Where’s Wattsy ?


Regular readers will know that on the weekend I posted a question to Exaro’s Editor-in Chief, Mark Watts regarding an inaccurate reply he had given to Evan Davies on last Wednesday’s Newsnight, which can be found HERE

Having waited in vain for a few days for any kind of acknowledgment, let alone an answer, I decided this morning to telephone Exaro News and ask Mark Watts directly.

Alas, Mark Watts is not available. He has taken the leadership decision to go on holiday at this time and will not be available for at least a week !

How will the beleaguered foot soldiers at Exaro News cope without their “Toxic” Fuhrer to determine what is true and should be spiked and what is nonsense and should be published ?

The Editor-in-Chief, Mark Watts, who is on the board of Exaro’s parent company New Sparta and who has no deputy, such is the confidence that Exaro’s financial backers have in his abilities, is taking a well deserved break from his now regular media appearances in which he desperately attempts to defend his abysmal record at Exaro’s helm.

So, journalists be aware that if you are looking for answers to fundamental questions like how Exaro have managed to repeatedly publish hyped up and untrue stories, therefore undermining everything they’ve published, or may publish, which is accurate, or whether Exaro story bylines and reporting credits are all that they appear to be – then I’m afraid you’ll have to wait at least a week for an answer. Nevertheless, if you can’t wait a week and need to contact them – then please be gentle and show a little understanding to the poor journalists who have been left to hold the fort at this difficult time.



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16 responses to “Where’s Wattsy ?

  1. Just ask him when he becomes available, gojam. Noone can hide forever.

  2. Andy Barnett

    You’re enjoying this, aren’t you Gojam?

    Fucking Popular People’s Popular Front of Judea!

  3. dpack

    i thought the captain was sposed to go down with the ship and in the case of coffin ships preferably handcuffed to the owners.

  4. I feel a real sense of unease at the push back in the last few weeks against those who have been trying to find the truth, and who may, perhaps, have made mistakes. I can’t help sensing that the Establishment have gained the upper hand again through Aaaranovitch, Panorama, attacks on Tom Watson. Your response Gojam, seems particularly surprising, given your previous balance and objectivity.

    • gw

      That sense of unease – in my case a combination of curiosity and cognitive dissonance in equal parts is what has motivated me to follow this subject for years now… I am minded to agree with your second sentence however it’s not a black and white issue. “Taking sides” helps nothing.

      Personally speaking I am not on the “side” of survivors, the side of the establishment, the side of journalists. I am just curious.

      As ever Gojam can defend himself but in my view it’s balance and objectivity that leads to a post like this. The twitter mob are giving each other reach arounds, meanwhile Gojam has stuck his neck out and had to face shit flying from all directions – probably a better sign of impartiality then most.

      Take nothing as certain, don’t leap to conclusions, question EVERYTHING – and stay curious!

      It’s not over yet. But where from here?

    • Ben

      It seems to me that the ongoing nature of the police investigations has created an information vacuum and that the frustration engendered by this is becoming a story all of its own.

      • dpack

        there are some things i would like to say but to do so could compromise both incomplete investigations and trials that are already booked for hearing in the proper order to try to avoid a defense of “pre bias” or whatever the technical legal phrase is.
        an ongoing sfo investigation(and probably some related police ones comes to mind as an example)but there are several other grouped themes.

        something i recon i can say is tom driberg was a right wrong un,i came across a photo of him with the krays ,the crazier one of whom had what looks like a teenage lad with him ,they all looked very friendly out socializing together.it is still creeping me out a few days later.ugghh.
        driberg had links to a variety of dodgy characters and ugly activities. for a few decades he was a factor in a variety of dark deeds in the big house and elsewhere.
        knox cunninham is another dead man but some of his activities are relevant to current events so exploring his world too closely might do more harm than good at this stage.until some evidence has been delivered and made public in an ongoing inquiry tis best to be vague about the chap.

        the ongoing “nothing to see here,it’s all a witch hunt ” campaign appears to be a blatant attempt at rearguard action when viewed as the latest part of a historical context , as such it can and will be shown for what it is.

        for a fairly safe look at corruptions of the darkest sort maundy gregory might be far enough back in history to avoid any risk of compromising current affairs although there are links the wind through the lattice from his times to the present day.

        this sort of caution is in stark contrast to those who have sought and created screaming tabloid headlines which are at best misleading and at worst a deliberate attempt to make truth lies and make lies true in order to protect those who most need to be attacked on the grounds of personal activities or exploitation of knowledge of those activities in the pursuit and maintenance of power and privilege .

  5. DR Laverty

    He’ll be in the sun sipping Pimms. Betcha. It’s always been the way. Light a fuse and leg it. TBIJ did the same.

  6. dpack

    the daily politics show on bbc tv has just had a brief item regarding tom watson,it seems the “official”line is to suggest he went too far but considering the long history of blackmail and whitewash to borrow a phrase perhaps he did not go far enough.
    there is no glee in exposing smoke and mirrors for what they are as the ugly truths they hide are still ugly truths but it does help to establish truth when they are exposed for what they are.
    there have been folk voicing grave doughts about the quality of and plausible motivations for the output of some agencies for a considerable time that some of those doughts seem to have been based in reality should perhaps be a cause to re examine the plausible motivations by demonstrating the nature of the agencies in question,their selection and handling of data and “sources” available to them,their presentation and interpretation of that data,the outcomes of their work and most importantly cui bono.

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  8. tazzdevil

    dpack who is this Araya Sunshine plz