Bad Karma

The Friday Night Song



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7 responses to “Bad Karma

  1. Sabre

    If only we could rely on karma.

  2. Question for dpack: last night we had on German “BBC” an announcement about a truck bomb found I think in Hamburg. Have you any idea why Germany and France are now being targeted by Gladio?

  3. tdf

    Well, it’s certainly an interesting question. Personally, I don’t think the recent attacks in Paris were false flag (unlike the 1980 Bologa bombing, until relatively recently the worst terrorist attack in Europe in terms of casualty rate) but the reaction, in terms of the trend towards militarisation of the police, military openly patrolling the streets in some parts of Europe, etc, is worthy of comment and analysis to examine where it might fit in to a bigger picture.

  4. tdf

    Hey. Topaz.

    We could actually try changing it.

  5. tdf

    Come on Topaz, sing it with me..

    You have the grace to hold yourself
    while those around you fall

  6. tdf

    Fancy heading to the 27th?