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  1. Andy Barnett

    I very much look forward to reading the HASC report criticising the Police’s handling of the Brittan/Jane case while ticking off Tom Watson for, erm, criticising the Police’s handling of the Brittan/Jane case.

    I have also enjoyed Gojam’s review of how the case was handled, questioning whether Commanders were right to, erm, review how the case was handled and question decisions they believed to be wrong.

    Perhaps we should all just let the Police get on with their job?

  2. Hi Gojam

    you can do. a lot of good covering this story. Tons of parrarels to what is happening in the UK. Cathy Fox covered it, but I think a write up is more powerful than a video.

    • dpack

      in other matters sibel edmonds’s work has seemed well informed and accurate.her work on some aspects of the gladio b program is surprisingly thorough.

      there are ugly clandestine links to the darker aspects of turkish matters from the avaricious,politicals, csa offenders and a variety of spooky types (many of which overlap) from europe as well as the usa.

      iirc there is a strong case against a( fairly recent but historic) belgian cabinet minister with regard to his taste for young street boys ,bribes etc on his jaunts to byzantium.(iirc he was quite good pals with leon as they had the same jobs at the same time)
      dear editor,the link below contains some very disturbing material (even when redacted)and might be best omitted,your call.
      there are a few hints in that link but there is far more to be exposed regarding these matters
      turkey has been the point of entry (and exit) for a variety of clandestine shipments especially the overland afgan heroin trade to europe.
      turkey was the junction between europe and asia on the southern route of the silk road of antiquity and it still is .
      byzantium has always had lots of dodgy dealers,spooks and smugglers.

  3. dpack

    re watching the (ex) detectives i was considering paul flynn’s comments regarding operation tiberias .

    then i noticed this
    and this

    they may not be connected but both are of interest the first seems to show good faith and honest coppering from pallial ,the second poses some awkward questions one of which is was that a document theft or the simple loss/theft of a laptop?