I Shot the Sheriff

The Friday Night Song.


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  1. Andy Barnett

    Hi Gojam. Hope you’re doing ok.

    I’d be interested to read your considered views on the ‘James Hanning put Nick’s real name to Proctor’ matter. It would seem ok to include Nick’s name in a list of names, so long as Proctor doesn’t know about it. In which case, was it really advisable to report in a national newspaper that he’d done this?

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    2Pac – This is horrific! This is truly horrific! I JUST WANT TO CRY! I WANT TO SIT HERE AND CRY!!! ‘If Im guilty than tell us soooooo!….

  3. It’s bigger than ‘institutionalised child sexual abuse’ Needle team…. (apologies to the ‘victims’ of institutionalised child sexual abuse)

    I love AanIrfan… but they post bollocks on occasions…

    I’m in this game in order to save my soul (it’s all about me, I admit)… BUT… I won’t have child abuse on my conscience…. I will pursue for this, to be exposed for exactly what it is/was… I promise you.

    I don’t want this posted on some blog, doing the circles amongst the ‘conspiracy’ movement… I WANT IT MAINSTREAM! I want the British public to make up their own minds, to decide what is best on how to come to terms with this… based on the facts!

    I have no problem with The Police (Met… NCA… I have no problem with MI5 ‘IF’ they have good intentions!)… I want nothing more than for the truth to be exposed regarding this!!! :'(

    Fuck off Murdoch! Keep sctum shithead!

  4. But I did not shot the deputy……

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