”It is in human nature to note consequences and attribute them to design. ”

      it is also possible to see the design and predict the consequences as some folk did some time ago.

      • jsc

        Predictions are estimations and so, of course we can hypothesise about how things may turn out and may sometimes be correct, but no one, including the ”higher-ups” is in control of this situation and its outcomes.

        How the history of the scandals involving the abuse of children in this country will be written is still very much a blank page, and it is for that reason that people such as your good self, who are committed to seeing justice done must carry on trying to steer things in the truthful direction. Midland will be a sad footnote, not the final chapter.

  6. DR Laverty

    Or maybe emerge out of Hardcastle’s arse

  7. Aardvark

    Most experienced Journalists, would not stake their whole career on the premise that one witness, with untested evidence, was going to give them infamy, the risks are way too high, that’s beyond human ambition, their reputations would be ruined, so that particular hypothesis, makes no sense at all, as convenient as the establishment would like it to be. As dpack has kept stating, who has been financing Exaro, what are their political motivations and who are they connected to and ultimately,who benefits most from their ‘poor’ journalistic decisions that they have made, as We can now see, with the rush to change laws etc, it certainly wasn’t the Survivors of CSA.

    The excuse that you believe all alleged victims, come what may, throughout an investigation, is also unbelievable, what ever, the antecedents have been, the point is, to keep an open mind, research thoroughly etc. The Midland investigation, is so high profile, there would have been huge pressure to get it right, if as you say it boils down to someone with a medical condition, why on earth weren’t medical assessments made by various Psychiatrists from the start?

    It was very convenient that while all the hyperbole was going on. surrounding the Midland investigation, there was, as We now know, a solid case against Janner, which the establishment continued to keep covered up, right until the end, when he died. How disgusting that the likes of Janner have been protected from the law, here is a link below, just to remind you of the lies he made in the House of Commons and those who defended him, including Keith Vaz, the man who is completely compromised as the chair of the HASC (how dare he make Watson apologise!). There is a public health warning that goes with the video link below of Janner et al, it could make you sick! If any one deserves an apology it is the victims of Janner and all the other victims of establishment figures, who got away with it! The law that ministers tried to bring in to protect the likes of Janner back in 1991, has now effectively been brought in as MPs will not be named if arrested and all because of the effects of the media speculation surrounding the Midland investigation, how very convenient!


    • Sam

      Talking of the child abuser known as Greville Janner, when was his funeral? I seemed to have missed it. Was it reported ?

  8. jsc

    ”Most experienced Journalists, would not stake their whole career on the premise that one witness, with untested evidence, ”

    Exaro believed that ‘Darren’ corroborated aspects of ‘Nick”s allegations. Also as Gojam posted recently Nick appears to have been familiar with other alleged incidents of non-recent CSA, and he himself told police he read up about Martin Allen and decided he had witnessed Martin’s death. So his stories probably seemed to Watts et al to have a plausible context rather than being obvious delusions or deliberate fabrications. Nick may present very well, and they may have liked him personally. They may have become emotionally involved too, and have felt responsible for Nick’s well-being. That may have influenced their professional judgement.

    Exaro were very unlikely to have been acting with reckless intent to throw their careers out the window by acting in cahoots with Nick to perpetrate a series of deliberate falsehoods. They must have believed him, is the only logical conclusion. It is possible that he was deliberately leading them up the garden path, but there is as yet no evidence of that, nor any motive. His life is now going to be ruined, after all.

    • Aardvark

      It’s interesting the points I made that you chose to respond to and those which you completely ignored. Although one wouldn’t believe it, The Midland Investigation is still ongoing, whatever conclusion many people have already drawn. It always felt highly unethical and compromising, that the alleged victims and those that have been accused, have been openly and endlessly speculated on.by the media. This kind of speculation has led us to the situation we are at now, contrived or otherwise, where laws are being rushed through to protect the establishment,as if the likes of Smith, Janner, Morrison et al, haven’t already been privileged, with protection enough! The other end result of this endless public speculation of course, is that genuine Survivors of abuse are less likely to be believed, how convenient for those who would like to keep covering up abuse.

      The only people who should be and should have been investigating and drawing conclusions are the Police, after all they are the only ones in the position to do so and it is only they who have the evidence before them. It is obviously appropriate to do a postmortem of the investigation at the conclusion of it and to talk around the subject while it is ongoing, to see that the course of justice was taken and if appeals etc need to be made. Intentionally or otherwise, perhaps there have just been too many Miss Marples!

      • jsc

        Not responding to your other points in your lengthy post should not be construed as ”completely ignoring”’ them. I share the concerns re: laws being rushed through to unfairly protect MPs who have been arrested and laws being changed to the potential detriment of honest survivors of CSA offences obtaining justice. I just don’t think these changes in the law were planned in advance of recent events by nefarious spooks or the permanent civil service staff or whoever the brains are meant to be pulling the strings. I think politicians simply seized the moment when they were briefed by Hogan-Howe that Midland doesn’t have enough to mount prosecutions, to save themselves from future costly investigations based on false allegations, and to save the careers of MPs who are arrested, and then not charged with anything. It’s simply a difference of perspective, that’s all.

        I know nothing about who funds Exaro and so had nothing to contribute on that subject.

  9. paul

    I seem to remember a year or 2 back gojam talking about a looming scandal about some conservative homosexual organisation.whatever happened to that story? exaro weren’t the only ones hyping unproven allegations.
    I gave up a lot of this after the tory strangling kids ,even though I hate tories,it was quite clearly ridiculous. no one seems to care about kincora, the real abusers will get away scot free now the media are saying all vip stories are nonsense,i predicted this last year.

    • Aardvark

      Indeed, before moving swiftly on again Gojam, perhaps you can acknowledge what Paul is saying and the role the Needle Blog also played in the ongoing media hyperbole surrounding the case? We could also apply the same analysis to The Needle Blog as has been given to Exaro, who funds it etc?It is obviously important for trust and transparency that these issues are discussed, particularly after what has happened with Exaro. As Paul so rightly states, it’s the CSA scandal at Kincora, The North Wales Children’s Homes etc, that should have been the focus, but that focus has been conveniently deflected away.

      • Who funds it ? It’s a free wordpress blog.

        I’ve never hyped this case.

        I’m not responsible for deflecting attention.

      • dpack

        nobody funds me.i wish they did.i would still be a concerned citizen but one with more than £30 .

        virtually everything regarding north wales is sub judice as there are many cases yet to be heard (which as far as i know will take at least another year ) although there have been successful prosecutions and a few less successful ones.

        we laid out the bones of kincora and related events years ago and part of that is subject to a judicial review (which i think is still ongoing ?) as well as those matters being part of other inquiries that are best left to get on with it at the moment.

  10. Hello Gojam. I remember when I was first drawn into some of this saga by providing the transcript for a certain tape and I think it is to a certain person’s credit that they have since reassessed what the good fight is.

    Often the term ‘conspiracy theory’ is really a rhetorical device much like the word ‘terrorism’ and whilst we can have hypothesis that are far fetched, others that are not so far fetched and others that seem the case from the point of just being stated, most rational folk will judge a hypothesis, like you and I do, by the weight of evidence for and against it.

    I remember that c4 ‘After Dark’ episode you shared with me Gojam and I would like to remind you of a point Robin Ramsay made, technically all of politics is conspiracy and he was correct to point this out and draw our attention to the correct meaning of the term.

    Why do I say the above? Well, it is well known that the establishment and other powerful interest groups will put legitimate information out there but twist it and make it a ‘conspiracy theory’ in terms of the linked data points. They actual produce some of those youtube channels and videos that many view as prototypical of a ‘conspiracy theory’. If you take a look at the Snowden files you can see many references to this type of activity right down to setting up ‘fake on-line’ friends for people to lead them down pointless paths.

    I could name a number of well known cases here but to do so would mean a needless digression (such as aeroplanes and what people see in the skies, air pollution and spikes in respiratory illness). However, taking some time to explore outside of the confines of this blog will unable you to see the identifying marks of those strategies to render something a ‘conspiracy theory’. Hint: often the initial seeding of what is in part a truthful data point but embedded and positioned as a ‘conspiracy theory’ with those hallmarks, will be from folk and sources that are doing the cover up.

    I’ll end by saying this, I know at the time of exaro’s Brittan expose (sic) myself, Gojam and Ian Pace had serious concerns about the extent to which exaro was harming and hindering over helping uncover truth. My position at the time was that they were not helping and I still hold that opinion to this day. Perhaps exaro’s future actions might change my opinion but I fear not as their modus operandi seems counter to what we all need to see happen.