Op Pallial: Gordon Anglesea Charged


Former Police Superintendent Gordon Anglesea

This is quite a significant development. Gordon Anglesea has been charged with 5 offences against 3 boys.

For anyone unaware, Anglesea successfully sued for libel in 1994 after Private Eye, the Independent on Sunday and HTV (Harlech Television/ITV Wales) published allegations. There’ll be a few ‘bruised’ journalists watching this with interest.

An ex-police chief who was arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing young boys has been charged.

Retired North Wales superintendent Gordon Anglesea, 77, was arrested in 2013 and bailed, then re-bailed in January this year by detectives from Operation Pallial, a National Crime Investigation into claims of historical sex offences in the North Wales care home system.

Today, he was charged with five sexual offences against three boys between 1979 and 1987.

A spokesman for the National Crime Agency said: “A 78-year-old man from North Wales has been charged with five offences of sexual assault and two offences of buggery, following an investigation by the National Crime Agency (NCA).

“Gordon Anglesea, from Old Colwyn, is alleged to have abused three boys between 1979 and 1987, when they were between 11 and 16 years old.

“He was arrested by officers from Operation Pallial in December 2013. Pallial is an independent NCA investigation into recent allegations of past sexual abuse in the care system in North Wales, being delivered by the NCA at the request of Mark Polin, the Chief Constable of North Wales Police.

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19 responses to “Op Pallial: Gordon Anglesea Charged

  1. Star

    I don’t think there will be any case for perjury charge, they will only bring new victims forward and charge any previous victims involved in previous cases with lesser charges.
    That will solve any future pergery charge, as it wouldn’t be in ” public interest ” you can imagine a mini war would break out!!! plus too much compensation rightly being claimed would put government and courts into arrears, it will be a Tidy up!

  2. Star

    Well I don’t think it is a considerable development. Seven charges of sexual assult which is in legal terms ( sexual touching ) and two serious which in legal terms is penetration – so that equals 5 counts of sexual touching
    2 of serious.
    What a load of gobble wobble.
    All they need is one serious which equals 10 years which equals life at his age.
    What about all the other people that suffered, or the people he worked with.
    It will be like other cretins they put away.
    No evidence of working with anyone else. A lone abuser.
    There we are just one nasty person from the past put away, like the others.
    Then look we have done a great job, tidied all the drama, the media press, etc… and then the government is happy and closes it down. As all the victims have been seen, well they have all been looked after, listened to and given evidence and then everything is nice and tidy.
    Job done
    And the pedo ring was just five old men, what a load of rubbish, and the photos were A 4 size. The grovenerment would never want the truth out as they would be scared of a war and the come back from it.
    Which comes under ” public interest ”

    Prosecute in ” the public interest ”
    Not investigate or take things further or name others also comes under ” public interest ”

    It would damage society and the police too much plus others and government.
    That’s my rant over.

  3. nuggy

    if think we might have to be wary of the contempt of court act here i mean you don’t someone later claiming that you influenced the verdict.

    • Star

      Well I think the comment above stating I’m not going to get too excited about the NCA yet is perfect.
      I agree and I know that there were more victims of Anglesey which they didn’t bring forward, why? Because I believe they want simpler cases and Anglesey only acting alone.
      I agree with the comment of DJ & wolves, this is true! And this wasn’t the peodofile ring as it was bigger and included far higher up people & one that had been mentioned above, but hasn’t anyone noticed, that suspects are found guilty of ” working alone ”
      and put away.
      Therefore not revealing the whole truth and later it will be said the ” peodofile ring” was just a few old men when it included them but there were far worse up the ladder.
      I don’t have faith in investigation I think yes some people will be charged but carefully and keeping it simple, and then putting them away one by one.

      Then job done, and then the end of media etc. Even the cps are wales cps
      I think it stinks

      • Star

        Although some wanted this investigation and spent years petitioning for it and you can’t blame them wanting justice.
        There are some people who did not want it, who did not want to see more of it. There are some people who didn’t want it

  4. IWTT

    This recent documentary is worth watching:

    The Wales Report – Child Abuse – The Search for the Truth
    First shown: 10pm 2 Jul 2015

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  6. dpack

    it also calls the conclusions of waterhouse into the ring with all that implies.

    re anglesea no comment might be best until any proceedings are concluded.

  7. One superannuated copper, offences 30+ years old? Aging DJs thrown to the wolves? Not impressed thus far.

  8. chrisb

    Hopefully this case comes to court and blows the lid off abuse in North Wales and opens a lead back to Downing Street.

    It would be interesting to know why the NCA has not been nobbled in the way that other police forces have been nobbled. Perhaps it was set up freemason free?

    • Terry B

      A police free from influence, freemasonary or political? Free to do their job and follow the evidence no matter where it leads and who it leads to. A prosecution service that will prosecute based on the evidence and not according to funny handshakes and a quiet word.

      I think the most telling point that’s come out of this was Norman Tebbit admitting that people believed the establishment was to be protected. Anyone else would have thought the children were to be protected which shows how twisted the political class are.

      Maybe things are changing and the truth will out and the victims get justice.

    • trowelandtoothbrush

      Personally I think that North Wales care home abuse is the biggest monster in the cess Pool. I feel that NCA should be watched even more carefully and not celebrated tok quickly. Who they serve up will be indicative of what their about. Let’s face it, this guy was police top brass but he was still just a copper, not an aristocrat or influential Zionist connected MP.
      I am concerned that the NCA will be the biggest magic circle ever.
      If they are doing their job properly then a certain ex Tory lobbiest for a start will be charged by Christmas.

    • Follower

      interesting to read of your comment on the ‘freemasons’, a friend of mine who used to work for the Met told me that you could only get promotion beyond a certain level in the Met if you were a freemason…..if you werent according to him you didnt stand an earthly chance

  9. joekano76

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  10. THE NATIONAL CRIME AGENCY! don’t fuck about!

    Im thinking of something random a shit for you…
    !!! :D
    I was going with Ennio Morricone ‘Ecstasy of Gold’… Untouchables theme instead!

  11. nuggy

    i dont weather his guilty of abuse or not but from reading up on the libel trial id say there was a good case for perjury charge.

  12. Steve

    Well truths out at last,hope the monies he sued for of those 2 papers now sue him for money,be nice if they donated it to a trust that helps victims of abuse

  13. l8in

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