Lord Janner Must Attend Court.


It is normal procedure that a person whom the CPS have brought charges against should attend court and I think it is correct that Westminster Magistrates will compel Lord Janner to attend and hear the charges read out even if this is the only occasion that he does attend court. It is only right that Lord Janner be treated in exactly the same way anyone else would be.

There isn’t much more to add but I thought I’d just remark on what seems like a common misconception regarding the legal process that has now been embarked upon. There appears to be a presumption that there will be, what is known as, a ‘Trial of the Facts’. One small note of caution should be raised here. Although a ‘Trial of the Facts’ would appear to be the most likely outcome of the current legal process, it will be for the Judge when the case reaches a Crown Court to make the decision to have a ‘Trial of the Facts’ if Lord Janner is found to be unfit to plead. The controversy surrounding the original decision by DPP Alison Saunders not to proceed with a prosecution was that given the police evidence it was not her decision to make that Janner was unfit to plead but a Judge’s.

Though I believe this outcome would be extremely unlikely, it is possible that the trial Judge might come to the same conclusion as Alison Saunders had and decide that a ‘Trial of the Facts’ does not serve justice.

As I’ve written, I really do not think that a judge would come to that decision under the current circumstances as it would be vehemently criticised in many quarters, I only mention it as there seems to be a presumption that a ‘Trial of the Facts’ is inevitable when it is not necessarily the case and it is as important as it ever was that interested parties keep a very close eye on this process and presume nothing.

Lord Janner must appear at court in person for a hearing over child sex abuse charges, Westminster Magistrates’ Court has ruled.

The former Labour peer, 87, who has dementia, denies allegations of abuse in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

He did not attend court on Friday, and his defence said he was “unfit” to appear.

The case is likely to be sent to a crown court, which will decide whether Lord Janner is fit to face a trial.

The case comes after a review overturned a Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) decision not to bring charges because of his health.

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20 responses to “Lord Janner Must Attend Court.

  1. dpack

    apparently not as his lawyers are asking for a video link.

  2. dpack


    considering what he has said in the past about old men and them having their day in courts im sure it is what he wants.

  3. nuggy

    i belive his dementia claim but i think in this case he should stgill stand trail.

  4. Kittiwake

    I get the impression there is widespread cynicism about his dementia claim. I’d like to see thorough scrutiny of that issue as it is disgraceful if, as I suspect, you can bung a couple of doctors a few thousand quid to diagnose you with whatever you want, and it is henceforth treated as The Word of God.

    • dpack

      ” attended meetings with representatives of pie”is not quite the same as “attended pie meetings”

      i wonder which it was?
      im not a “heath denier” i recon there is a chance he was a right wrong un but i recon there is a far higher chance that the current media storm is smoke and (daily)mirrors.
      everything i know about his policies would make him a prime target for what is often known as clockwork orange but was in fact a more complex interlinked collection of dark politics.

      i also wonder why this is “news” when there are so many other more current matters to report.

      ps any luck with the fourth part of the bryans autobiography?

    • Interestingly the above Mirror article was co-written with Don Hale.
      He’s the same man that was handed the dossier by Barbara Castle.

  5. I think it’s fair to say we know what the eventual outcome of all this will be.

    • nuggy

      we cant for certan what the outcome will be he could be found guilty beyond doubt or the the whole thing could turn out to be a load of rubbish thats why i want there to be a trial otherwise we will never know for sure.

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  8. N

    Maybe they should use Atos to determine whether he is fit to stand trial.

    • Agree. Plus dig Savile up, Atos will deem him `fit for work`.
      Serious note, Janner if he is in the dock for one minute – least his accusers get that.

  9. nuggy

    id like to see him go on trial because i would like to see this put to bed one way or the other.

  10. Cerberus

    Whether he is guilty or not, it will have a negative effect for the prosecution, as a public trial in which an elderly person suffering from dementia is being accused will push sympathy towards the accused simply because of the awful nature of the illness. Any names that he mentions which would otherwise incriminate MPs as abusers will also be dismissed and put down to his condition. Those seeking to bust what they believe to be a Westminster pedophile ring would be better off trying to get MPs of sound mind and good health to court rather than people whose testimonies can easily be dismissed as pure imagination or simply settle for retrospective investigations of dead establishment figures.

    • Sabre

      Behave, he has Guiness-Saunders Dementia. A type of dementia that occurs on service of a search or arrest warrant. The condition is know to be exacerbated by charging or initiation of committal proceedings. The condition substantially improves on staying or vacating of proceedings.

      • Peter Squires

        His ‘dementia’ isn’t severe enough to prevent him attending the House of Lords and picking up 500 quid a day in the process, so how can they possibly claim he’s too delicate to stand up in court for 5 minutes???

  11. nuggy

    im glad the evidence is going to be heard.