‘Dust Has Never Settled’ By Robin Bryans On Ebay Again


We returned our copy of ‘The Dust Has Never Settled’ by Robin Bryans to the journalist that generously lent it to us (but not before we made our own in-house digital copy to refer to).

Want to try and understand CSA in Northern Ireland and on the mainland? Mountbatten and Kincora ?

I should warn you that the author Robin Bryans is infuriating.

1st read = What ?

2nd read = Err…

3rd read = Hmmm…

4th read = Ahhh!

5th read = OK, I get it!

“The greatest conspiracy book written that nobody has heard of.”

A very rare copy has come up on Ebay HERE



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20 responses to “‘Dust Has Never Settled’ By Robin Bryans On Ebay Again

  1. dpack

    using a pdf copy and searching for names or combinations of names and/or subjects is a useful technique with bryans’s autobiographical works.
    i was on second read of dust when i thought he might have written it and then done a cut,jumble and glue to hide what he was saying from his and other folks lawyers.

    let the petals fall and blackmail and whitewash have a similar style and are also packed with what seems accurate and useful data for those who study context .

    maybe he is an acquired taste but he often seems to have the data that puts a difficult problem into focus or adds further context to an already complex picture.

    • greenlight

      Completely agree about the cut and jumble in an attempt to hide what he really wanted to say – something I realised on my second reading too. But then again, I’ve met two people who knew him who said he was equally infuriating in real life! It would be interesting to speak to his son, Christopher.

  2. paul

    there was another book in this quartet he wrote towards the end of his life called CHECKMATE. DUST,BLACKMAIL ,PETALS all taken together are a remarkable insight into the sordid side of british/irish upper class life. nothing else like robin bryans books.

  3. chrisb

    When does the copyright run out on Bryan’s books?

  4. paul

    don’t know when copyright runs out but bryans/harbinson had to publish it himself under honeyford press I think, he couldn’t get a normal publisher to do it because of all the controversial and highly libellous statements in the book.

  5. dpack

    checkmate is the one missing from my research source materials collection.

    with regard to context the phone call he received from blunt in 1966 about a “project that the public still dont know about” ( R B ,after dark .)is perhaps extremely relevant considering that statement came after brief mentions of various unpleasant things that the public(or at least those who study such things) did/do know about that are also central to context.

    having a chat with his son would be interesting especially as the website dedicated to his memory and run by his “friends”seems to focus on harmless travel writing and preventing his last works becoming well read or republished which could be seen as “safest”for a variety of reasons.

    • Sabre

      Missed the chance to read the book. In 66 Blunt may have been alluding to his own treachery or the U.S. Engineered political straitjacket of Europe known today as the EU.

      • dpack

        blunt was debriefed(to use an unfortunate pun)in 63/4 regarding his moscow links and not only given immunity about that but for “all crimes” in return for his confession and to ensure his future “loyalty”.
        if he was still spooking in 1966 it is likely it was related to his anglo irish contacts,this seems especially likely is he approached bryans at that time.
        he was definitely in contact with mcgrath via the masonic/orange(a general term for a variety of lodges) lodge networks.

        does it seem plausible that the “new project”involved mcgrath activating tara and other “allies”he had influence over(mckeague),developing the strategy of tension (the troubles) ,”clockwork orange” ,the rise of the monday club ,etc etc and that the new project was the uk version of what is often called gladio b.
        as a compromised asset(in terms of the classic interpretation of the west vs moscow thing)blunt was of dubious value but in a gladio b context he could have been seen as “quite useful”.

  6. Hi, is this book available on amazon as either a print book or e-book?

  7. dpack

    or we need to act like those who distributed the works of Sakharov and Solzhenitsyn (and bibles , i recon robin would like that last thought).

    his autobiographical works do give me the impression that he wanted folk to know at least some of what he knew .

  8. Sabre

    Too late it’s been pulled.

  9. Brick

    There used to be a pdf version on scribd but it was taken down. Anyone have a link to another copy of that pdf?

  10. dpack

    on a relevant tangent ,has anyone got a date before the albany trust one which is 1968 iirc that directly links henniker and righton?

  11. paul

    looks like its back up ,get it while you can,it keeps disappearing

  12. Brick

    Thanks. Nabbed it!