The Sunday Times: Darren’s Story

For me there are four points of note in today’s Sunday Times story

  1. The Sunday Times have talked to an independent source who has confirmed the Daily Mail story that Operation Midland is “going nowhere”
  2. That Suffolk police became so worried about Darren’s behaviour that they referred his son to social services. Anyone who has witnessed some of Darren’s own comments on social media must have had concerns. I’m not going to embarrass Darren by reproducing them here but many readers will have noted them. He is plainly a vulnerable and distraught individual and my own belief is that the reason Exaro decided to report as to why the police had done this, in the way that they did, had nothing to do with abused men being more likely to become abusers themselves but was just spin. I’ve no doubt that somebody must have said that (perhaps the ‘source’ had been inadvertently led to say it?) but the fact is that no professional with experience would ever suggest it because it is just plain wrong.
  3. This very definite statement – “In fact, police sources say Darren had never come into contact with Righton or worked at the estate when Righton lived there.” This isn’t a surprise. Anyone who has read his account objectively would have understood that it was untrue. For balance I think it is important to point out that some of Darren’s earlier BBC stories do have a ring of truth and that I personally have no doubt that he is a survivor of CSA. A salient point to make is that his foster carer was later convicted for similar offences. So I don’t want to be too hard on him but the Thornham Magna and Dolphin Square accounts are not true.
  4. The Sunday Times seems to want to link Darren’s and Nick’s account to Tom Watson’s question at PMQs in 2012. For absolute clarity, they are not linked !  The evidence that Tom Watson alluded to was recovered, seven boxes of evidence in a repository in Leicestershire. This is documented evidence and Tom Watson’s question is not misleading in any way. Attempts to try and conflate false allegations with evidenced allegations will only backfire.

Last week it was reported in the Daily Mail that police had “grave doubts” over allegations by a second witness, known as “Nick”, who claimed to know of three murders by the gang, but officers could not find a “shred of credible evidence” to substantiate them.

In addition, a source has told The Sunday Times that Operation Midland — a separate investigation by the Metropolitan police into the alleged Westminster ring — is “going nowhere” because detectives can find no evidence to corroborate the stories of witnesses.

Last month Mark Williams-Thomas, the former police officer who exposed Jimmy Savile as a serial sex offender, warned that many of the current allegations against political figures were unsubstantiated and could undermine efforts to tackle child abuse.

Darren made his claims in an interview with the investigative news website Exaro, in which he claimed to have fallen into the hands of the VIP paedophile ring at the age of 15 when he undertook work experience at Thornham Magna estate in Suffolk.

At the time, he said, the known paedophile Peter Righton was renting a house on the estate after his conviction for possessing child pornography in 1992.

He claimed Righton was involved in the killing of a man in his thirties on the estate and that he knew of a girl who had died during a VIP paedophile party at the Dolphin Square apartment block in Westminster where Righton took him on a number of occasions in 1993.

But Suffolk police have investigated all the claims and found no evidence to support his account. In fact, police sources say Darren had never come into contact with Righton or worked at the estate when Righton lived there.

Watson had claimed in October 2012 that Righton, a member of the Paedophile Information Exchange group who died in 2007, was a key figure in the alleged Westminster paedophile ring.

Darren said he was abused by Righton and Charles Napier — who was jailed for 13 years in December for sex attacks at a boys’ school — while working at Thornham Magna.

The Sunday Times


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  1. card2

    In April 2015 Tim Passmore Suffolk PCC sent on to acting chief constable concerns about press reports of how many child abuse inquiries had been historically shut down by special branch.

    It has long been known and sworn to that special branch were creating an unlawful police no go area of the Sue Ryder and Leonard Cheshire charities.

    The test of whether Suffolk Chief constable reported on to Hydrant and Midland is the implications of the death of Sir John Stradling Thomas MP at his Dolphin Square Home 1991.

    And Midland did not look.

    At the time of Suffolk Chief constable visit to Henniker 1992 Bury St Edmunds Coronerr was in touch with him about the 1972 Sue Ryder Home deaths especially volunteer Matron McGill from New Zealand. And HM Coroner was checking records for what we now know was over 40 child care deaths in Islington and Hackney care at the Beeches Ixworth from 1954 to 72.

    That is over 40 child deaths in care that did not get inquests.

    The implication, if Sir John had lived, was that there would also have been parliamentary ombudsman inquiry about how Sir John’s correspondence to Attorney General and Police Minister in the above matters had been handled. IE Had the MPs letters been intercepted.

    And the Suffolk Chief constable had been asked to check why Sue Ryder had notified press to prepare obits for Leonard Cheshire (when Cheshire was in fact not terminally ill) And the Suffolk Chief constable had been asked to contact his Gwent counterpart about a 1992 document burglary and special branch threats to a retired Regional Crime Squad detective in Wales.

    It is Special Branch tail that wags Chief constable dogs. This is guised as Chief constable operational independence. Lord Denning, founder of the unlawful police no go area Leonard Cheshire homes, 1968 obiter comments were in fact unlawful as judge in own cause. At the time Tavistock was conducting group psychiatric research commissioned by Dept of Health on inmates of Leonard Cheshire Homes. Trampling on informed consent and a number of ECHR rights.

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  3. Thanks, Gojam. I meant no criticism of you or the blog, by the way. You and your team are sincere and conscientious people and you have my respect for that.

    I’m not saying that NAPAC is no good, or that people shouldn’t use it, either. No doubt they do invaluable, life-saving work on a daily basis, and most employees I’m sure are conscientious and caring folk. I’d seen that video of the new CEO saying: “I wasn’t surprised to hear about [Mr so-and-so]…that name has come up a lot in our calls”, which is either a lie in which case she’s a fantasist, or it is true in which case she’s publicly gossiping supposedly confidential information – and either way is unsuited to her job.
    But right after that, I encountered 3 anecdotes about victim services call takers gossiping confidential info and I blew a mental gasket. So I came here to express myconcern with someone that I knew would actually care :)

    The data collection that NAPAC does is quite mind-boggling also. I suppose it may be a trade-off for government funding – ? You get bigger bucks to provide services with if you agree to collect and collate as much data on the callers as you can without identifying them by name? Governments will want such data so they can quantify victimized persons, convert them to stats that bureacrats can attempt to make go up or down on a chart. That’s how they understand and relate to “the people” – as various “problems” that need fixing, rather than as complex human persons – who need to be cared about as such more than anything else.

  4. Gojam – it appears that the confidentiality promised by your national abuse victim support line & referral services is being routinely violated. Even the new CEO of NAPAC apparently thinks that its ok to publicly gossip about the identity of persons named as abusers by the callers. In fact, these services would appear to be PRIMARILY interested in data collection. This means that their confidentiality pledges are a deliberate deception:

    From NAPAC –
    “We promise to keep what you tell us confidential
    The only exceptions to this are if we learn that someone is currently in serious danger of harm – for example, an identifiable child who is being abused now – or in the case of intelligence about drug dealing, terrorism or money laundering. In those circumstances alone, we are obliged to act upon that information and inform the police or other authorities”.

    This pledge is a lie. It should read: “Your anonymity will be preserved, but anything else you might tell us can and will be recorded for statistical purposes and gossiped about by our staff”.

    This is very bad. Very, very, bad.

    • Hi Justin,

      Just for the record. Early in 2013 we realised that this blog was getting a great deal of traffic and so we decided that rather than trying to make money ourselves, we’d try and do some good by supplying a link to NAPAC. We have no formal relationship with them. We just felt that it would be an appropriate way to use that space on the blog and the traffic that comes here.

      I hear what you say but I suspect we’d be criticised regardless of who we linked to with that regard.

      If you email me I’ll be very happy to forward your concerns which I can see are legitimate.

  5. nuggy

    if a source is unnamed how can you be sure they even exist and the paper dident make them up..

  6. trish

    me too. gojam has his reasons why he believs unnamed sources in the mail, times etc, . Looking forward to hearing why he does.

  7. Interesting…Field Marshal Lord Bramall, who is being investigated by Operation Midland, was once an aide to Lord Mountbatten (“Dickie”) in the 1960s.

    I didn’t know that.

  8. Sabre

    Exaro claim that the ‘Nick doubters’ are not from Operation Midland, The Daily Fail and The Sunday Times imply otherwise based on unattributable sources and Midland have yet to make an official statement or wind up the investigation. Everyone is in the dark at best and some are deliberately fucking about at worst. All to be expected really.

  9. “Darren” says that he has no reason to lie. But there is a very obvious reason for people, whether Darren is one of them or not, to lie about being victimized by VIPs in the UK – to gain acceptance & status within a community of activist/campaigners/whistleblowers. It’s actually a predictable and somewhat inevitable consequence of there being such communities, and has been observed & documented taking place within communities of self-professed SRA victim claimants, over several decades.

    Borderline Personality Disorder is a not uncommon correlant to severe childhood abuse. What Wilmer describes as “psychosexual disorder” seems to describe BPD just as well. Wilmer is wrong about such disorders being universal among CSA victims however. Theoretically, there could be as many as 6 MILLION male adults and 10 MILLION female adults in the UK who had unwanted sexual experiences of some kind as minors. The 2000 persons who have come through Lantern Project are a type of self-selected sample and there’s no reason to believe that any characteristics they might share would necessarily be found in the other 8 MILLION persons.

  10. dpack

    henniker and righton had met by or before 1968 iirc ?

    was fraser “designated psychiatric doctor” (or whatever the correct name for the job was) at kincora ?

    • It’s also interesting that Sir Peter Hayman attended the same school as Henniker 8 (Stowe), and is reported by the Daily Mail as serving with MI6 in Belgrade as station chief in the mid-1950s.

      Henniker had also served in Yugoslavia with Fitzroy Maclean, albeit 10 years earlier, during WW2.

      • dpack

        ww2 eastern med and balkan soe/6/9/sf has a lot of names that seem to relevant to context they include
        maclean,henniker,courtney,amery,neave,.ryder,philby,stirling along with many others who provide sideways links to both uk and international players.

        of all of them henniker 8 seems to have the most significant side connections which include the above and others from ww2 and these (plus many others) below.

        dickie.phil,osla.blunt,mcgrath,mckeague,hayman,righton,fraser.official and “unofficial “spookery . high level mason.FO/BC.charities,broadmoor.etc etc etc .
        his uk and international links are extensive and at one or two degrees of separation there seem to be traces of his influence in many places.

        ps it is harder to fake the evidence of history than confuse that of current affairs.

      • Hi dpack,

        Who/what does “osla” refer to in “dickie.phil,osla.blunt,mcgrath”

        I am familiar with the other names in your post, but not “osla”.

        What is “osla”?

      • dpack

        Osla ,the first mrs henniker 8

        canadian heiress,worked at bletchley,phil the greek’s girlfriend(dickie had better plans for him and got h8 to distract osla)
        phil is godfather to h9 so i recon he was ok with the arrangement ,dickie thought it worked out well for the dynasty and h8 got rich wife and a powerful friend.

  11. “The Chief Constable of Suffolk took it upon himself to visit and warn Henniker that he had 2 paedophiles with very significant national links on his property. Henniker was not in any way perturbed by this disclosure despite the fact that for many years he had had extremely vulnerable children holiday on his estate.”

    It’s very interesting that Henniker 8 was “not at all perturbed” that he had paedo’s living on his estate while children from were visiting for holidays.

    • What has this got to do with Darren’s claims?
      That Righton and Napier were paedophiles isn’t in dispute and we know on which estate Righton was living.
      Neither of these facts prove Darren was abused by them, on or off that estate, or that murders took place there.
      If Darren has documents which prove he was there As he claims then he should get Exaro to post them. If he has proof I would like to see it. He has a golden chance to call the MSM out as liars and salvage some credibility.

  12. Ah yes, Thornham Magna, the ancestral estate of the illustrious and distinguished Henniker-Majors, the barons Henniker.

    After his conviction, Peter Righton was welcomed to the Henniker estate, despite the Chief Constable of Suffolk PERSONALLY visiting the Hennikers and begging them not to let Righton live there, since the Thornham Magna estate was simultaneously used for visits by school children.

    The 8th Lord Henniker claimed that his son, the current (9th) Lord Henniker was responsible for allowing Righton to live there.

    “As the extent of his alleged activities emerged, police discovered that Righton had moved to the Henniker estate. Suffolk social workers were alerted to establish the circumstances in which he was living.”

    “The Standard has established that the London Borough of Islington, whose children’s homes are the subject of an inquiry following our revelations that young people in council care were exposed to paedophiles, pimps and child pornographers, sends children to the Henniker estate under a scheme called The Islington Suffolk Project.
    Hundreds of youngsters from Islington and other councils have holidayed at the Henniker estate, staying in log cabins, since the mid-1970s.”

    “His son’s wife, Mrs Lesley Henniker-Major, said: ‘Mr Righton is a tenant. He came to us through an estate agent with impeccable references.’”

    Convicted paedo Peter Righton has impeccable references! So that’s alright then.

    For more about the Hennikers and their connections to Righton, see these articles:

    “The Chief Constable of Suffolk took it upon himself to visit and warn Henniker that he had 2 paedophiles with very significant national links on his property. Henniker was not in any way perturbed by this disclosure despite the fact that for many years he had had extremely vulnerable children holiday on his estate.”

    Also see this article, especially paragraph 5, which mentions the children visiting the estate:

    It’s also worth noting that the 9th Lord Henniker’s son Frederick was found dead at the age of 21, apparently a “suicide”, in mysterious circumstances in February 2005.

    The current Lord Henniker (Mark) claims that his son attacked his mother. (Isn’t it a bit odd for a father to disparage his son after the son just “committed suicide”?)

    I wonder if 9th Lord Henniker’s son was one of Righton’s victims.

    The 8th Lord Henniker died in 2004, but remember, he claimed that his son, the 9th Lord Henniker, was responsible for Righton living at Thornham Magna. And 9th Lord Henniker’s wife Lesley said that Righton came with “impeccable references.” Who were those “impeccable” references?

    The 9th Lord Henniker (Mark Henniker-Major) is still around.

    Why did he allow Righton to live at Thornham Magna?

    He has serious questions to answer.

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  14. I’ve been reviewing some of Chris Fay’s fanciful “leaks” to various media. In one Daily Mail story he is quoted:
    “A child protection campaigner [hello, Fay! I see you there, under that “child protection campaigner” costume] told us this week: ‘Peter was a victim at Elm Guest House in the Seventies — but by the time I knew of him in the Eighties, he was an abuser.
    ‘He had been groomed as a child, but he crossed the line at some stage: as an adult, he was organising the abuse of kids. By the mid-1980s we were pushing for his arrest. We weren’t treating him as a victim any more.’ ”

    Is there any documentary evidence that Peter Hatton-Bornshin became a child abuser? Or is this just another one of Fay’s patented unsubstatiated slanders?

    The Butler-Sloss story in the Guardian reminds me to remark, that there has been a pedophile conspiracy – a “pedophile cult” if you wish – operating in Commonwealth nations for over 200 years. It really has enjoyed special protection from investigation and prosecution of it’s members, until very recently, from some very wealthy and powerful people in various communities around the globe. From it’s founding in 1802, it has sought to place its members in contact with the most vulnerable children, and over time it has successfully infiltrated schools, orphanages, youth reformatories and many other services for vulnerable children – “infiltrated” them by RUNNING THEM – until, in our day, it came to dominate the provision of such services in countless communities. In recent years, many of its serving & retired members have been prosecuted for the most heinous crimes against children, often in conspiracy with each other, involving HUGE numbers of child victims.

    It is called: The Congregation of Christian Brothers

  15. Any of these sources on the record yet or are they still ‘informed sources’, ‘sources close to the investigation’ etc?

    • Well, I trust that ‘unnamed’ source more than I trust some of Exaro’s named ones.

      This gent for example (Clive Harrington AKA Clive Ballard)

      Was involved in Spanish property fraud. Much better to blame his own downfall on a VIP paedophile conspiracy. Nothing to do with him being a fraudster, it was the Establishment paedos that conspired to ruin his life.

      But let’s not let the integrity (or lack of) of a source get in the way of a sensationalist story that can be sold to The Mirror.

      Another Tim Wood piece I note…

      Must be another graduate from the Don Hale School of Journalism.