Paedophile Philip Chard Found Guilty (Despite Butler-Sloss Supporting Him.)


Paedophile Philip Chard has been convicted despite former CSA Inquiry chair Baroness Butler-Sloss being a character witness on his behalf. She’d previously told the court: “I had no concerns about Mr Chard. I was astonished by these allegations. I think he is a much less probable offender than many I have come across.”

She was WRONG!

This I think demonstrates just how ridiculous it is that character witnesses should be allowed to give evidence on behalf of defendants. Paedophiles are by nature deceitful and very few know what they are really like. I commend the good sense of the jury who have ignored Butler-Sloss’s ‘expert’ opinion and made their judgement on the facts of the case but really the jury in any criminal case should not be subjected to potentially prejudicial and subjective assessments by friends and acquaintances of the defendant.

Such opinions perhaps have a place in mitigation after the jury have delivered their verdict but not before.

On a different issue, I had to explain to this victim of Philip Chard previously why I had to hold this comment back while the trial was ongoing but I think her view is far more valuable than that of Baroness Butler-Sloss

Chard Victim

I was 17 and chard was 32 I was dating him at the time I use to go to dame Elizabeth butler sloss house with him she never really talked. Him and I was actually abused by this man at her home! How can she give a character witness about someone she knows nothing about? Just because the mum worker for her for many years and her character witness is given because of her persuasion. I have left the pass over 10 years ago and I wish I had said something. This man enjoyed young ladies and often dressed me as a school girl. Dame Elisabeth butler sloss is a very intelligent women I respect who she is but in this case she can not give this man a character reference and is protecting a predator of young girls! I hope her stupid character reference is not taken into account! She says he doesn’t look like a pedo… Sorry what does a pedo typically look like?…… Sicken by this all. needs to be locked away and dame Elizabeth needs to stick her nose out of this she knows nothing. Charts mother who I know so well is just as sick as him!

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Philip Chard


A man has been found guilty of raping a 13-year-old girl.

Phillip Chard, from Lympstone, Exmouth, was convicted of rape and one count of sexual activity with a child.

During the trial at Exeter Crown Court, retired High Court Judge Lady Butler-Sloss had given evidence on behalf of the 44-year-old, and described him as a “much less probable offender than many I have come across”.

Mr Chard is due for sentencing at the same court on 14 September.

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22 responses to “Paedophile Philip Chard Found Guilty (Despite Butler-Sloss Supporting Him.)

  1. Just when you believed that things couldn’t get worse. One could suspect that an establishment figure like Butler-Sloss might be influenced by other establishment figures such as Brittan, senior civil servants, chief constables, security services or senior judiciary to do ‘the right thing’ for the ‘greater good’ in doing all she can to mitigate the ‘damage’ had she chaired the inquiry, hence the objections from most of us when she was in the running. It’s unlikely though not impossible that she would be pressured by her char lady which leads inescapably to the conclusion that eminent lawyer she may be but an ignorant fool into the bargain. One would have hoped that ignorant foolishness and judicial eminence were mutually incompatible.

    • trowelandtoothbrush

      So who is the man that the young lady in question claims abused both herself and Chard? And when this lady says that the man ” abused both of us” does she mean herself and Chard and does she mean that Chard was abused by the man in the same period as she was being abused or does she mean that Chard was abused in a period previous to that?/
      Does this mean that Chard effectively lent his young girlfriend to this person. Has the possibility of him being a procurer come pimp been investigated?
      She also clearly states that Chards mother was as sick as her son.
      I worked for three years seasonally in the home of a local aristocrat in my teens. O cleaned for this gentleman and his wife and they were very kind to me and the other staff indeed (never knowing the anarchist and Republican I was to become!) however, there is no way that they would have allowed family members of staff with their girlfriends to be in the property for any prolonged space of time without a work related reason.
      I noted when I read Butler Sloss’s character reference that she didn’t say Chard worked for her.
      What on earth did she think that her guest, Chard and this teenage girl were doing for Heavens sake

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  3. L Irving

    Lady Butler-Sloss resigned her position as chair of the CSA inquiry due to conflicts of interest, one should take into consideration when dealing with an
    important issue of CSA, whether the difficult situation anyone is in due to
    conflicts of interest may jeopardise their judgement.
    It is therefore very important to keep the balance within any court of law otherwise you may find yourself on the wrong side of the law and lose your credibility in the position you hold.
    It is important to look for honesty and transparency at the top, this ensures the laws of the land are meaningful and justice can be served.

  4. Kenneth H.

    There’s something very creepy about that woman. I’m just so relieved she didn’t get the Inquiry gig; it would have been a total whitewash. As a victim myself, I have great faith in the lady from New Zealand – I never had any in Lady BS.

  5. This is just the latest in a long line of misguided interventions by Baroness Butler-Sloss. It is typical of the older establishment attitude towards sexual abuse and exploitation and their attempts to minimise it and the devastating effects that it has on the victims.

    I know this from my personal involvement with this woman – you might be interested in looking at the links below:

  6. John

    Surely this bloke has some huge clout, to obtain her as a character witness ? Most unusual.

    • LJMT

      Is it just me, or anyone else question whether- if you read between the lines of the character reference, which is generally considered the thing to do- is it really that great? Isn’t “a much less probable offender than many I have come across” rather damning with faint praise considering some of the low-lives she will undoubtedly have come across in her legal career?

  7. Gil

    “the jury in any criminal case should not be subjected to potentially prejudicial and subjective assessments by friends and acquaintances of the defendant”
    Where does that leave people who are innocent and falsely accused for compensation?

    • Kittiwake

      It’s supposed to be a trial of the facts, not what other people say about you who weren’t there. Victims have their characters picked apart in court but not defendants whom the law protects as this would be considered prejudicial to a fair trial. The legal system is still heavily weighted against victims.

  8. gw

    ” I think he is a much less probable offender than many I have come across.”… At the supper table, garden parties and charity events…

  9. Andy Barnett

    Being fair on the Baroness for a moment (hey, why not?), I don’t suppose the judge would have allowed her to refuse to be a character witness, so I presume she had no choice in providing her “evidence” to the court. Secondly, she didn’t actually say that she didn’t believe him to be a paedophile, simply that she was surpised to hear that he’d been accused of such a crime, that she hadn’t thought he was the type – an opinion any one of us could have honestly given if someone we knew and trusted had been so accused. So while her words may indicate a mistaken belief in her ability to spot a “probable offender”, they don’t suggest a deliberate intention to support someone she thought to be guilty.

  10. dpack

    one can only wonder at what issues might have cropped up in front of the security and vetting committee during her year (2004 iirc)as chairperson.

    it does also beg the question of what was the intention of her attempted appointment to the parliamentary csa inquiry?

  11. nuggy

    abusers are very manipulative so i cant really blame her for being taken in by one they con people every day..

  12. I’m more interested in the words from the victim: “Him and I was actually abused by this man at her home!” and “Charts mother who I know so well is just as sick as him!” – It would be useful to know what these things mean.

  13. Jack

    It appears this woman has been brought up in an environment where this sort of behaviour is excusable and possibly encouraged.

  14. Veritas & Probitas

    Butler-Sloss conducted the Cleveland Child Abuse Inquiry which was a whitewash and evidence swept under the carpet. I believe that it was her brother (Lord Havers) who appointed her to lead this inquiry. There is nothing like keeping it in the family.

    Geographically Cleveland boarders onto the North Yorkshire Moors (Whitby, Scarborough), the home town of Peter Jaconelli and Jimmy Savile, who were also best ‘mates’. JS had ‘high’ connections with politicians, police and royality.

    Leon Brittain was once the MP for Whitby, North Yorkshire and up to his death owned a holiday home at Grosmont, Nr Whitby.

    LB parents in the 1950’s used to travel from their home in London to manage a childrens home, called Larpool Childrens Home, Whitby. If you search the internet photographs can be found of LB and his parents, with children at this home.

    It is now in the public domain that Edward Heath visited Scarborough / Bridlington, North Yorkshire and met the then Mayor of Scarborough Peter Jaconelli. EH was also an hononary member of the Royal Yacht Club based in Bridlington. Prince Philip also visited.

    Look up North Yorkshire Enquirer and all related articles to PJ / JS and the reluctance of the present Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) to say ‘sorry’ to the victims.

  15. Classical Pioneer

    “I use to go to dame Elizabeth butler sloss house with him she never really talked. Him and I was actually abused by this man at her home!” Eh? Does this mean that Chard and Miss X were abused by another man who was lurking at Dame Elizabeth’s home? Or should it read that she (Dame Elizabeth) never really talked to him (Chard)?