Starting To Get It Yet ?


But The Telegraph investigation can disclose:

* Darren had been previously sentenced to two years in jail for making hoax bomb calls, nuisance and threatening calls about neighbours and criminal damage

* he falsely confessed to the murder of a prostitute in the midst of a high profile police manhunt in the 1990s

* a judge accused him of telling “some pretty whopping lies” at the conclusion of a court case 15 years ago

A senior source at Scotland Yard, which has been involved in the investigation into Darren’s claims, said: “We are between a rock and a hard place. We don’t want people to ever lose faith in coming to the police. We believe our victims and we support vulnerable victims who need our support.

“But this has been months of difficulties. We cannot prove categorically that he is lying but there is no evidence for his claims.”

The source added: “Darren needs proper help. That is absolutely fundamental.”

Police are furious that Darren’s claims were given publicity by the Exaro website before they could be investigated fully by officers. They believe that the glare of publicity has put Darren under more pressure.

“This is not Darren’s fault. This is a problem for the people at Exaro,” said the source.

Police were surprised that an Exaro journalist had accompanied Darren to a number of interviews with detectives.

The Telegraph


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  2. IWTT

    I don’t want to ‘out’ the mistakes I made after my late-husband died and I got involved with a brother of a dear friend. But I can assure you that the Victim Support lady who was assigned to me sat in on every witness statement I made other than the video statement. I couldn’t have pursued a prosecution without her sitting beside me. She didn’t say a word during my interviews but she was my strength when I described what had happened to me.

    The other thing I would like to say is that when she was assigned to me, I was told very clearly that if we ever passed in a social context (e.g. shopping in the same area) she would never acknowledge me even if I said “Hi”. I nearly did it one day – our eyes met and there was recognition – I almost verbalised “Hi” and then remembered when she cast her eyes down and quickly looked into her handbag as a distraction.

    That is why IMO it is best to leave it to the fully trained professionals. But what happens when a victim of abuse of any kind feels they can’t ‘manage’ without the person they trust by their side?

    That is a genuine question GoJam, because I could NEVER have gone to Crown Court without my supporter.

    • Victims should have the right to have someone present.

      That said a journalist could probably learn a lot from being present at an interview and Darren himself has tweeted that Tim Woods was present I believe.

      BTW, you’re quite right in that I’ve never blogged about knowing who Nick was and that I’ve only tweeted it that once. It wasn’t meant to be threatening, when I wrote the tweet I was just annoyed some thought they possessed secret knowledge that no one else had and that everyone else knew nothing. But that is all I’ll say on that.

  3. Doug

    The rape and murder arrest is mentioned here so The Telegraph wasnt wrong.
    As for the psychiatrist who found no signs of mental illness, pull the other one

  4. On an unrelated note, well well what do we have here:

    A collection of poems written by (now dead) MP and aspiring poet Sir Ian Horobin, with an introduction by alleged paedophile Sir Laurens Van Der Post.

    Ian Horobin was the Tory junior minister and MP who was sent down for 4 years for child sex offenses in 1962 (not, as some websites state, in 1952).

    • Apparently, Sir Laurens Van Der Post was a close friend and trusted adviser to both Margaret Thatcher and Prince Charles.

      According to one source on the internet, Van Der Post was also Thatcher’s neighbor in Chelsea.

      Van Der Post fathered a child with a 14 year old girl, but that didn’t stop people like Thatcher and the Prince of Wales from being close friends with him.

      For more info, google: Thatcher “Van Der Post”

      • Aardvark

        Yes and while everyone is distracted by whether Darren and Nick are telling the truth, (convenient, if this is used to put the kaibosh on all the other investigations!) this appears in The Mail

        This has always been one of the most telling things, why was Jason’s brutal rape and murder seen as ‘Manslaughter’, why did Cooke, the most vile, dangerous, paedophile, only serve 9 years and then was protected on release( Children weren’t protected for Gods sakes!) and why were members of his revolting gang on equally light sentences? Why were investigations into the murder of other Children closed down?
        The mail- ‘Now the Sunday Mirror reports police are investigating allegations senior officers covered up links to nine unsolved murders involving Cooke and his Dirty Dozen child sex ring.
        Cooke has long been suspected of procuring boys for VIPs but none of his ‘customers’ have ever been prosecuted.

        Enough to make any decent persons blood boil, then the Media at best, puts this vital part of this whole sordid cover up, deep within the editorial!

        Read more:
        Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

      • I do not believe that Sidney Cooke abducted Vishal Mehrotra. One witness did say she saw him with Leslie Bailey, who had a very low IQ, he was a boy himself, and may have just been released from Wandsworth Prison in Putney. He may have taken Vishal somewhere for two nights, then put him on a bus to Clapham Junction Station.
        Vishal was then seen getting on a 49 bus, which he knew as it went past his school, and asking for Worlds End in Chelsea. He was wearing the same clothes he was abducted in. He then probably started walking towards Fulham Broadway Station, to get the train home to Putney, he as a very streetwise boy.
        He was therefore heading for the same area that Martin Allen and his abducor were last seen walking towards by witnesses.

      • There is a definite South African connection to all of this.

    • “Ian Horobin was the Tory junior minister and MP who was sent down for 4 years for child sex offenses in 1962”.

      What’s this? An MP, and a Conservative at that, was convicted of child sex offenses and sentenced to 4 years? But…isn’t that impossible?
      Why didn’t special branch stop the investigation and destroy all the evidence, or kidnap the complainants, murder them and make the bodies vanish? What happened to the corrupt cover-up machine that supposedly ensures UK VIPs get to abuse children with impunity and then makes all the evidence of their guilt disappear?

      Of course, a small percentage of UK MPs have been child abusers, just as a small percentage of persons from any profession you care to name, have been. And no, “the establishment” hasn’t covered-up every accusation, investigation or conviction.

      • I believe that the police have already admitted to cover-ups and refered themselves for investigation?

      • Sabre

        I see that you are still at it Justin. One MP was actually charged found guilty and imprisoned half a century ago ergo nothing to see here move along.

      • tdf

        Justin Sanity-

        “Ian Horobin was the Tory junior minister and MP who was sent down for 4 years for child sex offenses in 1962”.

        So a half century ago, one relatively junior minister was sent down for child sex offenses. Since then, no convictions, trials or charges against any MP’s or ministers on similar offenses (the current ongoing Janner ‘trial of facts’ case excepted).
        Surely there is a middle ground between believing in every single ludicrous conspiracy theory and recognising that there might be a grain of truth in the idea that powerful figures have gotten away with things they shouldn’t have? And also important to note that most of the allegations in relation to cover-ups date from the 1970s and 1980s – Horobin’s case was in the 1960s.

  5. trish


    I am not that bright so let me see if I ‘get it’

    victim of child sex abuse has a troubled past. Said past proves victim is lying. Preferable past victim is dead or major addict – end of story

    For any of us wondering does the fact that the victim had a trouble past discredit him, we are told to put all wondering to bed because a JUDGE, obviusly not Judge Mental, says he tells big lies.

    But in case I am still questioning if any of this discredits the victim’s claims, I am told a SENIOR Source involved in the investigation says there is no evidence for the claim. Who the source is and what his/her involvement is who knows? But with that the Telegrath rests its case, Gojam asks ‘Starting to get it’? and we all scream loudly we do, and go back to taking our meds

    But what is the kicker about the above post is we and Gojam know that the police etc are corrupt, and will and have gone to great lengths to silence victims. yet here, with no background we are told Darren admitted to murder. Who did he admit this too? the media in general or the police? if the later is this the same police force he accused of being involved in thei abuse and part of the cover up?

    I give up posting on this blog, something I am sure will make you and all your mates here that post in support of you.

    All I know is if I were a bictim of VIP child abuse I would not want you as my supporter. Not because you highlighted claims that might not be triue, but because the glee you seem to take out of highlighting them, and the fact you never while doing so balance it out with what else might be at play here.

    I always wondered what your beef was with Exaro, and see now it is becasue they accused you of working with the spooks. LOL, that is funny. I have no idea why the spook would need to hire you.

    • Doug

      The judge said he told whopping lies because he has a track record of telling whopping lies and troubled background or no troubled background he discredited himself years before the judge said that in that particular court case.
      A long history of making things up doesnt mean hes lying in every instance but if they investigated, which they did, and found that his claims werent true then that isnt a coverup Tricia. Its because hes a liar.

    • As you’ve written that this was your last post here I’ll try and reply.

      1) Darren’s mental health state or his previous trouble with the law are not the reason why he is discredited, though any journalist investigating this would have to take that into consideration. The point that has discredited his allegations is that he physically could not have seen events at Thornham Magna or Islington as he has claimed and that is demonstrable.

      2) Actually I have a very good relationship with many genuine survivors. Perhaps because I don’t exploit them. But as a non-survivor who has obviously been lapping up the Exaro stories, you probably think that is the wrong approach to take.

      3) My “beef”, the term you’ve used, with Exaro has little to do with their smear campaign against me personally. The smear campaign was a consequence of me warning them that a witness/source they were using was lying. My “beef” was that they continued to use that source and then went on to use other similarly bogus sources. Frankly, Exaro have been using the same smearing tactic against other journalists also. My guess is that it was a strategy to scare survivors/witnesses away from talking to anyone other than themselves.

      As this is our final exchange, I’ll tell you a true story about a survivor who contacted me last year. Unusually, his voice was very strained that day, it was shaking with genuine fear. He’d just read on Exaro that MI5 were tapping his phones and that MI5 were following him and that he couldn’t trust anyone except Exaro. He’d been holding up very well given the stressful situation he’d had to endure for an extended period of time but now he was barely holding it together. He was worried, he told me, that he might be murdered. He was looking over his shoulder, trying to shake of imaginary spooks following him, fearing for his life.

      I very much doubt that you can understand how he felt at that time. I confess, that I didn’t really know what to say, how to calm him. All I do know is that whatever the negative effects on myself of the irresponsible smear campaign against myself and the press in general, the effect on some survivors who were following Exaro were almost certainly far worse.

      Anyway, many thanks for all of your comments Trish, I hope you find the truth where ever you go searching for it.

      So long!

      • mittens

        Telegraph says Darren wasn’t at Thornham when Righton was there. Darren denies this and says he has documents to prove it.. Exaro have since tweeted that the Telegraph is smears and lies against Darren.
        So why dont they put there money where their mouth is and put the documents on Exaro to prove the Telegraph’s wrong?

      • I understand that the case had to be stopped because Darren refused to cooperate with them after his son was reported to social services by the police. I believe the police accept that Darren was there at 15 on work experience, but think that Righton was not there until later that year?

      • trish

        Hi Gojam,

        Thanks for your response. Just want to correct a few things. My views about the british establishment were formed long ago, independent of any media outlet.

        You say it is demonstrable that Darren could not have seen what he claimed at TM or Islington. I must have missed where that was clearly shown – can you point to it?

        The BBC did cover Darren’s issues a year ago but without the nasty smear tactics used by tthe Telegraph.

        Doug, do you have the transcript of the case on which you seem so adament the judge said all that? How did this judge know he had a background of telling lies? Who told the judge that?

        The story about the survivor who contacted you is awful, and as a human being I can understand how he must have felt. If you feel Exaro’s approach to this is causing more distress and danger, why not write a post saying that. Surely that is far more conducive and less damaging to all survivors then your current approach. – which is to attack them through survivors they have written about.

        Again, I will just say the ability to hold two opposing thoughts and that same time on this blog – without questioning that is what blows my mind.

        One day there will be posts such as:
        Judge Mental,
        Corrupt Police,
        Agenda Driven Media

        The next I am told a CSA Victim has been charged with crimes, was called a huge liar by a judge, anonymous sources say it is all lies, and it is all written by agenda driven media. I given the type of post mentioned above question this – and get slammed as some Exaro groupie.

        Gojam, I know this blog must be hard on you. I hope the truth does come out and those responsible punished. But as i said on a previous post – how many years has it been now? exaro IMO is not the problem, the establishment is the problem and it they that intend to keep a lid on this using every tactic and they have plenty.

      • gw


        I won’t speak on Gojam’s behalf but you think in completely binary terms.

        I have been interested in this subject for sometime, and since Tom Watson’s PMQs have been following it like a hawk. It has dominated most of my free evenings and lunch breaks!

        Do I think there was “high level” paedophilia operating around Westminister? Yes. Do I think crimes where covered up? Yes. Do I think the security services had a role to play? Yes. Do I think Nick’s allegations are true? No. Do I think Darren’s allegations are true? No! Do I think that 100% of “victims” are telling the truth! NOOOOOO!!!!
        The fact is that over the last 18 months Exaro have gone down considerably in my estimations. Rather then report the story they have become part of it. They have surrounded themselves by a clique group of sycophants and self-congratulatory tweets are the norm. So is attacking dissenting views. My personal opinion is that Exaro’s financial motives have clouded their journalistic integrity.

        Saying Gojam is “spooky” is a slur. You know who founded Exaro right? An interesting bloke with some links to some VERY questionable figures. I will refrain from saying more as I post pseudo-anonymously. Doesn’t mean anything but with your attitude it might as well right?

        Here’s my question to you:

        If you believe the police are so corrupt as to discredit witnesses, victims, do you also believe the police’s statement that Nick’s allegations are “credible and true”? And if so, why?

        It’s clear that the “survivors” lobby has put such a ridiculous pressure on police that they have to treat every allegation as “true”. This is INSANE.

      • Nick has been seen as a’ credible’, and, ‘truthful’ witness. Everyones view of what they saw is subjective, especially remembering things that happened over 30 years ag,o as a child, but it would be wrong of the police not to investigate. Things did happen around that time, which are still unexplained. Searching peoples houses is always traumatic for the people involved, but tends to be done whatever crime you may be suspected of these days.
        After that, very of ten, no further action is taken, as was the case with Harvey Proctor.

    • QUOTE: “victim of child sex abuse has a troubled past. Said past proves victim is lying. Preferable past victim is dead or major addict – end of story”

      Good point Trish.

      We should all keep in mind that often, abused children lack “credibility” to due drug/alcohol use, a lack of education, an impoverished background, psychological problems, etc.

      That doesn’t necessarily mean that they haven’t been abused.

      Often, the issues that damage the credibility of the victims are consequences of the abuse. Victims are more likely to be susceptible to drug abuse, alcoholism, and psychological problems, due to the abuse they suffered.

      This works well for the abusers, since a victim with lots of problems is less likely to be believed.

      Moreover, child sex abusers are predators. They intentionally seek out the weak and vulnerable to abuse. They look for children who no one cares about, who have no one to stand up for them. That is why so many children “in care” (in orphanages, etc) are sexually abused. They have no one to protect them, and often adults don’t believe them. Thus, they are easier prey for abusers.

  6. BBC Security Team prevented Jimmy Savile victim from running away:

    Meanwhile across the pond, former Speaker of the American Congress Dennis Hastert has been charged with lying to the FBI and hiding $3,500,000 in “hush money” payments that he made, to prevent being exposed as a child molester.

    “Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was paying a former student to keep quiet about allegations of sexual abuse from the time when Hastert was a teacher and wrestling coach in Illinois, two sources with knowledge of the federal government investigation told CNN on Friday afternoon.”

    So it looks like VIP abuse is not exclusively a British problem.

  7. trish

    ps: I respect that you have posted my comments. Much kudos for that

  8. There seem to be problems with today’s ‘detectives’. They spend a lot of time complaining, and do very little detective work. From what I have read, ‘detectives’ said that the dates might be six weeks ‘out’. Well it was a long time ago? They complain that they cannot investigate properly, ‘in the full glare of publicity’, poor dears!

    As far as I can see, the only thing that needed to be done, that was not done, was to dig in the areas that were identified by Darren, for bodies?
    It is a private estate, they could have sealed it off so that they were not photographed by the press. Maybe the Home Secretary could have inforced a ‘no fly zone’ over the farm, so that our coy detectives were not upset by press helecopters?

    We seem to have, today, very ‘shy’, and ‘sensitive’, detectives, obsessed with protocol, and decorum, when a few shovels would have ‘solved’ this case once and for all.

  9. Doug

    So if someone decides to report YOU to the police for violent sexual assaults and for several murders which they not only claim to have witnessed first hand but helped dig the graves for in your back garden, you’d be happy with the police turning up with diggers to do justy that? Even when the police have done other investigations and discovered they couldnt possibly have known you and other claims they made just dont match up. They also discover the person has a track record for telling whopping lies.
    So with everything proven to be or pointing towards the current accusation against YOU to be lies and by a compulsive liar youre going to happy for them to still turn your garden over yes?

  10. Jack

    The correct way do deal with any accusation is not to attempt to make a highly subjective judgement as to whether you believe someone or not but to investigate the allegations to see if there is evidence to support them. If so proceed if not case closed.

    • Agreed, most abused children end up on drugs, drink, in prison, or commit suicide. So here we have another ‘jack the ripper case, ready for lots of theories in the future, when the police could have put the case to bed with a digger!

  11. “The mail- ‘Now the Sunday Mirror reports police are investigating allegations senior officers covered up links to nine unsolved murders involving Cooke and his Dirty Dozen child sex ring”.

    The POLICE covered up unsolved child murders? So, ROGER STOODLEY must be corrupt, eh? What a load of crap. Anyone who has read what the man had to say about those investigations would have to be a Truther-Freeman zealot to pretend not to understand the complexity of the investigation and the challenges police investigatots faced at the time.
    So easy for them to fling allegation mud at police, from the blog comment threads where they crow how much they despise all police officers and call them sh*te – meanwhile their ideological cousins in North America are ambushing officers they’ve never met and know nothing about & blowing their brains out onto the pavement with high-powered rifles, supposedly believing they have “struck a blow against The New World Order”.


    • I’ve spoken to Roger Stoodley on a few occasions and he’s always struck me as a totally straight and incorruptible copper.

    • Aardvark

      Just insanity,for clarity, this quote was taken from The Mail and is not my own (‘Now the Sunday Mirror reports police are investigating allegations senior officers covered up links to nine unsolved murders involving Cooke and his Dirty Dozen child sex ring”. ).
      To be clear,the words in brackets are from The Mail, so the diatribe of yours about the ‘Truther-Freeman zealot’ seems a little reactionary. But what does seem strange is your lack of openess to look at the evidence, you wrote this in an earlier post –
      “Of course, a small percentage of UK MPs have been child abusers, just as a small percentage of persons from any profession you care to name, have been. And no, “the establishment” hasn’t covered-up every accusation, investigation or conviction.”
      But there have been instances, of establishment figures, higher up, in Office, being covered up for, so how would one know there weren’t more, without all the evidence from Government files, Police records being available to see? Oh dear, a lot of that information went missing, got damaged in fires etc, that is what makes people suspicious.

      As an obvious example, If it wasn’t for Geoffrey Dickens outing Peter Hayman in Parliament, none of us would have been any the wiser, so cover ups have happened. Therefore, people will be suspicious that other cover ups have taken place. This is not an attack on the Police and strange you would see it that way, it is about getting to the truth, when there is evidence of cover ups.

      • Sabre

        You could be forgiven for suspecting that Justin has a dog in the fight !

      • Sabre, calm down, please.

        Stoodley didn’t state that there had been, he just didn’t rule it out.

        In my view, if there was any cover-up it was due to Lennie Smith who had a long list of clients that he supplied boys to and who had connections to the Establishment.

        Justin is a friend of mine and is certainly on the right side, so please don’t suggest otherwise. Just as I know you are genuinely searching for the truth. Let’s leave the personal insults to twitter and keep this place clear for proper debate.

        Many thanks

      • None of the evidence points to him though?

      • @Gojam, fair enough, I withdraw the personal insinuation re Justin. The challenge to Justin is why are you using a non existent smear on Stoodley to try to make a possible corruption story re police investigation of Cooke go away. It is possible that corruption has taken place, I submit Justin that you are confusing assumption and implication once more.

    • Sabre

      Still at it ! Stoodley is on record himself re his dissatisfaction with the way Cooke case was dealt with. It’s beginning to look deliberate !

    • QUOTE: “meanwhile their ideological cousins in North America are ambushing officers they’ve never met and know nothing about & blowing their brains out onto the pavement with high-powered rifles, supposedly believing they have “struck a blow against The New World Order”.”

      What does this statement have to do with the subject we are discussing?

      • Sabre

        It seemed to me to be a tactic akin to labelling someone a fellow traveller to holocaust deniers or even worse these days a climate change denier.
        A cheap diversion tactic and a master class in conflation. I thought I saw Aaronovitch lurking in the background. I’m assured that I have it wrong and trust that Justin will challenge and or explain if and when he sees fit.

  12. Aardvark

    Just to be clearer, this statement was also a quote from The Mail-
    “Cooke has long been suspected of procuring boys for VIPs but none of his ‘customers’ have ever been prosecuted.”

    • I don’t know why the daily fail are creating a hostage to fortune running the story, they are well aware that the alleged VIPs are the friends and allies that they are running interference for. It’s probably a holding position given that the story is already abroad. They probably hope that some daft sod has information that they will trust the daily fail with. Anyone trusting the fail will fall straight into the old Maxwell-Vannunu trap!

    • I’ll regret to my dying day my failure to abduct Cooke and water board him indefinitely until he was drained of every last bit of intelligence while I had half a chance.

  13. trish

    Hi Gojam,

    I has no idea JS was your friend – certainly clears up a few things. Curious as your friend, he must understand what has been going regarding VIP child abuse?

    Why would he say because one MP was prosecuted decades ago = no cover up? Either a) at the very least he has not written some of what you have posted here, or b) he has, doesn’t believe it, or is serving another agneda?

    His bizarre attack just now on the Cooke piece posted from the Mail/Mirror?

    You still didn’t post the link where Exaro said Darren corraberates Nick’s story. More important than that you have not posted a link or anything to show Darren could not have seen the things he claims at TM and Islington?

    BTW, is Doug also a friend of your?

  14. gw

    I have previously posted on the dangers of awarding “victims” privileged status.

    If you can be bothered (I can’t remember which post here) you can find noted victim “Zoompad” accusing me of being a paedophile on the basis that I disagreed with what she has written. A good example of why some people (and I include “Darren” in this) should just be ignored…

  15. Gojam, why has my detailed reply to Justin Sanity’s sarcastic post above not been approved from moderation?

    I spent a long time writing that reply, and it answered his question. My reply was not rude in any way.

    For what reasons have you not published it?

    • Because I don’t want a long list of unrelated and unverified allegations.

      You keep on trying to post it.

      • None of the allegations in my reply to Justin Sanity were “unverified.”

        I only mentioned facts which have been widely published in the mainstream news media, and can be verified by a simple google search.

        I really don’t understand why you are refusing to post my reply.

        But of course, this is your website, and it’s your right to choose which comments you wish to publish.

  16. tdf

    Latest from Darren:

    Mind you it is not particularly any crazier than some of the other things he has tweeted.