Tom Watson And Today’s Dr Morris Fraser Story

The article from the Independent on Sunday that Tom Watson is referring to here is this one below;

DR. MORRIS FRASER, a child psychiatrist, who was convicted as a paedophile. . REXMAILPIX.

Dr. Morris Fraser

Now two former British Army officers, who tried to expose the abuse at the care home, have expressed their disquiet at the PSNI decision to refuse to reveal what it knew about Fraser.

When asked what information the police held on Fraser, following convictions in London and the US for child sexual abuse in the early 1970s, the PSNI said that it could “neither confirm nor deny that it holds the information” and cited, alongside privacy and prejudicial disclosure issues, “Section 23(5) – Information supplied by, or concerning, certain security bodies (national security)”.

Until now it was assumed that Fraser’s dealings with the security forces were limited to those required by his research into the effects of political violence on the young.

Captain Colin Wallace, a former British Army psychological operations officer, tried to expose an alleged paedophile ring involving loyalist paramilitaries and politicians in the 1970s, which included him authoring an army memo naming alleged abusers in 1973.

He remembers Fraser attending his offices at British Army headquarters in Thiepval Barracks, Lisburn, around that year. He told the IoS: “I can remember he came on a tour of our offices. He brought a foreign individual with him and discussed inter-community conflict. Afterwards, I recall one of my bosses telling me that if Fraser requested any Army assistance or facilities in future, not to agree to it.

“One of my colleagues, an Army major, added Fraser’s name to a document which I had compiled for the press about [the Ulster loyalist group] Tara and Kincora. This gives a strong indication that Army intelligence were well aware of who he was and what he was really getting up to at that time.”

Independent on Sunday

It looks like the document that Colin Wallace is referencing in this extract is the one below which was reproduced in Paul Foot’s book ‘Who Framed Colin Wallace’. Until now I had assumed the hand written note was Paul Foot’s. That it was an army major who had made this note of Dr Morris Fraser’s name in connection with Kincora in the 1970s and not Paul Foot in the late 1980s is I think significant.


For more information about Dr Morris Fraser please watch this video;



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  1. Reblogged this on adeybob's Blog and commented:
    Open secret as it is, Kincora was always the lever to crack open and show MI5/Military Intelligence’s involvement in the proliferation of institutionalised CSA …and its often-vicious coverup.
    The abuses said to have been inflicted on kids during so-called ‘sting’ operations clearly show that information can and will be gathered, at any cost, in order for people in prominent positions can and will be blackmailed.
    Is this the basis for the larger part of the ‘network’ of child abusers we know exists among VIP’s? Would Kincora show better evidence for a method of control over said VIP’s – perhaps even provide a route to understanding the organisation and mentality of organisations that have, in effect, operated together as a perpetual shadow-government since at least the second world war?
    It seems, as well, that the left hand has never had any control over what the right hand has been doing – but has known what has been happening all along. Such an arrangement is always prone to causing strife, and such strife is bound to create a paper-trail that HAS to exist – if only to provide basis for future – and I think, fast-approaching – denials.
    Keep an eye on Kincora, if only to remember the horrors visited on the most vulnerable kids that society out and out FAILED.
    I implore you.

  2. dpack

    i suspect there is a high probability that fraser and righton were well known to each other which has further implications.
    putting righton and fraser in the same equations is disturbing beyond the obvious .

    feeding some “off the cuff” information to the press also has implications not least that mcgrath was considered “disposable” as no longer relevant (dump the old as the new is in place)or that the person who made that note did not approve of his activities whether or not they knew of his patrons.

  3. dpack

    the fallout from such opinions and attempted actions leads me to believe that disapproval was the motive rather than a ploy and that a good chap not knowing how brave he was being can get a whole lot of trouble for trying to do the right thing.

  4. Reblogged this on shirlz007 and commented:
    Northern Ireland authorities refuse to reveal details of paedophile with links to former government adviser on national security grounds

    • dpack

      H8 might well be the best candidate for diplomat who needs hiding on the grounds of “national” security,imho his role is far more significant than single connections might suggest.when many connections thread back through a single node that node should be considered very carefully.
      among his links are
      dickie ,phil . royalty ,lords ,masonic lodges etc etc etc etc
      fraser,righton,napier . pie and child”care”etc etc etc
      mcgrath,mckeague. northern ireland politics and troubles etc etc
      maclean,courtney,neave . soe ,politics and the rise of thatcher etc etc
      saville. broadmoor etc etc etc
      his link to hayman is true but perhaps a red herring to distract from the bigger picture
      philby,this one is not proven but he should have met him via balkan briefing(soe) and philby made a “tourist visit to jordan days before he skipped to moscow

      if i had to put a bet on a “diplomat” whose activities still need to remain secret it would be him.

  5. tdf

    @ 5:25 in the programme about Azimuth Trust linked to above “…they both knew Charles Napier, a diplomat….”

    Did the programme makers confuse Napier with someone else, Peter Hayman for example, or is Napier’s role more interesting than known?
    It has been reported that Napier did work for the British Council for a spell overseas, but as a teacher, and not a diplomat.

  6. Anon

    Let’s see if this comes up at the CSA Inquiry and if so how it is dealt with, but don’t hold your breath.

  7. dpack

    napier seems to be as important as righton ,both were known to h8 .

    another aspect is that fraser was in the usa for a while which might also have implications.

    watch local but think global can be a useful tactic when trying to unravel these matters.the right hand/left hand firewalls are intended to obscure the picture (and the artist )so standing back and looking for the studio can assist in seeing the meaning of the image as well as the details.

    james jesus angleton seems to have had a very big paintbox and quite a few teams of assistants each painting their own section of the canvas.

    perhaps it is important to know who applied each brush stroke but it is also important to understand that the cartoon was drawn by a few who carefully chose the master artisans who each picked brushmen to complete the work.

  8. dpack

    is there any evidence from witnesses,social services records or nhs records as to whether fraser acted as medical officer at kincora during his time in belfast?

    answering this question seems important,apparently social services should have noted any medical treatment of those under their “care” and all such treatments should have been signed off by the relevant doctor.

  9. cassandracogno

    Fascinated to see this page reproduced in full thank you – am most intrigued to see TARA referenced as set up to counter “the civil disturbances associated with the NIGRA marches.” NIGRA as in the Northern Ireland Gay Rights Association? I found a brief reference in NCCL Gay Rights Committee minutes to NIGRA and Kincora on 18 April 1980:

    3. The Purge: Following a sex-in-a-boys’-home case the RUC is mounting a full-scale operation against gays who have no known connection with the case, or any activities which would be criminal in England and Wales. JD reports that NIGRA activists are busily burying papers in plastic bags. JD (Jeff Dudgeon) will keep BP (Barry Prothero) informed.

    Not sure whether of much significance apart from to suggest Royal Ulster Constabulary were either investigating at the time or making a show of investigating with a perceived or real angle of disrupting NIGRA’s efforts – but TARA being the counter to NIGRA doesn’t make sense (or does, just not to me at the moment): covert gay man using blackmail for power trying to counter openly gay men campaigning for equality.

  10. dpack

    if i understand the situation correctly tara was originally set up as part of the gladio a system (probably in the mid to late 1950’s)in order to counter a soviet threat ,that may have been a direct invasion or by proxy from south of the border, as a “stay behind soe in waiting” .
    there are some indications that tara in the early years was perhaps part of a broader group than is seen from the later activities of it’s loyalist members in that the republican community may have also provided personnel to gladio a .
    by the mid 1960’s that role had been supplanted by other intentions and some of the personnel were used in a gladio b /clockwork orange context to establish a strategy of tension ,promote a strong state and provide in part the context to empower those in political life who were “on side” by nature or by obligation.

    i suspect the gay rights issue was not the reason for tara but might have provided a point of entry to the overt political life of the is important to remember that those who write such memos do not usually have the whole picture or the advantage of hindsight.

  11. Ben Fellows ‘invented claims he had been groped by Tory MP Ken Clarke during undercover investigation’