Edward Heath: Operation Conifer

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Wiltshire Police are currently recruiting civilian investigators to help investigate allegations of child sexual abuse that have been made against former Prime Minister Edward Heath.

The advertisement explains:

It has been agreed that Wiltshire Police will lead on the national oversight and coordination of any investigations into Sir Edward Heath. This decision has been taken following consultation between Operation Hydrant and affected forces and is based on operational consideration. The appointment of a lead force is to ensure that a national consistent approach is adopted across the Police forces concerned and to avoid duplication.

Regular readers of The Needle will already be aware that Operation Midland included allegations made by their witness ‘Nick’ who claimed that Edward Heath and Harvey Proctor had both abused him and that Edward Heath had stopped Harvey Proctor from cutting off Nick’s penis with a penknife. Harvey Proctor has always denied these allegations and Edward Heath is unavailable for comment.

It is unclear whether the commencement of Operation Conifer is yet another indication that Operation Midland is to close. It seems unlikely that a comprehensive and coordinated police investigation into allegations regarding Edward Heath could begin while a related Metropolitan Police investigation continued independently.

A spokesman for Wiltshire Police told me; “In common with other forces around the country, we have a combination of detectives and civilian investigators. Given the professional skills and experience required for this particular investigation, the civilian applicants will almost certainly be retired detectives.” and that, “The investigation is ongoing and it would not be appropriate to comment.”



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    This is very obviously completely ludicrous, so here is my song of the week. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9O6pCYyelA