Lest We Forget: Charles Napier And Richard Alston

Thank you Peter McKelvie.

Because of you Charles Napier and Richard Alston are behind bars and can not harm or abuse any other children and because of you 24 of their victims have seen justice done.

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East Anglian Daily Times 3rd October 2015.



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  3. dpack

    the list of “missing”documents is extensive and ranges from the “ordinary” to the high profile such as the various dickens papers through mass extinction events such as the north wales records in the pickfords fire and the gwent BDM records being “stolen”in a number of unmarked vans to the document burglaries some of which led directly to deaths such as(willie,bulic and hilda are probably in that category although i could add quite a few possibles to that list) and also should include a variety of things which have been weeded from the internet over the last 3 years or so.
    as it is difficult to identify something unknown that is now “missing” im sure there are many more examples of “difficult”paperwork being unavailable.
    there are also many examples of paperwork “to be destroyed upon my death” or “we had better destroy their paperwork” such as bracken and “these papers need a hundred year rule (or archiving in a sealed library such as royal stuff/the registry).

    the few examples above are only a small part of the plumbers and gardeners trade.

    on the positive side there are archives of papers(both public and semi public) that contain vital information that by itself seems inconsequential but when cross referenced is very revealing.

    ps re islington the suffolk/jersey links seem important to context.

  4. Thanks for the good advice dpack – in the 90s a lengthy dossier of evidence written by my lawyer on my behalf was handed in person to Scotland Yard (Supt. Michael Hames) and to the Department of Health Social Services Inspectorate (Herbert Laming). I have a letter from my lawyer to Islington Council which says evidence was also sent to them but I know that the council have more recently searched carefully and thoroughly and cannot find it. My professional body also had a copy but no longer have this, the lawyer lost the archive in 2003 and I don’t think the police have found it either but files do get destroyed after fixed time periods in all these institutions. I guess this has to count as another missing dossier to add to the list. I am very grateful to Murun who put the archive of press cuttings onto Spotlightonabuse website and to Eileen Fairweather and Stewart Payne who put so much of this story on record for us at the time. Survivors have also spoken out and continue to come forward but their more recent accounts just confirm how I only witnessed the tip of the iceberg.

  5. Islington Child abuse scandal

    The Islington child abuse scandal involved very important people, the most important people – the poor, neglected children of the London Borough of Islington from the 60s to the 90s. It did not, as far as I am aware, involve the name of even one MP or ‘famous’ person. I do not know if this is because none were involved or because no-one has bothered to investigate the allegations. I actually do not know who was involved at ‘establishment’ levels because I only knew about what I witnessed at a grassroots level as a local social worker. I have obviously heard all kinds of allegations and rumours over the last 25 years but I have not had the resources or time to follow up many of the leads and test the authenticity of those allegations. It was never my job to do that anyway. It was firmly the work of the police. This is why I have campaigned over 25 years for the establishment of a national police investigation team. I did work with Peter McKelvie in the 90s on the Peter Righton investigation. I can confirm that Peter ran a ‘state of the art’ multi-agency team from whom I learnt so much. There have, as Needleblog states,been important recent convictions relating to the work of Peter McKelvie’s team. What I can say with certainty is that Islington child abuse has not been picked up in the last 2 years by the media because when I am endlessly contacted and asked ‘which MPs were involved’? I have no answers and the media are then disinterested – totally disinterested. Exaro News included Islington in their original request for an Inquiry. I would have nothing to say to an Inquiry because very little about Islington has been investigated and the Inquiry does not have a role as proactive investigators. I have recently retired and will slowly collate all the facts I have about Islington and present them formally to the Metropolitan Police. My lawyer lost all my archives of evidence so it will take time for me to look at original notes and to compile the facts as I knew them back in 1992.

    • dpack

      too many archives of evidence have “got lost”,perhaps scanning everything and putting multiple copies into safe places would be a good first move then do the same with your collated work.

      it protects data ,work and your good self.

    • As the Islington child abuse scandal is directly connected to Jeremy Corbyn I doubt Tom Watson will be championing the cause.

    • Aardvark

      What is so hard to comprehend is how people, like Margaret Hodge and Jeremy Corbyn (Who yourself and others had informed ) who were in positions to change the institutional failures that had so let down Children in care, did not do so, why not? Did Jeremy Corbyn or Margaret Hodge ever correspond with Virginia Bottomley, the Health Secretary at the time, to discuss and make the drastic changes needed? How could there have been such a systematic failure of care right across the Country and why has no one in these positions of power, ever been held accountable for a system that so failed our Children?

      It must have been an extremely frustrating and heartbreaking situation as a Whistle blower, knowing what was happening to Children in care and being ignored or worse for doing the right thing. Thank you for doing all you could, to make those differences that were so needed for Children in care.

      • Owen

        Padraig Colman, ministerial advisor at the Department of Health 1994-1997:

      • Owen

        Sorry, ministerial advisor (on child protection) *for* the Department of Health – I don’t know if the pronoun is sugnifi8cant.

      • artmanjosephgrech

        What campaigners seem to have forgotten is that the Labour Government of 1997 under Frank Dobson who chaired a Ministerial group didf set about tacking the basic probelm and see the Government response in Comnd paper 4105 sept 1998 when he said no more excuses. The Labour government then allocated nearly £400 million of new money more than the conservatives have so far allocated in the last and present Parliament and more over the police were still investigating with Operation Rose not stopped until after 2000

        The position then changed with the recommendations of the Home Affaires Select Committee in 2002 under its chairman Chris Mullin the Sunderland South MP and where David Cameron and Tom Watson were members together with David Winnick who remains still a member of the committee. While the 2001 Blair government rejected the views of the Mullin Committee but in fact everything appears to be stopped in terms of historical inquiries The report of the committer and the 70 plus mememoranda are now on line. In fairness to the Mullin committee there was strong demand for the changes they recommended

      • Owen

        Simply not awake, “if the preposition is significant”, not the pronoun

      • Aardvark

        Isn’t it the point that Councils like Islington were not trying to address the huge problems at the time, rather than successive Governments having to try and cover it up to prevent the political fall out, if the Public became fully aware of what has really been going on? Padraig Colman (thanks Owen!) discusses how Margaret Hodge, Jeremy Corbyn and others, effectively obstructed and were in denial about what was going on. He discusses how Islington council were destroying files (evidence) and prevented the White Report into the issue being published for 20 years, how could they get away with that?

        Then to rub salt into the wounds of all Survivors and Whistle blowers, Blair makes Margaret Hodge Minister for Children, staggering considering her complete failure to protect Children under her care in Islington.

        It does seem like Frank Dobson was trying to address the wrongs in the system, but as you mention before, why did the Blair Government, obstruct these changes and displace Dobson? It seems like he was trying to make real change and that means fully addressing what has happened and is still happening. All the political parties know how deeply unpopular they would all be if the full truth came out, they are all implicated, so rather than deal with the issues they would rather cover it all up and kick it into the long grass each time. Now it looks like the political parties are actually trying to contain the impact of the CSA allegations. Watson and Cameron on the Mullen Committee, Corbyn arriving as Labour leader, what is their real agenda? It is difficult to imagine that as Cameron said they are genuinely trying to “get to the bottom” of the CSA issue or that “no stone will go unturned” it feels more like a coordinated, damage limitation approach!

  6. artmanjosephgrech

    It is important that Justice Goddard concentrates on the Abuse of Power by those in command of the institutions of the state. Hopefully with the loss of Peter on the Advisory Committee the others will press that then focus is not lost.

    How did Savile get away with it and was allowed into the Court and Downing street.

    Why did the Waterhouse Inquiry avoid investigating the child trafficking by Allen

    Why were there more child abuse scandals in Newcastle Social Services than any other social services authority in the UK

    Why was Cyril Smith not prosecuted

    Why did police stop investigating Members of Parliament House of Lords where there were clear grounds for doing so

    Why did investigations stop after the Mullin Cameron Watson Winnick 2002 Home Affairs Select Committee report.

    Who was the senior labour politician identified by Clive Driscol in Lambeth and who stopped further investigation

    What role role did the UK state have in the cover up of Kincora and IRA abusers?

    What has been the role of the crown prosecution services in UK in the cover up

    Were children trafficked from the UK to Jerrsey and what role did the Jersey government play

    On what basis did Lord Tebbit admit the cover by the Tories

    On what basis did Frank Dobson denounce the actions of government and why did Blair stop him continuing as Secretary of State

    who decided in the Church of England not to report abuse allegations ti the police

    why have governments politicians sat all levels the media and the general public not responded to crimes against our children over decades in amore open and constructive way than to date

    what preventive measures are being taken researched

    Will the funding needed be allocated

    we do we give more attention to the abuse of power by the state of its citizens in other countries than our own

    • tdf


      “On what basis did Frank Dobson denounce the actions of government and why did Blair stop him continuing as Secretary of State”

      This is news to me, do you have a link on this?


        • artmanjosephgrech

          There are two press reports although I only have found one todate in community care. I will find the date when he attended a social work conference in Europe and stated that if governments could be prosecuted they should for their child protection failure. You should also read his forward to the government response to the Utting report

          This wasn’t just a failure by care staff. The children had been failed by social services managers, councillors, police and the voluntary sector. He ended. There can be no more excuses September 1998 Command paper 4105

  7. dpack

    peter has my full respect.

    on the theme of “lest we forget “other matters perhaps should include that napier’s chum righton was known to henniker 8 from at least 1968.

    henniker’s links to spookery,royalty,masonry,charities etc etc
    fitzroy maclean,neave, amery.courtney,(which leads to politics etc etc).

    cunninham,mcgrath and other useful scum like blunt,savile ,hayman ,etc etc (which lead to a variety of things).

    (philby is a subject that needs clarification but seems interesting).

    just those put him in the middle of a huge variety of interesting topics but there is plenty more and even just the above have several overlaps and a massive lattice of connections to a variety of important parts of both context and detail.

    it is hardly surprising they are trying”to keep a lid on it” but in siege warfare undermining the towers is a good response to (aunt) sally portal actions or the enemy building up the walls.

  8. tdf

    More slur tactics from the Telegraph today bringing up a tweet by Watson that he apologised for months ago.

  9. Owen

    The extraordinary Suzanne Nundy’s raucous glee knows no bounds:

    “”Today the ferret has been sighted heading for Peter McKelvie’s testicles. McKelvie is another Pied Piper of Paedo Panic, a £300 a day professional whistleblower for the Goddard Inquiry. He told Tom Watson that ‘a cabinet minister was linked to child molesters’ – not Tom Watson’s fault then….he was just doing his civic duty, spreading the gossip.”

    (As editor of the Sun, Kelvin MacKenzie apparently expressed his belief that the purpose of journalism was ‘to put a ferret up the trousers of a politician and see how long he could stand the pain’.)


    Nundy seems to have no problem chatting away to Tom O’Carroll and comforting Jonathan King but Peter McKelvie and Meirion Jones are fair game for crude insinuations and disdain, while her acolytes, rejoicing at currt developments, are up in arms over the notion that the courts are entitled to convict the renowned child artist Graham Ovenden.and condemn his work simply on the basis of his treatment of his subjects and an absence of remorse.

    I don’t believe I’ve misrepresented Mrs Nundy and her friends, but if I have, by all that’s sacred in the Lord Chancellor’s Department, it’s nothing to what they do routinely to the victims/survivors of abuse and now to a champion like Peter McKelvie.

    • Owen

      Sorry, I gave the link to my comment by mistake, the link to the Anna Raccoon post is http://annaraccoon.com/2015/10/17/the-pied-pipers-of-paedo-panic/

      • Owen

        More to come:

        “Owen … Now Peter McKelvie is contemptuously pilloried as a “Pied Piper of Paedo Panic” and his courageous long-term commitment dismissed as professional whistleblowing….”

        “Anna Raccoon October 18, 2015 at 12:39 pm

        Calling him ‘professional’ is contemptuously pillorying the man?
        As it so happens, I have read this comment after coming off the phone with a very well informed person, who has given me a considerable amount of information concerning Mr MacKelvie. Fascinating stuff. You are quite right, his achievements should not be minimised – I had no idea.
        You will have to wait till later in the week for me to publish on the subject of Mr MacKelvie, a lot to check out. I normally publish around 9am – you may want to have breakfast early, wouldn’t want you choking on your cornflakes.”

  10. Aardvark

    A big debt of gratitude to Peter Mckelvie, as for the British establishment, well they are just happy to keep covering up Child abuse, they have a long history of doing just that and they have no intention of admitting that to the British public. The establishment are a disgrace and the British public need to wake up from their apathetic malaise!

  11. joekano76

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