Aylesbury Child Sex Ring

Six men involved in a child sex ring in Buckinghamshire have been found guilty of abusing two schoolgirls on a “massive scale”.
The Old Bailey heard the abuse in Aylesbury went on for years and involved rape and child prostitution.
Eleven defendants faced trial, accused of 47 sexual offences between 2006 and 2012.
Four were cleared of any wrongdoing, while the jury could not reach a verdict on one of the men.
The six who have been convicted will be sentenced in September.

BBC 24.7.15


The Aylesbury child sex ring was not discovered as most would expect – with a victim complaining to the police, a parent voicing concerns or online surveillance. It began with the main victim – known throughout the case as child A – trying to prevent her own children being taken into care.

Between the ages of 12 and 16, she had sex with about 60 men, nearly all of them Asian. Sometimes, this sex was “consensual”, sometimes it was rape.

The efforts of Buckinghamshire social services to have Child A’s two young sons taken into care were halted when she spoke out about sexual abuse she had suffered. The case – heard in the Family Court – had centred on her own fitness to be a mother. The police investigation into Child A’s claims started soon after.

Social services were well aware of the victim – she had been on its children-at-risk register from the age of seven. And over the years the records held by various public organisations about her life swelled. But paperwork did not prevent the ongoing abuse of Child A, or a second girl – Child B – who was also abused by some of the men and who, again, was known to social services.

It is understood Child A may have raised issues of sexual abuse previously with social services but nothing was done.

David Johnston, managing director for children’s services at Buckinghamshire County Council, declined to comment on any “previous contact (Child A had) with social care”.


BBC 24.7.15




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7 responses to “Aylesbury Child Sex Ring

  1. chrisb

    ‘David Johnston, managing director for children’s services at Buckinghamshire County Council, declined to comment on any “previous contact (Child A had) with social care”.’

    It’s time senior social workers are brought to account for the large salaries the public pay them to defend the vulnerable in our society.

  2. joekano76

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  3. Was it just these two girls or did the ring target other victims? I can’t see anything online about this but I understand perpetrators like this rarely act in isolated cases.

    • BarrieJ

      It’s interesting to note that of those convicted, four were from Aylesbury, one from Milton Keynes and one from Bradford. Oxford, is but a short distance from Aylesbury, as is High Wycombe, both areas were similar crimes have been exposed. I’m sure it’s not the case that areas with a high proportion of Asian men, always have a high incidence of child sex abuse cases but I’d hazard a guess there are on going police investigations nationwide and looking at a map, it wouldn’t be too difficult to predict where, although not perhaps in the order in which exposure will occur.

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