BBC Newsnight: Woodford School. Three decades of CSA

Joint Newsnight and See Hear Investigation by Erika Jones into three decades of sexual abuse in a home for the deaf at Woodford.
‘In 1951, Eric and Beatrice Ingall set up the Woodford School, a private school for deaf children in east London. Beatrice was headmistress and Eric the bursar, driver and handyman. The couple lived in the same boarding house as the pupils.

This is a depressingly familiar account which highlights the important need for the independent CSA Inquiry. Multiply this harrowing example by a thousand or more across the country and you’ll be left with no alternative but to ask yourself the question; What the hell has been going on ?

Eric Ingall was not a politician, or TV celebrity, were his victims less affected? Were they less deserving of justice? Are their terrible experiences less newsworthy ?

Please take this opportunity to explore our Greenlight CSA Database – HERE Though it has hundreds of institutions listed, we know it is incomplete. Please help us to make it better.



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7 responses to “BBC Newsnight: Woodford School. Three decades of CSA

  1. Aardvark

    This most heinous abuse of power over the most vulnerable can never cease to shock, even when there are Child abuse allegations of epidemic proportions now being reported. It would seem that this abuse of power and the taboo subject of Child abuse in the past, allowed many abusers to go unchallenged and unpunished for the appalling suffering they perpetrated.

    Marc Sinden, son of actor Donald Sinden, discusses the abuse he suffered at the hands of the Head Master of Edgeborough Prep School and his father’s total lack of ability to deal with it, even sending his son back to school to suffer further abuse. However, it is also other peoples lack of ability to deal with the abuse, to actually protect the Children in their care, that is also so shocking, the complicit behaviour of the Matron, “Chalky” and when others in authority did become aware of the Headmaster, Charles Mitchells’ abuse, he is quietly seen to retire early, without a fuss and is certainly not brought to justice.

    This way of dealing with a taboo subject, seems to have been played out in Institution after institution in the UK, the abusers would have been well aware of this lack of redress and would have manipulated themselves into positions of power, confident that they were somehow, above the law and our collective inability to talk about and understand the damage caused by Child abuse, to the point of not protecting our Children

  2. joekano76

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  3. tdf

    Always important to remember that vast majority of the perps are not VIP’s or household names.

    On that note, I recently became aware, via another forum, of allegations regarding a multi-national gang of abusers operating in Greece:

    ^ Gojam and team, are there any UK media contacts you could ask to look into this matter, in particular as regards the issue of the British alleged perps that are seemingly on the run?

  4. dpack

    a timely reminder that a multi aspect approach is required.

  5. l8in

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