A #Legend Dies. Thank You David Bowie.


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  1. kaz

    he was also a paedophile

    • artmanjosephgrech

      adults who have sexual relations with children should be described as perpetrators. There is no evidence that David Bowie had sex with a pre adolescent child which is the proper use of term paedophile and for those who only have sex with young children It is correct that is believed that David Bowie had sexual relationships with a wide range of men and women including teenagers he encountered.. It is not known if any complaint was ever made and there is no evidence that anyone has now come forward with a complaint since there was international publicity following his death.
      David also never pretended to be other than what he was and was always honest about his life style.

  2. Owen

    Bowie died, aged 69, while a malnourished 16-year-old also died in Madaya. No man is an island but we reserve the right to be bigtime more interested in some promontories of the main than in others.

  3. jsc

    David Bowie was a great artist, but I think it’s fair to note on this site of all places that he had sex with a 14 years old girl, Lori Maddox, in the early 70’s. And 70’s groupie Sable Starr’s wiki page says his close friend Iggy Pop ”was involved with” Sable’s 11 year sister, Corel Shields.

    • Aardvark

      Yes, I agree, he has been a hero to many, including myself and was a great artist , who played the sound tracks to many of our lives, but that doesn’t put him above reproach. Some may argue it was a different time or milieu, but that certainly doesn’t justify the damage that young people have suffered. It is very important to discuss, why it was seen as somehow acceptable, to abuse young people, with certain people being above the law and protected?

      Speaking of those who are protected and above the law, the evidence against Janner is not now going to be heard in court, so no justice for the Survivors. It is therefor important that site’s like this focus their attention on how Janner and his kind have evaded Justice and discover who were protecting them. Our justice system has to change, it’s a corrupt, sick joke, when the likes of Janner, get away with systematic abuse for decades and with overwhelming evidence against them.

      • jsc

        I think it is important to apply the same standards of behaviour to all. When ”uncool” entertainers (Stuart Hall, Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter etc ) are known to have had a sexual interest in minors, we call them (and convict them) as child sex offenders –and rightly so. But Bowie and Jimmy Page are not called sex offenders,and there have been no calls for them to be investigated by the police. Why? Because their music is critically acclaimed?

  4. tdf

    I am one of the few that liked his 1990s stuff, especially the ‘Outside’ album.

    • artmanjosephgrech

      While I agree with importance of David Bowie as a cultural change icon I am puzzle by the extent of media coverage in the UK almost to the exclusion of everything else and his deification including by David Cameron which reminded of a something with a former leader of the Labour Party Hugh Gaitskell wrote to me in April 1962 that the Tories would do anything to get and stay in power by fair means and foul. I also expect the same level of attention to be directed when Queen is 90 and all designed to help prevent the UK leaving the EEC and thwarting the further development of the new kind of politics led by present Labour Leader. There was good reason why David not only went to the USA but stayed there and I did not witness much regard to his talents over the past 20 years in the UK until his death..

  5. joekano76

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  6. artmanjosephgrech

    agreed saw him at Roker park ( Sunderland’s Former Football ground same year period Bruce Springsteen came to St James Park

  7. Andy Barnett

    He was a legend, indeed, but not just for his music. He was part of a social movement that taught a generation to question the moral codes handed down by our elders and betters. It was a movement that was exploited by some to justify activities we have spoken about at length on this blog. Nonetheless, he was an immensely talented individual, a force for good and will be sadly missed.

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