A Case Of The Tale Scallywagging The Police Dog ?

Sometimes you just take for granted that everyone already knows something when in reality that is not the case; I realised that I’d made that error when I read the article in The Times [below] which referenced the ‘Dolphin Square’ stories in Scallywag Magazine from the 1990s.

These stories have been kicking around for the last 20 years and repeated online. I doubt that Nick has lifted extracts directly from Scallywag but stories about Dolphin Square probably influenced him in exactly the same way as online stories about Ted Heath, Leon Brittan, Jimmy Savile, Sir Peter Hayman, Harvey Proctor, and Greville Janner – were also an influence.

I should point out that I have heard credible accounts of ‘rent boys’ being taken to Dolphin Square. Just because one account is fictitious doesn’t mean that all are – in exactly the same way that just because Nick’s accounts of abuse against Savile, Hayman, and Janner are untrue it doesn’t follow that those three individuals weren’t child abusers.


Key elements of the main witness’s account of the alleged Westminster paedophile ring first appeared 20 years ago in a magazine whose editor later stood trial accused of spreading malicious lies.

Claims of child abuse “parties” attended by MPs, made to Scotland Yard by a man identified only as Nick, bear striking similarities to articles published in Scallywag in the mid-1990s.

Detectives investigating the informant’s allegations under Operation Midland admitted that they had not read the stories or even heard ofScallywag before they declared his story to be credible and true.

There are, however, common factors between accounts by Nick, as published by the website Exaro News, and articles that appeared inScallywag and are still available to read online:

• Dolphin Square in Pimlico, central London, is identified as the main location for “parties” at which children were abused.

• Children were said to have been driven to London from different parts of the country to be abused.

• The abusers are said to have been extremely aggressive, with Scallywag talking of “savage violence” and Nick telling Exaro about “brutal” assaults.

• Both sets of accounts focus on allegations that the abusers were senior figures in the Conservative party.

• In a Scallywag article from 1994, a “source” is quoted as saying: “We often have underage boys wandering the corridors, totally lost, asking for the flat of a particular MP”. An Exaro article from 2014 reports Nick describing how he was “escorted up several flights of stairs, down a ‘dimly lit and musty’ corridor, then he was taken into an apartment”.

The Times


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    More Shite from the apologetic Gojam

  3. Anon

    Have you switched to trying to do a hatchet job on Scallywag now?

    I note both the Editor and his brother met untimely deaths.

    Who’s pulling your strings Gojam?

    • Not at all. Scallywag dug up some very interesting material though they also got things wrong on occasion. I even state that I’m aware of witnesses that tell me that ‘rent boys’ were take to Dolphin Square which corroborates what Scallywag were saying.

      I think you’ve missed the point, or more likely deliberately chose to misrepresent what I’ve written because of your own agenda.

    • tdf

      Regan was a dipso and Cyprus mountain roads are not necessarily the safest for the unfamiliar.

      Who’s pulling YOUR strings, Anon?

      Could it perhaps be the ILLUMINATI?

  4. dpack

    as far as i am aware scallywag was often accurate and published some very interesting data (and worked on such things without publishing) regarding vip csa and various dodgy deaths (milligan and rushbridger spring to mind) among other themes of note.

    the john major story was very close to truth in everything except the detail of who.
    that may well be because scallywag was deliberately fed a false story in a version of the macalpine defence, especially as the unfortunate catering woman said so later ,to mask the truth about major and currie.

    the later stuff about diana’s death was probably a waste of several years but as many thought it a kill it needed looking at even if only to leave no stone unturned.i can see motives but those with those motives would have used far more professional means than the data seems to suggest ie it would have been an “accident” or “natural causes” with no loose ends or a kill with a suitable “patsy” to take the rap rather than a rather messy crash with no guarantee of a kill and lots of opportunity for speculation.

    however the accuracy or not of data from scallywag is not the issue, the issue is could that data have partially informed the creation of a plausible ( until checked for basics such as dates and locations etc and cross referenced with all available data ) but false and misleading narrative?

  5. nuggy

    the storys about being taken to partys in london seem to trace back to steve hasham they have been on the internet for a long time though i dont know weather he mentioned dolphin squaure or not i think thats were this nick guy must of got his storey from.

  6. Had to laugh at this: “I have heard credible accounts of ‘rent boys’ being taken to Dolphin Square”. I should think there are few buildings in London to which rent boys have NOT been taken. You do realise, do you, that “rent boy” just means male prostitute? Many of these are in their late teens or older, and perfectly legal, nothing to do with CSA at all.

  7. anon

    There are definately lies told in Scallywag story on McAlpine don’t know where the source of info came from but was far from correct.