1: Grouping, categorising and then implying that all victims of child sexual abuse- regardless of whether their allegations are proven, genuine, or false – are just out to make money. Examples of clumpensation are almost always followed by denials of clumpensation, qualifications or disingenuous caveats. Example

2: A tactic used by some to try and dissuade victims of child sexual abuse from coming forward by suggesting that their motive is financial and thus making them feel guilty.

See also

Clumpensation Culture

1: The general trend in the media, most notably in newspapers to clumpensate.

2: Also used by lawyers defending alleged perpetrators of sexual abuse and those representing institutions, including local councils, that might face liability.


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14 responses to “‘Clumpensation’

  1. Trudy

    Time to examine Graham Wilmer’s role in the Exaro/ Esther/Becky/Darren/Michael charade. Open your eyes .

  2. paul

    Cameron seems to be very unlucky with his advisors first that Patrick rock guy now allegations against this ex dragons den guy.

  3. I see that Bedlam is missing an inmate again (TSMM) and should make room for a new one (Tricia)

  4. IWTT


    Many people have submitted FOI requests on Mark Williams-Thomas. Quite rightly, the police do not divulge a previous officers’ working record, disciplinary record or reason for leaving the police service.

    I DO have a problem with MWT as he has re-invented himself and re-written his CV. Once a liar – always look for lies in my book!

    MWT was a PC in 1998 (2 years before he left Surrey having completed 11 years from his rookie status.) I have posted the picture to prove on my Twitter TL. (Sorry – I don’t know how to post pictures here.)

    How does 11 yrs as a PC (8 months as a secondee – and given the title of ‘Acting Detective’) translate to 20 years as a Detective with Surrey Police? MWT is the ‘go-to’ guy for This Morning and ITN. It’s pretty fishy IMO.

    • In my view this is quibbling.

      I’ve documented proof that MWT was working on CSA cases prior to 1998. I think you’re just trying to pick holes because you don’t like what he said in The Sunday Times a week ago.

  5. IWTT

    I actually thought that GoJam had managed to make a very valid point in this short piece (although tongue-in-cheek/ironic).

    There IS a small group of survivors who have joined together for compensation. http://www.thenational.scot/news/sorrys-not-enough.6549 It is their right to choose the compensation path if they wish. Who am I to judge?

    However, I see MOST survivors of non-recent child sexual abuse asking for justice. They want to see their perpetrators answer the allegations in court. To suggest that ALL survivors of #csa are only after compensation (as Lawson suggested in his article) suggests a clear lack of understanding.

    We should also remember that Stuart Hall, Max Clifford, Rolf Harris (convicted child abusers) shifted their assets BEFORE their cases came to trial. I find that more worrying to be honest.

  6. Not to be confused with Lumpenviolation Noun (neologism) general abuse of the masses by the Establishment esp violent sexual abuse of the vulnerable, a nod in the direction of Droit du seigneur.

  7. Perhaps your mate at Exaro David Hencke is the right person to write this up.

    • TSMM

      Hey Charles,hes obviously also been chatting with that Barrister Blogger twerp,from Raccoon and her gang,who btw,has put in a FOI request on M W-Thomas.
      Gojam clearly thinks the Daily mail is now god of all child abuse truth,especially seeing that the 4th earl of establishment spin doesnt pay any tax,and the article didnt use cops from Op Midland for their ludicrous quotes and disgusting info and attack of “nick”.
      Oh,and Gojam clearly hasnt got the info about Ecclestone Square yet,or he’d be writing about that,instead.

      • Clearly…

        Because of course. we’ve never heard of ‘The Dirty Dozen’in The Needle team.

      • hear hear. Remind what the purpose of thsi blog is again? If it is to expose the truth. gues what you can do that without riding on the coattails of those that are looking to find ways to torpedo and shut it down.

        I think you know that Gojam. One only has to look at how you within the space of 24 hours ripped anonymous sources as tabloid journalism only to use a trashy tabloid’s anonymous sources as proof that the vi tims are lying. Couple that with you claiming the CSA inquiry is beyond INTERFERENCE, and well it is all here for those that choose to see.