Operation Midland: Statement Imminent ?

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For the purposes of this article I’m going to assume that today’s story in The Daily Mail, HERE,  is broadly accurate. However, even as I assume that, I would like to distance myself from the description of Nick as a ‘Walter Mitty’. As I’ve written before, I actually do believe that Nick is very likely to have been a victim of child sexual abuse, I just don’t believe the allegations that have been reported over the last year and the term ‘Walter Mitty’ is an over-simplification of what is certain to be a very complex situation. It is also derogatory. I’ve had quite a lot of contact with many survivors of child sexual abuse over the last few years and I’ve never come across a ‘Walter Mitty’ but I certainly have communicated with a great many vulnerable and sometimes desperate individuals.

In my view, ‘Walter Mitty’ should immediately be struck from the lexicon of child sexual abuse media stories as unnecessarily pejorative and stigmatising in the extreme.

From the Daily Mail story we learn that Operation Midland police have found no evidence to corroborate the allegations that have been made by Nick, “Police have not been able to identify any victims. There is not one shred of credible evidence to support his allegations. The police investigation has been exhaustive but they have drawn a blank.” the Mail’s unidentified source tells us.

Anyone doubting that the police investigation has been exhaustive would do well to consider the extremely uncomfortable situation the police now  find themselves in. Having perilously stuck their neck out at their press conference last December, readers should instinctively understand that the police will have done everything within their power to try and substantiate Nick’s allegations – if only to save face – because one thing is 100% certain and that is that Operation Midland really didn’t want to be here, in this place, at this time.

We learn also from the Daily Mail’s unnamed source/s that  both the Crown Prosecution Service and the independent inquiry into non-recent child sexual abuse headed by Justice Lowell Goddard have been informed of this.

Watching the immediate reaction to the Daily Mail story on social media late last night I sensed a great deal of incredulity and anger. I can understand both. Everything that has been reported over the last year, including the remarks of Operation Midland’s head Kenny McDonald last December, would have led the public to believe that Nick’s allegations were true and in my eyes nobody is foolish for having believed that media narrative. Now is not the time for ‘I told you so’ polemics. The anger is natural also but it is misdirected. It is unfair to be angry at the police who have conscientiously investigated the allegations, run every possible lead into the ground, and come up with nothing. And it is ludicrous to direct anger at The Daily Mail who have just done what good journalists should always do and reported it.

No, anger, under the circumstances, is natural. I myself have been angry for almost two years, long before Nick’s allegations were reported but my anger is directed at the architects of this mess, those that hyped it, those that misled you all and in doing so potentially put at jeopardy the general public’s sympathy and support of tens of thousands of survivors of child sexual abuse up and down the country. The overwhelming majority were not abused by VIPs but some were and I worry about how this will affect them all. I worry, and yes, I’m angry.

Thankfully, the independent judicial inquiry into child sexual abuse has already been established. It is beyond the control of the establishment now. For almost three years The Needle team have been investigating institutional child sexual abuse in the UK and we understand the scale of the task that faces Justice Lowell Goddard and her Inquiry team. What we’ve found is staggering. Decades of apathy, ignorance, and complicity that led to the abuse of hundreds of thousands of the most vulnerable in our society –  our children. The CSA Inquiry has a hugely important job to do because, make no mistake, this is a scandal of gigantic proportions. It is not a scandal that ever needed hype. Hype on this scale only serves to distract from, and appear to minimise in comparison, the genuine and appalling reality.

The title of this piece is ‘Operation Midland:  Statement Imminent?’ and so we must turn our attention to what is likely to happen next. In a previous post, ‘Harvey Proctor and the ABC Of An Untenable Situation’ I attempted to lay out the three key points in the last year that have led us to this place. If named individuals including Lord Bramall, former Chief of the Defence Staff, and Harvey Proctor had not been so publicly linked to such serious and personally damaging allegations, if the story hadn’t been so hyped, and if the police hadn’t appeared to validate it, then I would imagine that the Operation Midland investigation would have been quietly put to bed and nobody would have noticed.

However, this is not the case.

As Harvey Proctor noted regarding the nature of these allegations in his press conference, Full Statement:

“They amount to just about the worst allegations anyone can make against another person including, as they do, multiple murder of children, their torture, grievous bodily harm, rape and sexual child abuse.”

He is correct and those allegations have not remained a private matter between himself and the police but have been publicly linked to him since his home has been raided.

To be clear, I have no idea whether Operation Midland will be making a statement.

But really – can they do anything other ?


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  1. artmanjosephgrech

    excellent you can see the wood for the trees

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  3. dpack

    there is little i can add to this excellent piece and my comment in the abc/ harvey thread except that identifying the agents of illusion and placing blame only where blame is due as publically as possible seems a very sensible response to this and similar matters.

    • I’m wondering if the Daily Mail and other journalists are being fed a narrative by the intelligence services and/or the “powers that be” to discredit “Operation Midland.”

      A lot of the negative claims made about Operation Midland/Fernbridge and Nick were anonymous and unattributed, such as “detectives say” or “sources tell the Mail” etc.

      Are these “detectives” that are talking down Midland and Nick from Special Branch (or whatever it’s called now)?

      The intelligence services are skilled at feeding their desired narrative to the media (which is only too willing to cooperate).

      This Daily Mail article discrediting Operation Midland has the stench of a spooky narrative that is being fed to the public, in the hopes of muddying the waters and causing people to doubt whether any VIPs were involved in abuse.

      On a somewhat related note, here is an interesting article, with Exaro’s rebuttal of the criticism of Nick:


  4. The VIP child sexual abuse conspiracists must be so disappointed to read this news. I know there’s so many out there who want all these allegations to be true. This is turning out to be another hoax just like the Hampstead case.

  5. Sabre

    CSA enquiry beyond establishment interference? Is it fuck. Operation Midland was always acting in good faith? Possibly but by no means definitely. If ‘Nick’ was a credible witness with a family and ‘managerial’ position he has either been confused about historic events and the police therefore should track down the non vip abusers/murderers or ‘Nick’ has been lying, slandering innocent people, obstructing justice and wasting police time in which case he should be charged and named. He probably won’t be either charged or named, we wouldn’t want any nosey bastards trying a track back exercise even with documentary black holes and pre arranged cut outs. This whole exercise, not just Midland, was instituted out of necessity, it wasn’t destined to go nowhere, it was destined to stop at the first safe harbour. Please prepare to disembark we will be tying up shortly and thank you for travelling with the credibility line.

  6. dpack

    of the live ones an accused in court and quite a few who should (might soon) be so i wont name them
    etc etc etc etc
    the”vip” offenders are numerous both non current and currently ,the conspirator list is many times longer than the csa offender list and both lists are long.

    • Good list, dpack.

      Clearly there are plenty of credible allegations against VIPs.

      I submitted a VERY long list of exposed and alleged abusers on the William Hague thread, but it was not approved as a comment, possibly because some living individuals were included. (Which is understandable. I don’t want this blog to get into legal trouble).

      See my comment to Lee Davis above, for links to news articles that detail credible allegations (in most cases with named witnesses/victims) against several VIPs (all deceased), including:

      -David Atkinson MP
      -Sir Nicholas Fairbairn QC MP (Thatcher’s Solicitor-General for Scotland)
      -Sir Michael Havers QC MP (Lord Havers – Thatcher’s Attorney-General)
      -Dr. Alistair Smith (Thatcher’s leader of Scottish Tories)
      -Sir Rhodes Boyson MP (minister under Thatcher)
      -Sir Keith Joseph Bt. MP (Secretary of State under Thatcher)
      -Sir Charles Irving MP
      -Sir Edward Heath MP (Prime Minister)
      -Sir Leon Brittan MP (Thatcher’s Home Secretary and Sec. State for Trade and Industry)
      -Lord Greville Janner
      -Sir Maurice Oldfield (Director-General of MI6)
      -Victor Montagu MP (Viscount Hinchingbrooke) (Tory MP and peer)

      All of the above have clear and credible allegations against them, published in the mainstream media (see the linked articles).

      Even if they were the only VIP abusers, that would still mean that a cover-up of monumental proportions had taken place, but we also have (again all deceased, to avoid legal issues):

      -Thomas Kenyon (son of Lord Kenyon)
      -Sir Cyril Smith MP
      -Sir Jimmy Savile
      -George Thomas MP (House of Commons Speaker) (made Viscount Tonypandy by Thatcher)
      -Leo Abse MP (Labour)
      -Lord Robert Boothby MP (prominent Tory, friend of Churchill)
      -Sir Peter Morrison MP (Thatcher’s PPS and Deputy Tory Party Chairman)
      -Sir Peter Hayman (Deputy Director of MI6, exposed by Geoffrey Dickens)
      -Sir Knox Cunningham MP (Harold Macmillan’s PPS)
      -plenty of other high profile and powerful individuals, many of whom are still alive.

      Again, even if just the persons listed in this post were all of the VIP abusers, it would mean a massive cover-up. But as we know, there are plenty of other alleged abusers as well.

      • dpack

        out of that horrible crew i have only one that may be or may not be guilty (heath ,clockwork orange and all that) and one probably not guilty(oldfield who im fairly convinced was smeared for his opposition to clockwork orange /gladio b/the security situation and all that stuff and for knowing who killed dickie and airey and why)
        the rest scumbags as alleged imho

        they are by no means a full list but they are an indication of the scale of vip related activity in these matters

        ps cunningham deserves a close examination for a variety of reasons

  7. Like you, I do not know what Midland are going to say, but I think they are still working on very good information, that will result in a major breakthrough in this area. Midland now have the information they need, and I believe, are near to solving a major part of this mystery.

    • Andrew, something that I was going to add to the above piece but it slipped my mind in the writing, is that I’m confident that the effort of those working for Operation Midland was not wasted. I’m sure that they’ve found a great deal of very interesting stuff that must not be abandoned

      • Yes, as I said, the people described by Nick, are maybe PVT, who probably had the whispy look of HP in those days. And Nick mentioned a Doctor, his padophile mate was a doctor. Both may also have been involved in the abduction of Vishal Mehrotra as well.
        Then we have the events of late March, when appiontments to interview HP were cancelled, and, I believe, the investigation took a different path.

  8. Sabre

    The Aaronovitch/Panorama faction will get the green light, the dissenting ‘news faction’ will change sides and the independent BBC and MSM (all absolutely independent in our bastion of democratic liberal free enterprise what what what) will drip feed us the whole story of how malicious interests abused social media to create a ‘self sustaining mass hysteria’, indies out here in t’internet will be co opted, some knowingly, some out of embarrassment of being caught on the ‘wrong side’ of the debate. All is well in the neoliberal laissez faire globalist democracies, we let you all have the freedom to rant a while, there is nothing to see or hear, big brother needs you to produce and consume while his mates take the margin.

    • Forget the factions for just a moment. Something is either accurate or not.

      • Maybe accurate, but with mistaken identities?

      • Sabre

        You know, as do I that it’s not as simple as that. The Panorama faction will grasp this particular – dog’s breakfast – if dog’s breakfast it is and conflate it with the greater issue, straw man in place and then nothing more sophisticated than propaganda 101 to enable the requisite damage limitation. Few of us have helped, I include myself, too little information, too much guessing and theorising when the discussion should have been broadened. Why would the Establishment tolerate let alone facilitate perverts with a taste for raping crying children, on its face it has to be not only nonsense but the creation of a poisoned dark mind. 99% of the global population of 6 billion? More? find the idea let alone the activity abhorrent, however, it’s a grievous miscalculation to assume that a weighting of 99% would be given to such sensitivities. We have economic crises and no one can be bothered to try to discern more than at best read or watch their favourite disinformation channel, who among us as any depth of understanding of for instance the current story du jour – the refugee crisis – Turkish Policeman Recovers Dead Infant’s Corpse from beach ? The dead infant has a resonance with the majority, but is merely a pawn in the game for those moving and shaking in the ‘bigger picture’. The Chinese stock market crash and reduced growth in the economy? No one bothers to go beyond the published stories, no one explores the Bond Market reaching its peak the huge borrowing undertaken by China the huge bailouts to the Banks on our behalf by our Governments after they defrauded us had to find its way somewhere. A huge bubble was controllably deflated to inflate another one. The link? Is there one? What is it? The wars and frauds are preventable and 99% want them prevented, the Establishment needs place men to ensure that they aren’t prevented, these things aren’t weighted in proportion to popular demand but in proportion to realisable benefit. A war, a fraud, a rape of a screaming child, the latter being of no consequence but to facilitate the former, popular opinion notwithstanding. Context is everything, we haven’t explored the context and the premise is about to disappear.

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  10. IWTT

    I do believe that there are cases of mistaken identity – McAlpine (Messham) and Clarke (Fellows) are 2 cases where I believed so. However, I continue to believe that the child abuse stories are true even if the victims coming forward today can’t properly identify their perpetrators. That is, there ARE perpetrators, who inflicted sexual abuse on these vulnerable children and have got away with it so far.

    People’s faces change over 35 years. I struggle to work out which one I am amongst 3 sisters in childhood photos as we all look so similar. We have to ask our Mum! We now have great nieces/nephews and they can’t differentiate between the 3 great-Aunties. If they are asked to “give that to Aunty x” they wander between Aunty x, y and z before running back to Mum and Dad to ask them to point to Aunty x. (So much confusion with facial recognition within small children aged 3-10 years – even within a family that meets up at least 4 times a year!)

  11. Sabre

    The very best that can be hoped for, that could ever have been hoped for, is that the Establishment will appreciate that it has had a close shave. We’ll still get our frauds and wars but the place men will hopefully be selected based on their openness to a nice back hander or their fondness for embarrassing activities, homosexuality and infidelity are de rigeur these days so they won’t do, perhaps our next PM will have a fondness for animals or toilet based activities !

    • Sabre, don’t lose hope yet!

      I’m still hoping for some prosecutions.

      We have a powerful Labour peer who has now been charged with 22 counts of child sex abuse (although his trial has been put off until February, probably in the hope that he dies in the meantime).

      Since Tom Watson’s PMQ in 2012, numerous deceased and living VIPs from politics, entertainment, etc have been exposed.

      Even if they are dead and cannot be charged, at least the truth is now known and their reputations are in tatters (Leon Brittan, Michael Havers, Keith Joseph, Charles Irving, George Thomas, Leo Abse, Victor Montagu, etc).

      And the facilitators who covered up the abuse are being exposed as well. Not even many Tories are praising Thatcher lately, and as the truth continues to come out, I expect her to become even more toxic than she already is.

      Instead of being remembered as the victor of the Falklands, she will hopefully be remembered by history as an evil, twisted person who allowed numerous members of her cabinet to abuse children with impunity, while she covered it up to avoid political embarrassment.

      Even without prosecutions, the reputation of the establishment has been (rightly) damaged.

      The British public now know that they sheltered paedos in their midst and covered up hideous crimes.

      So the revelations and investigations since Tom Watson’s PMQ in 2012 have not been in vain.

  12. Andy Barnett

    It’s a shame that neither Exaro nor papers like the Mail can adopt the objective stance you have shown Gojam. Instead we get the emotive ‘Walter Mitty’ / ‘Not a shred of evidence’ crap from the Mail today (which can only serve to deter other victims from coming forward) and the amateurish ‘present any story as fact’ approach from Exaro, which has helped to get us where we are today.

    • Sabre

      No one wants other victims coming forward, the Mail is on message.

    • LOL you must have missed Gojam piece yesterday where he attacked those using anonymous sources, and today comes out in support if the mail, and their anonymous sources.

      He then doubles down, and says the CSA is beyound establishment interference? Gojam, how could you believe that?????

      All I know and all the facts show is that for decaded the establishment has covered up VIP child abuse, and there is no way they are going to sit back and let the curtain come down on the truth. They will do everything in their power to destroy those trying to expose it, and if that means ripping to pieces victims who have been abused, but misidentified their abususer, or creating ‘strawmen’ victims, to achieve the same end – they will.

      Gojam, you know alll this and worse to be true, and yet you have failed at this crtical juncture to highlight what else might be going on here.

  13. Totally understand that Gojam does not have a team of investigative reporters, but at this juncture that is what is called for or neeeded.

    What is needed is a post that shows how the establishment with the help of media etc have covered this up. How the spooks etc have and will destroy anyone that might try to expose this, and how it is possible that the whole ‘nick’ situation has been designed to put back to sleep the waking public, and destroy other victims coming forward.

    Or is that too speculative?

    • You’re suggesting that I write a post that accuses Nick of being an agent provocateur ?

      • No I am suggesting you write a post that shows decades of cover up and the help of MSM in looking the other way – the establishment is hardly going to sit back and do NOTHING as the truth comes out. If i were in charge of destroying those trying to uncover the truth I would be using multiple tools, and ‘tools’ to do that.

        I see Exaro has reponded to the Mail story, will you post that? or are they too tabloid and you prefer to stick with the ‘experienced journalist ‘ at the mail etc? You seem to hold these ‘experienced’ jounalist in such high esteem, and I understand why. They have gone over and beyond to expose VIP abuse and must be congratulated for bringing Smith, Brittain, Savillle etc to justice.

      • Maybe they looked like others!

      • Sabre

        If he’s lying he is being used for precisely that purpose. If he’s telling the truth the fix is in. If he is being used as an agent provocateur it indicates that there is a need for an agent provocateur which in itself is deeply disturbing unfortunately it betrays the sickly sweet smell of establishment decomposition without giving us the exact source. Unless the argument can be made that a sane honest adult man with a family and responsible job, albeit with a traumatic background, can attest to rape and murder involving a PM honestly but erroneously, there isn’t a third option. Have the Midland team been scrutinised for outstanding discipline issues that could be leveraged?

    • Bishop Brightly

      The problem with your comment is you are basically saying you want gojam to write a complete conspiracy theory as fact. Yes it’s been covered up, but the problem is that some people will never be satisfied with exposing the cover up unless it covers every one of the extreme theories.

  14. pandapops

    Hypothetically speaking, if secret services, senior police, military and politicians have had over thirty years working together to dispose of things and cover up any misdeeds, it’s hardly a surprise that there would be little or no physical evidence available to Op Midland detectives.

    • You are wrong, there is

      • Sabre

        Andrew are you guessing, an enquiry not an accusation, or are you better informed than all or most of us?

      • pandapops

        I believe there is evidence, I was just hypothesising that the lion’s share of it may well have been destroyed or hidden well away from the eyes of the Op Midland cops.

      • I believe that at the end of March, the Midland investigation moved into uncharted waters. It may still include the main characters, but new ones will be added, who will Confound, and Astound people beyond anything we have seen so far.

  15. paul

    I said last year I was worried about nicks story about witnessing a tory strangle a kid. I just found it hard to believe and was concerned if this proved to be a fantasy then all the genuine abuse stories were in danger of being disbelieved by vips and others who would use it to say”its all a fantasy”.

  16. paul

    gojam,dpack and others just seen another THE DUST HAS NEVER SETTLED by ROBIN BRYANS listed on ebay. just over 6 days left. last one was couple of years ago I think. kincora,mcgrath,blunt ,aleister Crowley,after dark programme,all get a mention if I remember rightly

  17. IWTT

    Cover-up and ignore appears to be the order of TODAY also.

    If anyone followed my tweets with Zed-trafficker last week, you will have seen that Zed found evidence of a Membership-only Hotel trading in Blackpool allegedly using teenage boys as sex workers. I phoned the police on 101 and was told to report to Trading Standards and the Council. I couldn’t believe this instruction – but I phoned them after the bank holiday and was told (by them) to phone the police.

    It took some challenging (and pulling rank via my previous job role) to get through to a senior officer in Social Services. That Senior Officer contacted the police Sexual Exploitation Team who confirmed that they ‘are aware’ and will ‘monitor traffic of young people’.

    How many neighbours tried to report Elm Guest House? What if there are young boys being used in a sexually inappropriate way in Blackpool? It isn’t easy to report concerns even when it is ‘today’. What chance do #csa survivors have in trying to report non-recent abuse when there is no chance of finding corroborating evidence?

    Harvey Proctor managed to smash any possibility of other boys coming forward when he held his press conference. If anyone comes forward and says that they also remember Dolphin Square – Proctor’s legal team will say that the information was in the public domain and therefore not admissible.

    In the meantime, I will stay on top of the possible current child abuse happening in a hotel in Blackpool. I don’t want the boys being sexually abused today to become the #csa survivors of the future. They may not get justice.

    • QUOTE: “Harvey Proctor managed to smash any possibility of other boys coming forward when he held his press conference. If anyone comes forward and says that they also remember Dolphin Square – Proctor’s legal team will say that the information was in the public domain and therefore not admissible.”

      Exactly. Harvey Proctor’s main (only?) purpose in holding his extremely detailed press conference and putting all the details of Who, What, Where into the public domain (including previously unknown VIP names), was to allow him to claim that future accusers heard the info in news reports.

      I’m not a solicitor/barrister, but I think that the police should investigate Harvey Proctor on charges of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

      Maybe a legal expert could chime in as to whether Harvey’s press conference stunt meets the requirements necessary for criminal charges of perverting the course of justice to be brought.

      • If HP had been arrested, or on police bail, then he could not have talked about the case, nor could anyone else, as that could have been seen as attemping to pervert the course of justice.

  18. Jack

    Looks like the ‘McAlpine strategy’ may be in play ie exaggerate the allegations and the baby gets thrown out with the bath water.

  19. pandapops

    When “Nick” says that his abusers were so brazen that they didn’t care who knew who they were, is there a possibility that the perpetrators called each other false names of close-enough lookalikes when around the children?

    • Mistaken identities you mean? I doubt if Nick heard anyone say ‘Harvey’, or ‘Mr Proctor’? I imagine he identified photos who looked like the peole he saw, so it could well have been similar people. There are at least two other peadophiles around that time, living in London, who could have been mistaken for HP.
      Seeing that HPs life interest was playing a headmaster, giving ‘formal’ canings, and slipperings, not to mention his other interest which few people know about, school birchings. I am surprised that there was no mention by Nick of having to dress up in a school uniform, and bend over for canings etc?

  20. The only thing that exposing falsehoods discourages, is the telling of more falsehoods. The idea that exposing false accusers discourages genuine victims who possess real evidence to support their claims from coming forward if they wish to do so, IS BOLLOCKS!

    Please do prove me wrong. Post an interview with a CSA victim whose abuser(s) was successfully prosecuted, who has stated that they would have come forward years earlier, but were discouraged to do so because a documented fraud was exposed in the media. “Where’s the beef?”

    • IWTT

      If you look at the Caldicott child abuse case, you will see that from allegation to conviction (with others coming forward in the mean time) can take years: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caldicott_School

      Some Caldicott child abuse survivors wouldn’t give testimony in court because they couldn’t re-live their abuse in front of others. It really isn’t simple Justin. “One size doesn’t fit all.”

  21. JS2

    Excellent post Jon, we talked about this only a month ago, it seems as though we were right, I am very concerned about Nick now, and really hope he is getting the support he needs. I also hope that this news will not deter other victims from coming forward. I am afraid though that this will stop all investigations into Westminster Paedophiles which we know there were/are. They will get away with it again, was this all part of the plan?

  22. chrisb

    Let’s assume for a minute that ‘Nick’ is an agent provocateur and analyse what the strategy behind him might be.

    What ‘Nick’ has done, if I’m not mistaken, is introduce the idea that the VIP child sex abusers also tortured and murdered children. If these accusations of torture and murder are discredited, is it not likely that the accusations of child sexual abuse against the same Westminster politicians will be discredited too? Even if the accusations of sexual abuse are fully justified.

    We should keep an open mind on the role of the police. The comments suggesting that ‘Nick’ was credible and by implication that the accused were guilty could have been made due to the police being under pressure to produce results. It might have been part of the ongoing battle between police and government over police funding and payroll. Or it could have been due to one or more police officers being involved in the strategy of building up a case against the politicians and then letting the case collapse.

    We should also ask ourselves whether we are focussing too much on celebrity abusers. Remember that the pain of victims of non-celebrity abuse is just as great. Every abuser brought to account is a victory for justice and the victim.

    • JS2

      I agree 100% with this, and dont forget people who have been abused are easy prey because we all have our triggers from the abuse we suffered. I also agree there are far more victims who were abused by non VIPs whose pain is being pushed aside, which is in my eyes being abused and not believed all over again. Someone suggested here over lie detector tests, I think that should happen, they used to rely on these tests years ago, why not now?


    ‘Nick’ may or may not have been a victim of abuse but his accusation against FM Bramell lacks credibility. He accuses Bramell of abusing him in the Commander-in-Chief’s house but gets details of the place wrong and also seems not to know what Bramall is called by his friends.

    • Sabre

      Do abusers generally brief their victims on their preferred form of familiar address then?

    • Rapist leaps from bushes upon unsuspecting victim and introduces himself as Tarquin Llewelyn Cholmondely – Farquhar but you may address me as Scratcher.

      • QUOTE: “Rapist leaps from bushes upon unsuspecting victim and introduces himself as Tarquin Llewelyn Cholmondely – Farquhar but you may address me as Scratcher.”

        That right there is hilarious.

        I just sprayed tea all over my keyboard.


    You miss the point. The accuser is claiming an intimate relationship with Bramell. Over a lengthy period. If that were the case he would know simple things like how he is addressed by his friends. and how he prefers to be addressed.

    • Sabre

      You’re missing the point Nicky Bird, “abused” and “intimate relationship” you’ll be asserting a love affair next.

    • pandapops

      Would you mind telling us all how you know that “Nick’s” testimony didn’t include Bramall’s preferred name? Thanks!

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