DCI Paul Settle Investigated By IPCC

I’m posting this for completeness but I can tell you all now that if this complaint does refer to DCI Paul Settle and the witness known as ‘Darren’ then it is a complete load of hogwash. ‘Darren’ had appeared on the BBC using his real name over a year before he was visited by journalists. Most journalists knew who ‘Darren’ was and DCI Settle was no longer involved with the establishment paedophile police operations by the time this case was being investigated by the Met.

It just suits some in the police to tarnish DCI Settle’s reputation at this time but it will all be shown to be rubbish.


DCI Settle and ‘Darren’ (face obscured)


The behaviour of a senior police officer who investigated a Westminster sex ring is to be examined by the Independent Police Complaints Commission over  a claim of leaking information to the media.

The officer, believed to be DCI Paul Settle, who as the head of the Met’s Operation Fairbank between November 2012  and May 2014 was charged with looking into claims of VIP sexual abuse at Dolphin Square, the Elm Guest House in Barnes and elsewhere, is the subject of a complaint by one of the alleged victims of abuse. It is believed that the complaint relates to “Darren”, an alleged victim, whose anonymity should be assured under the law, and who has claimed that journalists arrived at his house asking questions of him, purportedly as a result of unauthorised briefings by the police. It has also been alleged in the media that an officer spoke to the BBC’s Panorama for a programme broadcast last October and provided unauthorised material about the identity of a child abuse survivor. The name of the alleged Panorama source is not known.

The IPCC said last night: “The IPCC is investigating two complaints regarding the disclosure of information to the media. The investigation is at a very early stage and follows a referral from the Metropolitan Police Service.”

The Independent


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  2. tdf

    ^ Darth Fred,

    Your question is directed at Gojam, but I am going to volunteer my own answer.

    Outside of the Needle Blog, in terms of bloggers frankly all I can recommend off the top of my head are:

    (1) https://spotlightonabuse.wordpress.com/

    A mainly historical database of news articles, with a helpful index on the right hand side. Principally a database rather than a blog as such, but nevertheless an excellent resource.

    (2) Matthew Scott’s http://barristerblogger.com/

    A blog written by a practising barrister. Although not specifically devoted to the law on CSA matters, he has dealt with the issue in a number of posts. The blog is perhaps a mite sceptical for the tastes of some on here but generally accurate as far as I can see.

  3. Darth Fred

    Twitter is an out of control masquerade party.

    Thanks for your work Gojam. Trying to make sense of this subject is difficult. There seem to be professional bastards at work muddying the already filthy waters.
    It would be much appreciated if you could write a brief summary of who you think is trustworthy on social media.

  4. GOG

    It strikes me that both Darren and Nick have both behaved in a way that could identify them. It now looks as though they are crying foul and trying to make Settle a scapegoat, as far as i know he never had anything to do with either Darren or Nick as he had long since gone. Looks like yet another attempt to smear someone by Exaro

  5. tdf

    I have just read on Twitter that Proctor “must” be guilty because he “admitted” to once meeting a general in Dolphin Square.

    I have also read that someone has recently experienced “flashbacks” and has suddenly remembered that all the kids on the streets in the 1960s “knew” that Heath was a nonce – the usual suspects are of course encouraging his “claims”.

    Will somebody please shout stop?

    • dpack

      following a conversation regarding heath and other matters imho the recent and historic lurid allegations against him are smoke and mirrors and should be seen in the context of the wilson plot,clockwork orange,democratic process,european union membership,nuclear policy etc etc .

      two important points:

      he had enough privacy to be an in the closet gay chap (with the door just ajar) and was “protected” from being outed which was assisted by his restraint and discretion.
      far too many folk would have been aware of any truly evil behaviour on his part (and that would have been enough to blackmail him into the directions the very powerful required of a british pm rather than the very powerful feeling the need to replace him as tory leader/pm).

      therefore im willing to shout STOP on that subject and suggest a very close look at the origins and promotion of the “heath was a child murdering nonce”stories to establish cui bono for this box of red herrings.

  6. tdf

    There was also a previous blogpost on the Needle Blog from September: https://theneedleblog.wordpress.com/2015/09/19/the-latest-daily-mail-nick-story/

    Suffice to say I find myself in agreement with Justin Sanity’s comments after it.

  7. callie

    Loads of people on twitter knew who Nick was. He’d hardly been circumspect for goodness’ sake. If I knew he was I’m sure journalists did too. It was Exaro who encouraged people on to twitter. Running blogs and twitter accounts and speaking at filmed rallies seemed like a good idea I’m sure, but this whole odious strategy by Exaro hasn’t been properly thought through if they really expected to remain anonymous. Having said that the Mail overstepped the mark by using Nick’s picture.

  8. M baines

    There’s a lot more to this case than just Darren.That’s if it does concern him.

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