We Have All The Time In The World

The Friday Night Song



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5 responses to “We Have All The Time In The World

  1. Anon

    Is that the new Anthem for the CSA Inquiry?

    • Sabre

      That is the anthem for every government inquiry, Bloody Sunday, Chilcott, Hillsborough and CSA. Seeing a pattern here? It takes a long time to get things done quickly and it is very expensive to do things cheaply.

  2. dpack

    “Hacker: I don’t want the truth. I want something I can tell the parliament!”

    Sir Arnold: Have you had a chance to glance at their MI5 files yet?
    Sir Humphrey: No.
    Sir Arnold: You should always send for Cabinet Ministers’ MI5 files, if you enjoy a good laugh. ”

    ” Hacker: Are you saying that winking at corruption is government policy?
    Sir Humphrey: No, no, Minister! It could never be government policy. That is unthinkable! Only government practice. “

  3. neil

    Great version of this song by Rumer here at 4.20: