Operation Ravine: Jonathan King And Two Others Arrested


Jonathan King has been desperately attempting to suggest that he has been the victim of false allegations similar to those that have been circulating in the press recently even going as far as coming to Edward Heath’s defence as a character witness in The Spectator (Yeh, right!). This Sunday he wrote:

We see these pathetic stories crumbling, started by mentally unstable characters in a fantasy world wanting attention, sympathy, believing their own stories (reminds me of the man who started my witch hunt, who, it transpires, made money as a teenager telling people his mother was dying of cancer and forcing her to call the donors to deny the tale and apologise)

– carried by media sources desperate for “great stories” (like the wonderful Exaro) – picked up by millions as a “great story” – forcing under funded police forces to spend millions on investigating stupid tales that, a few years ago, would have been dropped in seconds – stirred up by media howls (“Savile WAS a pervert – ignored for years”) expanding unproveable stories and encouraging further mad tales by unhinged “victims”.

King of Shits

It only serves to highlight the dangers of false allegations in the media when they can be used by a man like King to muddy the waters but it seems that he’s not fooling the police – and he certainly doesn’t fool me.

It has been plausibly suggested (though unconfirmed) that the other men arrested with Jonathan King are Deniz Corday (86) who started the Walton Hop Teen disco in 1958 and former Hop DJ Robert Randall (77)

The former music industry figure Jonathan King has been arrested on suspicion of historical child sex offences, the BBC understands.

Mr King, 70, was arrested at his home in Bayswater, west London, by Surrey Police officers on Wednesday morning.

Two other men, aged 77 and 86, both from Walton-on-Thames, were also arrested and are being questioned.

The arrests were made in connection with allegations linked to the Walton Hop Disco in Walton-on-Thames.

An ongoing investigation, titled Operation Ravine, is looking into allegations of sexual offences against children connected with the disco in the 1970s and 1980s.

Surrey Police said specialist police officers were searching the men’s properties.

BBC News


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  2. Interesting Guardian article here. Quite a few names of top politicians are mentioned. Unfortunately and deplorably, the author gives cover to child sex abusers by describing anyone who isn’t heterosexual as “gay”, even though we now know that several of the persons he names aren’t “gay”, they are child abusers.

    By categorizing child abusers such as Tom Driberg, Leo Abse, Viscount Tonypandy, Lord Robert Boothby etc as “gay”, the author does a grave disservice to the gay community, most of whom would never harm a child.

    Here is the article: http://www.theguardian.com/books/2015/may/16/double-lives-a-history-of-sex-and-secrecy-at-westminster

    With regard to the new names mentioned,this paragraph is especially interesting:

    “…the chancellor of the exchequer, Derick Heathcoat-Amory, who narrowly avoided scandal after engaging in frolics with “teddy boys” at Margate; the foreign secretary, Selwyn Lloyd, who was in love with his handsome godson…”

    Umm, somebody who is “in love with his handsome godson” shouldn’t be described as gay, they should be described as a pervert. The same goes with someone who enjoys “frolics” with “teddy boys.”

    Derick Heathcoat-Amory MP (later 1st Viscount Amory), who died in 1981, held several important ministerial positions, including Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1958-60 under Harold MacMillan.

    Selwyn Lloyd MP (later Baron Selwyn-Lloyd), who died in 1978, held numerous top government posts in the cabinet, including Foreign Secretary, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Minister of Defence, and later, Speaker of the House of Commons.

    See: http://hansard.millbanksystems.com/people/mr-selwyn-lloyd/

    • chrisb

      ‘Teddy boys’ probably refered to young men rather than actual boys.

      • pandapops

        Some say the same about the later use of the word “rent boys”, and I guess with the waters muddied by ambiguous terms, it may be a while until we are at liberty to say what was “probably”referred to.”

  3. Interesting article on Robert Boothby MP (PPS to Sir Winston Churchill and one of Churchill’s closest friends):


    Key paragraphs exposing Robert Boothby MP (later Lord Boothby of Buchan and Rattray Head) as a paedo:

    “But once the Old Bailey trial of the Krays was over, people around them talked more freely, and I found out more about the curious relationship between Ronnie Kray and Robert Boothby. There was considerably more to it than I suspected. Not only did they share a love for teenage boys, which Ronnie Kray provided, but Boothby clearly had a fascination for dangerous company, coupled with a reckless disregard for its consequences. ”

    “As well as boys there were East End orgies and sex shows involving criminals. One account described Boothby lying under a glass-topped table while boys were made to defecate above him. Another described him sitting naked in a room with a number of criminals and boys around him, and “love beads” protruding from his anus.”

    “Only a few weeks earlier, two Conservative back-benchers had reported to the chief whip that they had seen Lord Boothby at a dog track importuning boys with none other than his friend Tom Driberg.”

    If these allegations are true, it’s pretty clear that Robert Boothby was a paedo.

    The article discusses Boothby’s friendship with paedo Tom Driberg MP, and also mentions how Boothby was saved from being exposed in the newspapers by the creepy Lord Arnold Goodman and Lord Gerald Gardiner QC.

    Interestingly, Boothby was a Tory, whereas Arnold Goodman and Gerald Gardiner were Labour.

    All in it together, eh?

    Here’s the article link again: http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/the-lords-of-the-underworld-1256016.html

  4. Hi Gojam, I’m just wondering, why did you not approve my comment that linked to the Justice for Holly Grieg website?

    Is that not a reliable / trustworthy website?

    I found that link through a google search, so I don’t know about the website.

    If you could explain, that would be great.


  5. Understood, thanks for clearing that up!

  6. nuggy

    king should really have got life for the bay city rollers and other crimes against humanity.

  7. Dpack, in the William Hague Elevated to the Lords thread way back in August, you mentioned “could he have been a horologist . iirc there was mention of a clock mender with some dubious vip chums and some serious posthumous allegations made against him in a msm press story?although i can now find no trace of it .”

    I think you might be thinking of Keith Harding (PIE member 329) who conveniently died in 2014:


    See this BBC article for the Horological Institute link:


  8. Sabre

    Chucking a few celebs and luvvies to the wolves again, if they deserve it by all means chuck them, but smarmy King never influenced anything more than a crap tune or two. Best keep the wolves from those with power and influence though.

  9. Owen


    A thoughtful but ultimately damning article by Jon Ronson. Ronson also interviews Deniz Corday, manager of the Walton Hop and now charged alongside King. Corday observes “Jonathan’s a really nice guy and definitely not a paedophile. Anyway, I think it should be reworded. I think a paedophile should be someone who goes with someone under 13.”

    Corday reads to Ronson from witness statements. “‘There was a crate of Coca-Cola kept backstage, and it was people like Jonathan King and Corday who hung around there. If you were invited back there you would get a free coke with a shot of whiskey.'”

    Deniz comments, “Now how ridiculous can you get? I’m going to give the kids of the Hop a shot of whiskey with a coke?” This is followed by a silence. “Well,” he says quietly. “If I gave them a little bit of whisky once in a while, they’re not going to put me in jail for it. I used to call it ‘coke with a kick’. Anyway, we’re not talking about me. We’re talking about Jonathan. Have you heard of any charges against me?” “No,” says Ronson.

    Corday’s argument for redefining paedophilia echoes across the almost decade and a half since King’s conviction in the repeated efforts of Jonathan King’s and Tom O’Carroll’s confidante Anna Raccoon/Suzanne Nundy to distinguish between adult abuse of a young child and the consensual relationship of an adult with a sexually mature “post-pubescent” minor.

    Like King and Corday in Ronson’s article, Anna/Suzanne’s coterie of admirers seem to take great delight with her in finding reasons to dismiss the distress of the children of the past. Like Ron Thwaites, King’s defence lawyer, the Raccoon Club dismiss the possibility of lasting social and emotional damage as they scorn survivors’ efforts to secure justice as simple “compo-seeking culture”.

    King may indeed be an immature celeb but he was and is a man of power and influence who insists that he did nothing wrong in seducing and abusing the young and impressionable, drawing on the support of allies and apologists who continue to find arguments that let King and other powerful predators less eager to engage in such a revealing dialogue with the public to disclaim responsibility for their past actions.

  10. Interesting article on Kincora blackmail. At the bottom of the article, there are links to other articles, too.


    “Sir Anthony Hart, the retired judge leading the current investigation into institutional child abuse in Northern Ireland between 1922 and 1995, has expressed concern that he lacks the authority to get to the truth.”

    • Sabre

      The State long ago tired of Ulster and wanted rid of the problem, the Unionists wanted to remain tied to Britain rather than the Republic but trusted the British as far as they could throw them. The Nationalists/Republicans wanted rid of the British State but the British State while in agreement couldn’t afford to appear to bend to violence or betray the Loyalists. A dilemma indeed, and that’s the simple version, hence The State decided to ‘hold the line’ and play both factions off against each other and The State while also maintaining links to different sub factions using ‘back channels’ at various times MI5 but mostly MI6, a strategy of tension, a war of attrition preferably as cold as possible until demographics and political reality sets in on the ground. In order to manipulate everyone there was an urgent need to suppress disorder using the police and military machine, infiltration was used to manipulate the on going situation and to keep the factions off balance by rejecting true leaders and favouring ‘plants’. The State also needed leverage against the ‘big players’ and policy makers on the mainland. In the great scheme of things uncared for kids are well uncared for and are therefore nothing more than collateral damage in the quest for a resolution to a problem that is cared about e.g. Political Stability, Economic Stability, Diplomatic Relations and Constitutional affairs. Anyone believing that interests of great import will yield to the trivial matter of guttersnipes being raped and killed as a minor means to a great end are frankly fooling themselves.

  11. Kincora abuse victim names Lord Mountbatten and several other VIPs.

    -Lord Mountbatten, Earl of Burma, Uncle to the Queen
    -Sir Maurice Oldfield, Director-General of MI6
    -Sir Anthony Blunt (Royal Household official, also MI5)
    -Sir Knox Cunningham MP (Harold Macmillan’s PPS)

    The victim also states that the following persons abused him personally:

    -Sir Peter Hayman (Deputy Director-General of MI6, then UK High Commissioner to Canada)
    -Sir Nicholas Fairbairn MP (Thatcher’s Solicitor-General for Scotland)
    -Sir Cyril Smith MP (Liberal)

    The victim mentions how Lord Mountbatten mixed with people who attended paedo parties in the Irish Republic.

    He also describes a meeting between the Kincora warden (who was later jailed) and Sir Maurice Oldfield.


  12. Neville Driver

    You are aware that Bishop Balls has an identical twin?

    • Sabre

      No more than one would expect given the name.

    • John Derbyshire

      Hello Neville
      You are very observant, I have to be careful in what I write here due to Libel Laws. I have met both brothers and can confirm they are identical. Bishop Peter Ball’s Brother is Bishop Michael Ball who was Bishop of Jarrow 1980-1990 and then Bishop of Truro 1990-1997.
      They are identical twins, they both had the same mannerisms, etc. and one wit once noted they preceded Dolly the Sheep in cloning. So it would not come as a surprise if one was mistaken for the other.
      In 1960 the brothers founded the Community of the Glorious Ascension at Stratford Park in Stroud.
      Maybe some Church official would like to comment on the role certain people made in Church appointments during the period in which the ball brothers rose to prominence.

  13. Sabre

    Has operation Midland released its imminent statement yet or are we still at the mercy of the daily fail stringer?

  14. It’s also interesting that according to the timeline here, Sir Peter Hayman was MI6 station chief in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

    That could possibly connect Hayman to Sir John Henniker-Major, 8th Baron Henniker, who was involved in Yugoslavia during WW2 with Sir Fitzroy Maclean.

  15. Gojam,

    Why do you think Sir Peter Hayman wasn’t MI6?

    Even the BBC says that Hayman worked for MI6.

    “Hayman, who also worked for MI6…”


    Practically every mainstream media source reporting on Hayman describes him as a former MI6 member, and many describe him as a former Deputy Director General or Deputy Director.

    Here are 4 more articles describing Hayman as MI6 Deputy Director. It’s not just Exaro.





    To find dozens more articles naming Hayman as an MI6 official, just do a google search.

    Are you saying that all these major, national UK newspapers are wrong/incorrect?

    They do fact-check their articles before publishing.

    If they were claiming that someone was MI6 when that person wasn’t, they would almost certainly be contacted by government officials to correct the mistake.

    Also, how do you explain the timeline in the Daily Mail article I linked to above, which provides a detailed timeline of Hayman’s MI6 posts, including places he served as station chief (Belgrade, Malta, Baghdad).

    Are you saying that those details are wrong and/or fabricated?

    I’m not an expert on how MI6 is organized; it’s possible that Hayman’s actual title was slightly different than is being reported in the articles.

    But it seems beyond dispute that Hayman was a very senior MI6 official, whatever his exact title.

    If he wasn’t in MI6, then why aren’t MI6 and the government putting the record straight?

    They have done so in the past. For example, when Neil Heywood was murdered in China, and the newspapers speculated that he was an MI6 agent, William Hague publicly stated that Neil Heywood was NOT an MI6 employee.



    If the government was willing to publicly state that Heywood never worked for MI6, then why wouldn’t they set the record straight in the case of Sir Peter Hayman?

    If Hayman never worked for MI6, then the reputation of MI6 is being damaged for no reason. Why wouldn’t they want to correct the mistake?

    The only logical explanation is that Sir Peter Hayman did, in fact, work for MI6.

    Do you think that the BBC, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Herald Scotland, Mirror, Express, Guardian, and dozens of other news sources are all wrong about Sir Peter Hayman?

    If you think they are wrong, why do you think that?

    • Yes, they are wrong.

      Hayman was not the deputy of MI6. I can’t prove it but neither can those that have reported it prove he was.

      • You can’t prove it and neither can the contras prove their view. Why do you believe it to be untrue? What makes any of you think that you’ll be able to prove it either way? Try a FOI act request, good luck.

      • Is it or is it not established that Sir Peter Hayman was a diplomat? If so, he would have either been an intelligence officer or, more probably, incestuously close to intelligence. Why is his exact rank, or lack of it, of any significant importance?

      • Again

        Sabre, it is of importance because the point is Exaro’s reliability / lack of reliability (rather than Hayman as such)

      • Sabre

        @Again, How can anyone be castigated on the one hand or congratulated on the other? The clue is in the name SIS Secret Intelligence Service, they may from time to time disclose the names of senior officers or withhold them. When they do disclose you have no guarantee of the truthfulness of the disclosure do you?

  16. Again

    Sabre, I thought I had been clear, and not contradictory at all, apologies for any confusion. To spell it out, Exaro are wrong on this, yet have repeatedly failed to correct their reporting (and indeed have suppressed attempts to put things right). This casts doubt on the rest of what they have been claiming.

    Going offline now, but hope this helps.

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