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Matthew Scott aka Barrister Blogger

So, let me get this straight.

Matthew Scott, AKA Barrister Blogger, arch CSA-sceptic was ‘straw man’ Madam Ling Ling’s barrister ?

Well, that doesn’t sound dodgy in any way, does it ?

“As her barrister in the early 90s, I saw no evidence that the Filipino brothel madam ever accused the former Prime Minister of being a paedophile”

The Telegraph

[Many thanks to RA for correction ;-) ]



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  1. I’m not sure using the Hamiltons in his reasoning is all that clever given, the revelations about their ability to remember things correctly.

  2. nuggy

    im not going to take the heath allegations seriously till someone actually comes forward and claims to be a victem so far there’s just the word of an ex cop.

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  4. Astonishing. I wonder if the judge muttered “that is entirely a matter for you” at any point.

  5. Bishop Brightly

    Her defence counsel doesn’t remember her accusing Ted heath of child abuse yet the judge, her solicitor, the police and assembled press all knew she had.

    It just stinks.

  6. I think she may be getting on in years and her memory may be affected by the Man in a grey/white coat reminding her to keep to the badly written script

  7. Quiet_Observer

    Possible person of interest: Robin Squire MP

    After losing his seat in Parliament in 1997, he applied (unsuccessfully) to be manager of the Dolphin Square complex.

    In October 1990, he also proposed an Early Day Motion legalizing the adoption of children by homosexuals. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with that, but we all know how many of the child abusers were skilled at portraying themselves as “homosexuals” and using that label as camouflage.

    No evidence that Robin Squires is a child abuser, but he may be someone to keep in mind.

    Dpack, do you know anything about him?

    • dpack

      he hasnt cropped in my poking around.i hadnt noticed him til now.thanks.

      colville (as below) has in relation to dodgy deaths which have cut short good and bad .

      • dpack

        colvin ta i remember properly now,he popped up as a maybe in suspicious political deaths.he was a dodgy sort of chap and there are a few plausible explanations for the fire,money troubles gone wrong,domestic and spookery are all possible as i spose is tragic accident.

        the fire was rather thorough though and most house fires do less damage.

  8. gw

    Unrelated but from a similar neck of the woods is former Romsey MP Michael Colville.

    He and his wife died in a house fire in 2000.
    Links to South African intelligence (cf Cyril Smith, Thorpe)
    Director at Laud Ludgate
    Rumoured to be close to Ian Greer (wouldn’t surprise me as elements of Greer are still active in the area so to speak)

    • dpack

      i have heard of this chap ,well dodgy imho.

      the house fire might be relevant but i dont know to what,any co operative links from an mp to SA intel are a potential marker for indicating a “lack of moral fiber” or seriously bad judgement or a dark nature that might have led them into darker deeds.

      the south africa connection seems to pop up in a variety of dubious contexts,as well as looking after the regimes interests they were quite prone to contracting in a variety of capacities for cash or favors.

  9. Further to the above…

    Here is some info on David Colville Anderson MP…

    “…was forced to resign his post in March 1964, along with his seat as Conservative MP for Dumfries, which he had won four months earlier, citing health reasons amid rumours of sexual misconduct.”

    “…He denied allegations said to be contained in a confidential police file accusing him of improper conduct towards young women. The case was never tested in court.”

    And then he was arrested for the luring incident:

    “…two girls were accosted by a man in Ayr who asked them to jump on him and perform judo kicks to his body.”

    “Police arrested Mr Anderson and he was convicted at Ayr Sheriff Court. He was fined #50 and lost his job.”

    Anderson claimed that the KGB fitted him up (I guess the dementia idea didn’t occur to him).

    • dpack

      thanks ,the scotish chap adds to the ,macmillan/knox cunningham data.

      from that era cunningham seems a rather important link between westminster and the anglo irish masonic crew which include blunt,mcgrath,several well known politicals(h8 etc etc etc )

      • dpack

        another chap who was active at that time and later is “piggy hog” AKA lord hailsham.

        a very clever and secretive chap with some very lurid stories about him.some of those stories are so odd they might actually be true ,based on what bryans said about some people he alleged to be “friends of crowley”it is not impossible that such influence was to be found in high places.

        whatever the truth of that matter he is likely to have known about cunningham and was certainly aware of(and sometimes active regarding) many plots and scandals in the byzantine world of political power at that time and later.

  10. nuggy

    read paul foots who framed colins Wallace foot colin Wallace cliamed the source of the heath rumours was airy nieve as Wallace named McGrath in the first place ive got to take him seriously..