‘Nick’, Bramall, Savile and Janner.

Here Max Hastings talks about the Met decision to drop the charges against Field Marshal Lord Bramall on Radio 4’s Today programme. In this interview Hastings reveals that some of the allegations leveled against Bramall by ‘Nick’ were from the 1970s during periods that he wasn’t even serving in Britain, that some of the allegations were that Lord Bramall had taken part in ‘pool parties’ with Jimmy Savile, and that Bramall along with two other named Generals, including the late Field Marshal Sir Roland Gibbs , Bramall’s predecessor as Chief of the General Staff, had been involved in sexually abusing ‘Nick’.


‘Nick’ has made numerous allegations against high profile men.

According to Exaro, ‘Nick’ has made allegations of abuse “including rape” against the known child abuser Lord Janner in London between 1979 and 1982. However, Leicestershire police felt they already had enough witnesses against Janner and decided not to include Nick’s allegations when charging Janner – make of that what you will…

As has been noted before, Nick has made allegations of sadistic sexual abuse against Jimmy Savile. He spoke to a Sky documentary ‘Crimes That Shook Britain’ about these ‘experiences’. Before writing about this for The Needle [HERE], I showed the video to an expert on Jimmy Savile, who has talked to many of his victims and who is very familiar with Savile’s offending profile. He confirmed what I thought – that what Nick was describing was “utter rubbish”.

In his many blog entries, which have since been deleted, Nick has described in detail the injuries that he sustained during his abuse. These include – Electrocution, Sharp objects stabbed into feet, Drowning, Being stung by a room full of wasps,  Broken bones/fractures, Burns (all over back), Having Poppies pinned to his bare chest, Severe anal injuries and blood loss from buggery which resulted in hospitalisation, and Puncture wounds.

Nick even helpfully supplied a diagram [below]


Which all begs the question; how could his mother, who had had a comprehensive medical training at the time, have been completely unaware of this abuse as, according to Nick, she told the police ?



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  1. nuggy

    i think its pretty obvious nick was making most if not all of his cliams up.

    but im curious to know how he knew the names of all those generals who gave him those names

    the story’s are clearly made up but it seems to me he couldn’t of made them without help..

    • Just a thought – “Nick” made a collection of allegations, some of which at least, appear untrue. These included Janner, Bramall and Proctor. Janner had a row with Bramall at Westminster, and had opposed Proctor long previously over immigration. Did anyone hoping to muddy the waters, to protect a WJC Vice-President and chief founder of Holocaust Education in the UK, “help” with these allegations, before Janner was finally tested in court – and sadly died too soon – like Leon Brittain, Robert Maxwell, Harry Dexter White, George de Mohrenschildt &c?

  2. jsc

    Leaving aside the possibility that ”Nick” is a malicious and deliberate liar, his allegations are so horrific that they strongly indicate a deeply troubled, or traumatised, individual. Gojam says himself that he believes ”Nick” was likely the victim of abuse in childhood. Therefore care should be taken by reasonable people who support CSA survivors in how they discuss him. Not all survivors of abuse in childhood are functional, or healthy people. Many are not.

    If the allegations prove to be untrue, then of course there will be legitimate anger, but this anger should primarily be directed at Exaro and the police, for failing to carry out due diligence and for failing to recognise a vulnerable man, one with possible delusional disorder or some schizophrenic illness.

    • You are of course correct jsc. It is always difficult to weigh in the balance and consider the well-being of one known individual like Nick against the hundreds or perhaps thousands of unknown individual with similar experiences who could be adversely affected by Nick’s behaviour. Let alone the well-being of the men and families of those that he has falsely accused.

      That is why my guide is always the truth and transparency. I’m sure that we won’t go far wrong if they are our guides.

    • Lord Bramall has been told by the police that if further evidence comes to light he will be re interviewed. Nick was not the only witness.

      • I’m not sure I like the word ‘witness’ in this context when it relates to something that I do not believe took place.

        Nevertheless, for clarity – the Met talked to no other witnesses other than Nick and, as I understand it, no other independent person has.

        Now it might be that Nick claims that there is a witness that only talks to him but ultimately, given that there is a suggestion that Nick is a fantasist, it’s hardly proof of anything.

    • Aardvark

      Well said jsc.

  3. Matt

    You have to wonder, who writes a blog, with the sole purpose of attacking child abuse survivors.

    And it’s anonymous as well. What a surprise

  4. Callie

    I didn’t need to speak to a ‘Savile expert’ to know Nick’s account was nonsense. If you are familiar with his blogs, you’ll know that everyone Nick ever met was a sadist. Now, sadism is no more common among paedophiles than it is among the rest of us. Most paedos groom their victims, trying to convince themselves they want a ‘relationship’ and that they are enjoying sexual contact. But everyone Nick met was an actual sadist, enjoying torture and ritualised pain and actual shedding of blood ( eg the poppy story). This is a huge indicator that the story isn’t true.

    • As I wrote the expert confirmed what I already thought.

      You can be assured that we have all of his blog entries saved.

    • tdf


      Yes and there is also a phrase used in several interviews about certain abusers (Savile, and later in a subsequent interview, certain politicians) he claims were interested in “the very sadistic end of abuse”. And a very similar phrase occurs in Chris Fay’s interview with Bill Maloney from a few years back, ‘Nightmares at Elm Guest House’. Just a coincidence I’m sure…nothing to worry about….

    • Aardvark

      Sadism may not be common, but there are and have been many sadistic child abusers though, the Cook gang, Ian Brady, Moira Hindley, Robert Black, Fred and Rose West etc etc. to mention a few, It is also true that sadistic people, like the ones mentioned above, worked sadistically, in collaboration. Isn’t the very nature of abusing children, the abuse of power and in no way understanding their victim and their pain, which could be argued is on the same spectrum of sadism, if less severe?

  5. Aardvark

    Could the situation that Baron Bramall has found himself in, be in anyway linked to the context of this wikipedia entry?:


    “On 27 August 2006 it was reported that Bramall hit Lord Janner, then 78, after making what witnesses claim were a series of “anti-Israel” comments during an argument over the Lebanon conflict. Janner sought the advice of fellow peers about how and whether to make a formal complaint against Bramall, before deciding to accept an apology after which Janner said the matter was now resolved.[33]”

  6. Parsonage

    January 17, 2016 at 4:00 pm
    But you do not know who the ‘instigators ‘ of this enquiry are, or how many of there there are, or what the evidence is, do you? Lord Bramall was an investigation into an Army Base, and was only part of a much larger enquiry.”

    The fact that we don’t know all the individuals behind the witch-hunt and their motivation makes it all the more sinister – obviously the repellent Watson and South Yorkshire Plod’s ex-finest Hogan-Howe are deeply implicated. If you know more, please enlighten me.

    Midland is very obviously a dead duck – how much more time does it require for god’s sake?

    What do you mean about Bramall and an investigation into an army base? Please expand on that

    • If you do not even know about Operation Midland, how can you comment on it?
      Lord Bramall was accused of something that happened to ‘Nick’, in an Army Base in the West Country.
      ‘Nick’ was not the first person to report abuse/murder to the police, connected to Elm Guest House/Dolphin Square etc. There was information given to the police by ‘others’, before ‘Nick’ went to the police, and not connected to Exaro.

  7. dpack

    there does seem to have been/be an active smoke and mirrors operation regarding “vip” offending and the advantages that brings to those who would exploit their knowledge of that offending might indicate there is much to be concealed.

    cross referencing data from diverse sources and checking basics such as ” does the chap have a plausible alibi for the relevant date/time ?” should be a basic before promoting a “story”.
    failure to do so is either sloppy or deliberate,if it becomes a pattern with multiple examples the probable explanation swings towards the deliberate especially if diverse data indicates dubious bone fides for those promoting such stories.

    there are occasions when a story has a single source but even then the basics of alibi,mo etc can indicate the probability of it being probable,possible or not.
    there are also stories with multiple false sources but again examining the details can show it to be false .

    an aspect of such things we seem to have neglected to address in depth is if an organisation is set up to collect and promote smoke and mirrors it may well also be collecting true accounts and suppressing them by a variety of means.(mr solanki springs to mind).

    • Hi dpack.

      I had a long chat with Colin Wallace about this yesterday and I’ll try and publish something on this soon.

      • dpack

        during the conversation i mentioned regarding the recent heath allegations being almost certainly false i was asked if i trusted mr wallace ,my reply was ” as far as i know he is telling the truth perhaps not the whole truth (the osa is only one of the perils when dealing with such matters) but what he has said seems true based on data from other sources and examined in a broader context”.

        that led to a discussion regarding a broader context which among other things prompted “one never knows where research will lead” and “the americans can be very dangerous” both of which i knew but it is good advice.
        my response was “we try to never keep a secret and share data as widely as possible as soon as possible ,legal proceedings if appropriate can require discretion etc etc ”

        so in that spirit but not covered in the conversation i mention above an abstract of some recent research.

        figure gets a mention from tatum in relation to archer which leads to a whole warehouse of worm cans ,the few cans i have had a quick look at seem to back up tatum being fairly accurate.(pablo being prevented from flooding the market with 4 billion in fake $100 notes seems very plausible.the left over $4 bil in real notes is another worm can factory)
        if tatum is correct im wondering if archer might lead to dickie and airey ( both very professional and i cant come up with many other plausible candidates).

        and possibly to willie although that seems a bit of a confused botch being neither hit, accident or suicide and perhaps that silencing was a follow or warning gone wrong by domestic agents or domestic contractors.
        (im fairly sure mckeague was inla assisted by domestic and bradford was pira probably assisted by domestic).

        ps archer isnt the jailbird novelist.

        pps colby’s exit from the world also looks rather iffy and if it is seems probably related to his potential to spill worms from many cans.

      • Perhaps you could ask Colin Wallave what the connection is between the French Secret Service and the abduction of Martin Allen in 1979?

    • You cannot examine ‘details’, ‘times and dates’, as these cannot be accurate after 30years, in the memory of a young boy???

  8. If the above list of injuries is correct, it says, ‘these include,’ does that mean there are ‘other injuries’?

  9. Operation Midland is still an ongoing investigation.
    The Solicitor General wishes to draw attention to the risk of publishing material that gives the impression of pre-judging the outcome of the investigation and any criminal proceedings that may follow, or which might prejudice any such proceedings.

    The Attorney General’s Office will be monitoring the ongoing coverage of Operation Midland and editors and publishers should take legal advice to ensure they are in a position to comply with their legal obligations.

  10. Reblogged this on VICTIMS OF THE STATE and commented:
    Deliberate government intervention designed to ultimately discredit genuine and very serious crimes committed by government protected criminals eg. Savile et al.

    • We are talking about crimes going back 30 years, identifying people can be difficult, as the only images available are those of well known people.

      • Reddan

        Only images of well known people, what nonsense of course photographs of others are available these alleged crimes are 20th century not 19th. It is clear that ‘Nick’ is a fantasist to try and excuse his fraud does not help those that have genuinely suffered and casts doubt on all allegations.

      • Comeoffit

        His memory was fine though, where describing how a fellow schoolmate was mown down in a hit and run as they walked to school together.
        A hit and run for which there is no trace of.
        A hit and run which none of the other pupils at the same school who were asked had any knowledge of either.

  11. Trudy

    Police would not have asked such probing questions they have been instructed to believe. During a twitter conversation in July 2015 ‘Nick’ was asked about his mother’s whereabouts in all this – he stated he did not like to talk about her publicly and swiftly changed subject to horror of his abuse by the group.

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  13. In your oppinion is this person a fantasist operating on his own or a deliberate, payed misinformation plant?

    • It is impossible to say. It wouldn’t be the first time that someone has been smeared by right-wing elements with child abuse allegations because of his view on Nuclear weapons. See Lord Carrington here from 1983 > http://www.larouchepub.com/eiw/public/1983/eirv10n48-19831213/eirv10n48-19831213_041-will_great_britains_pedophile_sc.pdf

      Then see both Bramall and Beach (both named by ‘Nick’) from 2009 here > http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7832365.stm

      That said, on balance, I think ‘Nick’ is psychologically flawed and he’s a fantasist.

      I should note that he may have been abused as a child by a man known to the family but the VIP allegations look dubious to say the least.

      • Anon

        Remember the MacAlpine gambit and the adult hetrosexual rape allegations made against Leon Brittan.

      • Jack

        And the cocaine fuelled pool parties attended by the most unlikely Tory grandees. All utter fantasy designed to discredit the very real abuse that did occur. It is no accident that these allegations appeared in the press the day after Camaron announced the ‘over arching’ child abuse enquiry.

      • Anon

        And now, lo and behold, Cameron has stepped in. It’s almost as if the whole thing has been orchestrated.

        Would be interesting to know if there were any allegations made by any person other than ‘Nick’.

      • Anon

        I was wondering whether there were any other allegations about other activity rather than anything that alleged to corroborate what Nick was specifically supposed to have alleged.