What Is The Ted Heath IPCC Investigation About ?

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Wiltshire police have said;

Supt Sean Memory spoke on Monday about claims made by a former senior officer in Wiltshire that the threat of Heath being named in connection with child sexual abuse led to a prosecution being dropped against another man.

Speaking outside Heath’s former home, Memory said: “The allegation is that a trial was due to take place in the 1990s and information was received in that trial that Sir Ted Heath was involved in the abuse of children and the allegation is from the result of that information that the trial never took place.

“A retired senior police officer has come forward towards the end of 2014 indicating that they were aware of this information.

The Guardian

The Mirror elaborate;

A brothel keeper is at the centre of a police probe into claims former Prime Minister Ted Heath was a paedophile.

The madam, believed to have been arrested in the 1990s for running a secret sex den, told detectives she would stand up in court and reveal lurid details of the Tory politician’s perverted sex life if she was ever charged with any offence.

The woman was due to stand trial but senior officers at Wiltshire Police are believed to have intervened and immediately dropped the case against her.

The astonishing revelations emerged after a retired senior detective came forward in June 2014 to claim the allegations against Heath were never investigated to protect the ex-PM.

The Mirror


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21 responses to “What Is The Ted Heath IPCC Investigation About ?

  1. dpack

    according to radio 4 the prosecutor in the “madam”case ,who is now a judge on holiday in france ,claims there was no mention of heath from the madam,that case collapsed because the prosecution witnesses failed to testify and neither he nor the judge in that case could understand why the press had arrived expecting a revelation about heath as she said nowt about him(which she would not have opportunity to do even if she was going to cos the case was not heard).
    if heath was a wrong un looking into other matters seems more sensible than trying prove this one.however the causes of this becoming another aunt sally story might be worth examining.

    fishier than a fishy thing in a box of fish,a very dark thought is that if this is smoke and mirrors regarding protection of heath’s reputation what did he really do?the boat stuff ,jersey etc needs a close look if only to establish that those tales are also part of the operation to remove him.
    my opinion is that he was /is a victim of the clockmakers and although gay and sometimes his trousers over ruled his good sense (which he was not strong at in a world of hard politics either)he was not a beast.as far as i know there have been no credible victims/witnesses to any csa offending by heath.



    those seem to suggest he was not as keen on the “special relationship” as he could have been which was very much at odds with the policies of elements of the usa who were using the uk as an unsinkable aircraft carrier and intended to use it as a first strike type missile base in the near future.
    he was pro united europe and his domestic attitude although flawed and weak was one nation paternalistic toryism rather than a strong ,right wing , divide and control the masses type of policy.
    he had to be replaced with those more on plan.the fall out from that included making sure there was no way back for him.
    considering what enoch powell believed about dickie,neave and bradford he might have got off lightly.

  2. dpack

    there seems to be a pattern to this sort of story which is not very surprising if one considers the context of ted heath’s premiership and the context of parts of the back story of exaro.
    my old ears might be failing me but i hear ticking .
    the various means of deception have been discussed many times in many contexts but once the damage is done by putting up a semi convincing “aunt sally”of a story that can be knocked over it makes exposing real truths more difficult.
    it seems that the input of exaro to the search for truth is to set mirrors and lay smoke with just enough truth here and there to not be dismissed out of hand as incompetent at best and deliberate spoilers at worst.sections of the msm are collusive (or incompetent) in this as a simple phone call to the woman involved would have spiked her part of the story before it grew legs.
    the solanki/leon fiasco was one big coup ,the dolphin square murders are probably the next,now this one which could be to hide what really happened to heath more than to protect his posthumous reputation will make exposing a variety of things more difficult ,each false story has discredited investigative journalism,wasted police time and added to a public perception that there is nowt but tinfoil in or on the heads of those who are discovering the extent of and reasons for a very unpleasant set of truths regarding power and cynical exploitation on a variety of levels.
    one disadvantage such efforts at deception face is that sections of the msm might start to question such tactics publicly by challenging the reasons such stories are promoted and by whom and there are plenty of folk who know enough to break mirrors and open doors to blow away the smoke.
    oysten /hall et al+the bss,said,steel,spring(h8sil)and others too middle easternly spooky to name make for an odd pedigree of family friends and family/personal business associates mr pendry.tis all public record it is just a matter of finding and collating it ,a half decent msm journo could sort it onto next mornings news in a few hours,perhaps eventually being rumbled is part of the plan. an end game of “paedo hunters exposed” might be clever and the intended outcome .if the bss/said things were not so sensitive in the current middle eastern climate it could be a good plan.i half suspect what seemed a good plan has started to show flaws.

    ps i wont say told yer so as i still have suspicions about heath being guilty of some dubious behavior and he almost certainly demonstrated a lack of judgement at times but i recon i hear ticking from some of the more lurid stories about him.

  3. gw

    Looks like the allegation made in the Mirror has been dismissed.

    Another allegation made by Exaro’s “Nick”…

  4. Jack

    As I understand it , Wiltshire are investigating whether their force followed up on allegations made at the time. They are not investigating the allegations themselves. This is a subtle distinction . The other forces on the other hand seem to be investigating the allegations. It’s very confusing, perhaps deliberately so. If I was cynical I could suggest that these other investigations have been launched on the back off the Wiltshire announcement as exercises in ‘back covering’ or as a way to ‘manage’ the situation to limit any potential fall out.

  5. Joe S. Walker

    Revelations, but not all that astonishing unfortunately.

  6. Bishop Brightly

    The papers are now finally making the link to Jersey. Soon it will be Savile and the people of the UK will wake up to the full horror of what hs gone on.

  7. I’ve lost any confidence in the process by which the Met investigates historic CSA allegations involving dead persons. I’ve seen no evidence that their “investigations” in such cases consist of anything at all other than taking witness statements. And the public calls for victims to come forward…if the Met put out a call for victims of Gepetto the puppeteer or Sauron to come forward, they would get calls.

    Nevertheless, ALL allegations must be investigated. My lack of faith in the outcome with respect to deceased persons, doesn’t mean that I’ve abandoned that principle.

  8. chrisb

    Hearing on the BBC that Heath is being investigated by Jersey police.

    • Sabre

      4 forces Kent – his constituency, Jersey – sailing, Wiltshire – home? And the Met – the centre of the universe regarding Government, Parliament and security. A tad late methinks, they probably have little to discover perhaps some details but not much more. All four especially the Met would have been well up to speed re all details of a Prime Minister of this country a State with a permanent seat on the UN Security Council a leading member of NATO the EU and the G6/7/8. There should be nothing new to discover, world leaders do not wander about freely without supervision !

  9. Jack

    Are luncheon vouchers involved ? ( serious question)

    • trowelandtoothbrush

      If you are referring to Britain’s favourite brothel keeper of the twentieth century you may well be onto something as by this time she had been to prison and fought cancer. And I would imagine that another spell inside would look very grim.
      Even if this lady is not the brothel keeper in question I would be very surprised if she was ignorant to much of the more horrible predilections of certain political and showbiz figures. She did after all deal in domination and subjugation as a speciality and I doubt very much if every one of her clients were at their most extreme in her home.
      We have been encouraged to view this ladies brand of S&M as the Carry-on version. Divested of darkness and a matter for randy hilarity. But in truth her establishment had queues on the stairs.
      She was also famously pro police and thought we had a marvellous police force.
      I am now wondering why the establishment allowed her such success and celebrity in the wake of her arrest(s) and if the sea side postcard type of brothel keeping with bottom smacking that she represents has been allowed to become such a staple of the British imagination through her fame is just another trick with “smoke and mirrors”.

      • dpack

        having met cynthia (in a non professional capacity when she was doing the tv celebrity show stuff)im of the opinion she was quite a nice lady who provided a fairly harmless service with consenting and well paid employees and happy clients.the jolly carry on/seaside postcard image is probably fairly accurate.
        that she had a “working relationship”with the forces of law reflects her clientele and that she did keep an fairly orderly and oddly moral disorderly house.

      • trowelandtoothbrush

        Much more horrible than the one offered up as a national treasure. I’m glad as I like her in general as a public figure.
        I am going to stand by my assertion that National Treasure Madame be questioned as anyone that prominent on the London sex trade scene in the 1980’s could reasonably be presumed to have information on certain high profile people who had peadophile tendencies.
        In fact anyone who was prominent in London or anywhere elses sex trade scene around that time should be sought out and questioned.

  10. joekano76

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  11. the police officer made a mistake? He may not have been fully briefed… It wouldn’t be the first time… (journalists do it all the time)… let’s just see what happens in the coming days/weeks. Exaro’s got intel on Heath, Tom Watson has intel on Heath…
    we all know on here the ‘rumours’ regarding Jersey, and Saville… let’s just see.
    the cats out of the bag now regarding Heath… it provides a platform for survivors and whistleblowers.
    I’d go with The Mirror… female brothel keeper (much like Carol Kasir it would seem)