The Friday Night Song


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  1. Absolutely brilliant video, and works just as well for “Sail” as for the song it was created for (“Eye of the Storm”, by Lovett). I love anything steampunk…the cats & I often roam steampunk universes after slipping into Dreamland for the night. This video also makes me think of “The Garden of Time” by JG Ballard, and I suspect an element of homage to PF’s “Set the controls for the heart of the sun”. Loved it! Thanks.

  2. dpack

    i was rather surprised by these chaps,they seem to have a very different ethic to mossad.

  3. Reblogged this on shirlz007 and commented:
    ‘only trying to bring balance to ‘The Force’…

    How do I feel? Like Annakin fucking Skywalker (but without the Princess)
    Like I’m walking a God damn tight rope…
    Good people hardly ever make history… evil people have only ever dragged us further into the abyss.

    ‘The Red Right Hand of Humanity’ stands… WE WILL NOT GO TO WAR OVER IRAN! :'(

    Palestine? The only way we can see Palestine being finally wiped entirely off the map, is under the cover of a major Mid East conflict (again, Iran… ‘The Red Right Hand’ stands)

    9/11 truth? It can ONLY be done with the aid of US Intel Agencies… how do you achieve this, exposing Israeli Mossad, without the American public calling for the extermination of Israel (AND THEY WILL!)… turning it into a ‘Jewish’ thing, without fully understanding the dynamics behind Israeli Zionism, Rothschild, Global Satanism?

    IF what I’m being told, and what I’m beginning to understand about ‘The Illuminati’, is true… maybe some people at the top, have humanity’s best interest, humanity’s survival… the survival of this species, at the core of their ‘philosophy’…
    ‘the path to evil is paved with good intentions’

    (please, try and think of this in terms of civilisations 12,000 year ‘known’ history… possibly more, and not past 20/100/300 years!)

    What do you call a Druid cross with a Jew… A JUID!

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