The Day Before You Came

The Friday night song.


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11 responses to “The Day Before You Came

  1. Sabre

    The establishment appear to have weathered the storm. The next war is due to be announced on Wednesday so we know that the tame politicos are still being controlled.

    As the bullet passed through Winston’s Smith’s brain he did truly love big brother.

    • dpack

      iirc lambeth got a mention among the first dozen or so themes for the goddard inquiry,westminster was another along with various “out of town”locations and institutions.

      i do wonder if “westminster” will be as comprehensive as it should be and include such matters as “corruption in the service”, “30 officers” ,the issues john mann was referring to recently,the means used by whips,etc etc etc etc etc etc .

      sabre, i know what you mean but their fleet is somewhat battered and full of holes,they may be able to distract from that but the rotten nature of the structures is such that it will take time that we should not give them to recover.
      if we keep them in port with further truths and deny them the means to mend or replace their boats we will prevail.

      Click to access update-statement-november-2015.pdf

      we have got a lot done in the last few years ,there is more to do.

  2. dpack – I was wondering about the radio silence. I’m familiar with the D Notice regime and respect it.

  3. paul

    thanks dpack,i hope the real scum don’t get away with it. particularly kincora. the public have such short memories and are easily influenced by the media.

  4. paul

    the silence from everybody on so called vip paedophiles says it all.99% of everything on the internet is garbage.

    • dpack

      the other one percent is valuable once identified and put into context.
      the 99% includes smoke and mirrors which in themselves can be of assistance if it is possible to use them to identify when something is being concealed(exaro’s and other msm/online output as well as various misdirections relating to police and other inquiries over the past couple of years might be quite revealing if properly untangled).

      there are many aspects that have been discussed in the past that are now sub judice or part of active police or goddard investigations and therefore best left to one side for the mo(north wales,lambeth,westminster,ulster etc etc ) .
      in the example of north wales pallial have got several convictions so far and have many more cases awaiting hearings,these need to be done in order and without publicity that will compromise later trials as they are closely linked.
      the situation in northern ireland is similar but even more complex due to the obvious and less obvious such as that several ongoing legal aspects are linked although to say so could compromise each of them and could be quite dangerous considering what is at steak .
      what john mann said regarding the botched or corrupted wanless/whittam inquiry is another example where to say stuff on line at the mo could well compromise what might be a major breakthrough towards truth.

      i have said very little recently partly due to the issues i outline above and partly cos until i recon i have a valid hypothesis based on cross referenced data for another part of context saying nowt is the best policy as it avoids creating red herrings or blue herrings for the big sharks to eat.
      im fairly sure that quite a few good folk from very diverse backgrounds are working quietly to add to truth in similar ways.
      i am also sure that there are many working”to keep a lid on this” but the timing of taking the lid off worm cans is important.


    I am totally bamboozled about this please explain.

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