Mark Watts Newsnight Interview

Mark Watts (Editor-in-Chief of ExaroNews) talks to Evan about Exaro’s reporting on historic child abuse allegations.




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12 responses to “Mark Watts Newsnight Interview

  1. DR Laverty

    David Aranovich was waiting outside. Mark wouldn’t sit in the same room apparently. So I erd like.

  2. spatula

    what a squirming, evasive, shifty eyed and repulsive creature Watts is.
    At least two million viewers saw him for what he is.

    • I found it very difficult to watch. He made politicians look open and honest. Constantly referring to ‘damaged individuals’ in order to avoid answering questions, didn’t seem to be the same level of concern when using them. I remember referring to the ‘hit and run’ ‘murder’ when it was first alluded to on this blog, I asked if anyone could throw any light on the possible victim, my own limited google search threw up nothing and I don’t recall anyone else doing any better, there are some on here who are very capable. Are Exaro different? have they made a monumental f*** up, what an issue to mess up, are they part of the same old MSM ( or even worse) ?

    • Aardvark

      Yes, let’s hope it back fires on them spectacularly as more cover ups etc come to light. Over fifty years of Survivor’s and Whistle blower’s claims that were blatantly ommited and highly selective claims used to serve a particular, establishment agenda. The revealing question is, why would they need to produce a programme that would subvert the context they are discussing, when their remit was, “what is the truth”?

      The BBC have a charter to fulfill and a very uncomfortable history of their own, yet to be focused on, let’s hope the Smith report addresses that.

  3. Anon

    Leon Brittan to be officially nominated for Canonisation after lobbying by BBC Panorama and posthumously exonerated of hetrosexual rape by Lord McAlpine.

  4. artmanjosephgrech

    It should be evident that there is an organised attempt to discredit all campaigners, victims the police ultimately leading to the Justice Goddard inquiry be stopped changed re the holding of i public hearings and then to challenge its finding in relation to particular politicians.

  5. Andy Barnett

    Two points:
    (1) Exaro wasn’t only outlet to feature the witnesses Evan referred to; the BBC and others publicised their stories, yet no questions were raised on that piece about the BBC’s journalistic stds.
    (2) I wonder what proportion of people investigated for serious crimes receive an apology from the Police when the case does not go to court. Why exactly should Leon Brittan and his family be treated any differently?

  6. gw

    yikes that was cringeworthy!

    And to think all this time I’ve been saying Zar-row!