IICSA Chair Goddard today clarifies the Official Secrets Act and retention of documents

After nearly a year of ‘will they? – won’t they? – and, we hope they don’t’ prosecute whistleblowers for breaching the Official Secrets Act, Chair Lowell Goddard addressed the subject in her opening statement for the IICSA (Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse) today, when she clarified that whistleblowers will not be proscecuted under the OSA.

She said:

‘One area of concern has been the need to offer whistleblower protection to those who pass evidence to the Inquiry. I am pleased to be able to announce today that we have secured strong legal protection for whistleblowers. Following a process of discussion with the offices of the Attorney General and the Director of Public Prosecutions, an agreement was reached pursuant to which the Attorney General issued an undertaking on 15 June 2015 that no document or evidence provided to the Inquiry will result in, or be used in, any prosecution under the Official Secrets Acts or any prosecution for unlawful possession of the evidence in question. The full terms of the undertaking have been published this morning on the Inquiry’s website. I am satisfied that this undertaking provides the greatest possible protection for whistleblowers, consistent with the requirements of the public interest, and I am grateful to the Attorney General for providing it.’

She also published this letter from the Attorny General;

Attourny General OSA letter 1
Attourny General OSA letter 2

She went on to speak about security files, saying; ‘there is no obstacle to prevent the Inquiry from having access to even the most sensitive information‘.

‘In the course of its work the Inquiry may need to inspect files held by the security and intelligence services or information held by GCHQ. The statutory powers under the Inquiries Act 2005 and the Inquiries Rules 2006 make special arrangements for the handling of classified material which can be inspected under secure conditions. Where necessary, sensitive or classified information can be made the subject of a notice or order restricting its publication or disclosure, and it can be tested in a closed hearing. So there is no obstacle to prevent the Inquiry from having access to even the most sensitive information. I have been given the necessary levels of security clearance to inspect material held by the agencies, as have members of the Inquiry’s legal team, and I have no reason to doubt that I will receive the full co-operation of the agencies in the provision of the information I need to inspect.

She had previously ‘taken steps to issue retention instructions to a very wide range of institutions in order to put them on notice that the organisations for which they are responsible must preserve all records relating to the care of children by their institution without limit of time so that they remain available for inspection by the Inquiry.’

In her opening statement she explained that the IICSA now had;

‘power to order the production of documents and the attendance of witnesses. A failure to comply with such an order without reasonable excuse is an offence punishable by imprisonment. It is also an offence for a person, during the course of an Inquiry, to destroy, alter or tamper with evidence that may be relevant to an Inquiry, or deliberately to do an act with the intention of suppressing evidence or preventing it being disclosed to the Inquiry. I trust that message will go out loud and clear to all State and non-State institutions, whose actions may fall within the Inquiry’s broad terms of reference.

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13 responses to “IICSA Chair Goddard today clarifies the Official Secrets Act and retention of documents

  1. Anon

    “Politicians and other prominent people who escaped justice after carrying out paedophile attacks will be publicly named for the first time, the judge heading the landmark official inquiry into child sex abuse announced today.”


    Except the CSA Inquiry will not report until 2020 in FIVE YEARS TIME after which most of those at risk of being uncovered will be safely tucked up in their graves and the only judge they are ever likely to come up against is Minos, Judge of the Dead.

  2. FIVE YEARS TIME… means ten years time to these pony fuckers.

    come on then all you gutless shit special branch and MI5 officers that turned a blind eye to all this and allowed the industrial scale abuse, torture and murder of children nationwide (MI6 officers have no souls and that is scientific fact)… we promise we won’t string you up by your balls, skin and butcher you…

    let’s start with Prime Minister Ted Heath and Lord Victor Rothschild shall we? and we’ll take it from there…

    Ennio Morricone… you have a few tracks! feat Italian soprano Sussana Rigacci (hot!) 8.40 The Mission theme!

  3. Reblogged this on shirlz007 and commented:
    yeah Goddard… about the whole ‘please don’t destroy any documents’ thing… MI5, Special Branch…. have you destroyed any documents in the last year?

    • trowelandtoothbrush

      I was thinking a similar thing. Next step is to demand that findings be made public immediate to end of inquireys. Some whistleblowers are already dead of course. They get zipped up in their own luggage sometimes and leap from windows at Dolphin Square

      • ay ay ay!… if your referring to Gareth Williams… indeed he resided at an SIS safehouse at Dolphin Square, and yes he was murdered… but it had nothing to do with ‘VIP Child Abuse’ (I don’t think… may be wrong)…

        Gareth William (I believe) was poisoned by CIA (A poison of the variety ‘amanita phalloides’ or a more potent high-tec equivalent from the US Weaponisation of Mico-toxins program), whilst in the US meeting with NSA on 10th August. He was then, on his return to UK, tailed 24/7 by their MI6 counterparts. Once the poison began to take effect, Gareth, spent £90 of medicine at Harrods. On the night of 15th August, MI6 officers carefully entered his flat, knowing he either unconscious or dead, by carefully removing the door frame (as stated in the inquest). Mr Williams body (dead or unconscious) was then placed in a sports bag, padlocked from the outside, and placed in his bath, filled with a dilution of Sodium Hydroxide (rapidly increasing the decomposition process, and preventing a cause of death from being determined). The MI6 officers then placed misleading clues for police (womens clothes etc), went through his computer taking any vital information, and ‘dry cleaned’ the flat. Some speculate whether someone returned again to take a memory stick, and to whether they planned on returning at some stage to drain away the brown sludge that was then Gareth Williams. Superiors at Vauxhall House did not inform the police for almost two weeks, although it is standard protocol to inform police of missing a employee after two days. London Met had already been briefed on the situation beforehand. Media where planted with ‘sex game’ stories, which is strangely very often the case in British Intel murders!

        LIKE A BOSS! :D

        It’s good to know about such ‘escapades’ though!… ‘Dark Arts’ as it’s often referred to…

        You also refer to ‘leap from windows’… are you referring to someones death in particular? Who are you talking about?

      • trowelandtoothbrush

        Hauges stylist, wait a bit I’ll find his name again. Thanks for the info, I never knew about the chemicals in the bath!!
        I thought he was onto some child trafficking. Let me check again.

      • trowelandtoothbrush

        For some reason I can’t post the link just now but if you type in “William Hague’s stylist jumped from window” a very interesting Coleman report will come up and it has caught my attention of many levels. Kind regards Shirz

      • dpack

        g w was a maths nerd borrowed from gchq,it seems likely he was working on decryption/accessing information perhaps related to money transfers by some very rich foreign nationals.
        as he was a fit young cyclist being drugged before being packed does seem very plausible,who did it is a mystery to me but i suspect his employers did the secondary cleaning and confusions.

  4. artmanjosephgrech

    I urge everyone to study the Justice Goddard statement although it is a pity the BBC pulled the plug on the live broadcast when she started to reveal the latest information on Hydrant covered inquiries.

    Not everyone also appears to have grasped that she announced 25 separate public inquiry sessions of four to six weeks with the subject for each investigation to b confirmed although I assume several have already been pencilled in if not already underway in terms of preparing materials

    This reminds has anyone yet read the published Dru Sharpling reports which show that over a third of police investigations sampled are inadequate.?

    Those who have read the dull statement appreciate that all the evidence in relation to the 25 mini inquiries will be published on line except re the issues of national security and presumable will be the findings and recommendations arising from the these together with the annual reports which will include findings and recommendations and the accompanying survivor statement publications with the final overall report planned for after the conclusion of the inquiry planned for 2020.

    It will be important or bloggers in publishing and commenting the information as you can be sure Mainstream media will not cover unless their something sensational about someone You can also be sure that dark forces are already at work to try and curb prevent the inquiry from doing doing an effective job. The response of Parliament to all this will be interesting

  5. gw

    STABLE DOOR TO BE BOLTED, announces Justice Goddard

  6. Gary

    Being of a cynical nature, and a former Civil Servant, I worry that they may have used the exact wording to actually prevent evidence being given. For example, it specifically mentions OSA when, in fact, that is not the act which most of the Civil Service signs. I sincerely hope I am wrong but if I’m not then mandarins will be verbally pressurising those who could testify that to do so will be breaching other Acts of Parliament, causing a direct risk to individuals/British interests and that therefore they and there situation is ‘exempt’ from the statement. Politicians will have there own pet causes, only the strongest will be able to withstand this onslaught.

  7. I wonder if they will find a ‘police officer’ to sign a statement saying that they saw a victim attending a meeting in Moscow…

    Quick get that special news wire on to it. With their ‘special’ witness handling and connections anything is possible.