Resignation Of Peter McKelvie From VSCP

From a personal point of view, I’d just like to say that I met Peter on one occasion over 2 years ago and I found him to be one of the most impressive and principled people that I’ve talked to over the last 3 years and so I’m sorry to see him go though naturally I understand his reasons for resigning.


On Friday 16 October 2015 Peter McKelvie resigned from the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse’s Victims’ and Survivors Consultative Panel.


Statement from Peter McKelvie


I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that it would not be appropriate for me to continue in my role as a member of the Victims and Survivors Consultative Panel VSCP on the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA). I have today been advised that I am likely to be required as a witness in the Inquiry’s investigations, and that the Inquiry may need to examine my work in pursuing allegations of CSA. In those circumstances it would not be right for me to continue to act in a consultative capacity, providing advice to the Chair and the Inquiry Panel.


Statement from Justice Lowell Goddard


I have accepted Peter McKelvie’s resignation as a member of the Victims and Survivors Consultative Panel (VSCP) on the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. I recognise and thank him for his contribution as part of the VSCP. I would also like to take this opportunity to stress that allegations concerning child sexual abuse related to Westminster are only one component of the Inquiry’s work. As I said in my opening statement the Inquiry’s terms of reference go far broader than this and encompass all institutions within England and Wales. This important work continues.


Statement from the Victims’ and Survivors’ Consultative Panel (VSCP)


Peter McKelvie has offered his resignation as a member of the VSCP based on his likely inclusion as a witness in the investigative work of the inquiry. We wish to express our gratitude to Peter for his enormous contribution to the work of our group and for his commitment over the last 30 years to protecting vulnerable children and victims.




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  2. I am sorry to hear of Peters resignation. He is an honourable and truthful man. As a potential witness, I understand his decision. The Mails slurs today were a disgrace to the “journalists” whose names were on the article.

  3. I was going to write a reply but decided instead to use a Quote from a German
    “Think of the press as a great keyboard
    on which the government can play.”
    ― Joseph Goebbels
    Now what happened to Goebbels I wonder? Ah yes he committed suicide, I just hope the people writing in the papers and the Media today are not contemplating the same in the years to come when they fear been dragged to a court to answer the question “What part did you play in the cover up of child abuse”

    • Men Scryfa

      If there was any sign of the spell of enchantment that has been placed over the ‘people’ breaking any time soon then I would be confident that the prospect of those you mention (and many others – maybe even a few csa ‘bloggers’ lol) being dragged to court / chambers of execution, could be a real one. As it is the likelihood of that appears low and thus the chance of seeing any kind of real justice is diminishing by the day. The ‘people’ get the government they deserve, meanwhile the innocent suffer. The only ‘people’ who can change it are the ‘people’ themselves and the survivors by getting radical, the few concerned and committed patriots who are active can do little by themselves as there are too few of us.

      • Sabre

        Hear! Hear!

      • Aardvark

        It is now time to start being positive, there is an ideological game at play, a war of attrition over hearts and minds, this has been, planned, organised, probably years ago, there has been a set up and what we are now seeing is a bombardment of media propaganda. It’s the behaviour of a totalitarian bully state. If they have to go to such great efforts to cover up and bully people into submission they are not that confident, there are many more people awake and fired up over this, and they know that. There is a psychological game being played out, everyone must not be taken in by it, that’s the point! ‘Agitate, educate,organise’. (not keen on some of the Fabians, Blair et al, but the saying rings true)

    • Just like their predecessors in the media were dragged to court.

      TBH, and maybe Gojam can explain. – surely it was obvious from the outset that Peter might be called as a witness?

      This entire thing is an absolute sham and it is a disgrace. You know what would be helpful right now is for someone to do a Twitter wall of factual tweets. Just a stream of tweets with facts. Many here are on twitter, so maybe they can do it and have others on twitter retweet the wall.


      Fact: Tory MP referred labour backbencher to police for child abuse.

      Fact: IIPC investigating 40+ cases of police cover up on child abuse

      Fact: Janner who escaped being charged in 90’s now charged with 22 accounts of child abuse

      Fact: Patrick Rock Cameron’s former advisor charged with possesion of ..

      and so on.

      Right now the msm are driving the narartive and keeping the story contained within their sandbox. by keeping the debate limited to what they are saying. I think of uninterrupted tweets with just facts could be powerful at this time to counter msm

    • dpack

      and he killed all but one of his children who ,iirc,still owns a major part of a well known car manufacturing company.well done mrs goebels one for getting rid of the horrible chap.

  4. Men Scryfa

    Peter McKelvie an honest and honourable man.
    However, did the inherent conflict between his role as member of the Victims & Survivors Consultative Panel to the Inquiry and as witness to the Inquiry investigation not ever concern him at any earlier stage?
    The suggestion that arises here is either that the reason given for his resignation is just cover for whatever the real reason is (has he lost faith in the Inquiry) or otherwise this must raise real questions as to his judgment in applying for such a role with the Inquiry in the first place. Did it not cross his mind at any point while applying for the CSVP that there was this conflict?
    Do not get me wrong I am all in favour of using every legal means to attack perpetrators but survivors need to develop a consistent and coherent unity. Look at how this issue is now being dealt with by the mainstream press. They are laughing in all your faces and the faces of the dumbed down masses with the help of the prostitute press and the sold security services. Frankly I want to ask survivors, are you going to just sit there and take it?
    Because if you are then I want nothing to do with any of you anymore.

  5. artmanjosephgrech

    I also agree with your comment that without the work of Peter and Dr Liz Davies with others in is unlikely there would have the kind of inquiry which Justice Goddard is undertaking and which as she says has a wider scope that the issues of the involvement of senior politicians at Westminster.

    One of the reasons I never considered seeking a position with the Inquiry is that I appreciated from the outset that is required I would be a\ witness and my actions would scrutinised objectively..

    I should also place on record that from the outset I questioned the concentration on senior politicians and at one point advised various political interests at Westminster that the focus should be on the role of public servants at national and local level as well as local government politicians.

    I have also felt alarm at the continuing attention by the national media in relation to matters which clearly have been under investigation of the police and are to be investigated by Justice Goddard..

    It is also of public interest that in the last years of the 1990’s ending with the publication of the Chis Mullin Hone Affairs Committee report in 2002, the year when the Class action for damages re Sunderland Council former children was settled there was a concerted effort by a number of interests some with personal justification to stop the trawling approach of the police at that time. However there was an unholy alliance between such interests and others who had a vested interest for all the wrong reasons in having inquiries stopped which they did

    Unaware at the time of the approach that had been taken in Eire and is being taking in Australia when I wrote to the then Secretary of State for Education in January 2014 I advocated in effect two separate processes. one was to look at all the available documentation as with Hillsborough Inquiry and then the opportunity for those victims who wished to give their testimony. I did not envisage victims being able to have a direct role in the undertaking of the inquiry but where I later shared the view of a layer involved with the Jersey Inquiry that if victims were to contribute as witnesses it was essential for them to involved in how any inquiry was to be focussed and conducted their work.. The People’s Tribunal first and then the Goddard Inquiry have found created and constructive ways to involver survivors.

    I have also expressed when opportunity arose about the nature of some of the allegations made by individual survivors and will go further and state that I believe there was campaigning to implicate Leon Britain as a perpetrator a point I made during last year to two leading investigative journalists.

    Without Tom Watson raising his the issue a PMQ’s in 2012 there would have been public attention or inquiry on this matter and one has only to note the Church of England admitting to a dozen instances when the police were advised of serious allegation known against individual clergy. Similarly I have lost count of the number of investigations being undertaken by the Police Complaints authority of situations where inquiries in relation to individual politicians were halted because of intervention from above/

    Where I do feel that Tom and David Cameron have made a mistake is assume that everyone had forgotten their membership of the 2002 Mulln Home Affairs Committee along with present Home Affairs Committee member David Winnick which in effect after hearing all the evidence with over 70 memorandum submitted and available on line wanted a halt to inquiries past where due process was unlikely to achieve conviction unless several witnesses could corroborate allegations. Despite the 2001 Blair Government not accepting the recommendations of the Mullin Committee investigations did come to a halt until the truth about Saville came to public attention

    My other concern which I voiced privately was that Ton Watson had appear to focus on the Tory cover up and not that of his own Party. The golden rule for Governments, Political parties and campaigner alike is don’t press or hold inquiries until you are confident about the likely outcome and are sure you have people advising on the law of unintended consequence/

  6. dpack

    i agree that peter mc kelvie seems a very decent chap ,his resignation (from what may or may not be a well intentioned inquiry)due to conflict of interest does mean he is now free to give evidence which might be a very good thing.

  7. @tdf,

    I think it could be retweeded to all jounalist regardless of their stance. If teh facts are correct there is nothing they can do, except ignore it. If it is a very powerful factually correct stream – it will make their silence, scream.

    Fact: Royals, church, MPs perverted justice so Bishop Ball not charged with child abuse

    Fact: One of the children he abused committed suicide

    Fact: Peter Morrison, Maragret Thatchers PPS was a known pedarist according to Edwina Curry.

    Fact: Peter Morrison etc

  8. Uh oh!

    “Doubts cast over Cyril Smith’s alleged link to London paedophile ring”
    and in The Guardian, to boot! No doubt public perceptions that The Guardian wasn’t an Establishment tool were a carefully crafted plot laid out decades ago – eh? By MI5-6?

    Thankfully, the Goddard Inquiry has a mandate to look into real systemic failures to protect children in institutional settings, and hopefully won’t be too distracted by the side-show of fraudulent allegations against VIPS. The side-show created by exposed fraudsters like Chris Fay, and for what purpose? To pull everyone’s attention AWAY from historic institutional abuse, perhaps? Why would they want to do that, I wonder?

    • artmanjosephgrech

      The mainstream media is cleverly failing to separate the difference between standards required for a prosecution and the balance of probabilities. The Goddard inquiry must focus on what governments and individual Minister knew from contemporary records

    • Sabre

      The story is all things to everyone. It is asserted that he was there, the police won’t now reaffirm that he was there and on the other hand they haven’t withdrawn the original statement that he was there.