HASC: Evidence Given By Tom Watson MP [21/10/15]

Tom Watson’s evidence to the House of Commons Select Committee, 21st October 2015. Keith Vaz, Chair, directed that the evidence should be specifically and solely related to the accusations by ‘jane’ against Lord Brittan.


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5 responses to “HASC: Evidence Given By Tom Watson MP [21/10/15]

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  2. artmanjosephgrech

    For the HAC committee to have covered subjects under current investigation by the Police and the CPS and or the Justice Inquiry they would risk charges of obstruction and contempt which is not covered by Parliamentary privilege. Individual members were clearly frustrated by the legal advice given to the committee and strayed into dangerous territory which the chair should have stamped on more effectively.

  3. tdf

    Danzcuk is supportive of Watson here, in spite of the right wing media mischief-making trying to draw a wedge between them:


    * I say ‘right wing media’ but I note also that the left wing blogger “ZeloStreet” takes every opportunity to castigate Danzcuk and praise Watson, which is an odd stance in my opinion.

  4. nuggy

    why are they forbidding discusen of other allegations.

    • artmanjosephgrech

      Because to have done so would have the very abuse of process they were alleging to have. There are on going investigations re Lord Brittan If I understand the statement on the resignation of Peter McKelvie from the Justice Goddard advisory committee thus is because he will be a witness in the Inquiry investigation into the setting up the Inquiry in which Peter, Tom Watson and the Home Affairs Committee all had important roles. While David Cameron and Tom Watson together with present Home Affairs Committee member Mr David Winnick were also members of the 2002 Home Affairs Committee under chairman Chris Mullin the Sunderland South Member which attempted to stop historical inquiries unless agreed by a judge and to stop civil compensation claims at the same time as 60 former children of the Sunderland authority were making a Class action for civil damages with 15 test cases which was successful in terms of an out of court settlement and the Sunderland lawyer represent an large group of the former children and who is now a district judge brought representations of the group to my home for help and which I was able to do by right first to the Conservative Secretary of state and then the Labour a secretary of State Frank Dobson, and where all the records are protected by High Court Order,