ITN News: ‘Sir Maurice Oldfield Smear’ (21.11.86)

Includes contributions from Sir George Young, ex-deputy Director MI6 who was recently mentioned by John Mann MP – HERE – and Colin Wallace.

The term ‘Practising Homosexual’ is used ubiquitously to the point where it becomes quite comical.  Asked how he’d describe the allegations that Sir Maurice Oldfield had been  a ‘practising homosexual’, Sir George Young replies, “As a lot of cock.” – Quite…



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  2. dpack

    that seems about right.

    it seems very likely that thatcher went along with the smear because of the short briefing and sheet of A4 he gave her about what really happened to dickie and airey , the true nature of the “security situation”in ireland and perhaps a few related matters rather shocked her and could not be made public without collapsing her tenure and perhaps the entire house of cards.

    that nothing worse than a smear happened to him was probably because he had secured the hess papers as personal insurance for himself and his trusted chums along with the knowledge that his medical condition was terminal and therefore he had a limited shelf life and would soon no longer pose a threat by speaking out.
    iirc there are quite a few references to these matters in the needle archives especially the kincora related stuff.

    my impression of the chap is that although he was gay he decided that was not compatible with his religious beliefs or his line of work and so lived a (mostly) celibate life(which disappointed his long term close female colleague whose name escapes me at the mo ,iirc correctly i saw that detail in her obituary in the telegraph archive)

  3. SIS protect the Royal paedophile network and blackmail the media/parliament one.

  4. tdf

    So the suggestion is if I read it correctly of a far right faction in intelligence servies that objected to even the Thatcher administration’s tepid moves in the direction of a peace process?

    Fwiw, if Oldfield was the model for Smiley, it seems to me that in the books, Le Carre dropped several hints that Smiley was a largely celibate homosexual – e.g., his wife is depicted as sleeping around, with Smiley turning a blind eye, with the implication (though never directly stated) that their relationship was platonic.

    Dpack, when you refer to “the true nature of the “security situation”in ireland”,can you elaborate on what you mean here please? Security forces collusion with loyalist paramilitaries or something else?

    • dpack

      imho the troubles were created and maintained and significant assets in many factions managed as one part of an operation intended to install and justify a “strong government” to the general public and reduce opposition to it in any action it chose to(or was told to) take especially in relation to cold war strategy and a neoliberal global agenda.

      this is mostly about italy but demonstrates the basic game plan.

      much the same strategy of tension was used in many contexts and in many places . some the mechanisms of the ni part are in the needle’s kincora related threads but the theme runs through the political aspects of many subjects covered over the last few years.

      it worth remembering that there are always a variety of players in the big game and byzantine does not come close to describing the complexity of realpolitic.

      • Aardvark

        It’s amazing that the Timewatch programme was actually broadcast, considering the revelations it makes about our deeply undemocratic and brutally controlled, parallel world. It is scary to think that the post war, Communist paranoia of the likes of the Americans like Angleton and those on the right in Europe, sent us down a path of brutal terror, to make people more beholden to the State, through what they termed “The strategy of Tension”. It is the ultimate fairy tale, in this case the evil terrorist set up to keep the people in fear.

        It is therefor, not difficult at all to imagine Kincora in this context. Interestingly, in the first part of the programme, at about 36min, Gerardo Serravalle, the Italian Commander of Gladio in Italy, describes how ‘Special Branch’ in the UK was specifically created to fight the IRA. That the lives of innocent People and Children from their own Country, have been seen as dispensable in this power game, is sickening to the stomach. What can be done to change this, when those in power are the brutal “puppeteers”?

      • Aardvark

        Should of course have said “..the post war paranoia of communism …” and not “communist paranoia”!

      • tdf


        I always find your posts interesting and perceptive but I’m afraid this is a conspiracy theory too far for me:

        “imho the troubles were created and maintained and significant assets in many factions managed as one part of an operation intended to install and justify a “strong government” to the general public and reduce opposition to it in any action it chose to(or was told to) take especially in relation to cold war strategy and a neoliberal global agenda.”

        To me the causes of the Troubles were really quite simple: in theory Northern Ireland was a ‘normal’ democracy but in reality many districts were gerrymandered, making it virtually impossible for a nationalist MP to be elected. Catholics were routinely denied employment in all but the more menial Northern Ireland government jobs and even in many of the larger private sector concerns. Initially peaceful civil rights marches started up from the early 1960s onwards and were attacked by loyalist mobs.

        Few people now remember that as of 1968 or so, nationalists/Catholics in working class areas were damning the (then dormant) IRA as “I Ran Away”, and that the British Army was originally sent in mainly to protect nationalists from loyalist mobs, because the situation was becoming increasingly embarassing for Westminister, and there was diplomatic pressure from the US government, influenced by the Irish-American lobby.

        When the conflict properly kicked off, after Bloody Sunday, the new breed of IRA men who were emerging, the Provisionals, tended to be heavily influenced by left wing political ideology (Brian Keenan, a top IRA commander, was an ideological Marxist). Others, such as Martin McGuinness, were less influenced by Marxist ideology or even socialism per se, and more influenced by just an instinct, at least initially, of protecting their communities.

        That is not to dispute at all that various actors were moving chesspieces in the background, operating in a clandestine fashion, in some cases perhaps even trying to pull strings on both sides, but the essence of the conflict to me doesn’t relate so much directly to Operation Gladio IMHO.

      • dpack

        tdf much of what you say is correct but it is only a small part of the jigsaw.
        the arms that mcgrath recieved 1968 from south africa were used to arm the “back up ” of the unionist mobs,those arms were almost certainly brokered by henniker (who was head anglo irish mason and therefore senior to mcgrath and mckeague[and blunt] ).
        henniker was very close to the old soe balkan/east med crew (maclean(politics and spookery),amery(politics,le cercle,spookery),neave(politics,spookery,ryder[spookery/insertions of polish assets etc etc ] .the balkan soe/6 crew also included the italian aristocrat mentioned in the timewatch film.
        neave and ryder had a close link via her charity to hn sporberg /hambro’s bank which provides just one degree of separation to angleton.
        i could expand at length with references for the above.

        as one example of many from the republican side of things steaknife(14 det/fru)>a year living in the english home of his handler who is a very scarey man(so i wont name him)when things got too hot for both of them in ni.
        pira developed from a community defense force but once armed by gadaffi(cia/6 asset ?his terrorist trainers included quite a few recruited directly from fort bragg)and directed in part by steaknife they played their part.
        inla trained and armed by gadaffi (see above)

        the above is a very short version of the available data but with only a few bits of the jigsaw the gladio b theme does seem to be a noticeable pattern.
        the more parts added and joined to other sections the clearer the picture becomes.
        on the mainland the far right/far left and the assorted political tricks(clockwork orange ,the wilson plot,the aborted 74 coup plot,stirling’s private army,the gov/employers v unions etc etc )add to the overall picture.

        i recon the gladio b model fits the known data quite well.

    • dpack

      im not the only one wearing a tin foil hat ,this has a slightly different slant to my take on things but covers some common ground and adds a few more bits to the jigsaw .the references make for interesting reading,
      it is of note that oldfield is said to have been aware of and concerned by deeply undemocratic activities from quite an early date.

  5. iantoosmart

    dpack. I’m also curious about what you’ve written. Is there a suggestion that dickie and airey were not victims of republican terrorism? Or that republican terrorism was not what it seemed, at least at that point in time? Dear old dickie’s demise does seem a remarkable thing when you look back at it, given his military and imperial stature and his being at the centre of all kinds of arrangments regarding the royals. Even wikipedia allows that he had an active extra-marital life, including, an allegation, sourced to a Barry Wheen book about Driberg, that his lordship had a sexual interest in men.

    • dpack

      i think it best to keep an open mind about such matters but neither the official or the semi official versions of the murders of airey and dickie have some difficult inconsistencies .some of the more lurid versions of events are deeply implausible.
      i thought it was generally accepted that dickie was bi ,that however is probably only of slight relevance to his central role in a very big game.

      • Aardvark

        dpack, does the murder of Ross Mcwhirter, come in to the same category as the ones mentioned? Hope you will be publishing your book one day for us all to read!

      • dpack

        as far as i am aware mcwhirter was trying to drum up support for a zero tolerance/ethnic cleansing type of approach to ending republicanism in ni.
        he was active in far right politics and quite mouthy in a soft target with a big gob it would not surprise me if he was killed by pira as the official version suggests but as with all such matters keeping an open mind about his murder is wise.
        his political activities might well have brought him into close contact with others of like mind and any number of factions within spookdom who may have had a motive for bumping him off (or permitting it )as an enemy, as a risky friend or even as anti republican propaganda.
        without further data my instinct is he was killed by a pira mainland active service unit on their own initiative.

      • dpack

        sorry my bad.
        i worded that rather messily it makes more sense if the neither becomes both

        opps ,in the first version neither made sense and i failed to amend it when i reordered the rest of the sentence.

        to summarize i do not think the official explanation of either murder is complete or correct .

      • tdf

        ^ Personally, have always thought the Neave assassination is much the more suspicious of the two.

        The INLA were a very odd and disreputable organisation, a far less professional outfit than the PIRA. I think that the two organisations occasionally co-operated on operations but not frequently. That they were capable of carrying off such an operation in Central London against someone like Neave at the height of the Troubles without assistance doesn’t seem to pass the smell test to me. (Incidentally, in more recent years, in 1998, they claimed responsibility for the assassination of dissident loyalist terrorist Billy Wright while he was in prison, and similarly it is widely rumoured that they were given an ‘assist’ in this operation.)

        The Mountbatten assassination I think is less suspicious. Leaving aside the rumours about his private life, he was by many accounts a rather vain man, someone with a high opinion of himself that was not necessarily backed up by ability. It could be simply be what it is at surface value – he was lax about his personal security, assuming that the friendliness of those locals that he encountered during his trips to Monaghan would somehow protect him from any harm, & the Provos saw their chance and took it.

      • dpack

        a slightly odd “coincidence” is that willie macrae seems to have worked for dickie in burma as a naval lt commander and ADC.
        he was also involved during the transition to indian independence which dickie presided over.

        in the light of john mann’s statement regarding the scope of the”dickens papers” im wondering what was the content of the papers that seem to have gone missing between willie leaving for a weekend away and the inventory of his belongings after he was dead.
        i had suspected it was a simple list /proof of vip csa offenders that he intended to share with mr dickens but i recon it might have been of a far more dangerous nature than that.

      • tdf

        Fwiw, an interesting article about the Anglo Irish Agreement, signed 30 years ago by Margaret Thatcher and Garret Fitzgerald:

  6. Dave

    Yes, Oldfield abstracted what he considered to be important papers from the MI6 archive about Hess. I believe they are in the Netherlands.MI6 threw out all their files on Hess.

    • dpack

      thanks, the netherlands detail might make sense at some point.

      the small file of hess papers that went to auction a couple of years ago and were eventually bought by an anonymous buyer for $80k were perhaps a reminder that the most interesting stuff was still in safe keeping.

  7. NJG Cerberus

    Shocking homophobia in the above report footage. One might presume from listening to this that straight spies would never be vulnerable to a honey trap by a female spy. Kind of throws all those Bond movies out of the window too, doesn’t it? One day all the adults who made LGBT children’s lives a misery during the 1970s and ’80s will be lined up in a revolutionary court to face charges for their child abuse.

    • When “batting for the other side” was a criminal offence spies and others were more vulnerable to blackmail as a result of their activities than for instance someone having a hetrosexual affair. To suggest that stating so is in some way shockingly homophobic is ridiculous.

      Politically correct hypersensitivity a malevolent tool of the Frankfurt School. You should read up on it, not everyone agrees with your world view and never will you can either give yourself a complex or get over it.

  8. nuggy

    i know its not very relvant but have you seen this gojam.

  9. FWIW Special Branch was set up to fight the Fenians- it was originally ‘Special Irish Branch.’

  10. dpack

    thanks justin, i had not come across that site the american perspective is interesting and there seems some data useful for cross referencing.

    BEWARE the big picture zip link on that site triggered my antivirus stuff and does not seem available.

  11. tdf

    Breaking story in Ireland (the Republic thereof, nothing to do with Kincora and such matters):