Lenny Harper: ‘No Complaints Against Edward Heath In Jersey’

Lenny Harper is concerned that the Edward Heath allegations could be used as a smokescreen to cover-up other allegations on Jersey

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Seven years after former Senior Investigating Officer, Lenny Harper, retired from the States of Jersey  Police he is still sought after by journalists and responds to any requests concerning the Jersey Child Abuse Investigation (Operation Rectangle). This is in stark contrast to the disappearing, leaking to David Rose, Mick Gradwell who took over from Lenny Harper in September 2008. It will be interesting to see if Mick Gradwell does indeed turn up to the Jersey Committee of Enquiry.
Lenny Harper has always been there to support the cause of victims of child abuse. Seven years after retiring from the jersey police force his support has never faltered as further demonstrated in the recording below.
Lenny Harper reminds us that there are still suspected abusers working with vulnerable children in the sates of jersey (in the interview below)
There is no doubt that the truth of the cover-up is coming out in the Committee of Enquiry.


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  1. Auberon Waugh, in Private Eye, makes a strange reference to this man: ‘Michael English, Labour MP for Nottingham West, a bachelor of 45 who describes his recreations as “reading history and the more usual pleasures of the majority of bachelor’s.”. Perhaps this is a reference to his bathtime, but I should be grateful for further information.’. Possibly Waugh was being his usual homophobic self.

    Michael English, by the way, later became a councillor in Rochdale, then Lambeth in the 1980s. Poor guy must have associated with some bad types in the course of his career.

  2. dpack

    if one uses the hard shoulder it is wise to be prepared to swerve onto the verge and carry the bike for a while if necessary .

    • dpack

      a very interesting piece ,with a vast amount of information.

      i wonder if mr syvret is aware of the proven and probable antecedents of exaro.dealing with such organizations can be of value but it is often a bit like riding a bicycle the wrong way down the M1.

      • Sabre

        Use the hard shoulder, it’s not risk free but gives an acceptable probability of survival given the circumstances. Perfect solutions are non existent optimal solutions are available.

  3. dpack

    to win a libel action one has to prove one was libeled and that that the libel was malicious or careless.

    as i have no assets worth seizing or to pay the costs of a successful action against me .i am mostly concerned about avoiding potentially prejudicing a valid criminal action if i am correct than defending a libel action if what i said is incorrect and if i am incorrect causing disruption to this blog which is providing a valuable contribution to the search for truth in a variety of ways.
    it is also possible that the msm was either by design or in good faith based on their trust of their sources setting up another false allegation in order for it to evaporate under the rigor of examination.in the matter i refer to the plausible pie membership detail makes me think the msm stories were based on good information .

    those are my reasons for not providing a name that the msm has provided the information to establish before it’s loud silence on the matter.

    • Jeremy Stocks

      I have a thought. I’ve just been a weekend up in north Bavaria right on the Czech border (I live in Oberbayern near the Alps). I heard a moving story from a 70 year old lady how she had to flee from Cheb (today Eger) in Czech to the castle where we stayed near. They had to sit in a cattle train and had only two old chairs to sit on, which they own to this day. Now when I worked for the US Army in Grafenwöhr we used to go over the border to Czech and saw all the prostitutes over the border and “24 hour Hotels”. I read somewhere that Cheb is today the child trafficking capital of Europe. Perhaps this is an alley worth going down.

  4. I am unable to provide a name, as to do so would lead me to going to court under the law of Libel/Censorship. A law which is increasingly there to protect the guilty and who made these laws of Libel/Censorship, yes the very MP’s elected by the people and who treat with utter contempt the people and Laws they are supposed to uphold.

  5. dpack

    would that be the story of a long term labour mp ,currently on the back benches, who has been accused of illegal activities with young lads over many years and recently by two other serving mps (one labour,one tory) and it was reported the police were taking these allegations very seriously as they had been given credible evidence by the two mps ?

    the current parliamentary labour party is quite a small pond and a smaller school of fish to choose from should one wish to privately speculate and as far as i know only one matches those criteria and he also appears on an incomplete but apparently accurate pie membership list.

    even if one discounted the privately alleged pie connection (which was not mentioned in the news story ) the msm gave enough detail to narrow the aim to (almost) one depending on your definition of long term.
    if one then looked up the chap(s) that could fit the story only one has a background that definitely brought him into contact with pie activists.

    the connection to pie via the same background has also been reported in a related story some 18 months ago about another labour mp and her connection to pie.

    i worded this very carefully but if it seems actionable or likely to prejudice a potential trial please dont hesitate to cull it in part or in totality.(better safe than sorry )but what i say i say in good faith and honest belief based on the information available.

    the pie membership detail might be a step too far but i believe it credible as that list has been compiled carefully ,three people came up with the same name from the news story independently,all using different logic and info.those three people are convinced we each have the chap in the story but it is not our place to decide guilt or not regarding the alleged allegations reported in the msm.

    or are you referring to islington and a different kettle of dodgy fish?

    so much to choose from.i could probably think of more than a few other matters that seem to have been slipped out of public sight as though by magic.

  6. A great man, Lenny Harper!

  7. “Lenny Harper reminds us that there are still suspected abusers working with vulnerable children in the sates of Jersey”. Very interesting, has he been to the police with the information about these suspects? Heath and Jersey has been well known for many years, so why does it become headline news ten years after Heath’s demise? The answer might be in a story in the newspapers a fortnight ago. Now here is another question, “How long have the Press sat on this story waiting from their masters to tell them to print it?
    There is becoming a pattern in all this, when the police hover around the living a dead man or a near dead man alleged crimes rise to the surface and the papers run with it, burying the story they’d want people to focus on to the column in the middle pages.

  8. dpack

    tick tock ?
    there are both recent and non recent issues regarding jersey and how those link to mainland issues,not least of which have been the deliberate distractions ,obstructions,replacement of those attempting to address the core of the problems and direct attacks on the integrity and/or liberty of some of the good folk working for truth and justice.

    if there is that much effort to keep the truth secret it must be a very big and ugly truth.

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    An incredibly important statement by Rico.
    The fact that this reblog, and the original, haven’t been circulated by ten thousand people, is a testament to the efforts of an unusually-dedicated gang who have done much to befuddle and stop the whole process of protesting about coverups of abuses against kids in UK/Jersey.
    Stop milling around, and find your own minds.
    It Heath is guilty, then let us run through ~PaedoJersey first, to find out.

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