CSA Inquiry Survivor Evidence “Instantly And Permanently Deleted”

Errrm ???


Due to a change in our website address to www.iicsa.org.uk on 14 September, any information submitted to the Inquiry between 14 September and 2 October through the online form on the “Share your experience” page of our website, was instantly and permanently deleted before it reached our engagement team.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience or distress this will cause and would like to reassure you that no information was put at risk of disclosure or unauthorised access. Due to the security measures on our website, your information cannot be found or viewed by anyone else as it was immediately and permanently destroyed.

We would like to apologise again to anyone who submitted details to the Inquiry during this time and to ask you to please resubmit your information through the online form. Alternatively you can call the Inquiry helpline on 0800 917 1000 to submit your information over the phone, or email our team at contact@iicsa.org.uk.




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  1. timsanders2013

    How unfortunate.

    • Anon

      Reminds me of Lewis Carroll’s “The Hunting of the Snark”

      “‘But oh, beamish nephew, beware of the day,
      If your Snark be a Boojum! For then
      You will softly and suddenly vanish away,
      And never be met with again!’

      Too many Boojums in the System if you ask me.

      • Anon

        “Snarkasm” and “Snarkcastic” to be added to OED.

        cf: Sarcasm: “the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.”

  2. JS2

    this makes my day

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  4. jules

    From the victim’s perspective….very disheartening. From their perspective….convenient and hopefully put those people off submitting their traumatic ordeals all over again.

  5. I’ve been busy lately, so haven’t been able to comment.

    I’m deeply disturbed at how successful the UK establishment has been over the last few weeks, in their efforts to discredit and nobble the investigations into Leon Brittan and other VIP abusers.

    The Telegraph and Daily Mail have unleashed a veritable deluge of hostile articles against Tom Watson, Exaro and alleged victims like Jane.

    I have no reason to defend Tom Watson, but make no mistake, the attacks on Watson are also intended as attacks ANY and ALL claims of child abuse by VIPs.

    Tom Watson was the first MP to raise this issue, and if the establishment is successful in their attempt to destroy his credibility, then by extension the credibility of ALL claims of VIP abuse will be seriously damaged in the eyes of the British public.

    The goal of the establishment is to convince the British public that ALL the allegations of VIP abuse are all made up, and that the establishment is not covering anything up.

    If the establishment succeeds in discrediting the claims of VIP abuse, that will be an extremely dangerous and grim development, because in the FUTURE, the public and the police will forever be skeptical of allegations against MPs, Lords and other elites.

    Thus, if the campaign to discredit Jane, Nick etc is successful, it will be much easier for FUTURE elite paedo’s to get away with their crimes, since the police and public will assume that any allegations are falsehoods made up by “fantasists” and “liars”.

    The safety of British children for decades to come requires that we do not allow the establishment to succeed in discrediting the allegations and sweeping them back under the carpet.

    • dpack

      “The Telegraph and Daily Mail have unleashed a veritable deluge of hostile articles against Tom Watson, Exaro and alleged victims like Jane.”

      they have but the targets are all very different,imho the good,the bad and the un proven but plausibly true or not.

      the mass of good data from history does make me think they are rattled and desperate to “keep a lid on this”

    • Andy Barnett

      Nicely summarised QO. Don’t for a moment think any of this is accidental – it has been well planned and well executed.

      But also don’t think this is game over. The same papers that are today rubbishing the very idea of VIP abusers will be only too happy to publish further detailed allegations as and when they emerge. So while their behaviour this week appears immoral to all of us, it might be better described as amoral -these editors couldn’t give a shit about Leon Brittan’s reputation or the feelings of his family. Its all about sensationalism – creating strong feelings and opinions in the mind of the public to keep a story alive and sell more newspapers. Protecting children, or seeing justice done? Not their problem.

  6. Sabre

    I wonder what was posted on there before it was ‘instantly and permanently’ deleted. Don’t worry I’m sure it was a cock up and not a conspiracy though!

    • dpack

      either way deletion is never permanent and instant unless you chuck the server in a blast furnace.

      a gutmann wipe is fairly effective but is most definitely not instant.

      how dreadful for those who need to tell it over again.

  7. tdf

    “Don’t worry I’m sure it was a cock up and not a conspiracy though”

    In general I’m inclined to the Hanlon’s Razor rule (“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”), but sometimes one wonders.

    I must say, personally, if I were submitting evidence to any inquiry of this type, I would not use a ‘fill out this online form’ kind of mechanism to submit evidence. I would demand that at the very least, a procedure be made available to submit for example, a Word document by email, preferably password protected, and that acknowledgement of receipt of same be furnished by an employee of the inquiry team. I would also ensure that a hard copy was kept in safe keeping with a trusted advisor. No doubt there are weaknesses even with that approach, but for me as a non-technical person, I wouldn’t be comfortable with submitting evidence by this particular means they have provided (although, to be fair, it could be that they specifically have enabled the ‘online form’ method in order to make it easier for survivors to submit evidence.)

  8. Sabre

    The other files took decades to go missing, now they are disappearing up their own arse in a puff of blue smoke.

  9. Well thank God the inquiry is above government interference.

  10. Aardvark

    It’s vital that anyone who has lodged any information to the Inquiry between the 14th September to the 2nd of October, does so again, however difficult. Far too convenient for this to be happening, everyone needs to have total confidence that there is absolutely no interference with the collection and keeping of evidence and the investigation there of.

  11. All I can say is we need two stand together

  12. It’s interesting how the Independent CSA inquiry has moved from a .gov.uk to a .org.uk web address.

    On one hand, it makes sense, because the Goddard Inquiry is supposed to be independent from the government.

    On the other hand, it could be seen as a “down-grading” of the importance of the Goddard Inquiry from an inquiry with official status to just another organization, with no powers to demand government documents and files, offer immunity from Official Secrets Act prosecution, etc.

    In other news, Leon Brittan is still under investigation for child sex abuse claims.

    Tom Watson makes a good point:

    QUOTE: Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr Watson said that Lord Brittan had been accused of “multiple sexual crimes by numerous completely unrelated sources”.

    QUOTE: “Speaking to the Birmingham Post, he [solicitor Peter Garsden] added: “Tom Watson has said there were multiple allegations against Leon Brittan and the rape allegation was just one of them.”

    These are important points. There are MULTIPLE rape/sex abuse allegations against Sir Leon Brittan, from Nick, Jane and other victims. Plus, there are the police officers who allege that they filmed Leon at a “child sex den”, plus there are other police officers who allege Leon attended paedo parties, and that they were told to drop investigations of Leon’s activities.

    And that’s not even addressing the issue of the Dickens dossier(s), which Leon seems to have conveniently misplaced, or the Barbara Castle dossier which Leon ordered Special Branch to confiscate, or Leon’s refusal to ban the Paedophile Information Exchange…

    • “…Leon’s refusal to ban the Paedophile Information Exchange…”
      This is just blatantly false. Brittan did not “refuse to ban” PIE. In fact, both Thatcher and Brittan were quoted as being in favor of banning PIE but their legal advisors had made it clear that couldn’t be done without new legislation to facilitate such a ban – which could take years – and that PIE members could simply change the name of their organization and escape the ban, so it would be an ineffective strategy.

      The idea that PIE could simply be “banned”, and that declaring them banned would make them all vanish like a magic spell, came from the simplistic thinking of a ,man completely ignorant of the law – Geoffrey Dickens – the same ignoramus who compiled totally useless and fraudulent “dossiers” composed of rumor & gossip. WHO CARES what happened to Dickens’ lists? Brittan had THE REAL THING in his hands – a full account of PIE’s membership and activities pieced together by Scotland Yard over two years. And yes, THAT list was used to identify PIE’s leaders and prosecute them. PIE disbanded while Brittan was Home Secretary, and Dickens contributed diddly-squat to that victory.

  13. Hi Gojam,

    Here are some questions that the feckless inquiry needs to answer.

    How did they not realize for 18 days that information being submitted during that time was being deleted

    Where did said information once submitted get sent?

    How often were the checking to see if info been submitted, and what was there follow up procedure once it had been submitted?

    How many people assigned to sorting through information submitted?

    Lot of people are really angry right now and rightly so. These feckers need to ANSWER asap some basic questions. So far it seems all the money in the inquiry is going to lawyers and BS

  14. BTW, just ask Hillary it is very hardfo rstuff to go missing of the internet these days. I do hope you write up a strong worded post about all this.

  15. Here we go!

    In the aftermath of the Panorama hatchet job, already supporters of Leon Brittan are trying to claim that ALL allegations against him are false:

    QUOTE: “Sir Samuel Brittan, the brother of the late former home secretary, said it would be “helpful” if Goldsmith clarified his statements by confirming that Brittan was innocent of all charges.

    Their demands follow last week’s Panorama programme, which undermined some of the central claims surrounding the existence of a paedophile ring in Elm Guest House.”


    How on earth would Zac Goldsmith MP be able to confirm “that Brittan was innocent of all charges”?

    Is he the police? Was he there at the time? Obviously not.

    The establishment are trying to pressure anyone who has made allegations against Brittan to withdraw them.

    It is very noteworthy that Brittan’s brother is demanding that Goldsmith (and Watson etc) retract their allegations and say that Brittan was innocent of ALL charges.

    “Innocent of ALL charges.”

    That is the crucial phrase. The establishment have quite possibly set up an “Aunt Sally” accuser, who was easily discredited on Parorama, and after the Panorama program are now trying claim that ALL allegations against Brittan and other VIPs are false.

    We have to make sure that the British public are aware that just because ONE allegation may be false, it doesn’t automatically mean that ALL allegations are false.

    We need to keep reminding the media of the allegations that HAVEN’T been discredited.

    Like this allegation:


    Was Leon photographed by undercover police officers at a child sex party, or was he not? Simple question.

    And this allegation:


    The victim mentioned in the above article claims that Leon Brittan abused him when he was 10 years old. He now lives in the USA. The article says that upon request from British police, officers from the local American sheriff’s department visited the victim and took a statement. In the article, it says that the American sheriff was told by the victim that Sir Leon Brittan abused him.

    QUOTE: “This person is now an adult but was aged ten when the alleged abuse ­occurred.

    “The man now lives in the US and, prior to travelling to see him, the British police asked the local sheriff to visit and speak to him.

    “The sheriff confirmed the man was ­prepared to make a statement and name Leon Brittan as his alleged abuser.

    “Local police added they felt his account was credible. Yet between the time of the local ­police speaking to the alleged victim and the British police flying out to see him and take a statement, he changed his mind.”

    So, DID the alleged victim tell the American sheriff that Leon Brittan abused him? A written statement would have been made, probably with the victim’s signature. Possibly, an audio/video recording of the statement was also made by the sheriff.

    So, what happened that caused the victim to change his mind after he told the sheriff that Leon abused him?

    In this Needleblog thread, Tim Tate says that a US Marshal also visited the victim.


    That is an interesting and intriguing bit of information (if correct), since among other tasks, the US Marshals Service is responsible for the American WITSEC (Witness Security/Protection) program. In other words, they provide armed protection for witnesses who are believed to be at risk of harm.

    QUOTE: “The U.S. Marshals Service provides for the security, health and safety of government witnesses, and their immediate dependents, whose lives are in danger as a result of their testimony against drug traffickers, terrorists, organized crime members and other major criminals.”

    “The U.S. Marshals provide 24-hour protection to all witnesses, while they are in a high-threat environment including pretrial conferences, trial testimonials and other court appearances.”

    “No Witness Security Program participant, following program guidelines, has been harmed or killed while under the active protection of the U.S. Marshals Service.”


    Is the victim living in the US under armed WITSEC protection? Very intriguing.

    In any case, that victim is a different person than Nick, Jane, or Darren. Additionally, there are several other victims who accused Leon Brittan of sex abuse. One is mentioned here:

    QUOTE: “The British police therefore had a ­credible alleged victim and other ­supporting ­evidence from the 1982 raid.

    “If he (the alleged victim) had given a signed statement Leon Brittan would have been formally interviewed under caution over the child abuse ­allegation.”

    Brittan was also named by another alleged victim as being part of a group of VIPs who attended paedophile orgies at the Dolphin Square flats near Westminster.”


    Several other articles about other alleged victims of Leon Brittan have disappeared from the internet.

    There is still a LOT of evidence that Sir Leon Brittan was a paedophile. Neither Tom Watson MP nor Jim Hood MP nor Zac Goldsmith MP should retract their statements or apologize.

    I hope that these gentlemen are aware of these allegations against Sir Leon Brittan that still have not been resolved.

    • Jack

      I pointed this out to the Daily Mail and stated that the ‘rape’ allegation was a recent addition to a litany of claims against Brittan. I also remindd them that the Government has admitted that a file exists and has done for a number of years which details allegations against a number of Politicians including Brittan which are completely separate from the rape claim. Everything I said has been documented and confirmed by Government sources yet for some reason the Daily Mail moderated my post and did not publish it. That tells you all you need to know.

      • dpack

        they didnt like my comment about “redrawing the map of the middle east “in their unmoderated comments box under an article about murdoch and chums wanting to develop the golan heights oil field either.they passed my one about the “ghost”in the photo regarding my electric fly bat and lack trouble from of ghost flies.i dont bother often but sometimes i just cant resist it.

      • Anon

        Given that the “Hetrosexual Adult Rape” claim is a very recent addition and goes against the pattern of other long standing allegations, one might consider that the “McAlpine Gambit” is being played out here.

    • Aardvark

      Very worrying development in the reporting in the Telegragh today, with an article stating that Tom Watson had far too much power over the Police, who have not been independent in their investigations. The Telegragh, the media in general, basically the establishment are determined to put this to bed. Tom Frazer confidently states:

      “It is ending now; thanks to BBC Panorama, we know now that he had no intelligence – clear or otherwise. The police established as much after just a few months. But they kept the investigation going because they were too scared to stop – terrified, it seems, of being accused of a cover-up. And this is the real scandal. Mr Watson is not really to blame; his efforts did lead to new convictions, but not of people with any political links.”

      This is the clear line now, the establishment have no intention of letting these investigations get any deeper. The establishment stooges, Exaro and Panorama, were just the set up to bring it all down. Tom Watson, well he has been painted the ‘leftie conspirator’ for having the audacity to bring it up in Parliament in the first place. This time, they want to seal the lid for good!

  16. dpack

    re the dickens “dossier” and missing documents:

    allegedly willie macrae had some documents with him that caused him to say “got the bastards now” to a close chum and a meeting planned for the next week with mr dickens when he set off on his fateful drive to his weekend home.

    once he had shot himself ,possible twice ,in the head before,during or after crashing his car (apparently landing at rest in two places about half a mile apart, one depending on the witnesses who happened to know him which is also a bit odd as he was on a very isolated road part way between his two residences and the first police officers and ambulance crew on the scene (as he wasnt quite dead when first found) and the other from the later official photographs and reports . (depositing the gun in a third place was quite clever of him). the documents he had do not seem to appear in the record from the time he was discovered some 12 to 14hrs after the alleged time of the crash although he apparently had them in a briefcase on the back seat.

    a very puzzling business.

    i find that all a bit odd,perhaps not as odd as the official version and the few bits of evidence that can be found which really dont match each other.

    there have been several interpretations of the event but they dont seem to match the data either.

    • Rumor has it that when the ‘spy in the bag’ decided to kill himself he looked at macrae’s suicide and felt he needed his to be even more creative, and impossible for an ordinary bloke to copy.

      On a serious note be it macrae or others the lengths they will go to keep this covered and how the media will enable them makes wonder if the victims will get justice.

      Gojam, I hooe you have noticed this week that many of the msm whose stufff you have reposted or commented on here, because you believed it was factually correct – have not when this week when you have pointed at their mistakes and distortions bother to respond to you.

      I am not saying you should not continue to post what they say, only pointing out that even if sometimes they get it right it is pretty obvious that their overall purpose is not to investigate and undercover the truth.

      • Hey Tricia.

        Perhaps you should start asking questions of Exaro who hyped up the false allegations in the first place instead of blaming anyone who points it out.

        Supporting survivors and supporting false stories are not compatible.

    • Dpack, I read that at the scene of the crash, tyre skid marks from McRae’s car were on the roadway, perhaps indicating that he had been forced off the road by another vehicle (or swerved to avoid something).

      Here are a couple of articles about McRae’s mysterious death:


      Lots of details here:


      Fascinating website with photos of the crash site:


      Another death that was possibly linked to VIP child abuse was that of Robert Bradford MP, assassinated by the IRA in 1981. There are rumours that he was “set up” by the security forces because he was asking questions about Kincora.

      Very spooky stuff.

      The below websites used to have the material there for viewing. It looks like now you have to pay to read it…




      QUOTE: “Just hours after Robert Bradford was killed, Gerry Fitt MP witnessed officials raid his Westminster office and remove his files. The police officer that investigated the murder said they weren’t behind the raid. So who was?”

      And then there is the 1993 murder of Lambeth council worker Bulic Forsythe:

      QUOTE: “He had vowed to expose a paedophile ring allegedly linked to a future minister in Tony Blair’s government.”

      “But days later Bulic, 42, was beaten to death in his flat which was later set on fire. The case has remained unsolved for 21 years.”



      QUOTE: “I will never forget the look on his face when he was telling me this. He was seriously disgusted and disturbed by what he knew and was determined to see that justice was served. Several days later, he was murdered.”


      QUOTE: “She described being raped alongside children and animals by senior figures in the council.”


      QUOTE:”BBC Crimewatch reported how a neighbour spotted “three official looking men” carrying files from the address the day before the murder.”


      QUOTE:”The case featured on a Crimewatch reconstruction, in which police appealed for help in tracking down three smartly dressed men who left the flat the day after the murder. The case remains unsolved.”


      Scary stuff. Stay safe out there, everyone.

      • dpack

        bradford is another on my list of “unexplained so far” perhaps enoch was very accurate on that and the two related matters he mentioned on several occasions. i have had serious dought about the “official” and “unofficial” explanations for dickie’s or airey’s sudden ends,there have been folk who say airey was concerned about corruption in the service and from what i have learned about dickie he would not have approved of europe (or anywhere else) being a nuclear battle ground even if some elements in the usa thought they could win the cold war that way if needs be.

        re willie ,when i first was told about him i had a quick look at maps and on sat view and if i was trying to put somebody off the road it is a good area.
        if a follow with or without an intended full stop became a chase (it would be difficult to be discrete in that landscape on a night time follow which might explain willie’s wrong turn and lead to a catch up /semi accidental cock up sort of thing which again makes it look as though it would be a likely spot for a crash, especially if there was a blockage on the road (from the b team?)at the likely first site (the one where the skid marks are).
        if i read the words and maps properly it is a very odd thing that both sites are on a road where he had to turn the wrong direction for his holiday home which sort of adds to the follow/chase scenario.
        the bits of the autopsy/medical stuff i have read seem unclear on one bullet or two in willie but the gun needed to be manipulated between rounds ,an accidental double tap was unlikely as the lever that moved the chamber was worn.
        that the gun was several hundred meters away and not in the car ,or on either of the off road paths of the car or even on the road is possibly the strongest indication he would have to be very clever to commit suicide like that.
        ps he may have had a couple of drams from the wee bottle and may have technically been drink driving (he did like a drink)although the few coroners papers i have seen do not mention his blood alcohol level at autopsy .
        does a chap planning to kill himself buy a nice bottle and some food for the weekend he isnt planning to enjoy?
        pps the above is a bit tangled i will have a new look at the data and see if i can be a bit more coherent

      • Aardvark

        Also Steven Milligan MP.

      • dpack

        after thinking about such things for a little while it seems there is a major difference in the battlefield between the times of willie,hilda,bulic etc etc and today.
        then documents were on paper and at most there would be a few copies, so a document theft (or semi overt seizure such as with assorted smith document sources,bradford’s papers etc etc)would often be necessary to discover what was known and/or disrupt those collating and potentially attempting to publish such things.some such operations seem to have gone wrong leading to murders.
        today although it is far easier to see what folk hold or transfer via sig int/pooter interference etc but it is far easier to hold multiple secure archives,to share info with many other researchers and most of the time to actually share the data openly and globally with or without interpretation.
        a secret is dangerous,a shared secret is protective as to dispose of the collector and sharer would be both bolting an empty stable and an indication that the data etc was seen as important.

        the same rules apply now as then and extreme measures can be used in the case of knowledge with no documentation or “making an example”to discourage others .there are many historic examples of these that range from maybe,through probable to almost certainly.
        the victims of such things range from the unknown via the unrecognized to part of a pattern to probable to almost certain as that particular death/s was/were certainly dark arts (although either or both the perps and motives may be unknown ).
        there is also the non lethal tactic of discrediting the knowledge holder whilst masking the knowledge in smoke and mirrors .

        to be realistic activists and knowledge holders seem safer than they used to be (at least in western “democracies”) although it is wise to archive and share data and knowledge.

        the new battlefield for those who need to suppress ugly truths about their activities has required an emphasis into the long standing tactic of to hide the truth in a mass of lies,smoke and mirrors much as we have seen.

  17. Hi Gojam,

    once again your reponse has nothing to do with what I am saying. I am talking about the stuff msm have been putting out some of which you have tried to show them as wrong on their twiiter feed. Merely stating that while I understand you want to ‘post’ their stuff here when you think it is correct, that I hope it is obvious that they have no intention of correcting stuff they write that is distorted or wrong. Obviously, their agenda is clear for all to see. and it is a powerful mob.

    Have no idea why you have to think everything is about Exaro. they are small fry in this game.

    • You’ve got a selective memory, or did you not watch the Panorama ?

      • What has this got to do with Panorma or Exaro? You have given more than enough space here to Exaro is wrong about this and that etc.

        I am talking about the MSM that are more powerful than Eacro and collectively a mob that has in the past kept this covered up, and looks to be trying to do that again.

        In doing so they have distorted facts, asked the wting questions, failed to highlight certain facts and so on. The only point I was making was that even when you and others have pointed out via twitter that they are wrong they have completely ignored. Their agenda is to have the whole thing burned to the ground, and they will use anyone and everyone to achieve this.

        As the keeper of the ‘truth’ look forward to reading your fluury of posts pointing out all the BS the MSM is now spinning. Although, judging from your replies I am beginning to think you think everything happening now is all Exaro’s fault.

      • Did you not read this ? – https://theneedleblog.wordpress.com/2015/10/13/call-me-when-its-all-over/

        No, not everything is Exaro’s fault but by promoting hyped up and false stories over the last 2 years they kicked this off and still they are being blindly supported by the twitter pitchfork mob. Lies on one side and lies on the other. What you are asking is that I support the lies you believe in and reveal the lies you don’t like. It doesn’t work that way.

        You’re in denial.

  18. dpack

    there is also the allegedly brighton copper’s notes and the linked walk on the beach story floating about in the background , if it happened and if either of the coppers or the lad who would now be a 35/40 ish yr old chap can clear that up it might add to knowledge of the truth .

  19. Really Gojam,

    Do you think Exaro kicked this off. You don’t think the msm given its track record (and its state sponsors) would have found another strawman to use to attack, distort and do everything they can to have this shut up.

    If you read what I wrote in no way did I, or have I ever suggested you should support some lies and ignore others. You keep trying to reduce everything to this myopic falshood.

    I am sure one could have found plenty of facts that were true about Hitler. But to repeat them while overlooking Hitler’s agenda, especially if said facts played into his agenda, would have been a distortion. The Establishment media’s agenda is to bury this, and I look forward yo you keping the same pressure on them as you do others.

  20. Some more articles (sorry for posting so many times in this thread):

    55 year old former MP is questioned under caution about allegations that he raped small children (Esther Baker and 2 other girls, who are now adults):




    The cover-up squad is working overtime to conceal details about this former MP, who has already morphed into a vague “politician” on the BBC website:


    Sky News goes one better, and simply describes the suspect as a ” 55 year old man”:


    Previous articles had mentioned that the 55 year old (as of 12 October 2015) was also a former Liberal Democrat MP, but the party affiliation has been scrubbed from almost all internet articles, with no mention of the changes.

    Dear Guardian/Daily Mail/BBC/etc, don’t you know it’s bad journalistic form to make alterations to published articles without including a note mentioning the alteration that has been made?

    However, it seems that not everyone complied:


    “Former Lib Dem MP insists he did not rape little girl in the woods and is not a paedophile”

    I strongly urge everyone to save the text of any articles you consider relevant to your computer, because they are disappearing from the internet and/or changing crucial details FAST.

    Meanwhile the Daily Mail is in full Support The Establishment mode, venting it’s full fury against Esther Baker and the other victims:


  21. iantoosmart

    There probably are child-sex addicts in powerful positions in the UK ‘establishment’ but for some reason, people are giving them too much credit for self-concealment and manipulation, or people are buying in to motivated cover-up stories by powerful forces.

    I think that a great deal more of what is blasted out into the inter-tubes each day is about what people want to believe, rather than about the child-sex addicts themselves. It seems to me that there is a lot of projection going on. Some of this projection may originate in the hurt that csa victims feel and that’s to be expected but in my limited research here and elsewhere there seem to be loads of people who seem to strut about and speculate like proud peacocks. They drown out any possibility of developing intelligence and insight.

    Social media is full of this. Everyday, on my Facebook, distant old mates post pointless self-evident regurgitated criticism of this politician or that. Do they really feel so disempowered? Then there are petitions for obscure worthy causes. All of the energy of posting and reading takes us absolutely nowhere. There is rarely any genuine insight shared. Maybe that’s what social media is for, it just adds more noise into the system.

    I don’t think Dominic Strauss-Kahn has been accused of sex with children, but just look at what such a powerful man was able to get away with. He probably raped the maid, but in the end, it was her character that was judged. He just had an enormous sense of entitlement. Back in France it seems he was and probably still is involved in top people orgies. Look at what the youngest son of Sir Oswald Mosley got up to in his spare time. It’s easy to imagine that there are powerful people, some in the so-called 1% with such an enormous appetite and sense of entitlement, who’s taste is for young boys and girls. I wonder whether one of the obstacles of getting to these child-sex addicts and dragging them into the light is this constant wall of noise that’s building up around the topic.

    I’m not sure it’s part of anyone’s plan to turn the noise up, but contradictory stories in multiple sources would be one way of doing it. Are there some god-like beings in GCHQ following some game plan drawn up by some leading semioticians designed to point us in the wrong direction, asleep in the matrix, mindlessly giving our energy to support this sick ruling class of men and their enormous libidos, amongst whom, some are raping children? The metastory needs some careful thought. I know what David Icke would say, but what would Slavoj Zizek say?

  22. Jack

    You are all falling for this stream of recent allegations, its the older ones which matter.

    • dpack


      are just three out of a potentially very long list of “older”sets of allegations


  24. jubei

    lets see if this shows up in the press anytime soon – He (Patrick Rock) will appear at Southwark Crown Court for legal argument on October 16 – more than 20 months after his original arrest.

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  26. Aardvark

    Thoughtful views from Jim Gamble about the post Panorama attempts, by all those who would be judge and jury before all CSA allegations have been investigated properly by the Police.

  27. yep… submit intelligence regarding former PM Edward Heath, or former PM Peter Mandelson
    (‘Peter Madelson was never PM’… ‘keep telling yaself that one!… Tony did!’)
    and that’s what happens!
    The order goes to a department of MI6, which is then given to a department of GCHQ… and poof! Vamoose! ‘accidently’ permanently deleted…

    Don’t worry… I got GCHQ by the balls! They should know better! ;)

    have a song!

  28. silver99

    If you asked a group of abuse survivors for a list of things that the CSA Enquiry could do to destroy trust and confidence in it and deter witnesses from ever appearing before it, destroying evidence (even “accidentally”) would be number one or two on that list, along with failing to protect witnesses’ privacy and confidentiality.

    The way the announcement is worded positively reeks as well.

    “Instantly and permanently” (whether true or not – were no backups made of the website and has anyone checked the servers or the web traffic logs?) is the kind of thing you would say if you not only could not recover the data, but did not want to recover the data.

    Paranoid? I certainly hope so.

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