Freddie Starr Loses Libel Case Against Karin Ward

Karin Ward (in yellow) behind Freddie Starr on Clunk Click 1974

Freddie Starr and Karin Ward on Savile’s ‘Clunk Click’ show 1974

Freddie Starr has lost his libel case against Karin Ward. This follows allegations made in the 2012 documentary, Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile  by Ms Ward that Freddie Starr had sexually assaulted her.

Mark Williams-Thomas  told The Needle following the verdict; “As I told the court I had no doubt that Karin Ward was telling the truth. If I had concerns , even the slightest, I would not have done the interview with her and exposed her through it to national and international media scrutiny and attention. I am very pleased with the outcome.”

Even though the standard of proof is lower in a civil case, the judge having decided that on the ‘balance of probability’ that Freddie Starr had sexually assaulted Karin Ward rather than ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ the standard of proof needed in a criminal case, it is likely that Operation Yewtree will now look again at the original decision not to charge Freddie Starr for this offence.


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24 responses to “Freddie Starr Loses Libel Case Against Karin Ward

    • b-bluesk

      Freddie is alleged to have squeezed a girl’s butt cheeks (about 40 years ago). This alleged offence has (I believe) cost him around £1.3 million – and he can’t return to the UK – to me this seems ridiculously disproportionate. I think the coolest response would be for him to try to make a joke out of it. I think he should create the alter ego – Frederico Stardust (the world’s greatest pervert). On stage (wearing black leather trousers – and ultra minimalist rectangular shades) his female backing singers would sing the Sister Sledge hit “he’s the greatest pervert … I’ve ever seen”. Freddie would end the show with the anthem “I’m proud to be a pervert, because it means I’m free – letching from dawn till dusk, yeah that’s the life for me”. He could arrange to be seen riding a ridiculously chopped Harley – roaring away from pursuing paparazzi. Turning alleged pervery into a world-class joke, would be quite a challenge. It would I think be inappropriate where there had been serious wrongdoing, but I think that (for Freddie) it could be an extremely cool move. The post Jimmy Savile child-abuse witch hunt has in many instances degenerated into complete farce (albeit with very serious consequences for alleged offenders). Having just looked at Freddie’s pictures – I feel a great deal of sympathy for him. Does he really deserve to be “mauled to death?”

  1. l8in

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  2. nuggy

    the cliam made by ward is clearly false so i cant see how he can lose the case. but i do wonder why hes suing her not the makers of the program or the papers that reported it i mean there the ones with the money.

    • Really ? A judge just decided it wasn’t fake…

      • Peter Davidson

        Well quite. Starr said he wasn’t there but the video evidence shows otherwise. He lied.

      • Presumably, Gojam, you accept that her claim that the event took place when she was 14 was false? The alleged incident took place when she was less than three weeks away from her 16th birthday.

        The media, of course, have now jumped on this judgement to re-write history & cover their own tracks – she claimed that she had been 15, they NOW tell us. But she didn’t. And the media certainly made no effort to tell the truth; in fact her age crept downwards (to 12, I do believe!) in their shameless and brazen bullshitting.

        Incredibly, the three valient members of the press responsible for hoisting this rubbish on us – MacKean, Jones & Williams-Thomas – seemed awfully confused themselves about this point.
        (Whatever happened to the ‘Five Ws’, fellas?!?).
        The closest they came to ‘fessing up was when MacKean was challenged directly as to Ward’s age & gave the judicious response that she ‘thought’ she was ‘between 14 & 16’. Aye, but a long long way away from 14 & within touching distance of 16, right?!?

        (Why MacKean was confused at all is revealing – Ward had made the on-camera claim to be 14… to MacKean!)

        What else can we say about the truthfulness or otherwise of her claim? Well, Starr stank of booze… until it was revealed that he’s not & never has been a drinker. Hmmm… no matter, it must have been the alcoholic cloud emanating from the cologne he had liberally doused himself with beforehand – problem solved!

        Should Ward’s claim that being called a ‘titless wonder’ on the cusp of her 16th birthday (although she said she was 14) led to a lifetime of misery be taken seriously? She had, after all, been brutally raped from the age of 4 by a step-father, she claimed. Prior to Duncroft she had been resident in another establishment where, once again, she claimed to have been abused. By the time she raised the matter the alleged perpetrator was dead. And yet amongst the ruins of a life of misery – and lets not forget the spell in jail for fraud – it was actually the cruel comment of Freddie Starr that hung like a death-shroud over her life:

        “”He called me a ‘titless wonder’. I carried that phrase with me all my life and it certainly helped to wreck three marriages.””

        Anyone who can read the above & take it seriously needs serious help. Seriously.

        Anything else? Yes, just about all of it, but what’s the point?

      • Just becaue a Judge orJury say Guilty or Not Guilty does not mean that is correct. It merely means the law is seen to be done.

        Plenty of the guilty have got off and plenty of the Not Guiltyfound Guilty.

        The law is very fallible.

  3. nuggy

    well wernt her claims that garry gliter was there proven to be false because star and glitter were not on the same episode of clunk click and her claim that there 3 mean and a load of girls in saviles dressing room i mean how big was hes dressing room.

  4. kenlee

    So happy for you Kat…so tired of these bastard’s always getting away with their abuse!

  5. joekano76

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  6. Sasha

    Another arrogant man, another woman being slurred … I’m so glad the judge came to the right decision – a decision that Starr forced – we’re all laughing at you Freddie :D

  7. Peter Davidson

    This will take a heavy toll on Starr’s already fragile mental health. Too bad – he should have chosen his friends more carefully. Maybe if he’d never got pally with Savile this incident might never have happened.

    • Not sure about choosing his friends more carefully, but he might have had better legal representation. He appears to have arrived in court and had half his case given up by his brief in virtually the first exchange of words.

      As to Savile, I always felt Freddie had made a big mistake by not arguing that Savile couldn’t be guilty of the allegations because he, Freddie, was there. Instead, as I recall vaguely, Freddie just joined the lemmings and referred to Jimmy as a disgusting pervert or summat similar, which if nothing else plainly left him like all the others in la-la-land open to the charge of “covering up”. Abandon the truth at one’s peril it seems to me.

      Equally though, nobody stepped forward to help Freddie either from la-la-land except for Jim Davidson and look what happened to him. Fortunately he had better advice and his book lays the Yewtree scam wide open.

      Interesting times.

  8. * Mark Williams-Thomas told The Needle following the verdict; “As I told the court I had no doubt that Karin Ward was telling the truth. If I had concerns , even the slightest, I would not have done the interview with her and exposed her through it to national and international media scrutiny and attention. *

    Just on a matter of fact here, his interview was never broadcast and Karin was not in the Exposure show. It was her interview with the BBC and Liz McKean that was played on an endless media loop. What a grandstanding media-monkey he is. Let’s not forget that on October 12th 2012 Karin published a tweet saying she had no control about what was being released about her and she was “just a passenger”, and MWT was “in charge”. Sounds like she was being exploited rather than helped. I can give you the tweet reference if you like but don’t want to clutter your comments with links.

    • Eh-up, Moor!

      So MWT had “no doubt” that Ward was telling the truth. And it looks like Gojam feels the same way (’cause a judge said so!).
      Can we therefore assume that either or both of them feel similarly about the rest of Ward’s incredible story?

      To wit, that her first meeting with Savile came NOT at Duncroft, but – in an almost impossible to believe coincidence – happened on that most cursed of islands, Jersey?

      For here it was, guys ‘n’ gals, that the holidaying Ward bumped into him… at Haut De La Garenne! That’s right, the local authority children’s home where she was living apparently stumped up for a two-week camping holiday, and there they met.

      It seems she had a lucky escape from Savile, although it is not explicitly stated that he DIDN’T abuse her (she doesn’t remember). Unfortunately, her luck then ran out, and she did get raped – twice – during this holiday from hell:

      “It was while living at Garfield House when Karin met Jimmy Savile for the first time. She said:
      “We had all been taken away to Jersey for a two-week camping holiday.
      I don’t remember him doing anything to me. What I do remember is being raped twice during that holiday. The first was a fighter and then the second man was a Frenchman.””

      Blimey! And this was before she even found herself at Duncroft: “Karin was moved to Duncroft Approved School when she was about 12 or 13 years old.” Really?!?

      Talk about being born under a bad star, eh?!?

  9. nuggy

    now i look at the verdict and the facts summarised in the court judgement i dont think the case should of been heard even weather she was telling the truth or not she hadent named him publicly.

  10. nuggy

    to be libel surely it has to be damaging to your reputation if its not stated in public it cant be.

    ok his reputation was damaged when it became public but that wasn’t down to karin ward.