‘I am not guilty’ – Harvey Proctor tells Newsnight


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  1. Andy Barnett

    Proctor seems so ill-advised in his approach to this media event – attacking the Police etc. – that it makes me suspicious something else may be going on. I can understand he’d be upset by the allegations, but all he needs to do is to say that a) he denies the allegations, b) he has not been arrested, c) he has been told he is not a suspect, d) he is happy to support the police in their investigations and e) he looks forward to those investigations being completed so that he can return to a normal life. Clearly, if the evidence against him was strong he would have been arrested by now. But he hasn’t and so should rightly be presumed innocent. He should remind the public of this and perhaps issue a polite request to the Police to provide the public with an update on progress and an indication of the strength of evidence against him.

  2. As described on the Sir High Beach thread, Harvey Proctor, with his press conference and media appearances, is trying to discredit future victims by releasing the details of the allegations (Who, What, Where) into the public domain.

    Then, if future victims come forward alleging abuse, Proctor will say “they heard all the details from the news reports! That’s how they know all the details! They weren’t actually victims! They’re making it all up! Liars all!”

    By preemptively releasing the details of the allegations, Proctor is trying to prevent the testimony of future accusers from corroborating Nick’s testimony.

    If the details were not known to the public, then, if other accusers gave evidence to the police, and if it matched the details of Nick’s testimony, it would corroborate Nick’s allegations.

    By publicizing the details of the allegations, Proctor is trying to preemptively discredit that corroboration.

    That is the reason for his extremely detailed press conference, naming names and places, and describing the graphic details of the alleged abuse.

    Victim’s advocates should see through Proctor’s ploy, as I am sure the police have.

    • What details did Proctor reveal that were not already known by anyone reading articles which originated from Exaro or from Nick himself via his poems?
      Overall there’s far more that’s been revealed by Exaro and Nick that Proctor didn’t mention than what he did.
      Many seem to be conveniently forgetting that.

  3. nuggy

    other than this nick are there any other acusers this all seems to be based on the word of one person.

  4. joekano76

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  5. What a totally self absorbed little prig Proctor is.

    • Yes, as his self-absorbed press conference reveals, Proctor displays the traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

      Barely a word about the victims.

      You see, it’s all about poor HIM.

      His calls for Nick to be subjected to a mental examination are disgusting.

      In the Soviet Union, people who displeased or questioned the Communist elites were declared “mentally ill” and locked up.

      Presumably that is what Harvey wants for Britain?

      Right in line with Sir Nicholas Fairbairn’s calls for newspapers that published details of MP’s sex lives to be shut down.